Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2017

Session 134
October 17th 2017

Day 331 10:24AM

[end of session 134]
{Day 331}

Session 133
October 10th 2017

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 331 10:15AM Ray led the party down the cool, slick steps. Walking cautiously for several minutes, Ray saw the tunnel open up to a long chamber. There was a strong smell of rotten flesh. The floor was covered with a watery, bloody mire. The only sound that could be heard was the rustling and squeaking of rats. The chamber was 45’ long, 15’ wide – a low-ceilinged hall. Alcoves were along both walls filled with bones of the dead. Three tables run along the center of the chamber, covered in bodies, recently dead. The corpses wore Chelish garb. Ray could see the stomachs and necks of the bodies pulsate.

Ray cautiously entered the room, as the party turned the corner of the hall and proceeded to catch up with him. Closing in on the corpses, their eye popped open and they sat up – while he was invisible, the undead looked right at him. From their rotten, ripped up bodies, entrails flew out of their cavities clutching and wrapping about Ray’s body. Seeing this, the party moved up with haste. Nico immediately sent his bralani and avoral into the fray. Four undead were immediately in combat with Ray, Damiano and Nico’s summoned creatures.

As Ray fought back against the Bloody Bones that had gripped him, his gaze scanned the floor – for a moment he saw his reflection in the bloody morass at his feet, then a skeletal face stared back at him and shifted from the reflection to standing immediately beside him. The party was hit with a wave of fear – only Ray and a bralani succumbed – filled with uncertainty, their reactions were staggered.

This new foe, this blood covered skeleton, that the party felt that they had seen before in the aged passageways under Hell Harbor, struck Ray visciously with claws and fangs. Damiano, Mittens and Pyrlig focused their attacks upon this skeletal terror until it was destroyed. The party then turned towards the rotting corpses and finished them off as well.

The party found nothing of value in this chamber. They took a few moments to heal their wounds. The party formed up ranks, Ray turned invisible again and they ventured on into the dark halls beyond the bone room.

Heading down the stairs, some loose stones had washed out of the tunnel wall and water flowed from the breach and ran down the stairs. Ray continued past and came to another chamber. This room was a 30’ x 30’ stone chamber. Left of the archway, the wall has a water-worn hole, with a torrent splashing out. The floor flagstones are worn, washed-out and heaving. Sand and other sediment has gathered thickly through the chamber. Vines grow thickly throughout the chamber; they are covered in sickly purple and off-white flowers. The far wall and ceiling is blown out into a dark recess. Water cascaded across the broken stones of the recess. A pile of rubble has become a makeshift high ground above the water-filled chamber and ‘throne’ for a purple-skinned naga.

As Ray approached, he messaged back to the party and was overheard by the naga. She asked, “Who is there? Please, feel free to enter.” Ray waited until the party moved up and they stepped into the room, being wary of the shifting flagstones under their feet. Mittens and Nico’s avoral were aware of another being, hiding in the dark blown out part of the chamber – a medium sized humanoid, shrouding itself in it’s leathery wings.

“Greetings, I am Pathess. You are in the receiving room of my Master’s court.” The party seemed surprised that she wasn’t going to attic. They asked for the reason that they were attacked in the bone room. Pathess clarified that the undead weren’t guardians – simply spent husks from her Master’s defiling of their bodies. They were gifts, sacrifices brought by the last Chelish envoy that had journeyed here a few weeks ago. Pathess directed the party’s attention to the doorway beyond – there is the passage to my Master’s court.

The party backtracked while Nico’s summoned allies kept watch upon the naga. Ray felt a little tickle in the back of his mind – but it must be nothing. They debated whether to slash and burn their way down the tunnels, or proceed in good faith. Damiano, Pyrlig and Mittens wished to proceed with minimal bloodshed.

Mittens recounted the dream he had received, to the party:
When you are taking your rest, midday, after the trials of the past day, you are startled awake. Sandara (the party hasn’t raised her yet), dressed in a shift, bereft of signs of any physical wounds, stands in your doorway.
She speaks to you – and while you hear her voice, you hear that of another male and female voice resonate with each word that she speaks. Despite this strangeness, her words are soothing and without menace.
“You stood firm against your comrades to protect one who may not have been worthy of mercy. But every sailor appreciates the morning of calm seas after a night of storms.”
“You are heading into the deepest jungle seeking a foe who is not your enemy, yet aids your enemies. He has mighty oracular powers, and knows you and your companions well. Where he lives – it is both his fortress and his prison – he has abided there for many decades, and he is not alone. He is unique among his kind.”
“Storms are on the horizon for you and your friends. Mercy begets mercy. Every sailor wishes for a second chance when they find themselves cast adrift in the sea!”
Sandara backs into the shadows. “Your old friend asked that I speak to you, and Anggarna wishes you well. I am her master, Met Agwe.” And she is gone.

