Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 150
February 20th 2018

Day 336 7AM As the party encircled the great black wyrm, Nico sent his angels to harry the high priest of Asmodeus, Gabbiano Brutus. The hidden mage seemed to be silent, or missing. Ray and Damiano proceeded to tear up the dragon as Mittens laid into it with his magic – the beast overcome, fell dead into the channel.

Gabbiano Brutus was hard to hit with his protective magics, but hard pressed to cast with so many attackers upon him. He proceed to channel negative energy to all those around him – but in the end, as the party closed in, they delivered a killing blow. The battle in the great hall of Asmodeus was now over.

The chamber was over 120’ across, with a great pool in the center. A 40’ channel exited the pool and the chamber out a culvert in the distant southern wall. The southern wall split with a 20’ hall heading east and a narrower 10’ hall heading west. Temujin and Mittens went to investigate the hallway. Nico had his angels deposit the priest’s corpse in his sack, along with his dropped things. Against the eastern wall was a 30’ high tall statue of Asmodeus – like the statue of Glasya in the sub-temple, his eyes glowed red – large rubies were inset into the statue.

Temujin noted a door close on the far side of the hall – they made haste – on the other side of the door they heard a voice (that of the hidden spell caster) casting a spell: teleport! Ray joined the duo and carefully moving down the hall, searching for traps, the hall switched back before heading south and opened up into a wide tunnel. The outflow of water from the great pool in the temple of Asmodeus, likely passed through this tunnel and out into the sea as the tunnel appeared to turn west towards the ocean. The party returned back to the great pool and took the eastern tunnel. With Ray again in the lead, searching for traps, they entered a 30’ x 40’ chamber – a well appointed, private temple to Asmodeus. There was a door upon the far wall.

Ray popped the door to find private living quarters and a huge four-armed, four-legged devilish beast waiting there for him – he retreated back into the private temple as the beast clawed at him.


Nico sent the angels in, and while they took a beating there were many of them. In moments the party squeezed into the chamber. From the back of the room, Temujin hexed the great, powerful, impressive and intimidating devil…moments later, it fell to the ground, asleep. <sigh>

Captain Damiano strode forward, circling his (sleeping) foe, and delivered a powerful coup de grace upon the devil – killing it (and with it, killing the GMs dreams of savaging the party with this powerful beastie).

The party gathered the items in the chamber and pulled back to the temple of Asmodeus. They wondered where the dragon’s treasure was. Father Pyrlig and Temujin dove into the large pool and swam north. They passed a large great in the wall – it like fed to a channel that wound back to the temple of Glasya. They continued swimming north into a dark tunnel.

Pyrlig and Temujin exited the dark tunnel and swam to the surface and found themselves in the large square room where they had previously fought the charybdis, piscodaemons and sarglagons. A large grate in the floor below, slid aside and four sarglagons swam to the surface and attacked! Father Pyrlig gave the call back to the party that they were under attack – the party fleet footed it back through the halls, passed the temple of Glasya, down the large hall, finally arriving some moments later to see Father Pyrlig and Temujin getting harassed by these aquatic devils. The party closed in and killed the beasts.

Day 336 7:35AM Heading back to the great hall, they turned west. The hall was hewn from the stone, 20’ wide and high. Proceeding they could see light up ahead and smell the salt air. The tunnel ahead was bisected by a thin column and just beyond was a balcony opening up over the sea – beyond, some few hundred feet away, was the man o’ war, the Nightstalker – the command ship of Ezaliah Thrune, Admiral Druvalia Thrune’s grandfather. The portside gun ports were open, with cannons pulled into firing position – there was action upon the deck.

The party paused, scratched their collective chins, trying to gauge the readiness of the ship’s complement – and then they wondered, together, where is that dragon’s treasure? Maybe we should go look for that…

[end of session 150]
{Day 336}

Session 149
February 13th 2018

Day 336 7AM As the great BLACK wyrm, Vermithrax, erupted out of the water, it’s powerful presence was noted by the party – brave Captain Damiano and his brother Mittens advanced to the rear, back down the tunnel that they had come. In solidarity, brother Ray Lan left the scene of battle to keep pace with his two brothers. Wondering how to proceed, the party started to pull back down the hall. Nico’s angelic bodyguard attempted to alleviate the fear, but had to keep up with the fleeing party members and fellow angels already taking off down the hallway.

Purging the fear, the party regrouped and returned to the great hall, with Captain Damiano in the lead. Damiano sidled up next to Nico’s barbed devil and brought the fight back to the three blood reaver devils. As the party was about to turn the corner and join Damiano, a wall of force closed off the hallway, leaving Damiano stranded alone on one side.

Mittens remembered some of their gathered magical swag, pulling out a rod, he disintegrated the wall of force and the party poured around the corner to engage the blood reaver devils and the BLACK wyrm, Vermithrax. From out of the dark, there was foul chanting and Damiano felt the twinge of a fell magic power, an Implosion spell. But he resisted. But the spell casters knew that the Implosion would be targeted upon there fellows in the moments to come. From out of the dark, slid a great three-headed serpent, that slashed and slapped at the party with it’s tail.


