Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2016

Session 118
June 20th 2017

Day 322 3:30AM The manor house in the upper quarter of Hell Harbor is in flames. The majority of the party is standing among the ruins of the burning foyer. Mittens had dropped his magical bag of holding between himself and Pyrlig, waiting for Nico – or whatever body he was inhabiting – to come and claim it. Temujin flew high overhead and reminded the party of the encroaching infernal spiders hanging on the outside of the manor’s edifice.

On the magic link the party shared, they were aware of Sandara’s dismay, as she had shouldered Gorebeard’s corpse and slid off the rear balcony into the waiting claws of two more infernal hunters – they pounced upon her!

Three of Nico’s eryines closed in on the hunters – the latter closed in on the window and stabbed at Pyrlig through the smashed window. Bolts from a chain lightning rained down on the front street, striking the eryines, Mittens and Father Pyrlig. Pyrlig quickly healed up to steady himself on his two feet. Mittens saw through the window of the opposing house, to triangulate where the stroke originated from. He countered with a lightning ball of his own which lit up the house. Nico’s other two eryines, headed up the street to truss up the halfling stealthy out of the alley, north of the burning manor house. Temujin flew back over the rooftops to Sandara’s defense.

In the gem, time and again, Nico sought a body to oust and settle in with his magic jar – but each host, thick in the battle, with their resolve up, resisted his attempts to take control – and Nico stayed in the gem.

Damiano and Father Pyrlig started withdrawing through the burning house, to the rear, where Sandara was trapped between the pair of infernal hunters. Temujin arrived to see Sandara drop prone, pierced by a series of brutal claw strikes. Damiano moved through them, explicitly drawing their attacks – which they did – some he parried, and with some he felt the pain they had to give out. But Temujin moved in safely and brought Sandara back to life – but barely. A valiant, yet short-lived rescue as the hunter struck Sandara yet another fatal strike and then turned on Temujin, and brought him down too – luckily, his powers of regeneration quickly stabilized him.

The power of Damiano’s ring ebbed, his time was up – once again the realistic killing blow from the cyclops was in his face, but Captain Damiano was resolute and survived the shock to his system and was ready to fight on!

Mittens shadow-walked behind the building and was aware of another presence about 40’ to his right. Mittens shrugged off another magical attack and lit the hunters up with more lightning, as Damiano attacked with his weapons. Soon afterwards, one hunter was laid low and it fell onto it’s side – the party ganged up on the other beast – Mittens felt a slice up his back as a magical blade of force struck him. As the second hunter was slain, Mittens was aware of the spell-caster to his right, disappeared, and soon afterwards, the magical blade also faded. On the front street, the hunters were still in melee with two eryines, they paused, and disappeared. For now, it appeared that the battle was over.

The fire brigade had arrived and Nico took possession of a body and joined his comrades that were congregating. The eryines returned with the prone form of a trussed up halfling. They had the bodies of Lady Isawyn and the corpses of Lady Nightshade, Gorebeard Trench and Sandara. Temujin was healed and got to his feet. The party didn’t tarry long in the shadow of the burned building – Nico and Mittens ran to recover the smoldering ruins of his bag of holding and they teleported back to D.C.I.

Day 322 4:30AM The party had Yacine secure Lady Isawyn and the halfling – who was the major domo of the burning building. His name was Persil Prans, and he fled when the shit went down, grabbing a bag of valuables (15K in diamonds) for his severance pay. In the bag, also, was a note to his employer, Sevine Dillux.

To Sevine Dillux, Hell Harbor,

It is my understanding that Kividus is undertaking the contract for the two priests. It is best that they die. Kividus is hard to negotiate with. However, should you be able to capture their Captain alive, I would pay handsomely for him.

I think to humiliate a Free Captain in my private fighting pits, would be something, select guests would pay highly to see.

Nico found his gear and successfully made whole, the beloved bag of holding with much of their gear. Now usable, he opened it to find a screaming Stephen Fantome – in a panic, lying sandwiched between the prone body of Nico (which Nico was ready to return to), and a unconscious barbed devil. Temujin put Stephen to sleep, and he was secured in a cell. The party questioned Stephen when he came to. They felt while he was complicit in writing content disparaging to Arronax Endymion, that was the limit of his involvement – he was an artiste, after all.

The party moved on to question Lady Isawyn. She was aware that she was in a bad spot, but attempted to be cool. Tired of dancing around the conversation, Nico summoned four succubi who successfully charmed and garnered her secrets. She was definitely in the employ of the Chelish – specifically to do as much damage to Lord Arronax as possible. She hoped to win her freedom to get clear of the politics of the Shackles and the entanglements of the Chelish.

One other important bit of information learned from the charmed Lady Isawyn: Stephen Fantome had stolen occultic notes from, the Lady Sabella Ezeel, ne’e Stratheen, who was Lady Camilla, the lead actress at the World’s Stage Theatre in High Eastwind, Port Peril. Lady Camilla, from Chelish notes that the party uncovered, was the love interest of Lord Bonefist.

Despite Mittens persuasive arguments on her behalf, Nico gave the word and his succubi slew Lady Isawyn.

Dawn was breaking on D.C.I. It had been a long and active twenty-four hours. Yacine added that after the party denied Lawrence D’Coco captaincy of the vessel that Captain Hawke had recently captured, he had joined aboard the supply junk, The Harbor Crossing, under the command of Captain Gabwell.

Day 322 7AM The party planned to get some rest, peruse their gains, and then push onward, with Temujin’s magical aid, to the jungle lair of Sahzara, who resided in the Southern Shackles near Bloodcove.

[end of session 118]
{Day 322}

Session 117
June 13th 2017

Day 322 3:30AM The barbed devil was down, incapacitated upon the floor – smoldering arrows shot through the window by the eryines, smoked in his hide. The elderly couple were up, awake in their bed howling in fear, until Temujin put them into a magical sleep. The party picked up the devil and pulled back to the actor’s apartment and mended the hole in the wall.

The party deposited the prone devil into Nico’s bag of holding, next to Nico’s body! They also grabbed the sleep-drunk actor, Stephen Fantome, and dropped him in the bag – perhaps he would be useful for further questioning.

Nico summoned wave upon wave of eryines and shadow demons and sent them spiraling out from the apartment on the search for the three rogue actors. Temujin went roof-side and sent his Raven out to scout as well. The evening was quiet and at this point in time, there was no visible sign of the actors.

The party teleported back to the Corruption Theatre. Arriving in the changing room, Nico jumped into the body of a sleeping cook. He ventured downstairs, made himself known to the party and started looking around the theatre – it was quiet, and empty except for the few staff sleeping in the third floor loft above the kitchen. Temujin sent his Raven out to keep an eye for any flares sent up by Nico’s eryines and shadow demons. Nico ventured to the front of the building – all was quiet.

