The Wormwood Mutiny
S1: Port Peril & The Wormwood (Jan. 20th 2015)
S2: The Second Son & Spur Island (Jan. 28th 2015)
S3: The Man’s Promise & Soggy Island (Feb. 3rd 2015)
S4: Soggy Island & the goblin crannog (Feb. 10th 2015)
S5: Man’s Promise: Trident Island, Fergal Tweens & “The Red Anger” (Feb. 17th 2015)
S6: The storm & Bonewrack Isle (Feb. 24th 2015)
S7: Exploring Bonewrack Isle & Riptide Cove (Mar. 4th 2015)
S8: Riptide Cove – rescuing Sandara & Badger (Mar. 10th 2015)
S9: The stockade (Mar. 17th 2015)
S10: The battle of the Man’s Promise (Mar. 24th 2015)
Raiders of the Fever Sea
S11: Passing time at Rikety’s Squibs (Mar. 31st 2015)
S12: The Christening of the Lachesis (Apr 7th 2015)
S13: The Barracuda and the pirate sea cave (Apr 14th 2015)
S14: Trident Isle: Battles of the Clam & the Tantalus (Apr 21st 2015)
S15: Shore Leave at Goatshead (Apr 29th 2015)
S16: The Devil’s Pallor, the Sanbalot & the Deathknell – Oh my! (May 5th 2015)
S17: A Busy Night (May 12th 2015)
S18: The Storm Caves (May 19th 2015)
S19: The Storm Caves, part 2 (May 26th 2015)
S20: Goblins in boats (June 5th 2015)
S21: Goblins in caves & the Captain playing cards (June 9th 2015)
S22: The sinking of the Lachesis (June 16th 2015)
S23: A quiet run to the P.S.C. (June 23rd 2015)
S24: The Deathknell, Part 2 & Arrival at Bloodcove (June 30th 2015)
S25: Shore Leave at Bloodcove (July 7th 2015)
S26: Ambush at Rikety Squibs (July 14th 2015)
S27: The re-taking of the Lash (July 21st 2015)
S28: Gunning for Three! (July 28th 2015)
S29: Goblins in Caves, Part 2 (August 11th 2015)
S30: Attack on Sage Bay (August 25th 2015)
S31: Victory at Sage Bay (September 1st 2015)
S32: Arrival at Mancatcher Cove (September 15th 2015)
S33: The Diabolical Beast of Mancatcher Cove (September 22nd 2015)
S34: Sahuagin (suh-HAY-gen | sah-HWAH-gin | Saw-Hoo-Uh-Gin) Fishing at Mancatcher Cove (September 29th 2015)
S35: Premature Exit from Mancatcher Cove (October 9th 2015)
S36: On the Shores of Never Isle (October 13th 2015)
S37: Battle at Skull Rock (October 27th 2015)
S38: Louisa’s End (November 3rd 2015)
S39: Return to Mancatcher Cove (November 10th 2015)
S40: Return to Mancatcher Cove, part 2 (November 17 2015)
S41: Diving into the Deep Blue Hole (of Mancatcher Cove) (December 1st 2015)
S42: Blood in the Water (at Mancatcher Cove) (December 10th 2015)
Tempest Rising
S43: Shore leave at Quent (December 22nd 2015)
S44: Arrival at Undertow Island (December 29th 2015)
S45: Defiling the Defilers (January 5th 2016)
S46: Look Who’s Coming to Dinner (January 12th 2016)
S47: O Captain! My Captain! (January 19th 2016)
S48: Where did you park the ship? (January 26th 2016)
S49: Who is the captain? (February 2nd 2016)
S50: Brawl in the Halls (February 9th 2016)
S51: The name of unspeakable evil was…Wilbur (February 16th 2016)
S52: A brand new day (February 23rd 2016)
S53: Less F*cking Talking! (March 1st 2016)
S54: Taking Care of Business (March 8th 2016)
S55: Looks like you have a werewolf problem (March 15th 2016)
S56: Look out. Here comes the spiderman! (March 29th 2016)
S57: Welcome to Mong La (April 5th 2016)
S58: Enter the Free Captains (April 13th 2016)
S59: Shore Leave at Port Peril (April 19th 2016)
S60: The Jasperleaf Apothecary is Closed (April 26 2016)
S61: Is the third time, the charm? (May 3rd 2016)
S62: ‘Played by the rules, the Ghost Pirate rules’ (May 10 2016)
S63: The attack from Shelly and Fishin’ Jim (May 17 2016)
S64: Smash the Bell! (May 24 2016)
S65: The Shale and all hands lost (May 31 2016)
S66: A Three Day Run to Oyster Cay (June 7 2016)
S67: Danger in Balthus Strait (June 14 2016)
S68: The Descent into Xanadu (June 21 2016)
S69: Kubla Du-Khan dies in the Pleasure Dome (June 29 2016)
S70: Spelunking at Xanadu (July 5 2016)
S71: Burning at Barter Town (July 13 2016)
S72: Chased by the Plague (July 19 2016)
S73: Launch of the Black Purrl (August 2 2016)
S74: Call Kenny Loggins coz you’re in the Danger Zone! (August 10 2016)
S75: Farewell Fergal (August 16 2016)
Island of Empty Eyes
S76: Welcome to Paradise (August 22 2016)