Father Pyrlig covered the dragon in a sleet storm – which hid the party from view too.

Nico planned to separate the dragon and the high priest, Gabbiano Brutus from the rest of the fray with a wall of force of his own – but the great serpent, Xacarba, disrupted the spell and moved it to partition off the party – the party had to fly over the wall or scrabble up it to get back into the fight.

The party and Nico’s angels, ganged up and slew the blood reaver devils and the Xacarba – they began forming up to make a safe approach (as possible) upon Vermithrax. Damiano and Ray Lan closed in on the dragon – the beast slashed away at the Captain. Ray Lan sliced the wyrm in return, giving it enough pause so the remainder of the party could close in safely.

And the fight continued…

[end of session 149]
{Day 336}

Session 148
February 6th 2018

Day 336 7AM Not wanting to waste any time, the party quickly healed and buffed while Captain Damiano and Ray Lan checked the great double doors. Pushing the door open, the party found themselves in a hewn-stone hall, 20’ wide and with a 20’ arched ceiling. It was quiet and the hall appeared empty. The hall was relatively clean of debris and there was a variety of footprints: human, large humanoids, armored feet and large claws. Moving in a tight group, the duo led the party to a set of double doors 40’ down the hallway. As the party pulled up, Damiano and Ray noted that while the room sounded quiet, there was a rank, charnel odor seeping from the cracks in the door. Damiano opened the door to see a landing on the other side, and switched back to a small set of stairs – the party closed the door and moved down another 50’ feet to a large stairway that descended in a straight line.

The party proceeded down the long stair which ended in a landing. A large door faced south – it was ornately decorated with infernal carvings. Ray checked the door and pushed it open – he found himself in a 50’x80’ rectangular chamber, there was an unsettling aura about the chamber. There was a door on the opposing southern wall. On the eastern floor, a large iron grate was set in the floor against the wall. Artistic stone buttresses along the western wall arched up to the ceiling. In the center of the room was a copper plated statue of a beautiful woman – she wore actual silks, draped about her body. Her attractive form also sported wings, forked tail and horns – her eyes glowed red and appeared to be rubies.

Ray moved up to the statue and became aware of movement about the room. Multiple forms started to slink about the room, many closing on Ray. Slinking forth on bent limbs and gnarled claws, these twisted abominations bear a resemblance to a starved, plague-ridden apes, their forms bestial and bent, with pallid skin stretched unnaturally over knotted bone. Yet its visage holds a greater terror, for amid fangs and milky eyes linger the withered features of a living corpse.


Nico’s barbed devil also moved into the room – both Ray and the devil, Barbie, were struck by these fiends horrid countenances and paralyzed with fear. Many of the undead fiends closed on Barbie and clawed and bit at her – but her barbed skin hurt the undead with every strike.

The party moved into the chamber. Temujin recognized these undead as vrykolakas and knew that they were susceptible to fire. As Mittens entered the room, he lit up a tight group of vrykolakas surrounding Barbie with a blast of fire. As the party closed, they knew felt the undead’s pestilent nature, but none succumbed to any potential diseases.

Nico’s angels moved into the room and supported Damiano and Mittens who fronted the assault in the chamber. No one was yet hurt, so Father Pyrlig moved alongside Damiano and counter attacked the vrykolakas. Pyrlig also recognized the statue – it was of Glasya, the daughter of Asmodeus, and she was an arch-devil. Glasya is a minor patron of corruption, growth, and agony. As the undead were mopped up. Nico investigated the grate – it was easily removed and he could see that there was a wide water-filled channel beneath them. The channel looked to run both north and south in a straight line.

Not wasting any time, Mittens checked the southern door and found that there was another stairway ascending to the west. The party gathered itself and headed up the stairs. As the party came up the rise, they turned a corner. Beyond in an archway was a statue of a devilish statue. Ray determined that it may be trapped. He was able to foil the trap and they moved on. Turning the corner of the hallway, the party could see that the hall opened up into a much larger hall to the south. The 20’ hall did proceed to the west, likely heading back towards the bay of the Atoll. The greater hall opening to the south was 90’ wide. In the northern wall, there was a 30’ channel of water proceeding south. This likely was the same channel the party battled the charybdis and sarglagon devils.


The party didn’t know whether to proceed west down the smaller hall or head south into the much larger hall. Temujin cast a divination spell asking which direction would gain them – the answer was that if they go straight, they would encounter Ezaliah Thrune, the grandfather of Admiral Druvalia Thrune who is leading the Chelish armada against the Shackles. Should they go south, they will face the master of this house, Gabbiano Brutus.

In the great hall, the party heard the shuffle of armored feet, they started to move into the room. In the hall alcoves stood armed devilish guards, this tall reddish-bronze colored humanoid has leathery flesh and gleaming, gold eyes. Its hands end in blood-stained claws, and a long snake-like and forked tail trails behind it. The smell of fresh blood hangs in the air. It wields a wicked dual-headed flail. The party could see that the hall widened up 90’ beyond.