Nico sensed a powerful life force above the theatre – perhaps upon the roof. He sent word to the party. As Nico continued to check the front of the theatre, the party floated up to the roof to see another barbed devil sitting on the peak. As they closed in, it shot scorching rays at Damiano. Damiano, wielding Aiger’s Kiss, prevented the beast from transporting away to escape. Outnumbered, the party quickly closed in and finished the beast off. Raven gave word to Temujin that it spotted a fireball a quarter mile to the north – the party was on the move, and teleported to a building vaguely silhouetted in the moonlight – and they arrived safely. Nico summoned an air elemental, saddled up and raced north to join the party.

The party, on a rooftop, were close to the nicer part of town. Before them was a small, square townhouse, all the windows had drapes pulled, but each room was clearly lit up with candles and oil lamps. Damiano leapt to the rear balcony, as Mittens shadow walked over to his side and punched in the french door. Damiano moved into the small library, crossed the room and found the hallway door, unlocked – he opened the door and peered down the hallway. Thirty feet to his left a butler turned about in surprise, holding a lit taper. Mittens entered the library, followed by Temujin, Father Pyrlig and Sandara.

Nico converged on the manor house, mentally summoning any stray eryines to his side as they closed in on their destination.

Captain Damiano brushed past the butler and headed down the grand stair to the first floor. Lady Isawyin was at the front door and Lady Nightshade (the “Princess”) was at the rear of the foyer. Damiano stated that they should not flee – but Lady Isawyn retorted that the Captain was in no official capacity and she didn’t need to stand down on his account. Lady Nightshade ‘yabble-dabbled’ and disappeared from view. Captain Damiano drew Aiger’s Kiss and closed in upon Lady Isawyn.

Upstairs, a door opened down the hall from Pylig, who stood outside the library – it was the “Courtier,” Gorebeard Trench! He raced at Pyrlig and smote him with his fist. He continued to rain blows up Pyrlig, until Temujin appeared in the library doorway and with a grin, Gorebeard turned his effort to punching in Temujin’s beak. Sandara moved up to Temujin’s side and attacked Gorebeard. Nico arrived on the scene and joined the party in the library – he summoned an elemental, which started smashing a hole in the wall, to get around the bottleneck combat taking place between Gorebeard, Pyrlig and Temujin.

In the first floor foyer, Lady Isawyn ‘yabble-dabbled’ at Damiano – he felt magic clamping down on his mind, but he shrugged it off, and struck her with Aiger’s Kiss – she was prevented from teleporting away to safety. In quick succession he was struck with magical attacks – a thin green ray came out of nowhere and hit him – the energy ripping at his flesh – he rolled away from it but the ray still burned. A great cyclops, in a flash, appeared before his eyes stabbing at Damiano with a great spear – the captain flinched and was struck critically in the chest. The cyclops disappeared and as the Captain faltered, knowing that he might fall, he used the last stone in his ring of delayed doom to buy himself some time. He struck Isawyn grievously with his sword and she attempted to make her escape, smashing the window and throwing herself outside to the turf.

Hearing the combat downstairs, Mittens shadow walked to the foyer, to help Damiano. He heard, but could not see, a male and female voice somewhere in the echoing foyer – the female voice was that of the “Princess.” The male voice was unknown. As he arrived, Mittens heard the incantation for a Power Word, Stun – and saw Captain Damiano stiffen up. Mittens moved down into the chamber trying to focus on the location of his hidden foes and glitter-dusted the hallway, illuminating Lady Nightshade.

Upstairs, Gorebeard took mighty swings at Temujin – as he did so, Pyrlig squared up on Gorebeard’s flank and counter attacked. Temujin pulled back deeper into the library and the elemental stopped his teardown of the wall and swung at Gorebeard as well. Beset on all sides, Gorebeard fought on, but was starting to slow down.

Mittens moved up and pinned Lady Nightshade against the wall and attacked! Then there was a great whoosh, as the floor of the foyer exploded up in a ball of flame – debris and fire ripped through the building. Lady Nightshade and Gorebeard both collapsed; and Pyrlig moved downstairs to Damiano and Mittens. Mittens failed to dispel the Captain’s condition but Pyrlig was able to successfully cancel it out. Pyrlig then collapsed from damage due to the fiery burst. Temujin stepped out onto the balcony and flew up and over the roof toward the front of the building.

Outside, Lady Isawyn, still unable to magic herself to safety, was assaulted by the eryines who were on overhead, and alert. The eryines pounced upon Lady Isawyn and trussed her up in the street.

Damiano, now able to move, poured a potion of healing down Pyrlig’s throat – while conscious, Father Pyrlig was still grievously wounded. Father Pyrlig healed himself, Mittens and Damiano and they braced themselves at the front door – the entire foyer engulfed in flames. Mittens picked up the body of Lady Nightshade as they prepared to exit the building.


As Temujin flew over the building she spied two great spiders hanging onto the edge of the building just over the front door – they were massive, infernal beasts looking down at the street below – Temujin sent warning to his companions.

Nico’s body – the cook, was engulfed in flames – he jumped into the gem, and then briefly into Pyrlig’s body. He was aware of three things. His eryines informed him telepathically of the huge spiders that were outside hanging upon the building. The eryines spied a small creature, perhaps a halfling, creeping out of the alley, about to head up the street and away from the fiery inferno. Lastly, of all the life forms that Nico could sense, the spiders were weaker then himself. However, somewhere, across the street there was a single life force greater then himself.

Off in the distance, the warning bell of the fire brigade rang through the city streets.

[end of session 117]
{Day 322}

Session 116
June 6th 2017

Day 322 1AM The party arrived at the actor’s 2nd floor garret apartment. From their vantage below on the dark city street the party could see apartment indicated by Temujin’s Raven. Candles and oil lamps were lit and the sounds of instruments playing and singing emanated through the open windows. Nico wasted no time and magic jar’d into an unknown reveler.

In the apartment, Nico saw all four of the primary actors as well as another eight actors, actresses, singers, musicians and the like. After scanning the room, Nico downed a few drinks in quick succession and bounced to another partier. After meandering through the crowd, on the pretenses of making to relieve oneself, Nico took this body out onto the street to join his companions.

After some discussion the party was undecided whether to turn this happy scene into a bloodbath – so they went upstairs and joined the party. Stephen Fantome greeted the party warmly – his fans had come to see him even after the show had ended! The “Courtier” was drinking, joined by the “Princess.” However her illusory guise had been lifted – she no longer appeared to be the pretty little blond princess, she now appeared with pale, nearly translucent skin. Her hair was metal grey and she had slight fangs protruding through her lips. Father Pyrlig eyed the “Princess,” but she didn’t appear to be undead.

As the party fully joined the celebration, the “Queen,” Lady Isawyn, and Stephen both talked to the party about the prospect of moving on. Temujin stressed that despite the success of their show that unfriendly eyes and ears were displeased to the theatre company’s treasonous tone. With some financial support from the party, the troupe could move on to friendlier pastures should any future show be positive regarding Captain Damiano, his crew and D.C.I.

