Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 165
June 19th 2018

Day 342 8PM The party is on the Bloody Carnage – facing southeast just after 8PM at night. The sky is clear and there is no moon. Tessa’s forces are on the starboard side, 300’ away – vague glimpses of the Luck of the Draw can be seen by lantern light. Beyond Tessa’s sloop is the attacking frigate, the Lord of the Pit. The Splash is off the port side, about 500’ away and the Wildcard is beyond the Splash. Straight ahead, 300’ and closing is the oncoming Purrl.

Round 1

Damiano slays the halfling ranger (Pia) while Temujin flies to the top of the main mast and cuts the pennant off the Bloody Carnage.

Ray joins Pyrlig and becomes invisible, but Ray Lan must have b.o. because Pyrlig moves mid-ship, heading towards the aft to join with the rest of the party. Nico moves aft-ward to Mittens while his diplodocus starts shattering the deck. Mittens stays pat as the party converges.

Round 2

Damiano grabs Pia and flies up the hatch to join Pyrlig. When he meets up with Nico, Pia goes into the corpse-bag. Temujin flies down to join the party aft-ward. All by himself mid-ship, Ray moves back to join the party, where Pyrlig casts moment of greatness upon everyone and then Nico hastes the party. The party quickly discusses the details and decide to split up. Pyrlig, Ray & Nico start flying over to the Purrl while Temujin, Damiano & Mittens fly towards the Luck of the Draw.

Round 3

Temujin, Damiano & Mittens flying to the Luck of the Draw spot a D.B. Fireball strike the deck of the Luck of the Draw but they can’t identify the caster in the dark. Pyrlig, Ray & Nico continue flying to the Purrl

Round 4

Temujin, Damiano & Mittens start closing in on the Luck of the Draw, seeing the Lord of the Pit alongside and attacking sailors pouring over the deck onto Tessa’s sloop. Still no one could spot the caster.

Aboard the Purrl, Ray noted a small fellow floating off the deck, over the sea and mentioned it to Ray and Pyrlig. Ray flew up to the trickster and sliced him up with his claws. Pyrlig flew up to the trickster and hit him with an umbral ray. The halfling didn’t suffer from any blinding side effects but winced at the pain. Nico went below deck and attempted to dispel passwall but failed.

Round 5

Damiano notes the dire straits of Harlan and Tessa – he moved to the Lord of the Pit to attack an officer; he strikes true, but takes cold damage in return. Temujin moves up to the aft deck of the Luck of the draw with Harlan and Tessa. The officer attacked by Damiano steps back and points a Finger of Death at Damiano – who withstands the massive damage and just winces a bit. Temujin healed Tessa. A second caster/officer attempted to cast Feeblemind on Damiano but he resisted it’s effects. Mittens cast a chain lightning upon the Lord of the Pit vessel hitting many sailors and killing one officer.

Ray sliced up the halfling caster who was tottering/floating in the air, only to receive a flame strike cast by Father Pyrlig – the halfling fell into the sea. Nico calls upon the ship and crews villainy and infamy and casts control water to reduce the flooding in the Purrl and hold off further flooding for some time. Two other casters, unseen, cast baleful polymorph and curse of magic negation upon Father Pyrlig but his faith and resolve was strong.

Round 6

Damiano flies up 10’ and throws daggers as the officer – 2 hit true past his magical defenses. Temujin shot the caster, yet he still stands alive. The officer Damiano was fighting steps to the ship’s rail and casts ice strike at Temujin and moonstruck at Damiano. Temujin, Tessa and Harlan take the cold damage but Damiano’s mind stays intact. Another officer attempts a baleful polymorph but fails. Mittens closes in on the mid-ship officer and attacks.

Aboard the Purrl a great wave crests and lands on the main deck. Two huge elementals stand up and attack Pyrlig and Ray. Ray attacks the smaller elemental and Pyrlig follows up with a chain lightning up the two elementals. Nico summons an earth elemental who sidles up behind the larger elemental and strikes it.

Round 7

Damiano threw daggers at the officer he was targeting and slays him. Temujin attempted to sleep the second officer but his resolve is firm (and he was chocked up on caffeine). However Mittens claws up the second officer.

Ray, Pyrlig and Nico’s elemental all gang up on the single, larger, elemental with weapons, slams and magic missiles. Pyrlig is hit by a slay living spell, but survives, taking just a bit of pain.

Round 8

The officers slain, Damiano wades into combat with the sailors still trying to get aboard the Luck of the Draw. Temujin casts stormbolt and Mittens cast lightning ball upon the deck of the frigate further thinning out the crowd of sailors.

Ray slays the largest elemental and it dissipates into sea water. Pyrlig starts to heal himself but is then struck by a freezing sphere for more damage. Nico’s earth elemental turns upon the smaller water elemental.

Round 9

Damiano continues to wade through sailors aboard the Lord of the Pit. Temujin adds to the chaos by casting creeping doom between the two ships to hem in the frigate’s attackers. Mittens looks around for that missing spell caster but finds no one in sight.

Ray attacks the elemental again, but it clings to life, but is looking tatty. Father Pyrlig channels healing, and pain against the elemental. The water elemental shrinks and transforms to the body of a dead gnome lying upon the deck.

Battle over

With the immediate combat over, Kroops, Badger, Otondo, get the crew back in order to get the Purrl ship shape now that the immediate danger of sinking is over. Sandara is still nowhere to be found. Pyrlig, Ray & Nico (and Nico’s flying elemental) start flying towards the Splash – which is also sitting low in the water. The water about the ship is thrashing but he churning power of many water elementals hammering away upon the hull of the Splash. A large round hole, possibly from a disintegrate spell also is evident.

Temujin, Damiano & Mittens continue to defend the Luck of the Draw from the continual flow of attacking sailors from the Lord of the Pit.

And the battle continues…

[end of session 165]
{Day 342}

Session 164
June 12th 2018

Day 342 8PM Mittens Dimension Door’d the group above the deck. All but Mittens were hidden by invisibility spells and the party planned their first move against the crew of the Bloody Carnage!