S77: Storming the Beach (August 30 2016)
S78: Let’s talk about traps some more! (September 6 2016)
S79: Sweep & Clear (September 13 2016)
S80: Sweep & Clear, Part II (September 20 2016)
S81: Sweep & Clear, Part III (September 27 2016)
S82: More F*cking Talking (October 4 2016)
S83: Storming Sumitha (October 11 2016)
S84: Rope-a-Dope at Sumitha (October 18 2016)
S85: Ride of the Valkyries Harpies (November 1 2016)
S86: Sumitha Infiltrated (November 8 2016)
S87: The Sinking of the Black Purrl (November 15 2016)
S88: Father?!? (November 22 2016)
S89: Decisions, decisions (November 29 2016)
S90: Galavanting around Dread Cat Isle (December 7 2016)
S91: Order up: Frog legs! (December 13 2016)
S92: Throwdown in No-Man’s Land (December 19 2016)
S93: The battle ended – Standing at the Crossroads (December 27 2016)
S94: Taking Care of Business II (January 3 2017)
S95: Eyes upon the Horizon (January 10 2017)
S96: Bagged a Sloop, now how about that oncoming Frigate? (January 17 2017)
S97: Welcome Home! (January 24 2017)
S98: Into the Hotseat (January 31 2017)
The Price of Infamy
S99: Send in the Lusca! (February 6 2017)
S100: In the Shadow of the Black Tower (February 15 2017)
S101: In the House that Dagon Built (February 21 2017)
S102: The Shrouded Queen – resting in pieces (February 28 2017)
S103: Delving below the Black Tower (March 7 2017)
S104: No time for pleasant conversation (March 15 2017)
S105: Exiting the Black Tower (March 21 2017)
S106: Senara (March 28 2017)
S107: Once more unto the breach (April 4 2017)
S108: The party pushes further into the fortress (April 11 2017)
S109: A hearty welcome (April 18 2017)
S110: More things you know about the Chelish (April 25 2017)
S111: Clearing the Safehouse (May 2 2017)
S112: Clearing the Safehouse, Part II (May 9 2017)
S113: Off the Beaten Path (May 16 2017)
S114: Showtime at the Theatre of Corruption (May 23 2017)
S115: Showtime! Act II (May 30 2017)
S116: The After-party (June 6 2017)
S117: This day keeps getting better and better (June 13 2017)
S118: Let’s Call it a Day (June 20 2017)
S119: Bringing the danger back home to D.C.I. (June 27 2017)
S120: Attack with extreme prejudice! (July 5 2017)
S121: D.C.I. – Under Siege! (July 11 2017)
S122: A Cordial Meeting (July 18 2017)
S123: A Homecoming for Catfolk and Cyclops (July 25 2017)
S124: Day of Rest (& Leveling Up) (August 1 2017)
S125: A Ghostly Evening (August 15 2017)
S126: The Mark of Yunnarius (August 23 2017)
S127: Valuable Friends & Information (August 29 2017)
S128: On Harrigan’s Doorstep (September 6 2017)
S129: Infiltrating Harrigan’s Fortress (September 13 2017)
S130: Harrigan’s Ignominious End (September 19 2017)
S131: The party turns it’s attention upon the Imp…finally! (September 26 2017)
S132: To Save the Master (October 3 2017)
S133: In the Master’s Court (October 10 2017)
S134: Dire Times are Near (October 17 2017)
From Hell’s Heart
S135: Back to Where it all Started (November 1 2017)
S136: Partying it up in Port Peril (November 7 2017)
S137: Oathday & The Pirate Council (November 14 2017)
S138: Before assaulting the Chelish fortress, let’s enjoy some opera! (November 20 2017)
S139: World’s Stage Theatre: All shows suspended until further notice! (November 28 2017)
S140: Diversionary Tactics: Stuff! (December 5 2017)
S141: Beach Party! (December 12 2017)
S142: A Construct Christmas (December 29 2017)
S143: Heading into the thick of it. (December 28 2017)
S144: A little too late in Drenchport (January 3 2018)
S145: The PCs love the element of surprise. (January 9 2018)
S146: Heading deeper towards damnation (January 16 2018)
S147: A full session of combat! (January 23 2018)
S148: Pushing deeper into Fort Anadile (February 6 2018)
S149: Five Rounds! (February 13 2018)
S150: The Coup de Grace (February 20 2018)
S151: Back to the Purrl for some R&R (February 27 2018)
S152: Sorting through the Treasure (March 6 2018)
S153: Shopping Spree (March 14 2018)

Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

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