The troupe got the hint. Lady Isawyn concurred that maybe they needed to move on and they would make steps to do so. Despite the verbal parrying, the party was aware that Lady Isawyn was the lead of the group and likely knew who was fronting the cash for the troupe.

Throughout the conversation, Captain Damiano had a young lady sitting on his lap. From time to time, Nico would jar into the woman so they could converse discretely – and ‘bamf,’ off Nico would go. Nico still sensed a powerful creature nearby, but not where they could see. Attempting to flush out any hidden foes, Mittens put on a bit of showmanship, displaying his parlor tricks – he transformed into his large bestial size, at the same time casting glitter dust – the party peered about, but no one was hiding invisible.

Day 322 3:30AM Temujin sent his Raven about for a look. It sensed something else on the roof, but saw nothing. Nico joined the Raven and summoned eryines – with their gaze they immediately detected a barbed devil sitting on the peak of the roof. Barely reacting, it teleported away. Sensing it was still near, the party started looking about. One of the eryines flew past an adjacent window to the actor’s apartment to see the barbed devil within the room – it gave telepathic word back to Nico who informed the party.

Mittens plunged his claws through the wall grabbing at the devil – who struck back at Mittens. The two of them opened up a gaping whole of the thin, frail wood of the apartment. The neighboring apartment dwellers were an elderly couple, now awake and quite upset of the frackus taking place so nearby in their small room.

From the window, Nico’s summoned eryines fired shots from their bows into the devil as Mittens and the devil went toe-to-toe. Damiano slid the drunken actress off his lap and joined the fray. Father Pyrlig cast dimensional anchor on the devil and everyone ganged up upon it.

Lady Isawyn sidled up to the “Princess” and the “Courtier” and they dimension door’d away from the apartment. Stephen Fantome was resting comfortably on a divan, snoring away in a deep drunken sleep. The party saw the dimension door occur and were aware that they three actors had to be relatively close.

The party were able to incapacitate the barbed devil and it fell over onto the floor next to the frightened elderly couple. Nico summoned shadow demons and sent them along with his eryines, to spread out in the adjacent city blocks to hunt for the three actors that were shying away from their adoring fans.

[end of session 116]
{Day 322}

Session 115
May 30th 2017

Day 321 4PM Act 1 having just ended, the party stretched and mingled among the crowd who were cutting loose and getting their drink on. Nico discretely cast invisibility upon Mittens who started moving about the busy tavern. As the four primary actors entered the main room from backstage, from separate doors, they were approached by fans and groupies. Temujin moved up to the “Princess.” Temujin appeared to be astonished by the treasonous nature of the content, in it’s attacks upon Lord Endymion. The “Princess” asked who Temujin was and what his interest in the politics of the play? Since Temujin didn’t serve Endymion, the “Princess” didn’t know why Temujin cared at all – as far as she was concerned, she was just reading lines.

Mittens crept into the backstage room, where the “Courtier” was deep in his cups. The “Courtier” took his empty flask and left the backstage chambers and made his way to the bar for a refill, as he went he mumbled about finding a target for punch-sport after the show.

Nico slouched down in his chair – to better play the drunk. Sandara would watch over his prone form. Nico magic jar’d into his gem and bounced from rube to rube, surveilling the primary actors.

Temujin wouldn’t let the topic drop – when the “Princess” attempted to turn away, he was tenacious and stuck to the same line of inquiry – feeling trapped, the “Princess” looked across at the bar at the “Courtier,” Who had already looking for a target for a beat-down, started marching the “Princess,” and Temujin. Damiano noted the burly actor ready to get his fight on and moved over to Temujin’s side to intercede as necessary. Father Pyrlig hopped up on the stage moving closer. As the “Courtier” closed in upon Temujin, the “Princess” trying to coax and calm him down, Temujin flashed him a nice “f*** you” face as Damiano sidled up alongside in an intimidating fashion. Unsettled, but on task, the “Courtier” cocked his arm back to punch in Temujin’s beak when Father Pyrlig atop the stage, was eloquent in stating that there was no need to ruin the show with a bit of fisticuffs. Pyrlig successfully diffused the scene, with the “Princess” pushing the “Courtier” back through the crowd into the backstage chambers. The party continued to surveil the occupants before the actors receded to the backstage to prepare for act 2.

The second act opened with the “Queen” continuing to bemoan her beleaguered status under the pressure from her daughter the “Princess” and her betrothed, the “Courtier.” Far from prying eyes in subsequent scenes, the “Princess” and “Courtier” continued to plot and gather faithful sycophants to their cause. The “Queen” assailed in her own court by her daughter and the “Courtier” continued to blame them for all that was wrong and the fall of her court, alluding that the “Princess” and “Courtier” and all their cronies shared the same failings as Lord Endymion. In order to stay true, she would use the ultimate solution, to call upon greater, more universal powers to destroy her enemies, and she pulled out a tablet displaying the Yellow Sign – which the party recognized. The “Butler” stood up, warning the “Queen” that the greater powers had no love of man or mankind – they would kill her enemies as surely as they would kill her friends and loved ones. Seeing no other choice as the “Princess” and “Courtier” closed in, she ignore the “Butler’s” words and invoked the power of the Yellow Sign – the party’s spell casters, noted that the “Princess” was at the back of the stage and had cast an illusion spell – as in the center of the stage a great tentacled beast appeared and proceeded to slay the “Princess,” the “Courtier,” their allies and the “Queen’s” loyal followers as well. In the end, the “Queen” wailed that despite the evil of her daughter’s (and Lord Endymion) politics, we were all little things, simple people – that would be enslaved, or killed by the unknown and fickle lords of deep space. Thus ended the Tragedy of D’Ys.

The show was well received – especially with the appearance of the illusory beast and the subsequent blood bath on stage. The actors took their bows and retreated back to their changing rooms. The “Queen” and “Butler” soon came out to tavern to receive more accolades by their groupies.

As Nico continued to bounce around with his magic jar, he also ventured upstairs to find that the second floor was not the actor’s living space. It was in a poor state, while only a small portion of the second floor was habitable – most likely for the cooking staff.

The party separately approached the “Queen,” who was known as Lady Isawyn, and the “Butler” who was known as Stephen Fantome. In fact, Lady Isawyn was Chelish – a rarity in this town for she was not part of Lord Endymion’s initial fleet. Lady Isawyn was quite politic and confident, attractive and not necessarily swayed by the party’s words. Neither Isawyn nor Stephen would state who their patron was, who had contracted for these attacks upon Lord Endymion. However Mittens and Nico had heard, stealthing about, that Stephen (who would also admit he was the esteemed author of this work) was the author and that some of the actor’s may or may not be the actual patrons.