Temujin & Damiano landed midship – the Captain could feel a magical repulsion forcing him away from the aft deck. Ray landed in the bow and sliced up the elven rogue, Molar. Father Pyrlig landed near the fore mast and Nico landed in the rigging of the fore mast.

Moving back, midship, Captain Damiano gutted the priestess of Urgathoa, Birna, but she clung to life. However the gash left by Damiano’s rapier caused her to bleed to death, moments before she could have saved herself. Temujin readied a dispel magic spell and looked about at the activity on the deck. Ray finished off Molar, slaying him. He moved up to the female officer, Lissa, being flanked by Mittens. Pyrlig started moving back towards Damiano and Temujin, but buccaneers on deck started closing around him. They flashed their blades but couldn’t land a hit through Pyrlig’s armor and magical protections. Mittens, on the bow, sliced away at a buccaneer. Nico landed on deck at midship and summoned a huge diplodocus which slew a buccaneer and then sliced away at Captain Arcel.

The sounds of fighting started to escalate. A dour chanting could be heard, but the source not seen, somewhere on the aft deck. Temujin surmised that a bard was back there, bolstering the crew. The chants were pushing the crew to do their best – or face Andronicus’ wrath! Temujin continued to ready a dispel magic as Damiano slew the female fighter, Eralin (all the officer’s have name tags) in moments. Meanwhile, on the bow, Ray Lan slew Eralin’s sister, Lissa on the bow. Nico hasted his companions and mounted up on his diplodocus, the latter slew another buccaneer. At the bow, Mittens breathed out a stroke of lightning slaying two more buccaneers.

Off in the dark, some hundreds of feet away, a collective groan floated in the air. To the port side, a brutal screech was heard as the brig, the Wildcard, grated against a magical ice floe.

Moving aft, Captain Damiano slew two buccaneers. Temujin looked to the Luck of the Draw off the starboard side and saw writhing tentacles flailing about the deck. However he failed to dispel the black tentacles. Ray descended from the bow to the main deck, slicing up a buccaneer in his path. Father Pyrlig launched hellfire rays at Captain Arcel – while bolstered with powerful magical protections, Pyrlig’s rays landed true, slaying the Captain of the Bloody Carnage. On the aft deck, as the scene looked grim, the halfling ranger, Pia opened a hatch in the floor and dropped into the captain’s quarters. Dia, the priestess of Urgathoa, followed Pia into the hatch. Mittens started moving aft, charging a powerful detonate spell – he prepared to move in close to a cluster of buccaneers.

Seeing the halfling and female priest of Urgathoa jump down a hatch on the aft deck, Damiano followed them, landing in the captain’s quarters. The priest reached out to touch Damiano with an ensorcelled hand, but he reposted and slew her. Only the halfling remained. Temujin received a sending from one of the crew sorcerers upon the Purrl – a large hole opened up in the Purrl – he advised them to dispel the magical hole. Temujin slew one of the buccaneer crossbowman with his arrows. Ray continued moving aft, staying near to Father Pyrlig – who channeled healing and harm to those around him. Mittens moved up to the aft deck and blasted out a ring of lightning killing many buccaneers. Nico, astride his diplodocus, slew the half-orc bard. The main deck was straining and cracking under the weight of the beast.

While pirates remained, it appeared that nearly all the officer’s of the Bloody Carnage were slain. Now the party had to quickly take stock of what was transpiring with their allies and their ships, off in the darkness.

[end of session 164]
{Day 342}

Session 163
June 5th 2018

Day 342 10AM Arriving back aboard the Purrl, the party checked in with Glaive and then headed below to the officer’s quarters. They proceeded to divvy up the treasure. After everyone received their selections, Nico and Mittens returned to their research and magical scribing.

Mittens seeking solitude for his work went to the Captain’s quarters – there he found Lady Camilla in residence. She had taken Damiano’s older clothes and made curtains for the rear windows and was darning those clothes fit for re-use. Mittens bowed out and returned to the officer’s quarters. Damiano in turn, returned to his quarters and spent some quality time with Lady Camilla.

Temujin wandered the ship, invisibly, listening to the scuttlebutt – specifically to the rumors concerning Ray Lan, and his plan to kill his half-brother and claim the ship for himself. Ray, in turn, also hearing the [LINK =>} rumors, stayed out of sight – also invisible and stayed out of contact with the crew.

Day 342 Noon Temujin was upon the main deck, when the rain clouds finally cleared and the sun came out. Off the starboard bow, a pegasus flew up and hovered ahead of the ship – with effort it kept pace with the Purrl. A woman with green eyes and sea-green hair sat side-saddle upon the pegasus She wore a dress of a pale sea-green silk. Her manner was haughty, cool. Temujin summoned the Captain and officers from below deck. When they assembled, the woman addressed them.

“I come with tidings during this time of war. My mistress states that you have been forewarned yet forsake her aid and safety at the fortress of Sigguros. Despite your folly and recklessness, my lady sees you worthy of aid, as you have proffered protection to those she loves (Damiano correctly surmised that she was indicating Lady Camilla/Lady Sabella Ezeel). My lady has seen yet has not shared the details, that there is a prize nearby that may be had. An elusive agent of the Chelish – one called Captain Jol Blassey, of the sloop the Ravage Dawn, is anchored nearby at the Bloody Fountain.”

The party discussed among themselves and what they knew of this Blood Fountain. The Blood Fountain is a Ghol-Gan ruin on the island of Dahak’s Tooth in the Shackles. A magical cistern stands at the center of the ancient ruined settlement. The cistern appears to be fully functional, save that red, bilious liquid constantly pours from it, seeping into the ground around it and ensuring that no flora grows there.

They also knew that the Bloody Carnage was the priority, they had nothing more to discuss with this messenger. Before she left, she added, “Should you need it, the lady continues to extend her protection to you at Sigguros, as the lady is generous and kind…And remember, the lady pales in comparison to the King in Yellow, who is a great god, and a great king above all gods. Beneath his cloak are the dark places of the earth.” And she flew off.

Temujin cast his divinations and received a cryptic response – The battle ahead should defeat Andronicus’ forces. Yet Andronicus remains. Yet Blassey and his role remains. The party planned to stick to the course of action – working together with Tessa’s forces to crush the upcoming ships of Andronicus. While they had the time, they rested, and researched and prepared themselves for the imminent battle.