As the party closed in on the armored devilish guards, they heard a familiar human voice from the darkness beyond, “See Master Brutus, I told you they would come.” “So you did,” answered Gabbiano Brutus, “let Captain Damiano and his comrades be welcomed in our hall – come Vermithrax, come Xacarba, greet our friends warmly.” From the channel, a great green black wyrm emerged from the water. It’s jaws snapped at Mittens, nearly hitting him, but popping one of his mirror images instead.


And the fight continued.

[end of session 148]
{Day 336}

Session 147
January 23rd 2018

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 336 7AM Damiano, Nico’s summoned barbed devil and Ray Lan continued to pummel one of the piscodaemons. One of the other piscodaemons took to the air and flew, with the intent to engage Father Pyrlig. Two other piscodaemons flew up to brace Mittens – who really wanted to get some distance from the huge charybdis nearby that was clawing at him. The water in the channel was roiling when four more aquatic devils washed up onto the pavers. One of the four drowning devils, or sarglagons, closed in on Mittens. The other three focused on Damiano, Ray and Father Pyrlig. On multiple occasions the party felt a bubbling of water in their lungs, as if they might drown, but they were able to shrug off the devil’s magic.


Mittens, getting boxed in by foes, found his moment to sneak past them all and turn around and unleash some chain lightning across the chamber. The charybdis convulsed and sank beneath the water. As Mittens retreated past the lemure pool, it continued to babble and talk to him, “Daddy’s home! Is it heads? Or is it tails? Daddy! Is it you or the Admiral who joins our quivering flesh?”

After slaying the barbed devil, Damiano flew to Pyrlig’s side to receive a magical buff. Then Father Pyrlig and Damiano started flying to join in with the remainder of the combatants on the far side of the chamber. Ray engaged the closest sarglagon.

The piscodaemons and sarglagons were clawing, biting and whipping at the party with tentacles – but for the most part the party’s defenses were staving off any major damage – the party continued to whittle down the devilish defenders.

The great double doors opened and there was a stirring in the wind. A male voice speaking in ‘high Chelish’ spoke to the party, “What have we here? I couldn’t believe it when Mr. Flap stated that there were pirates, here?? Well I suppose among you pirate, scavenger-types some are here to pick away while your better brethren honorably die at sea at the hands of our armada. No matter, you will find us more than prepared to fend off you rabble. And should I fail, Mr Flap will insure that Master Brutus will have a warm welcome for you.” Two chain lightnings rang through the room striking Pyrlig, Damiano, Ray and the barbed devil. Father Pyrlig felt a deathly magical effect ripple through him, but he pulled together and resisted a slay living cast upon him. There seemed to be three new combatants here, but all were unseen!

Damiano and Ray took on the remaining piscodaemons and sarglagons. Nico and his leonel pulled back to the fine sitting room to summon more aid – as they retreated through the round house, the grate in the floor burst up and a sarglagon entered the room through the floor.

Mittens glitterdusted the foe near to Father Pyrlig the large devil was now visible. It had huge black bat wings extend from the back of this powerful serpentine humanoid. In its claws hands it swings a vicious-looking scythe.


It turned on Father Pyrlig striking with it’s scythe and it’s wings, and it struck only once. But this one critical hit ripped a huge wound into Pyrlig. The devil’s fearsome demeanor filled Mittens with fear and he dropped his spear and retreated the way he had entered the chamber. As he neared the round room, Nico’s summoned angel squad successfully removed his fear and returned his sanity. In the round room, Nico and his angel squad mopped up the one sarglagon that had just appeared.

The fight was concentrated before the great double doors, the party slowly dropping foes. Mittens noted that the Chelish male seemed quiet for a few moments. As the fight ended, they surmised that the invisible male foe, must have made his exit recently – the party wanted to be quick to follow.


Father Pyrlig cast some healing on himself and the party while Nico cast a haste spell as the party formed up before the double doors. Without pause, the party prepared to push onward into the hallway beyond.

[end of session 147]
{Day 336}

Session 146
January 16th 2018

Day 336 7AM The party stood in the hallway, and Nico told them to wait right here and sprinted back down the hallway to the fancy sitting room. He summoned a barbed devil and a leonel, and returned. While they waited, the party buffed up. Now they were ready! Ray Lan burst into the room to find an array of devilish folk there, waiting for them. There were many bearded devils, forming up lines to block Ray. Flying, were three eryines peppering the party with fire arrows, however very few got through the party’s protections and armor. In the back of the 30’ room was a barbed devil and another devil the party had encountered in their attack on Senara, a handmaiden devil also known as a gylou.


The gylou attempted to subjugate Ray’s mind but he stayed strong and continued fighting.

Damiano closed in on the gylou – she attacked him with her claws and whirling tentacles. Temujin and Mittens lit the room up with chain lightnings which smoked a number of the bearded devils. The remaining devils kept their glaives slicing at Ray, but he was joined by Nico’s barbed devil. The summoned leonel stayed back to guard Nico.