Instead of stating who their benefactors were, Stephen simply offered that Temujin, Mittens or Damiano, could simply provide compensation and provide some ideas for a show of their very own, that Stephen would write.

When pressed, Stephen stated that he added the details concerning the Yellow Sign, and the monster – for a bit of flair and action, that would certainly be a hit with the crowd – and it was! He had learned such occult lore from a fellow actress, Lady Sabella Ezeel, who had since left their company for greener pastures in Port Peril. She had even gone out to Castle Sigguros, near the City of Bleeding Stones – she was quite the geek for all this crazy lore. But it made for a little spice in his play. Temujin did pay 350 gps to Stephen to borrow his notebook on occult lore; that had bits and details Stephen had copped from Lady Sabella’s research into the arcane.

Day 322 Midnight Soon afterwards, the actors took their leave, around midnight. Leaving by carriage they headed to a lower middle class garret – followed by Temujin’s Raven. Raven reported back to the theatre, to lead the party back to the apartment. As they left the theatre, Nico noted that of the six potent life forces that had been here (besides the party’s own), only one remained at the tavern as they left.

As the party walked through the town, they discussed next steps – would they teleport to Goatshead and request a ship from Captain Pegsworthy to deliver them to the Slithering Coast – to investigate this imp? From their notes, there was a marked inlet where a ship could anchor in. The party may have to take a jolly boat in or perhaps fly their way as the inlet narrowed before disappearing deep into the jungle. A trail or at least trail markings seem to lead the way into the jungle to Sahzara’s lair.


As the party neared their destination, they pondered whether the actors should be scared out of town or assaulted, to prevent them from maligning Lord Arronax in the future. They were leaning towards a more diplomatic route, at least in scaring the actors to change their tune as they arrived at the apartment.

Day 322 1AM Raven led the party back to the street, indicating to Temujin the lit second floor window, where the actors retired. From the noise, it appeared that the actors were having a bit of an after-party, and from the noise coming out of the open window, there were at least a dozen folk there: whooping it up, singing, playing instruments and generally, carousing into the wee hours.

[end of session 115]
{Day 321-322}

Session 114
May 23rd 2017

Day 320 Noon The party pulled themselves together, along with Lon Ezeel’s maid and cook, and withdrew to the city streets where they met up with Lord Endymion’s lieutenant, Ocean Greso. They handed over the domestics, informed the lieutenant of what they found and that they would be returning after a short respite. The party teleported back to D.C.I. – to the Chelish Fort.

Yacine informed the party that Captain Damiano’s new captain had just arrived this morning. Captain Hawke had just sailed in aboard his ship, the brig, The Wildcard, along with a prize caravel in tow, the Rum Runner. Besides 5 points of timber in the hold, Captain Hawke was aware of Damiano’s interest in gaining more ships, so he claimed the ship and crew. The captain, a halfling free-booter named Kit Williams, was currently being held in the fort’s brig with his two midshipmen.

Yacine led the party into the great tower’s basement, and showed them the chamber with the magic teleportation rune – Nico spent a few hours poring over it, with Mittens and Temujin’s assistance and he was able to fix the device – they now had a magic portal that would deliver them directly to the magic portal located in Sumitha.

While the party worked on the rune, Yacine informed them that Lawrence D’Coco had returned. Likely last night – but he had been to the fort this morning, directly after the sighting of the Rum Runner in the harbor. Lawrence had asked if the ship had a captain – he appeared quite covetous of the vessel. After he departed, Yacine had dockhand keep an eye upon him and he was nearby, at the south harbor quay. The party sent word down to the south harbor for Lawrence to come up to the fort. Yacine did note that while the brothel was open, Ann Sharpe didn’t appear to have returned to Pyrligburg.

The party met with the halfling captain in the fort’s cells. Captain Kit frequently sailed between Bag Island, Quent and Port Peril. To regain his ship he would eagerly trade directly for D.C.I. He had no qualms with that bargain.

Day 320 3PM Lawrence arrived at the fort and greeted his two sons warmly, and the party in general. Nico and Temujin held back and were being extra squinty in regarding Lawrence. After firing a battery of questions at him the party learned from Lawrence that he and Ann Sharpe had recently travelled through the stone circle to the no-man’s land that belonged to Papa Legba (or Kalfu, or Carrefour). Ann was still there. And indeed Ann had paid the blood price. She had ‘found’ a man and bled him upon the stones. Why were they there? Why had they gone? Well for Lawrence – to find new purpose. He had been a servant of the hag for almost seven years and dead some time before. But he had always been a slave, his mind in a cloud. After all this time, Lawrence had to realize that he could indeed live again, for himself. Upon leaving Papa Legba, he felt renewed and he was eager to get back to the sea – and he asked his sons and the party about the availability of the Rum Runner. Lawrence was only briefly dismayed that the halfling captain Kit Williams was keeping control of his vessel.

After Lawrence departed, the party took their rest and pored over the treasure that they had gained, studying it and divvying up as was appropriate.

Day 321 9AM The party teleported to Hell Harbor. They headed downtime but saw that the Theatre of Corruption was closed. Some simple folk were sweeping up, rousting the drunks and making deliveries, but the scene was hardly open for business. Deciding to return at a later hour, the party headed back uptown and paid a visit to Chambros Egrossa, the first mate of the Tyrannous.

Chambros informed the party that after questioning the maid, Natessa and the cook, Isadore Cassini, that there stories held up fairly well. They did learn that a few years back, Lon Ezeel had married a local – a young Chelish woman (daughter of those that had arrived with Lord Endymion) named Sabella Stratheen. Lady Sabella had been quite taken with fine literature and history. She had even travelled to the nearby ruins of Castle Sigguros, which were owned by the Free Captain Glenmarec Rene, before he was ousted, and subsequently slain, by Lord Endymion. The party noted that Castle Sigguros was on the eastern shores of the Devil’s Arches island, close to the City of Bleeding Stones, that the party had sailed past when they had sailed north along the Balthus Strait. After returning from Castle Sigguros, Lady Sabella was quite taken with the local history and the occult. She started to entertain more and partake of flamboyant society parties and hanging out with actors. Eventually with Lon Ezeel often away, the two chose to separate – which appeared amicable. The last the cook and maid knew, Lady Sabella sailed for Port Peril.

Day 321 3PM The party took their leave and headed back downtown to the Theatre of Corruption. A large building with a main door facing the stone wharf. Two small docks extended to either side of the building to allow for extra entrances, egress points for the building. The theatre was a large building, over a 100’ wide, but appeared to be poorly maintained. Entering, the scene was bustling before the start of the afternoon’s matinee. The party took a table and had some drinks in hand when the curtain rose.