Day 342 8PM The intended meeting between the two forces overdue – they finally make out in light of the sunset four ships closing with three more in the distance. In the dark, the party prepared and they gathered together as Mittens Dimension Door’d the group above the deck. All but Mittens are hidden by invisibility spells and the party plan their first move against the crew of the Bloody Carnage!

[end of session 163]
{Day 342}

Session 162
May 29th, 2018

8:27 AM As the fight continued, Nico, safe from immediate harm, surrounded by his summoned devas, continued to get hit by musket fire from the lieutenant situated on the bow. The Captain ripped through the undead ship captain with his rapier and Temujin restored his stolen life force. Dwarf bowman continued to fire upon Ray and Father Pyrlig.

Mittens moved to the aft, eyeing the invisible dwarven sorcerer and laid into him with claws, jaws, wings and tail. Temujin followed up and put the hurt sorcerer into a deep sleep. The priest reached out to Mittens with a deadly touch, but Mittens took the pain and stayed standing. As Captain Damiano joined Mittens on the aft deck, he attacked the priest of Urgathoa, joined by Mittens – the duo slew the priest.

Ray leapt/flew up over the railing leaving the hobgoblins, that he had been scuffling with and closed in on the musket-firing lieutenant – in a few moments Ray shredded the officer leaving him dead on the deck, much to Nico’s pleasure. Nearby the halfling sorcerer rained down a pair of chain lightnings across the deck striking the members of the party. Temujin noted one of the invisible casters alongside the ship – he dispelled her fly spell and she slowly floated down into the waves.

Ray, was taking pains from the chain lightning, the gnome launching into him with a war axe and the bowmen up above in the crow’s nest – he was pleased when Father Pyrlig moved up and delivered much needed healing and channel’s as well – the remainder of the hobgoblins were slain, as were the dwarven crossbowmen from Father Pyrlig’s channels. Re-invigorated, Ray swept the bow of hostiles, slaying the gnome and pesky halfling sorcerer.

Temujin moved back to the helm and kept an eye on shore and nearby shoals, trying to keep the ship true to course. Temujin noted that the invisible caster that he dropped into the sea, was back up again, but falling behind as the ship continued south. Mittens turned about and found he just had the range and dropped a chain lightning upon the fleeing caster – she was smote by the powerful lightning strike and dropped dead into the sea.

The fighting concluded. The party took stock of their situation, quickly doled out some healing. They pushed past the cowed sailors hiding below deck to scrape the valuables from the captain’s and officer’s quarters. The party formed up on the aft deck as Mittens squinted, eyeing the Claw & Bite – the brig had been aiming at the Night Terror, but after Temujin’s sunburst, the ship had veered off. The party could hear the sounds of battle – Madshanks must have caught up to the Claw & Bite.

The party, grasping each other’s hands, Mittens D’ Door’d them alland they found their distance a bit short as they hovered over the sea due to Father Pyrlig’s air walk spell. But only a few hundred feet away, Mittens could see the crow’s nest clearly despite the fog and teleported the party – they arrived adjacent to the mizzenmast crow’s nest. In the crow’s nest were dwarves, blinded by the sunburst, bemoaning their situation and holding on tightly. On the main deck, were pirate thugs, also blind, hugging the deck as the deck was receiving shot from Madshanks’ ship, the Howl of Winter, which was quickly closing in.

At the midship hatch was an elven priest of Norgerber and a old woman. Mittens dropped down attacking the woman. She in turn attempted to put Mittens in a deep sleep, but his resolve held firm. Captain Damiano and Ray moved aftward, slaying the priest and the desperate captain, still at the helm, in mere moments. As the Howl of Winter hove to, the battle was over.

9:00 AM The party conferred with Madshanks. They knew that Tessa and the Purrl hadn’t yet met up with The Bloody Carnage. The party took what they wanted, bid Madshanks happy hunting, and they teleported back to the Purrl.

[end of session 162]
{Day 342}

Session 161
March 16th, 2018

8:27 AM The party, taking a moment to breathe after the last battle, refresh their magical protections as they watch the brig, the Night Terror close in on them. The Claw & Bite is also closing in on a parallel tack. As the Night Terror pushes through a fog bank, Temujin and Nico realize the main deck is shrouded in a Mage’s Private Sanctum. They won’t be able to teleport. Mittens yells for everybody to get ready, they hold hands and Mittens, waiting….waiting, dimension door’s the party between midship and bow. Several members of the party feel a bump and slide a few feet towards the aft as some sailors were already standing in their destination.

Taking in their surroundings, Captain Damiano sprints midship eyeing a large minotaur. The beast, nostrils flaring is wary and pulls a great axe off his back. On the bow, an officer with a musket eyes Nico and shoots him repeatedly – some shots strike through, others are repelled by Nico’s protections. Mittens casts a chain lightning upon targets across the midship – only to be countered by the halfling sorcerer, in turn countered by Temujin. At the helm is an undead captain, who fires arrows at Damiano, then moves up to a flanking position as Damaino slices the minotaur repeatedly with his rapier. A female priestess retreats up to the aft deck and protects herself with a blade barrier – but the land lubber that she is, she doesn’t realize that the barrier is stuck in place and not locked to the deck of the ship – she screams as she is pulled through the barrier as the ship continues moving forward under sail.

Nico is aware of another female, invisible, flying off the port side as she lines herself up and fires a cold ice strike at Nico and his leonel.

Overhead the dwarven crossbowmen take shots at the party from up in the crow’s nest, with occasional hits. On the deck the hobgoblins continue to harry the party. Ray Lan starts slicing his way through the hobgoblins. Temujin is wary of the oncoming brig, the Claw & Bite and blasts the main deck with a Sunburst spell. Too far away to see it’s effectiveness, he is aware of the ship starting to move off course.

Mittens is targeted with a chain lightning but is protected by spell turning – it bounces back at the caster, also protected by spell turning. The lightning fades away and both casters spell turning defense is suppressed.