The barbed devil lashed out at Mittens with it’s Order’s Wrath, dazing him for a few moments. As Ray and the barbed devil cleaned up the remaining bearded devils, Ray closed in on the flying eryines. Temujin fired back with his bow at the eryines and at the barbed devil. Father Pyrlig moved into the room to provide healing and get in a few attacks in as well.

Captain Damiano slew the gylou before her claws could do much damage. The eryines were slain and Nico’s barbed devil and Temujin slew the defending barbed devil…and the room was quiet for a moment.

The party noted a large steel grate in the floor, covered in debris. Mittens and Damiano moved up to the sole door in the room and opened the view port to look around. The port opened to a large square chamber that was 150’ across. There was a square pool in the center, 50’ across and the pool had a 40’ channel heading south across the floor to a high arch in the wall. The water ran out in the direction of the channel. The party could tell that they were in the northwest corner of the chamber. Each of the other corners also had a round outcropping with a door. Bisecting the east wall was a large double door. Next the doors was a viscous, pinkish goo that appeared to be moving. Not moving across the floor in any direction, but just jiggling a bit. At the door in the southeast corner, both Mittens and Damiano saw the opposed view port open and a tengu was looking back at them. Then the port was rapidly closed.

In these few, quick moments, while Damiano and Mittens were looking about, Father Pyrlig was doling out some healing – the party was ready to move, and they burst out of the northeast corner chamber and started flying up, and across the large chamber.

Entering the room, the party could hear the pink puddle and it was talking: “Come back! Turn us into something wonderful! Ohhhh, how pitiful you are, in your mortal flesh.” But the party was not interested in conversation at this time. As the party flew, the various doors around the room opened up and four piscodaemons entered the chamber – however only one was close by. Damiano, Nico’s barbed devil and Ray closed in to engage the closest piscodaemon.


As the party moved in and across the chamber, the water in the large pool and channel started to bubble and froth. A great beast erupted from the pool just underneath Mittens. An immense spiny monster, its back plated in chitin and its belly in thick folds of blubber, rises hungrily from the center of a whirlpool.


Mittens attempted to shadow walk to gain some distance from the beast, but realized the Forbiddance magic was still prevalent through this chamber and the spell failed. The beast attempted to bite him but missed. Nico, his leonel, Temujin and Pyrlig moved to get further distance from this beast’s claws and failing tentacles.


And the fight continued…

[end of session 146]
{Day 336}

Session 145
January 9th 2018

Day 335 10AM The party left Parley Point, teleporting back to the Purrl. It was mid morning and the party rested up, ready to depart for Fort Anadile the next morning. Nico crafted magic items in the meantime.

Day 336 7AM The next morning, the party was about to disembark for shore, when they were hailed by a frigate, the Howl of Winter. A weathered, blond fellow screamed out to them – he was pleased to meet them and glad to be in service alongside Captain Damiano and his crew. This was {click link==>} Brok "Madshanks” Cordain. The Howl of Winter and four other vessels had signed on with Damaino after the Captain and the party helped Lord Arronax Endymion in Hell Harbor. Madshanks expressed his interest in taking the fight to the Chelish – the sooner, the better!

The party took their leave, disembarked and Temujin cast his Teleport via plants and the party arrived on a rocky spit of an island, covered in foliage, north east of the center of the Bhudrek Atoll. Looking south, they saw:

  • 1/4 mile to south-west, the King Crimson – Chelish Cutter.
  • 3/4 mile to south-west, the Endurance – man-o-war.
  • 1/4 mile to west: Tower #1
  • 1/2 mile to south-west: Tower #2
  • 1/4 mile To south/south-east: Circle/Square tower connecting to shore

The party teleported to the roof of the round tower. Ray Lan popped the lock on the trap door and found a 20’ ladder descending down a shaft – he stealthily dropped down. Ray dropped into a conference room. There was a large table, some maps and papers but otherwise the room looked disused. Ray moved to the door and quietly opened it – the door opened into a hallway, with a left-handside door some 15’ away and 20’ away a stairwell led down. Ray summoned the party to join him as he moved down the hall. Opening the left-handside door he saw a barracks, empty. Ray moved to the stair where he heard voices, in High Chelish, below. From time to time, additional voices chimed in, speaking in a guttural language that he didn’t recognize. The party moved up – others noted that the other language was Infernal.

Ray stealthed down the stairway invisibly. The stair emptied into the first floor common room with an exit facing north, and another facing east. There were three bearded devils in the room and two humans, Chelish by their dress. Ray snuck past all of them and no one was the wiser – he gave the word and Nico teleported the party behind the group and attacked. Ray and Damiano lashed out at the older Chelish gentlemen, ripping him open savagely. The bearded devils tried to get in place to use their glaives, but they failed to connect and draw blood. Having gotten the drop on the Chelish forces, the party took advantage of the surprise and in moments the party slew everyone, except one bearded devil teleported away from the combat.