For this show, the Tragedy at the House of D’Ys, there were many secondary actors playing multiple roles, however there appeared to be four primary actors two men and two women. The “Queen” was quite a capable actress, and was in a state on how the succession of her kingdom would fare with the recent death of her husband. A fetching actress played her daughter, the “Princess” who argued that her bethrothed, a “Courtier” played by a burly and imposing man, was best suited to be King. But the ‘Queen’ was loathe to hand over the kingdom to the the insolent ‘Courtier.’ He stood for everything her husband was not and would bring ruin to their fair city by the water. The Queen’s woeful worries behind closed doors about the Courtier were veiled insults, directed at Lord Endymion. Coming to the Queen’s aid was her tried and true ‘Butler,’ who was a loyal friend to the Queen and her dead husband, the king. Just before the first act ended, the actor, portraying the ‘Butler,’ arrived on stage, wearing a pale yellow mask – hiding, he overheard the Princess and the Courtier gleefully talking among themselves on how they would plunder the city and rule with abandon once they were king and queen. Their ascension was practically assured! The man in the mask just shook his head as the evil duo left the stage and quietly announced that the Truth must be known, and the True King will bring vengeance upon the defilers and unbelievers. That ended Act 1.

There would be a short intermission before the second act began.

[end of session 114]
{Day 320-321}

Session 113
May 16th 2017

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 320 11:15AM Nico summoned Anduril, but she was unable to open the door. Mittens enlarged himself, and shouldered the door in. After a short hallway turning to the left, another stout door stood at the hall’s end, Anduril heard a female voice on the other side of the door. The party readied as Anduril unlocked the door. As Anduril moved away from the fray, back down the hallway, Damiano attempted to slide past Mittens but he mis-stepped and was unable to get into position behind the eryines.

Mittens teleported inside the doorway, to find another figure, a burly female half-orc appearing as if she were once invisible. The half-orc laid into Mittens with her double-axe. Damiano moved up to engage the eryines that blocked the passage. and the party reshuffled in the hallway to get a better vantage point in which to help their companions.

Mittens was surprised to hear the voice of Lon Ezeel ring out – both Mittens and the half-orc warrior’s minds were addled and they both became confused. Nico summoned a brace of babau and dropped them behind the eryines – which made yet another invisible combatant noticed in the fray. A sturdy dwarven monk appeared and laid into the babau – but their strong natural resistances and acidic skin made a tough pairing for the monk.

Mittens felt another magical tickle, but shrugged it off. Searching his mind for clues towards this new incantation aimed at him, he realized it was a flesh to stone spell. Round after round, both Mittens and his half-orc opponent staggered through waves of confusion, until Father Pyrlig freed Mittens of the spell’s effect and offered some much needed healing.

The babau, along with Damaino slew the eryines and then started working over the half-orc. Mittens was on the lookout, ready for any spell that Lon Ezeel might cast next – but the invisible mage, sidled out a side hallway – a babau attempted to strike him as he passed by, but missed. Around the corner, Lon Ezeel cast teleport and spirited himself away to safety.

When the half-orc was dead, the babau filed around the corner to the next room – but found no mage. They smashed down a door that they did find and found a well furnished mage’s lab.

The party regrouped and started packing the lab into their bags of holding. While doing so, they remembered that they had the corpse of Jezana Melant, from Senara, still in the bag. Her body would not hold up well for much longer without a gentle repose cast upon it. Nico had the babau sever her head and he wrapped it up, returning it to the bag. The babau feasted on what remained of her body. As the party packed up the lab, they found a secret door. The lock was aged and corroded from disuse. They managed to open it – it led to a long hall that descended gradually – the level going below that of the sewer channels.

Nico sent the babau back upstairs to retrieve the cook and the maid from the succubi, whose summons was near to an end. They returned to the party some minutes later. The party assembled and headed down the hallway.

The hall was damp, with lichen growing on the walls. The stench of sewage hung in the air. From time to time, a member of the party would emit a irritating cough. After fifty feet, the hall ended. Another stout door, this one a bit sodden compared to the others – the babau pushed it in and found a hallway extending to both the left and the right. Nico sent a pair of babau to the right – they entered a long chamber, filled with stone rubble and wood debris. There were two doors here – They saw no forms of life so they stayed pat – alert and guarding.

The babau led the party to the left hallway which started straight and then began to curve to the left. The babau passed a door to the right and left, continuing on they came to a small chamber, this was also filled with debris. As the babau entered in, lithe bodies crawled from behind the wreckage and silently launched themselves at the babau!


The party started moving up in the tight quarters to join the fray along with the babau. The party soon realized while these undead monk moved quickly, they could barely scratch and hurt the babau – but when they did, they drained their wits. One babau, mildly damaged succumbed to the wisdom loss and flopped onto the ground. The party and babau slew these undead, and turned the corner up a long stair.

Up into the next room, the floor was slick with pools of rank water. Cracking columns supported the corners of the chamber, there was a small alcove leading to a door on the far south wall. As the babau entered, yet again, more undead monks slid from behind the debris. Nico summoned a shadow demon to bolster the ranks of the babau, as it arrived, a shadow looked up from one of the pools of water and a bloody skeleton rose from the thin pool of water. The demon and one of the babau were briefly staggered – as it lashed out, the new foe barely scratched through the shadow demon’s defenses. The party moved up into the chamber and finished the beasts off.


Day 320 11:25AM And there they were, the party gathering their breath. Still a bit of fight left in them, but if there were creatures here, then where was the treasure? Sandara pulled up at the rear of the party – keeping an eye on the cook and the maid – but keeping them out of harm’s way. The party was in the bowels of the city – how much more undead might there be? When would they encroach on the territory of the beggar lord, Crosu?

[end of session 113]
{Day 320}

Session 112
May 9th 2017

Day 320 11AM The battle was over, Temujin moved to Damiano’s side and quickly enchanted the maid – she fell to sleep. The pair of them heard the clatter of metal in the next room – moving in, they found a cook whisking some ingredients in a bowl. He seemed unfazed by their arrival. The party took up a defensive and watchful perimeter, with Nico summoning many demons to move about the building.

The cook was Taldoran, and had seen many terrible and wonderful things while serving aboard the caravel, the Long Horizon, under Captain Horace Twill. But those days of excitement are past and he prefers being a cook. His only other companion here is the sleeping maid, Natessa. And the imp, Enceladus, is here or there. Nico’s succubi attempted to intimidate him but the cook’s will was resolute – they did dominate him and he answered all questions dutifully.

Lon Ezeel was a good employer, a busy and distant man. He seldom had visitors. However a Chelish man visited yesterday afternoon – and this man was not a local. Soon afterwards Master Ezeel cancelled dinner plans and magicked himself away – his destination was unknown to the cook.

While the house was finely appointed, little of extravagant value was handy. Leaving the cook and the maid in the care of the succubi, the summoned vrock attempted to hunt down the rogue imp, Enceladus.