As Captain Hiss, the draugr, closes in on Damiano, the Captain turns about ignoring the minotaur. Damiano is struck once and feels his life force wane and he counter attacks. Mittens moves up and slays the minotaur mauling him with his claws and jaws. Captain Damiano finds himself the target of two spells, one from an invisible caster, nearby – he hears a male voice. Damiano steels himself and resists…nothing happens. The priestess in the aft also casts a spell and he succumbs to the damage of her Slay Living spell – but he lives.

Father Pyrlig restores the party as he can channelling Gozreh’s healing power, however Nico is still wounded having been repeatedly shot by the lieutenant’s musket fire and then a stormbolt spell ripped through the party. Nico summons devas to form a protective circle around him – and they administer healing to him also.

And the battle continues…

[end of session 161]
{Day 342}

Session 160
May 8th, 2018

8:15 AM Mittens moved towards the captain’s quarters, shouldering the door, it didn’t give. It felt extremely solid as if it was part of the wall. Working against the door, Mittens noticed a halfling glide out of the shadows, moving hastily it sliced into him with a dagger. On his flank, a tall shadowy human glided out and struck him with a longsword.

Ray Lan attempted to harry the invisible, female spell caster – he knew she was there but he couldn’t land a hit upon her. She cast a spell upon Ray and dominated his mind, but he shrugged it off a few moments later. Father Pyrlig unsure of what to do seeing that both attackers were invisible, he magically buffed himself.

Mittens and Temujin were aware of the door to the officer’s quarters opening. An arrow shot from the doorway missing Temujin. A cloaked archer now stood in the doorway. Moments later chain lightning rang out striking Mittens and Temujin. Nico moved up to the stairway, summoning a leonel and sent it after the archer – where it leaped upon him clawing and biting.

Mittens turned on the halfling, clawing and biting. The shadowy human with the longsword attacked Mittens repeatedly until Temujin moved up alongside and the human gave in to Temujin’s dreaming sleep spell. Trading blows with the halfling, Temujin eventually savaged him, killing him. Another chain lightning stroke rang out – attacking the leonel, but it was immune to the magic. It continued to savage the archer. Mittens finished off the sleeping rogue while Temujin moved alongside the leonel. The archer also collapsed, to be finished off by the leonel. Looking into the room, Temujin and Mittens noted that the officer’s quarters were now empty.

Above the ship, after one of the rocs killed the female, blond barbarian, it dropped her corpse upon the deck. The second scooped up the cloaked figure from the water and dropped it upon the deck. The pugilist orc’s body was not found. The rocs took up a surveillance pattern.

As Ray continued to get his claws in on the invisible mage, a thin green ray struck him critically, directly at his heart – a powerful destructive wave ran through his body, but he resisted the bulk of the disintegrate damage. The human male, also invisible cast a spell at Father Pyrlig, who immediately disappeared, magically transported into an otherworldly labyrinth. Father Pyrlig struggled, trying to find the way out.

Above on the main deck, Captain Damiano heard lightning flashes from the hold and the sounds of combat from Mittens, he heard yells of alarm and frustrated swearing from the captain’s quarters – he jumped down into the room to join Ray. As Damiano closed in, both he and Ray were struck by a blast of multicolored rays. A purple ray hit Ray – his mind scrambled for a moment but he held it together. A blue ray struck the Captain, his body stiffened for a moment and he pushed through it, resisting the petrifying magic. Captain Damiano attacked the human wizard, slicing him up fatally in moments. However the female wizard’s magic continued to hide herself from both the Captain and Ray. Then, Ray got a few claws in on her, through her many defenses – and a moment passed, like the blinking of an eye – and Ray and the Captain continued to tag team the female wizard. They realized something was wrong, there was no resistance – she had disappeared, but how? They pondered and reviewed the chamber. Ray found a trap door in the floor going into the hold, but that surely wasn’t the wizard’s escape route. Damiano could smell a trace of her on a half-step against the wall, but no door could be found. Finally, Father Pyrlig found the exit to the maze and <blip> returned to the captain’s quarters.

Nico ventured up onto the main deck and headed towards the aft to check in on the Captain – unaware that that the female wizard moved past him towards the bow. Temujin ventured up on the deck also, and heard magical chanting from the bow, moving up, he heard a scrape of a foot leaping off into the air. Nico magic jar’d into his soul gem and sought out life force. He felt a powerful presence moving off the starboard side of the ship. He tried to jump into the escaping body, but her will was too strong. Nico settled back into his own body.

The party converged on the main deck. They surveyed their status and saw ahead that the two brigs had turned about and would be closing in on them in the minutes to come. They gathered the valued dead into their sacks. The Captain intimidated the remainder of the sailor/gladiators stuck below deck and forced them to the ropes – to get the Leucrotta back under control. The party was aware that while they worked, the crewman were surly and giving the party plenty of side-eye. The ship was quickly looked over and Father Pyrlig and Nico doled out healing in the minutes remaining to them. Temujin divined that of the two oncoming ships: The Night Terror and the Claw and Bite, that the Night Terror would be a target of greater significance.

8:27 AM Time passed as the three vessels closed in upon each other. The party waited, for their moment when they would be able to see a clear line upon the opposing deck to teleport over and bring the battle to the brig, the Night Terror.

[end of session 160]
{Day 342}

Session 159
May 2nd, 2018

Day 342 8AM The party is aboard the Howl of Winter. Standing in a pounding rain as lightning strikes light up the sky, Madshanks hands off his eyeglass to Temujin and then Damiano. They can see the frigate, the Leucrota some eight miles ahead. But Madshanks has given the word and the crew leap to their positions maximizing sail. The frigate rips through the waves as it starts to close the distance with the Leucrota. Temujin and Damiano note through the swirling fog and sea mist, beyond their quarry, there are two brigs, perhaps a mile or two beyond the Leucrota. Madshanks informs them that they will close for battle in about three hours. The party is ready now, there is no time to wait.

The party prepares themselves, casting all manner of magical protections upon themselves. Mittens enlarges himself, and leaning over, takes his comrades’ hands in his claws, and teleports to the deck of the Leucrota.