Wasting no time, the Mittens, Pyrlig and Nico bagged the two Chelish males while Temujin and Damiano looked to the eastern door. Ray checked out the northern door. Ray’s door led outside down a curving stair. He could see the boat morning some 50’ away and he stood on a small stone plaza covered with stacked crates and other maritime supplies. He saw a door to his right. Temujin ventured down the hall and noted the door and realized Ray was just outside. Temujin called for Ray to return to the party – and he did. Damiano and Temujin moved to the end of the hallway and listened at the door. Again they noted Infernal speech between some ladies. And then everyone heard the distant tolling of an alarm bell – likely due to that escaping bearded devil! Temujin and Damiano listened again – they heard, “That is the alarm – we must retire to the temple now. Ladies, come…come.” Damiano and Ray picked the lock and ripped at the door hinges (as it was barred from the other side) and they entered the base of square tower. It was a fine sitting room, decorated delicately with ladies’ things – with just a hint of a sharp musk scent in the air.

At the far side of the room there was another door, it was stout and locked. It took several moments for Ray to get it open. The tunnel proceeded forward over 60’ into the dark. The party surmised that the tunnel led directly into the hillside at this point – they proceeded down the hallway. They came to another door. They heard the gruff Infernal voices of bearded devils beyond. Nico attempted to summon some elementals, but they were blocked by a Forbiddance – the party feeling it’s sting. [starting round 11] The party prepared to fight on!

[end of session 145]
{Day 335-336}

Session 144
January 3rd 2018

Ahoy! There be good pictures here!

Day 334 9PM The party deliberated and decided that Father Pyrlig and Temujin were too low on resources to drop into a major fracas that may await them in Drenchport. They took their rest while Nico crafted his guiding star wand.

Day 335 7AM Everyone restored, Temujin did a sending to Master of the Gales to determine the status of Drenchport’s resistance. The sending was blocked. The party buffed themselves and Nico teleported the party behind a tavern that they knew, called the Dandelion Wine.

The Eye of Abendago has reached out to Drenchport, covering it in storm clouds. A steady rain poured down on the city, but despite the rain, the city burned. The tavern, the Dandelion Wine burned and smoked beside them. Looking to the harbor, the Master of the Gales’ defending war ships were sunken hulks in the harbor, the defensive emplacements have been pulled down into the sea and the wharf was a smoldering ruin. Across the plaza were bodies of bearded devils and ranks of fire-blasted defenders that had attempted to hold the line. The city showed signs that the Chelish war ships had peppered shore positions with catapult and cannon fire. The Master of the Gales manor house burned to the northwest of the plaza. The town was quiet.


Nico summoned lillends to scout for survivors while the party looked about. They found a sailor trapped under some wreckage. They pulled him free and healed him up. His name was Dane Hornbelly. The sailors had attempted to hold the line but were pushed back – the bearded devils charged recklessly wreaking havoc as they came. But we put up a good fight, until we heard the explosions from the Master’s manor behind us, that is when the fire really started and we didn’t know which way to run! The party mentioned to Dane that this was his time to gather a few things and head west to join up with any survivors in the logging village outside of Drenchport – the Free Captain Damiano and his crew were looking to put things to right, any way that they could! After Dane left, Captain Damiano added that he felt that they had missed an opportunity to help out here…as he looked about eyeing the ruins of Drenchport.

Day 335 8AM The party wondered what they should do next. Arena would be the possible next target for the armada…however, the party guessed that Andronicus the Ass was in league with the Chelish. If that was true, that Chalk Harbor at Whyrlis Rock would likely be the next target. They had never traveled there and knowing that Chalk Harbor was a smaller city compared to Drenchport and Hell Harbor…it likely would be able to put up less of a fight. The party decided to head to Hell Harbor and join up with Lord Endymion.

Arriving in the town square in Hell Harbor, they were swiftly greeted by Lt. Octan Greso. The lieutenant led the party to Lord Endymion’s manor where a war council was already in session. Arronax brought the party up to speed – his ships were on the look out for the armada, but preparing to leave and join up with the Shackles’ defense fleet. His population were taking their belongings and boarding small craft to head down river to the city Tyvas-Devas.

The party knew that the defense fleet needed more ships, more men and more capable captains. They needed someone like Eldred Seabreaker. Would Seabreaker join under Damiano’s banner? Could they kill Seabreaker and take his ships? While they spoke, Lord Endymion’s butler entered the room, stating that their was a messenger boy here for Captain Damiano. The boy stated that there was a dwarf named Olen Jack looking to meet them at the tavern, the Devil’s Pyre. The party followed the boy.

Day 335 9:30AM The party arrived at the Devil’s Pyre – it was empty, save for a well dressed dwarf in the back of the room. The table was covered in breakfast food on platters and plenty of flagons of beer. Olen Jack the Axe, introduced himself and welcomed the party to his table. His mission was to approach the party on behalf of Eldred Seabreaker. His master was looking for a way back in – into the good graces of the fellow Shackles’ pirates. He wanted a holding and amnesty. He offered his six frigates, to help in the Shackles’ defense in return. If the party was interested, they could meet Eldred Seabreaker in Parley Point.