Mittens and Damiano ventured into the basement where they found a wood store room, dry good storage, a pump and washroom and a bulkhead exit to the back alley. In the pump room, Mittens found a paving stone that was loose – small footsteps led up to the stone. Mittens and Damiano pried the stone up to find a narrow stair descending into the darkness.

Day 320 11:10AM The party formed up, and they proceeded down the stairway. Heading down the stairs, one flagstone gave away – Mittens flew due to his magics, but Damiano fell 30’ down, falling on a firm, cool ground – but not as hard as he expected. As Damiano planned to relay back up the hole that he was okay, a coolness pervaded his clothes and he became paralyzed!


The party attempted to act and maneuver down the tight tunnel. As Pyrlig and Temujin flew down to the Captain’s aid, they were aware of a soft glistening, moving up along the Captain, engulfing him. Mittens lashed out with a stroke of lightning but found the gelatinous cube was immune to that element. Pyrlig healed the Captain as Mittens and Temujin attacked with fire, successfully melting away the beast, freeing the Captain, however he too was wounded from the fiery attack – requiring additional healing from Father Pyrlig.

The party returned up the tunnel and proceeded down the stairs, arriving to a stout wood door. Nico summoned Anduril, but she failed to open the lock. Nico followed up with his magical chime of opening, but that too failed. Nico and Mittens D’Doored the party to the other side of the door. They were in a 5’ wide (and tall) hallway. Behind them the hallway continued into the darkness. Forward they could smell the stink of sewage. The party moved up and found the hallway end at a slippery ledge that ran along a canal. Multiple brick conduits fed waste from the streets of Hell Harbor to these channels which likely emptied into the harbor. Damiano and Mittens searched for evidence of footsteps, tiny ones and found them heading to the left (east) and carefully they started to move along the slick ledge. Nico noted small (not imp tiny) cloaked creatures off to the right, across the channel, peeking carefully from another hallway. Nico sent a succubus up to investigate.

Moving carefully, Mittens was surprised when from a nearby culvert long claws reached out and stuck powerfully. The party reacted, ready to fight, but this long-limbed creature was dangerously fast and struck Mittens again and she fell unconscious. Mittens moved up – the beast attempting to claw at him. As the party moved up, the creature oozed out of the pipe and moved off and as it did so it exuded an acidic yellow and green cloud. Temujin and Damiano were caught up in it – they could feel the burning up on their skin – but Nico was able to use a magic wand to blow the cloud away. Father Pyrlig healed Mittens enough for him to stay low, but t-port to safety farther up the hall. The party wizards fired up the beast from a distance while Damiano fought in melee, keeping his feet upon the slippery ledge. Pyrlig continued to channel healing to his mates and bring pain upon the ooze – and as Mittens regained his feet he blasted away at the beast. Weakened, the beast was not to find an easy meal today, as Damiano plunged his rapier into the beast and slayed it.


Nico’s succubus attempted to dominate the far small cloaked creature, but failed and it retreated. As she followed she entered a large chamber, with many of these like creatures – they were ratfolk. The succubus held off, relaying this information to Nico. Nico followed up and provided coin for information. The ratfolk were indeed aware of the imp – he was a frequent visitor to a nearby set of tunnels. The party was headed in the right direction. Further on down the tunnels was the begger lord, Crosu. And something to be more feared of, is an undead lord and his minions – but they are farther on in the tunnels, past were the imp is going – to the underground retreat of Lon Ezeel.

Nico and his succubus returned to the party and after a bit of healing they moved onward, carefully.

They found a side tunnel branching off and moved on. Anduril and Damiano were in the lead. As they turned a corner in this branch, they were greeted by Karl Magnus – the northerner contact that they had meet some weeks ago in Port Peril. Mittens moved up as Anduril retreated down the line. Mittens could tell that this was not the real man in the flesh, but just an illusion.

Karl (or Lon Ezeel) greeted them and wished them the best, as a matter of fact he wished to present an offer. That the party was much more effective then Captain Harrigan – that they would due best working with him, and the Chelish to control the Shackles under Chelish control. That Damiano and the party were get very rich, replacing the council of Free Captains and they could select the Free Captains who would help them govern the Shackles, to make it peaceable so the Chelish Empire could once more establish control over it’s former colony of Sargava. Karl was disappointed that the party didn’t bite at the offer. The party attempted to put Lon Ezeel on the defensive stating that they would shrug off this new attempt of the Chelish to regain control of the Shackles, and Sargava. But Lon stated he could simply retreat or retire back to Nidal or other destinations north should he tire of his own business arrangement with the Chelish. Mittens followed up that maybe his own direction may be muddied, now that he dabbled with the mysteries of the King in Yellow. Pish posh, that artwork is but a trifle, responded Lon Ezeel, but Mittens did not feel convinced. Perhaps Lon Ezeel was more invested in the dark mysteries then he tried to let on. With the conversation at an impasse, Lon Ezeel said his goodbyes and the apparition vanished.

Day 320 11:15AM The party stood at the stout door – they planned on proceeding onward, just to have a little look-see.

[end of session 112]
{Day 320}

Session 111
May 2nd 2017

John/Dwag is on shore leave, building Dwag’s Folly (Never give up the high ground!) on D.C.I.

Day 320 9AM The party. joined by Sandara, checked in with Yacine, and then teleported to Hell Harbor. The city of 30,000 was one of few in the Shackles that sported a consistent architecture. Solidly built stone buildings, artistically appointed in the baroque fashion to that of the Chelish Empire, gave Hell Harbor a sophisticated air. Guard patrols moved through the streets as commoners went their way.


Opting not to conduct a clandestine operation against a safehouse in a city controlled by another Free Captain, the party paid their respects to Lord Arronax Endymion. The party was granted access at Lord Endymion’s manor, by his 1st mate, Chambros Egrossa. Soon Arronax joined the party and they presented their case. Arronax confirmed that he was indeed anti-Chelish as his reputation suggested and he would grant the party permission to search the safe house of Lon Ezeel on Octavia Street, in the Upper Ward. Lord Arronax set one lieutenant Octan Greso and his troop to patrol Octavia Street and the adjoining alleys, should anyone try to escape.

Arronax offered that if this safehouse is checked out successfully perhaps the party would move against a local theatre, whose presentations have been slanderous concerning Lord Endymion. It would seem too oppressive if he were to close down the theatre, but if an unconcerned party could take care of it…it would be appreciated. Lord Endymion offered a small fleet of ships for compensation should this problem be eradicated from Hell Harbor. The party stated that they would consider it after the safehouse was investigated.

Day 320 11AM The party took their leave, hired a cab and went uptown. The upscale manor presented some 200’ of frontage set behind a black fence – the building was a two story stone structure with many large windows. Nico summoned Anduril who stealthily investigated the perimeter, to find no magical protections on the outside of the building. The party had the cab driver pulled around to the rear alley behind the manor, paid him and sent him off. The party moved up to a circular portico at the rear of the manor and climbed or flew to the 2nd floor balcony above the portico.