8:15 AM The party arrived between midship and the aft. At the aft, there was a large minotaur, wearing leather armor and had a great axe strapped to his back. At his side was a lightly dressed goth girl wielding a cutlass and a hammer. Midship, there was a cloaked figure holding a long spear. At the bow stood a large, armored male orc. Nearby was a statuesque blond woman armed with a bow an axe. In the crow’s nests, were teams of armored archers. Across the main deck, were men and women, scarred and tattooed – they appeared as if the deck of a ship was their second home – that many were gladiators picked up from the city of Arena.

Taking in the positions of their foes, Damiano wheeled about and started slicing sailors standing at the port-side stairs heading up to the poop deck. Ray Lan followed suit, slicing his way up the starboard stairs. Temujin and Mittens headed midship. In the bow, the orc, pulled a javelin out of a quiver on his back, and hurled it at Damiano. It missed – but magically returned to his hand. Nico summoned great birds, called rocs, and they swept across the ship grabbing the orc, the blond female and the cloaked figure nearby to Temujin and Mittens. The grappled foes fought back but the rocs flexed their claws as they flew over the sea. Only the orc managed to grab and pummel away at the beast carrying him with any success.

Father Pyrlig cast a firestorm across the vessel – while not harming the ship, flames ripped across the deck and up into the rigging and crow’s nests. The deck was awash with screaming and falling, burnt bodies hitting the boards – and it moments, the busy-ness of the main deck was quiet.

The minotaur and goth chic closed in on Damiano but could not get past the Captain’s defenses. As the Captain slew his opponents, Ray moved up to the door leading to the captain’s quarters – he knew that he could get this lock…until he realized the door was false – it was just a wall. Pyrlig moved up to the poop deck and spied markings on the floor. He yelled out to Ray and the Captain – they joined him. Captain Damiano started slicing into the wall to carve a way in. Ray noted that it didn’t appear to be a door there at all! Pyrlig kept an eye out across the deck.

Nico stayed pat where he had arrived when teleporting to the ship – he monitored the progress of his rocs. One had crushed the cloaked figure and dropped it’s corpse into the sea. The second roc continued to fly circles about the ship as the blond attempted to hack away ineffectually at it with her hand axe. The orc was mauling the roc in return – the third roc flipped the orc away and he fell into the sea. The orc did not rise back to the surface.

Temujiin and Mittens went below deck. Temujin was invisible and had an aura of magical dreams – those sailors adjacent to him, fell asleep. Mittens squeezed below decks, menacing the crew. A shadow appeared near to Temujin and clawed at him. Mittens raked him with his claw, and Temujin struck the shadow with his magical spear – dispelling him. As Temujin planned to move towards the officer’s cabin, Mittens looked to the rear, to the door to the captain’s quarters.

Above, Damiano had ripped a hole in the wood. The trio heard a female elven voice say, “The Leucrotta is lost. The captain is dead. We should regroup back on the ‘Night Terror.’" A male voice simply assented to her statement. Ray wasted no time, he leaped through the hole, into the room, followed by Father Pyrlig. The captain’s quarters were not that large. They were facing the front of the ship – but they saw no one.

The fight to take the Leucrota continues…

[end of session 159]
{Day 342}

Session 158
April 17th, 2018

Day 341 7PM. After the encounter with Michael Purdy and the battle with the Nuckelavee, the deck was cleared. Rain continued to pour down. Mittens and Nico went back to their research while the rest of the party settled in around the ship.

While Nico worked on his enchantments, his gaze fell on the valuable remnants from the sub. High quality gears, joints, rare metals all of unique manufacture. His eyes fell on the “S” symbol on one of the destroyed constructs…Sidonis…Aula…Setenza…very unique names. Something itched at the back of his mind, but Nico unable to come to any fruitful conclusion pushes the distraction aside and continues to work on his magic crafting.

Mittens, scribing away in the officer’s quarters, is mentally pinged, receiving a sending fro Alhandra Boisich, “Can you meet me at Colvaas Gibbet?” That is it. Mittens thinks, is this a trap? Grumbling at the interruption but just can’t let this go, he plans to bring it up to the party on how to play this contact.

As the storm continues to whip up, winds pushing stronger from the north, Temujin has Raven flying overhead to keep an eye on things. Specifically nearby to Bonefist’s ship, the Filthy Lucre. Temujin feels a wave of fear from Raven, the bird noting the wind has become strikingly cold and a great galleon has appeared bow to bow, up to the Filthy Lucre. Raven quells it’s instinct to fly to safety and keeps circling overhead. Bonefist is at the bow, talking to a cloaked figure aboard the ghastly galleon – from the description, Temujin recognizes it as the flagship of the lich, Raugsmauda, called the Naiegoul. Tattered black sails hang from the masts, tended to by small winged humanoids. From the top mast flies a black flag with the words, "Geghalle Omutapura.” Sadok Goldtooth comes out onto the deck, pushing someone along. He hands the weakly resisting person over to Bonefist – Raven recognizes it, it is Riaris Krine. The wind howls as Bonefist speaks and slices the throat of Riaris, pushes her off into the sea. The cloaked figure on the Naiegoul nods and backs away. The nightmarish galleon fades away in the fog, the night is punctuated by the laughter of Kerdak Bonefist, a quick succession of lightning strikes – Raven notes, that Sadok creeps away back into the lower decks of the Filthy Lucre.

Father Pyrlig is getting some air, standing on the main deck, looking north towards the direction of the oncoming Chelish armada. There is still a bit of a filthy stain left on the main deck from the beast, the Nuckelavee w/it’s ragged rider. You ponder something that Michael Purdy had said: The Shackles is in conflict. Perhaps it is more than just this conflict – that the Shackles is a nexus of a conflict between infernal and other unnatural sources. Looking through the storm, the sea mist and fog – Pyrlig sees a vision of the Nuckelavee again, but it transforms into a hippocampus, with a familiar female rider – Gozreh, in her lovely female form – the goddess, is riding the hippocampus in the surf just south of the Sea Wrack Chapel. She looks at Pyrlig and then turns her gaze south along the sea shore. She points to a series of caves hallowed out by the sea, part of the limestone cliffs that make up the Knotworks. She turns back to Father Pyrlig, her loyal steward of life on the sea. She blows him a kiss and he feels a warmth at his neck. There is a simple string about his neck with a circular stone hanging there. [It is a Word of Recall, leading to a hidden chapel in the BloodPool caves – while there are many rumors about the BloodPools, there appears to be a sanctum to Gozreh here also].