Day 335 10AM The party teleported to the burg, Parley Point. Two frigates were in the harbor and men and women were hard at work about town. There was a heavy pirate presence of Seabreaker’s sailors around the town. The party entered the only bar in town, the Fell Wind. The bar was full of patrons – many of which appeared to be Seabreaker’s loyal retainers. The party was greeted by Eldred Seabreaker as he stood to greet them and invited them to sit as his table.


They discussed options of Seabreaker rejoining the fold – but Seabreaker pointed out that Bonefist was a major obstacle since he had placed a fire-at-will edict upon him. He pushed that he wanted amnesty and a holding of his own. He would not bend the knee – and Seabreaker would only raise Damiano’s ensign, in alliance, if Damiano raised Seabreaker’s upon his ships also. There was too much pride for him to take a subservient position. When Nico and Pyrlig pushed back that a little deference may be required, Seabreaker offered his rebuttle in an open threat: If we can’t come to terms, then things stand as they are now. The Shackles’ defense fleet sails north to fight the Chelish armada, leaving most of the Shackles’ cities exposed, to me!

It was decided that a show of faith was required. And to keep all aggressive parties separated. Seabreaker would show good will, in defense of the Shackles by sailing his fleet west, to aid in the defense of Bag Island, against the forces of Bedu Hanjii and the Rampore Isles. Seabreaker added that the House of Hanjii were of an infernal bloodline and were indeed allied with the Chelish and they members of the royal house of the Rampore Isles were rakshasas.

Eldred Seabreaker departed leaving the party with the arguable questions: What can we do now to best help the defense of the Shackles? Any attack on Hell Harbor was likely a day away and it would be useful to see the Chelish tactics, but does the party just sit and idly wait? Temujin divined the nature of Fort Anadile at Bhudrek Atoll – and realized that it was still a threat, as a fully operational battle station. Fort Anadile was a combat rich target – that is where they would go!

[end of session 144]
{Day 334-335}

Session 143
December 28th 2017

Day 334 10AM Day 334 10AM The winds and rain continued to pick up. After the treasure was stowed aboard the Scud Cloud, anchored in the bay, Nico and Andurial dove into the water to go investigate the sub. The remainder of the party came to shore, bringing a cask of rum and a bit of wine to share with Chathax, while they perused their newly found treasures.

Mittens, Temujin, Ray, Pyrlig and Captain Damiano rested a bit, sharing a drink with the small fey creature, Chathax. While in conversation, Chathax asked if anyone else had seen a metallic parrot. It had been high up in a tree during the combat but he lost sight of it during all the excitement. Temujin had Raven do a fly over looking for the parrot. Mittens shared the tale of the party’s attack on the Black Tower, much to Chathax’s delight.

Nico found two external panels on the outside of the sub. One near the main hold and one near the aft of the vessel, adjacent to the robot/spare parts room (above the engine room). It turned out to be a manual over ride. Nico managed to get the hold open about 12” before it became stuck. Water poured into the hold – when it settled Andurial squeezed into the hold and looked around. All was dark and still. Nico instructed Andurial on how to open the door into the cockpit, as Nico had seen Ray work the panel – but nothing happened. After some time, Nico realized that Ray had settled the sub down on the sea floor of the bay and powered the sub down – none of the door switches would work because the sub was shut off. Nico and Andurial teleported into the cockpit and reviewed the array of switches, wheels and levers that lay before them, attempting to make some sense of it all.


Day 334 12:30PM Temujin’s Raven, returning to it’s communication radius with Temujin – reported it had found the metal parrot – also it had seen several passing ships. The party returned to the Scud Cloud and touched base with Captain Harari and Mase Darimar. Riaris Krine was awake and the party questioned her and confirmed the threat of the armada, and it’s numbers. The Chelish ships numbered about 48, and Harrigan’s ships, about 24 – minus the five that Riaris knew to be sunk, plus some likely must have succeeded in fleeing. They questioned her further as to how she arrived to this beach.

“I was on the wormwood, went over to the “Dark Cloud” (caravel captained by Cameron Slain). Adilita Doloroso told me to keep them in line – we knew they was running scared. This was our time whether Harrigan was dead or not. We made our bed – and we was going to have Bes scolding our corpses for failing or we were finally going to get that big prize! <pause> I was telling that coward, Slain, to heave to and stick to the line when we got word that the Chelish flagship was coming up fast with three frigates, full sail, and fired on us! Do you believe it?!? Sank five of us. Some pulled full sail, some put up white flags. I got hit in the face from a falling spar and I went for a swim. That hit is gonna ruin my good looks!”

Temujin cast a sending to inform the Master of the Gales of the impending arrival of the Chelish armada. Nico and Andurial arrived back at the Scud Cloud and the party reviewed their information. Nico summoned an air elemental and sent it back with Temujin’s Raven – they sighted the metal construct parrot – and it spied them, and took flight. The air elemental caught up and buffeted the metal bird until it disintegrated – it’s metal parts falling into the sea.