Nico used his chime to pop the door, leading into an empty library. The room was clean but spare any reading materials. It did not look like it had been hastily cleaned out. An open door lead south into a hallway, a closed door was on the east wall, there was a fireplace on the west wall and on the south wall next to the doorway was a large oil painting, which looked relatively new. The scene was of twin suns, setting over a placid lake. Hills lie beyond mid-ground with graceful towers just behind the hills. Multiple members of the party recognized this as Carcosa – the home of the lord in yellow. This seemed to be confounding bit of details for one loyal to the Chelish.

Anduril pushed the eastern door open and there was a soft breeze blew through despite all the windows appeared closed. Anduril was immediately assaulted by a fury of blows. Mittens dropped a glitterdust in the room and they saw the vague form buffeting at Anduril. The party moved in quickly and counter attacked – soon, it dissipated as it was destroyed. The party found themselves in a clean, well laid out master bedroom. There were two doorways here, but instead they pulled back into the library and moved out into the main hall.

They party found the central stair leading downstairs and proceeded downward. As they descended into the main hall they were greeted by a massive brass statue of a warrior standing opposite them. They heard a low infernal growl from around the corner and the statue sprang to life, it’s eyes glowing and the grill at its mouth huffing out smoke. Opening its mouth it breathed out a cloud of burning ash and smoke – but luckily the party’s protections were mostly sufficient against fire. The party closed in, with Nico’s summoned devil taking point against the golem. The party closed in and traded blows against the golem. Seeing the end coming, Damiano ducked around the corner as the golem exploded sending burning shrapnel throughout the front hall.

As Damiano took cover in a stairwell around the corner, there was a cry of surprise – hiding nearby, likely from the apparent battle taking place in the main hall – was a young, attractive mestizo woman wearing maid’s garb.

[end of session 111]
{Day 320}

Session 110
April 25th 2017

Day 319 7:08AM As the party got itchy, waiting for the fight to commence, the heresy devil squeezed his bulk between the columns and moved farther away from the party, slowly ascending on his floating throne. Dwag and Damiano moved into the room – from behind the tapestry, came two large bone devils, which closed in on Dwag, and an air elemental that flew over to engage the Captain. Two barbed devils closed in on the Captain firing scorching rays as he fought with the elemental.

The party started pressing into the great hall. Nico summoned a celestial t-rex that snapped at the heresy devil. As the party pushed into the room, two Chelish fire priests of Asmodeus, came up the back hallway, and dropped fireballs amongst the party. The damage was light due to the party’s magical defensive wards.

Temujin kept a sharp eye on the bloated devil but failed to counter the beasts magic – the devil escaped from the maw of the t-rex and appeared across the room, near the ceiling. Mittens dropped a chain lightning ball amongst the foes, which Pyrlig chased with a channel, further weakening the enemies. The summoned t-rex denied his feast of heresy devil, snapped up a barbed devil – despite the devil’s barbed skin, the dinosaur chomped with relish.

The two singed priests of Asmodeus, channeled their own hurt upon the party as Dwag finished off his bone devil opposition, he closed in on the priests. Temujin fired his bow at the heresy devil, but this foe had his eye on others – he dropped an unholy blight upon Mittens and the celestial t-rex. Both were hurt but shrugged off any other effects. The t-rex swallowed down the barbed devil which pummeled and scraped the t-rex from the inside – soon it tore a hole in the side of the beasts stomach and slid out onto the ground. The t-rex focused on the other barbed devil and snatched him up, grievously mauling the devil and ignoring the pain from the devil’s barbed hide. Damiano finished off the air elemental and waited for the party to cover him before planning to engage the heresy devil.

Father Pyrlig continued to channel, healing the party and hurting their foes – one Chelish priest dropped to the ground and the other fell by Dwag’s killing stroke. The t-rex finished off both barbed devils, brutally hurt but strangely satisfied with it’s meal of devilish meat. Mittens eyed the heresy devil – who saw the battle turn from his vantage point. As the devil cast from his floating throne, Mittens prepared to counter, but failed, and the heresy devil teleported away. The battle had ended.

The party healed up, and investigated the level, keeping a warding eye upon the far hall, that had stairs leading down. They found the temple to Asmodeus which Dwag was trying to find unique ideas on how to desecrate an infernal temple. There were chambers, finely appointed, but empty – the occupants were academics, or mages perhaps. The barbed devils had their own chambers – foul, corpse-strewn, bodies of slaves, prisoners were ripped apart and feasted upon here. There was nothing else of note or value here. Dwag did find a secret door, which lead to a torture chamber. Fine torture implements were here, as well as braziers, and a grinding machine, to render bones to powder. A naked man was strapped down to a table. His eyes gouged out, ears cut off. His index fingers and big toes cut off and gone, perhaps burnt away in a brazier. His skin was in process of being incised with infernal runes. Mittens, Temujin and Nico realized that the runes were in progress – most likely selling him, to complete a summoning from the infernal planes. Father Pyrlig healed him – the man came to but was in shock: crying and rambling nonsensically. They removed him from the room and returned to the great hall.

Day 319 7:20AM The party gathered their collected swag. Nico quickly reviewed the intelligence they had gathered, in hopes that they had acquired data that was useful. From one of the two fire priests, they found a letter:

To my infallible master, Gabiano Brutus. You may have more details in the north, but Lady Melant murmurs that there are ongoing complications with the Six. It is noted that they are not flawless, but benefit by their association with holy ties to Lords mighty among the Shackles. They have strong ties to Besmara and Gozreh.

Both servants need to be removed for future plans to have maximized potency.

Agents have been paid and dispatched out of Corpus House. The priest of Besmara is weaker and approachable in a port town – Acquisition against this target should be generally easier.

The stronger, second target is not often alone. At Jezana’s request, I have asked for Sahzara’s aid, at great cost, to summon additional, infernal players, to aid in the elimination of the second target.