Ray Lan is heading back from the head, below deck back to the officer’s quarters, where he is intercepted by Ambrose Kroops. “Hey Ray, looking forward to proving yourself tomorrow back at sea, in the thick of the fight?” Ray responds that he is always looking to that next fight. “Good lad, good. Come, have a drink with me and some of my fellows and ring in eve for good luck or a good death.” But Ray passes, offering that he is needed back at the officer’s quarters. As Ray passes by, Kroops adds, “We’ve heard about you. You say you serve at the Captain’s will, but we know, we’ve heard tell from the whores what is being said. You might be eyeing the job as Captain, but we’ll have none of it, you hear!"

The party gathers in the officer’s quarters. Temujin shares the details experienced by Raven. Father Pyrlig details the vision he has of Gozreh. Mittens states that he receives the sending from Alhandra, and maybe the party ought to act on it, despite the lack of time.

The party quickly readies itself and teleports to the main square of Colvaas Gibbet. The town is quiet, yet folk are out. Lanterns are lit in the shabby square. Folk are at the wharf looking to the sea for any signs. There is an excited, unnerved charge to the air. People are ready to flee, if need be. The party eyes Alhandra, also at the wharf. She turns and joins the party. Alhandra Boisich looks worn, tired out. Alhandra nods to the Captain, and then to Mittens and says, "I have found it! I have had men, women, all digging for years. The namesake of my island, Gray Whylris, I have found the entrance to her apprentice’s lair.” She sits back, satisfied, eyes half-closed, “Black Jenny. Chalk Harbor is a mess. It’s gone. The Chelish have seen to that. But after all this time, I was always looking at the wrong spot – it was never at the field of bones and glass. Can you believe refugees from Chalk Harbor found it?” She looks like she is going to punch herself. “Well, it doesn’t matter now. I have it. It is all I need and I’m going in.” She pushes papers at Mittens. “Take this for your Captain and fellow crew. It is the charter for Whylris Island. Should I not come back in 90 days, I cede it to the lot of you. No one knew who you were a year ago and now you are on the council, alongside Arronax, Tessa and Bonefist – bully for you. You have earned it – you can keep it. If my island helps you out, you can have it, on one condition. Anyone on my island who is a slave, gets emancipated. They served on account of me, let that end now. I have nothing else to give to the Shackles and I have no interest in this war or the politics. Best of luck to you.” With that, Alhandra takes a step back, and teleports away. The party takes in what they have learned, and teleport back to the Purrl.

Day 342 Midnight The party arrived on the Filthy Lucre. Besides Bonefist, who appears to be in high spirits, there is Sadok, who for the first time appears distracted, haunted. Tessa and Arronax are there, along with their retinues. Everyone reviews the map before them. Arronax states that the Chelish had nearly arrived at Saravent and would be here in the pre-dawn hours. Captain Damiano added that Andronicus’ forces were attempting a flanking position. Bonefist agreed. The Shackles Defense Fleet would sail north to meet the Chelish, and to pull farther north of Jeopardy Bay. Damiano and Tessa’s fleet will sail to engage Andronicus’ ships. Andronicus wasn’t a brave man, but he was smart and employed smart men and women that he could cow, or mindless rabble that he could put the fear into. Besides, it was very unlikely that Andronicus was on any of his ships. It was all likely in the hands of the Free Booter Captain Arcel.

As the group broke up, Tessa’s jolly boat pulled up to that of the Purrl’s – they agreed that Bonefist was appearing much more assured and aggressive then they had noted before. Both agreed to have their fleets set sail northwest west to engage the vanguard of the Bloody Carnage and the rest of Andronicus’ fleet. The party would join Madshanks to attack the ships from the rear. Tessa wished the Captain and the party the best, and headed to her ship, the sloop, Luck of the Draw.

Aboard ship, the party settles down…a bit. On the wind there are sounds being carried to the party’s ears. From the jungle to the east…there is the faint sound of drums and guttural howls. From the dark waters to the west, and south…high wailing voices, sounds of horn (shells) – perhaps the taunts of cecaelia. Nico summoned Andurial who swam in below ship – all seemed quiet beneath the waves.

The Captain returned to his quarters, and a soft fog pushed against the windows of his chamber – pushing through the cracks, the fog coalesced into a shape, a pleasantly female shape, that of Lady Camilla. She raised her arms, I mean no harm nor threat, as a matter of fact I thrown myself upon your mercy and ask for your protection. The Captain sends word to his officers to join him – and they do begrudgingly. They find Lady Camilla in the Captain’s quarters, pouring out the Captain’s liquor for the officer’s benefit. She states that she is in great danger – that Bonefist will send her back to Fort Lucre, but if that happens, his other mistress, Lady Hyapatia will surely kill her – she is mad and quite deadly. The party is surprised that she appears quite earnest – surely her life is in danger. It is agreed that she can stay, for now, but they make her realize that they are in danger too, being in the middle of a war. And the party feels that something could be gained, that Bonefist doesn’t know that Lady Camilla is in their company. The party withdraws. And Lady Camilla draws closer to Captain Damiano…

Day 342 8AM Captain Damiano and Lady Fairwind’s fleets sailed northwest through the night. The party strung out on magical stimulants, readied themselves and then teleported to the frigate of Captain Madshanks.

[end of session 158]
{Day 341-342}

Session 157
April 10th, 2018

Day 341 7:30AM The party teleported back to the sub. They found the hold dry, lit up and the sub hummed and floor vibrated as the engines below appeared to be back online. A mage construct appeared from the bridge, it put it’s hand up to the party and floated to the rear of the ship and into the engine room. A few moments later it reappeared and indicated to the party to rise to the main deck. The party climbed out of the hold and found the sub was at the water’s surface, still in the bay where the party had left it.