Nico and his elemental returned to the beach and calling to Chathax, he was joined by the wee fey. Chathax was indeed interested in more conversation and was all the more surprised when the air elemental braced him and pummeled him into the sandy beach. His body left among the golems and other construct wreckage.

Two Harrigan vessels were spotted, along with a Chelish ship. The brigs were the Ravishing Ruby and the Five-Finger Discount. The Chelish frigate was the Hell’s Bells. The party discussed their options:

  • Attack Fort Anadile at the Bhudrek Atoll
  • Return to Port Peril to report to Bonefist
  • Head to Drenchport to help in the city’s defense
  • Harry the armada as it head’s to Drenchport

Day 334 8PM Knowing the attack was imminent and that the party was indeed tired and their resources spent, they took their rest. Mase and Captain Harari passed word that five other ships had passed by during their party’s rest. The party decided to head to Port Peril – they caught a ferry over to Fort Hazard and after a delay, were shown into the thrown room. Bonefist was there, being attended by Sadok and the sniveling Les Pickens. There were many guards throughout the chamber and in the shadows, near a far door, was a nearly-hidden figure of a woman.

The party, with Mase Darimar, presented their eye-witness evidence of the armada’s presence in the Shackles and it appeared, in full force to be heading to Drenchport. Bonefist thanked the party for their diligence. He too had heard word confirming the armada’s destination as Drenchport. The party also added that they had a prisoner – one of Harrigan’s own: Riaris Krine. Bonefist ordered her to be produced. Nico pulled her out of the bag. Bonefist gave a nod to Sadok, who marched her off to a far door – her face registered the short, painful end she was likely to be facing. He thanked both Damiano and the party, that when this attack was repelled, they would all be rewarded, even the officers (the party) likely would receive cities of their very own. However the party thought the Hurricane King’s words rang a little empty – they didn’t push the issue. Bonefist ordered Damiano and his crew to rally between Port Peril and Saravent Island. Word had already been sent to Quent for all ships to rally there. Then Shackles fleet would sail forth en mass to fight the Chelish…and to victory!

Day 334 9PM Teleporting to the deck of the Purrl, orders were given to turn about and head to Port Peril. The party had made up their minds – they gathered their belongings and prepared to teleport to Drenchport, to aid it’s defense against the Chelish.

[end of session 143]
{Day 334}

Session 142
December 19th 2017

Day 334 8AM The party, marching along the beach, in the fog left Riaris Krine resting semi-comatose under a tree. Ahead, they could hear the constructs churning away with their work. They took a moment to magically buff themselves and then headed into the fog. As they glimpsed a bit of a shining brass golem, the party got a funny feeling. Mittens and Ray Lan in particular. While they knew the moments ahead would likely be a slugfest, they could help but giggle and smile a bit. Mittens launched a lightning blast into the fog. The brass golem seemed unfazed, and approached the party. The warmonger construct, smoldering, whirled about and charged at the party, joined by a second brass golem. Ray Lan and Captain Damiano held the line as the melee commenced. Nico summoned a T-Rex just behind the warmonger. The T-Rex engaged two backline constructs, a construct mage, which it snapped up into it’s teeth and proceeded to grind to bits. It was joined by a large katapeshi-styled construct, which let out a pained, soulful scream and then proceeded to pound at the T-Rex with it’s fists.

Damiano’s magical stoneskin protection was exceedingly helpful as the warmonger swung it’s tools at the Captain – from time to time, Damiano would block a hit. But the wrecking ball struck true and momentarily stunned him. A clockwork hound bounded from out of the tree line and nipped at Temujin. It failed to sink it’s teeth into Temujin, but in return Temujin barely grazed the hound. Temujin regarded the brass golems. They had seen one once before in Hell Harbor. He knew that cold would slow the golem, but it was still immune to many magics. The two golems took turns bashing at Damiano, Ray Lan and Nico’s summoned diplodocus. The party’s previously cast magical protections fended off the great heat rippling off the brass golems and their attacks. Ray Lan and Damiano tried to focus their attacks upon the warmonger, as did Mittens whose magical attacks appeared to have more effect on the warmonger construct then any of the others. As the warmonger’s blows were starting to take a toll upon Damiano, Nico summoned a Leonel to help heal him and then the Leonel waded into the fray attacking the warmonger and the brass golems.

Father Pyrlig wanting to stay out of the fray, pulled out his wand of magic missiles, but he kept butchering the command word (Klaatu Barada Nikto…I know your damn words, alright?). As the warmonger finally fell to the sand, Damiano, Ray Lan, the Leonel and the diplodocus focused their attacks on one brass golem, and then the other until they both collapsed, each exploding in a fiery explosion. One of the blasts slew the T-Rex, but the party stepped up and destroyed the katapeshi construct, known as an aluum – as it fell, it’s jaw fell open and a sad, mournful cry of lost souls escaped from it’s mouth.