Thorin Raxus

  • They reviewed the other documents. They found a map indicating the northern Chelish fort at Bhudrek Atoll, near Tempest Cay. A second map, at the Slithering Coast, indicated the location of Sahzara – a revered, and long-lived imp who watches over Saragava and the Southern Shackles.
  • There were other notes, some indicating the multiple aliases that the party had encountered time and time again. Lon Ezeel, Nisroch, Karunus Impel and Karl Magnus appeared to be the one and the same person. They also garnered the addresses of two safe-houses, one located in Drenchport, the other in Hell Harbor.
  • Other notes detailed long-standing interactions with the imp, Sahzara. Some dates going back over 50 years. This Sahzara appeared to be a counselor regarding Sargava, the Shackles, and more recently, the utilization of Captain Harrigan.
  • There were manifests and invoices with the Rampore Isles, on behalf of it’s leader, Free Captain Bedu Hanji. Histories of purchases of slaves, materials, specialized manpower, such as assassins (the names: Cat Varian and Giles Halmis, are noted). Also additional agents, such as Reicudan and Brona Dhu as hired free-lancers on behalf of the Chelish. The Dhu’s appeared to have safe houses in Little Oppara, Quent and Slipcove.
  • One note, mulled over the gathering of observations pertaining to Lord Bonefist. It appears that Bonefist is of late, increasingly distracted by an actress named Lady Camilla. This actress, mostly likely just a whore, is the female lead from the World’s Stage Theatre in High Eastwind at Port Peril. How best can this information be used?
  • A draft of a letter from Jezana Melant to Admiral Druvalia Throne of Cheliax: Regarding Sahzara, should we make contact again? Do we have questions for him to divine? The cleanup at Coiba is complete and the site is guarded. The former governor, Mormo Saday, is currently at Garnet Gannet Island with Captain Harrigan. Should Saday be eliminated? How soon will the man-o-war, Impervious, arrive? We await for Captain Paracountess Talminari. Lastly, the man-o-war Stormguard is on patrol and should be meeting up with Captain Adelita Doloruso, at Harrigan’s command. She is solidifying plans regarding the engagement at the Island of Empty Eyes.

Taking this in, the party felt that they had enough to return home. Gathering themselves together, they teleported back to the Chelish Fort at D.C.I.

Nico left immediately to retrieve Sandara back to the party’s company. Father Pyrlig continued to heal the invalid that that they recovered and he was now lucid and able to talk. His name was Ebenezer Garvis. He was the 3rd mate of the frigate, the Blood Hawk under Captain Samuel Stens. The Blood Hawk was part of Captain Eldred Seabreaker’s fleet. Garvis had been taking a prize sloop to Bloodcove when he was intercepted near Goatshead by the man-o-war, the Endurance. The party left him in care at the fort while they attended to other tasks.

Father, and Ann Sharpe were not nearby, not at the fort nor at Pyrligburg. But Mittens mentioned that they may need to talk too Father soon.

Day 320 9AM The party decided to rest and prepared to head to Hell Harbor. Glaive teleported Nico and Mittens to Hell Harbor so they could reconnoitre. Then they teleported back to D.C.I. The party prepared to return imminently, to investigate the safe house of Lon Ezeel.

[end of session 110]
{Day 319-320}

Session 109
April 18th 2017

Day 319 7:03AM The battle raged on in the main hall. As Temujin’s insect swarms rushed the Chelish guards, some fell back and fled down side hallways, a few stalwart solders closed in on Temujin and Dwag. Mittens continued to fight a Chelish officer that had come in from the balcony.

Nico’s eryines were on their way to the great hall, dodging around the t-rex, stomach full of Chelish guards, it rammed and clawed at the doorway, which was far too small, looking to rip away the stone and enlarge the doorway for it’s passage.

Damiano headed out onto the magically veiled balcony, to find another officer being assailed by Temujin’s insect swarm. Damiano also noted that the alarm had reached the harbor, and the ship’s crews were on high alert, and prepping their vessels. Damiano returned to the great hall.

As the party put down the remaining guards, Temujin moved up to one of the southern doors. Opening the door, he saw that it was filled with quite a receiving party: three hell hounds and three filthy barbed devils armed with glaives, an eryines – who had escaped the handmaiden’s quarters earlier, and a tall devilish-looking male, in fine robes. The devil, had reddish skin, long thin horns on his head and held a massive set of scrolls spooled on wooden rods. The door to his right (Temujin’s left) was ajar – his eyes while on Temujin, flicked occasionally to the open door.

The party rapidly moved up to support Temujin and his new playmates. Mittens dropped a lightning ball down the hallway, instantly slagging the hell hounds. The remainder shook off their electrical burns. The devil dropped a fireball at the end of the hall, but Dwag and Damiano dodged it while Temujin and Pyrlig’s defensive magics deflected the brunt of the damage.

Mittens and Nico (floating invisibly nearby), were caught in their own fireball, as an eastern door opened – the escaped mage that had harried Dwag and Damiano had returned! Mittens strode up and threatened the mage – who immediately recoiled and attempted to magically flee – but as he retreated Mittens slew him.

In the southern hallway, Pyrlig, Dwag and Temujin continued to push into the hall, as they killed off the defending bearded devils. Damiano skipped to the back of the hall, and fought the devil and eryines. The door that was ajar, opened and a armor female (invisible, that only Temujin could see), moved alongside Damiano – who felt the her presence and struck her soundly. The devil lashed out with his rolled contracts at Damiano, cutting him, but failing to entwine him within it’s rolls.

The party closed in on the combatants and soon the hall was silent – all Chelish combatants, for the moment, were dead.

Nico gathered the valuables collected from his eryines and from Temujin. Damiano and Temujin sacked the adjoining chambers in the suite, as Mittens did a final sweep of the nearby halls and chambers. The top floor was empty of any opposition. Nico sent his bone devil to the pair of stairways where the party had entered the complex. Invisible, it waited for any guardsmen who might venture up the stairs.

The party quickly refreshed their protective spells, healed a few wounds and considered their next steps. They had found a fat leather satchel upon the corpse of the armored Chelish female warrior. They had packed up her corpse in their bag of holding too. Did they feel they found the intelligence they were looking for? They didn’t have time to review it, but her offices had been hastily cleared out and these papers were on her person when she died. Did the party have enough? Unknown but they felt they had the energy and resources to push on. The party passed through the halls to join the bone devil at the top of the stairs.

Nico sent his devil down the stairs – he received mental word, as the devil got to the bottom of the stair and turned left, there were three barbed devils surrounding it – while smaller, they were doughty brutes. As the party descended the stairs, he was aware of the fight his summoned bone devil put on, before being destroyed.

Day 319 7:06AM They arrived at the bottom of the stair. Dwag turned to the left and snuck a few feet until he reached a great hall. Looking about – far across the room he spied a barbed devil in a far hallway, another behind a column. To Dwag’s left a great tapestry covered the wall – the fabric was swept aside as a massive figure pushed through. This impossibly corpulent being floats several feet off the ground. Trappings cut in mockery of holy vestments do little to cover the thing’s pallid, leaking rolls of blister-pocked girth. Worthless, club-like hands waggle like maggots, directing a cloud of weathered scrolls and blasphemous tomes that orbit its bulk. Barely distinguishable amid its mound of chins squints a pair of glassy black eyes, riding above a disproportionately wide mouth curled into a perpetually lecherous grin. Bloated scholars of despair, this beast, known as a heresy devil, collects, creates, and spreads heresies and apocrypha, sowing disbelief and corruption.


“Greetings friend and welcome! You are not Chelish nor their friends – that is okay, we service all kinds here. Be at ease, come in, come in.”


The party fidgeted in the hall, quickly preparing themselves – it was likely that the conversation was going to end soon!

[end of session 109]
{Day 319}


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