On the main deck were a number of constructs standing still – one turned to the party – it was a sleek construct, like the assassin constructs the party encountered in the engine room. It had wings and a great sword latched to it’s back. The party greeted it – it introduced itself as Sentenza and it represented the interests of Sidonis. It’s master agreed to the uncontested return of the sub in return, it would send multiple vessels to Jeopardy Bay in two days time. Anything that Sidonis’ forces sank, they could salvage, barring Admiral Thrune’s flagship, Abrogail’s Fury. With terms agreed to, the party returned to the Purrl.

Back on the Purrl, Nico and Mittens continued their research when they could fit it in. Damiano and the other officers discussed tactics, as the Splash (under command of Glaive) sidled over to the Purrl. A jolly boat set out from the Splash and a female half-orc climbed the ladder onto the deck before the Captain and his officers. The half-orc was dressed lightly, bowed and introduced herself as Luna Thorn, a ship mage from Avimor Sorrinash. The forces of Rampore Island have engaged the defenders – that of her lord, Eldred Seabreaker and Jolis Raffles, outside of Slipcove of Bag Island. She was passing the word along and that Sorrinash felt confident that they could contain House Hanji. With that, Luna Thorn teleported away.

The party continued to discuss if Lord Bonefist was acting soon enough or waiting too long to get the Defense Fleet away from Jeopardy Bay. As they debated, the carrack, the Fearsome Tide, one of Madshanks’ ships pulled up. His ship mage, that the party knew, Leilana Olie, boarded the Purrl. Leilana informed the party that Captain Brok had been running the western perimeter of the picket and spotted a dozen ships that served Andronicus. The lead ship was the frigate, the Bloody Carnage under command of Free Booter Captain Arcel, whom the party knew. Captain Arcel’s fleet was hugging the coast line, heading south along Dahak’s Tooth, likely to join the battle from the south west, from a flanking position. Captain Damiano thanked Leilana for the intelligence and asked that he continued to shadow the Bloody Carnage. She agreed and admitted while Madshanks was foolishly brave, he wasn’t going to take his three ships against Arcel’s dozen – he would observe and report for the meantime. Leilana took her leave, teleporting away.

Day 341 1PM Nico and Mittens taking a break from research, joined the party and they teleported back to the ships of the Aspis Consortium for some last minute purchases. Stuck standing around for a few hours, Mittens was pleased with his finds and the party returned back to the Purrl. Mittens and Nico returned to their research for a few more hours.

Day 341 3PM When the party rejoined, they all agreed that something needed to be done, Bonefist wasn’t acting soon enough. They party took a jolly boat over to the Filthy Lucre, where they were greeted by Sadok Goldtooth. He added that Bonefist was engaged in his quarters. Lady Camilla was aboard ship. The party had drinks with Sadok, who confided in the party holding the line just outside of Jeopardy Bay would force the full might of the Chelish against the full might of the Shackles Defense Fleet and the Chelish had greater numbers. The party added that tactics and mobility would suffer, which Sadok agreed. There was subtle implications that Bonefist wanted to be close to Lucrehold, just in case…

Bilgerat Jacobi came out of the captain’s quarters, scowled at the party and showed them in. Lady Camilla was there, dressed in her finery, looking lovely, but she seemed to have a nervousness about her, and she was drinking heavily. Bonefist spoke up, “You are here before the appointed time. What is it you want Captain?” Damiano shared their fears of being to close to the city and their lack of maneuverability. But Bonefist brushed it off, "We will have ships hiding along the coast near Colvaas Gibbet and some by the western knob of Jeopardy Bay. When the ships of Tessa and Arronax rejoin ours, we will still have Little Ricky at Saravent providing an alert as the Chelish close. Our ships are far enough outside of the close of the Bay as too not suffer from reduced winds, and here we will hold the line and fight like wild dogs and chew out the Chelish throats!” The party didn’t refute nor expand on their fears that they had discussed all day aboard the Purrl. “Now,” added Bonefist, “we will continue this discussion tonight at midnight when Endymion and Fairwind join us, and that is that!” Sadok showed the party out, and they returned to the Purrl.

Returning to the Purrl, the party argued heatedly about who was going to assert their risk, Was it Damiano? Was it Nico? But in the end, they accepted Bonefist’s assurances and were sent away like little children.

Day 341 6PM As the party settled in aboard ship, they heard some heavy thumps on the main deck – something was amiss. The party came up on deck to see the stage manager, now deck hand, Michael Purdy standing there. Some of his fellow sailors were out cold on the deck; five, had fallen hard from the main masts and were sprawled out and their limbs all akimbo. Michael, his clothes more rough from two days of service aboard ship, appeared more haggard. More noticeably, his eyes are black, his right hand, was bloodied and torn. Michael addressed the party, “My Lady’s servant, calls me back to service. Giaconda tells me that you are in danger – The Shackles is being strangled by the conflict between you free folk and the Chelish – you need a greater lord to shield you from their assault! There is safety at the Castle! Captain, I beseech you, I am but a messenger, here to share the message of aid.” Michael moved towards the party, reaching towards the Captain. His black eyes were speckled with tiny glints of light, like stars… Ray Lan sprang into action, jumping between Damiano and Michael Purdy, Ray sliced up Michael with both claws. Michael Purdy groaned, his legs buckling, he fell to the deck in a splash of blood. Michael Purdy’s breathed his dying words, “See! The conflict rages around us, the wilds of the Shackles is in conflict, it fights back. See!” As Michael shook his finger pointing to the fore deck before falling dead, the party looked beyond him and saw a foul beast flying up from the sea, and hovering above the deck: A mounted horseman gallops forth, soaked head to toe in gore and waving a blade with wild abandon. Yet as he moves, it becomes clear that horse and rider are joined as one—a humanoid torso sprouting from equine withers—and the gore is a grisly vision of naked muscle and leaking veins.

The party closed in, the rider flailing about wildly with it’s sword. Temujin noted that this beast was not horse and rider, but the rider was actually fused or part of the horse – it was known as a Nuckelavee. As the party closed to melee, the horse sprayed a cone of withering foulness that caused painful welts, cramps, and bleeding. As Father Pyrlig healed the damage caused by the Nuckelavee, the party attacked in unison, slaying the foul beast. Pyrlig turned to the fallen crew – and noted that they were stunned, at least the ones who were working alongside Michael Purdy. But those they fell from above, were dead, from the fall.