The scene on the beach was quiet…for a moment. Nearby to Nico and Temujin, the party heard the sound of clapping. A small, goatlike man with curved horns, hoofed feet, and a ratlike tail hopped out of the tree line, a smile on his face, greeted the party and exclaimed what an exciting battle this had been to witness.


He appeared without any sense of malice or threat – as a matter of fact as he closed in with the party, Mittens and Ray Lan couldn’t help but giggle a bit in his presence – they must have been feeling a bit shy and sheepish! The little fellow lived in these woods and his name was Chathax. He came by to witness the constructs hard at work. Who would have thought to see metal-men here, digging away in the sand. And only to be attacked by pirates. Crazy I tell you. While Chathax was certainly a bit giddy himself at the sight of all that treasure, he didn’t covet any – oh no! But wouldn’t he like a bit of spirits – perhaps the party had a drink or two and would share with Chathax?

Nico summoned an earth elemental to peruse the beach and then finish digging up the treasure. The party saddled up in their jolly boat and headed back to the Scud Cloud. Captain Harari eased the sloop into the bay, keeping clear of the sub just below the surface and anchored the ship. The crew helped to get the treasure aboard the ship.

Day 334 10AM The winds and rain continued to pick up. After the treasure was stowed, Nico and Andurial dove into the water to go investigate the sub. The remainder of the party came to shore, bringing a cask of rum and a bit of wine to share with Chathax, while they perused their newly found treasures.

  • 30K in gold ingots – both the chest and ingots pressed with the crest of the Free Captain Autolycus
  • +3 Nimble shot composite long bow
  • +3 Boneless leather armor
  • Stanching full plate armor
  • Heartwood Spear
  • Scavenger’s Ring
  • Wary Ring mind shielding and timely inspiration 3/day (+3) [Intelligent ring, the host is Galician, a LG (paranoid) mage of Magnimar]
  • Ring of Terrible Cost
  • Staff of Many Rays (9 charges)
  • Ioun Torch
  • Annihilation Spectacles
  • Deliquescent gloves
  • Gunfighter’s Poncho
  • Necklace of Adaption

[end of session 142]
{Day 334}

Session 141
December 12th 2017

Day 334 6AM The party fought back, trying to deliver hearty blows against the constructs and stay out of range of the bludgeoning fists and whipping blades of their foes. Almost on cue, Temujin worried about the hold door above, when the sounds of pistons retracted and the doors sprang open – the ocean flooded in knocking some of the party prone under the deluge of water. Everyone’s vision was obscured from the churn of the incoming water, but the party closed in on the warmonger construct. Nico’s deva was handily keeping the ooze/captain at bay.

As the the party held their breaths and peered through the foaming waters the warmonger laid into Damiano again as the gold golem faced off against Ray. Father Pyrlig kept the healing flowing. Mittens and Temujin found that the constructs resisted many, but not all of their magics. Ray joined up with Damiano and together they destroyed the warmonger construct. As the deva slew the ooze/captain, it disincorporated into a pile of reddish black sand. The party bashed away at the gold golem. Each time it struck, it’s golden fists radiated with a multicolored flash of light. Damiano felt weakened while Ray felt the sting of acid – they eventually destroyed the golem and it melted down into slag.

Day 334 7AM Mittens D’Doored into the command cabin and stabbed the mage construct through with his sphere. The party had taken the ship. Mittens managed to get the party inside and Ray reviewed the panel. So many wheels, dials and levers! Ray managed to close the hold and flush out the water. The party investigated the aft of the submarine and found another room filled with spare construct parts. In the floor was a large hatch – pulling the hatch open they heard the whirring of the engine below. The engine room took up the entire lower chamber of the submarine. Moving back to the control room, Ray gave it some thought and managed to shut the engine down and the sub settled heavily to the sand below. The party teleported back to the Scud Cloud, connected with Captain Harari and Mase Darimar and quickly healed themselves.

Borrowing a jolly boat from the Scud Cloud, they pulled toward shore, cutting through the early morning fog until the reached the beach.

Day 334 8AM Moving off across the strand, the party could hear the constructs working not far off. They saw a body laying prone against a tree. It was the body that Temujin’s Raven had spied earlier. A female form and when they got close, they could tell she was alive, although slightly wounded. It appeared that she had been in a battle and likely fell overboard and buffeted by the seas. When the party inspected her more closely, they realized they knew her, it was {link here ==>} Riaris Krine from the Wormwood! Riaris seemed fine for now, the party left her and closed in on the hard-at-work constructs.


Breaking out of the fog, they saw another warmonger construct ploughing through the sand. Beside him were two stout brass golems (not gold, like in the submarine). There was also a clockwork mage present, not working, but it appeared to be overseeing the process. Here and there in the fog, the party could see three clockwork hounds moving about or hearing their metallic barks. Lastly, the Katapeshi construct that Nico’s diplodocus had knocked overboard had walked it’s way across the bottom of the bay and was stepping out of the waves.


Time for a beach party!

[end of session 141]
{Day 334}


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