The party gave orders to straighten up the main deck – there was still time, before they were due back aboard the Filthy Lucre.

[end of session 157]
{Day 341}

Session 156
April 3rd, 2018

Day 340 8PM As the fray continued, Nico worked the controls in the bridge while Mittens, nearby, buffed up his magic defenses. Nico broke off his attempt to fire up the sub and the duo teleported back into the hold, where Ray Lan attempted to free himself from one of the constructs. Temujin shadow-walked from the construct grasping him and Captain Damiano laid into a second construct – with it’s dying tremor, the soldier construct exploded covering the room in shrapnel.

Nico and Mittens removed themselves back to the bridge. Then Mittens shadow-walked outside the vessel and successfully closed the hold hatch. Ray Lan extracted himself from the grasp of his opponent and side-stepped away. Captain Damiano continued to wade through the construct soldiers, again piercing it through until it exploded. The Captain deftly side-stepped the whirling steel debris, but his crew were less successful and bled from many wounds. Father Pyrlig channeled the healing power of Gozreh (All praise Gozreh!) to heal his comrades and hurt the constructs. With a final explosion, the last construct was defeated. Father Pyrlig then cast control water to cause the water in the hold to recede.

Nico, in the bridge was sure he had it – really, he flipped the switch, but the sub didn’t power on. Temujin surmised that perhaps the main power had been disconnected. Mittens manually opened the interior doors between the chambers. In the engineering bay, there was a man-sized construct – it didn’t appear threatening. And while it turned to review the party, it went back to it’s work. It had four arms, three legs and a second telescoping eye upon it’s shoulder. It was sorting through metal parts, select certain pieces to set in a tray. The party kept an eye on it, but otherwise left it alone. Nico summoned a devil to watch the door. The party circled around the hatch leading into the engine room. It was dark and silent.

Captain Damiano and Temujin dropped into the narrow causeway between massive engine components made up of gears and pistons – all still. Temujin tossed a magically lit arrow ahead to light their way. Nico summoned Andurial and had her take point. It was difficult to move without hitting oneself on various metalworks. Andurial moved up thirty feet, when two sleek constructs slid out from gaps in the engine, one in front, one behind. In moments, one construct, it’s right hand, fixed with a rapier sliced through Andurial and she faded away. The second, faded back into the machine-works. Captain Damiano moved up and attacked. The second moved back out into the space to flank him. Ray Lan dropped into the compartment and moved up to attack the second construct. While the sleek construct landed a single blow upon the Captain, both the Captain and Ray Lan soon destroyed the two constructs.

Captain Damiano moved up and around the corner. The causeway rose up on metal steps to a raised platform. There was various control panels here, and giving off a soft white radiance, with splashes of green was a smooth female automaton standing before them. Her ‘skin’ had occasional green cracks that glowed with a green light as did her eyes. She regarded the party, that was closing in, with an appraising gaze.

The Captain, and Temujin wanted to make an offer for the ship, or for the ship’s return. She introduced herself as Aula. Aula, was not in direct contact with her master Sidonis. She indicated that her master had little care for the pirates or the Chelish and which may rule the Shackles. The party made the point that they could continue to resist her master’s, and his servants, claims to retake the sub. Perhaps a deal was in order? The party offered an uncontested return of this vessel if he might send aid against the Chelish. Aula agreed to send the offer to her master and that the party should return in twelve hours for a response. The party agreed, withdrew, and teleported back to the Purrl.

Day 340 9PM The party settled in and got some rest. Or so they thought.

Day 340 11PM The lookout, Virna, knocked on the Captain’s door. She stated to him that she heard distant cries coming from the frigate, the Darcy’s Pillage, which is about 400’ of the Purrl’s port side. The Captain sighed and headed up to the officer’s quarters to gather the party. There was grumbling as the party geared up and buffed themselves and headed up to the main deck. Temjin lit up some arrows and took pot-shots at the Darcy’s Pillage – which he struck enough times for Mittens to make out the vessel. They could see some frantic silhouettes scampering about the forward hold. Mittens teleported the party over to the frigate.

When they arrived, they saw Captain Dask and his men, wielding boarding pikes stabbing away at something in the hold. When the party moved up they saw a colossal pinkish ooze pushing it’s way out of the hold. As the crewmen stabbed at it, it’s pseudo-pods lashed out in return. One crewman was grabbed and pulled screaming into the sickly pinkish mass – the surface where the crewman made contact grew deep red and started growing more.

Mittens last out with fiery bolts, but they didn’t faze the creature. Father Pyrlig attempted to rain down holy fire upon the ooze but the fire barely scarred it, however the divine power did hurt it. Temujin cast a destruction upon the beast, and the magic brutalized the ooze, it contracted and it’s coloration turned a sickly white. Nico launched a magical snow ball at the beast and killed it. Temujin recognized that this ooze was a carnivorous blob, which had a voracious appetite and was highly resistant to damage, but it was quite vulnerable to cold.

The crew of the the Pillage was greatly reduced, but thankful. The party took their leave and teleported back to the Purrl. Hopefully to get some rest this time!

Day 341 7AM The party woke to find Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King himself, sailing out to Jeopardy Bay with eight other vessels. The man-o’-war, the Filthy Lucre was an impressive vessel, it’s rare Alkenstar cannons pulled into position and the ship sailed to the center of the Shackles Defense Fleet, where Bonefist addressed his fellow captains:

“You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have gathered together these last few days. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving peoples everywhere sail with you. In company with our brave brothers-in-arms on other Fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the Chelish war machine, the eliminations of infernal tyranny over the free peoples of the Shackles, and the security for ourselves in a free world.”

Afterwards, a cutter arrived with an envoy from Bonefist. Captain Damiano and his officers would be expected at the Filthy Lucre, tonight, at midnight to meet up with the other Free Captain Lords to layout the defense plan. Damiano stated that they would be there. The envoy left and the party prepared to return to the sub to see what decision the construct, Aula would share with them.

A calm had settled across Jeopardy Bay, ships and crews were business-like in their preparations. The steady rain continued throughout the morning. There was twenty-four hours remaining until the Chelish armada was due to arrive!

[end of session 156]
{Day 340-341}


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