They returned to the receiving chamber, waded into the cool waters flowing through the chamber and proceeded down the hall. The stonework became quite rough and it was covered with a pale yellow moss. Ray led the party down into a larger, natural chamber.

This natural appearing chamber of uneven ground is 75’ long and 45’ wide. A long narrow pool runs along the left-hand side wall. A wide recess opens up on the left-hand wall, spilling water into the pool. The far side of the pool disappears in a narrow cleft in the rock. The floor is covered in a pale yellow moss. The vines in this chamber are covered in sickly purple and off-white flowers. On the far side of the chamber there is an exit tunnel carved out of the stone. Just before the exit is a large body, lying on its back, half-wrapped in vines. It looks like a bestial looking ogre (almost ape-like), with great tusks and thick bristly hair. It has great claws and cloven feet.

Ray carefully moved across the chamber to the body. It looked as if ever so slowly it was being dragged into the foliage. As he investigated, the little flowers puffed a cloud of tiny spores. Ray took a couple of off-balance steps, his head reeling before he regained his wits and got out of there – jogging back to the tunnel where the party was waiting. Father Pyrlig cast a protection from plants ward, while Nico’s deva cast a protection from evil. The party moved into the grotto, en masse.

As the party passed along the water’s edge, a stunningly beautiful woman surfaced from the pool. This beautiful woman has pearlescent skin and long, dark hair. Her nudity is barely hidden by a diaphanous, wet shawl. She greeted the party, regarding them, until her gaze fell upon Nico and Father Pyrlig. She introduced herself, “My name is Esme, this is my grotto and it is only fair to pay a toll. Give me a gift to proceed to my Lord’s court!” Nico was coolly negative about providing any gifts. Esme responded, turning her attention upon Pyrlig, “Surely if you can spare no trinkets, at least grant me a kiss.” Pyrlig wasn’t feeling too warm and fuzzy about kissing some watery tart that wasn’t his god/goddess! Nico cast dimensional anchor upon Esme – she recoiled from the threat and sunk down low into the water.

The party moved along the water’s edge towards the body lying down on the ground. Mittens and Ray noted a dark shadow moving deep in the water – likely a very large crocodile. Arriving at the body, Damiano and the deva investigated it – surely this dead beast was something that had snuck in from the jungle above, only to die here. Damiano and the deva saw the flesh, and surrounding foliage start to shimmy, as a black mass of a tick swarm flew at them. Damiano ran through the mass of tickets feeling their bite and blood drain sap him. Mittens, Pyrlig and Nico’s summoned allies sprayed the area with magic to kill off the swarm. In the tunnel beyond, Damiano picked off the remainder of the ticks and waited for the party to join him.

Day 331 10:24AM Doing what some rogues do, Ray led the party down to a finely hewn tunnel, ending at a ledge that opened into a large chamber.


Stepping out onto a ledge, 20’ above the court, they noted the 10’ wide stone stairs descending to the flagstones. The walls and ceilings are jagged and naturally shaped. The ceiling is 40’ high. The wind at the ledge whips wildly although upon the courtyard the wind appears non-existent. The flagstones of the floor layout in a labyrinth of paths, none wider than 10.’ Flagstones and the sub-surface have given away to great pits throughout the court – holes that fall away into darkness. Rich plant-life grows along the floor and cliff edges. Alongside the cliff, hanging from vines, are two large horned girallons.

The chamber is near dark but alive with noise. Monkeys howl and call out in the dark. Bats flit through the air and try to avoid the strong currents. Down upon the flagstones are three great braziers on 15’ metal stands, anchored into the stone. At the floor level are finely hewn cave mouths leading out of the court.

Seeing through the low light the party could make out an array of shapes. Three great trees grow out of the flagstones. At the farthest point, some 65’ away, a great tree grows out of a pool of water, and a pale humanoid shape sits deeply into the tree as if it were his throne. At his side are four jaguars prowling in the dark. To the left and right of his dais stand two white marble statues resembling large jungle cats – the bodies covered in etchings and runes. Off to his left, stands a slender, attractive female, with eyes that glow softly in the dark. Creeping about, behind the throne tree are four ogre magi.

Mid-way, about 50’ away, stands an attractive, but exotic, blue-skinned female humanoid. Her face has a fiendish look with a sultry gaze, and she is dressed quite slutty. She is accompanied by four humans (pirates perhaps?). Two men and two woman. Their clothes are well-kept (the latest in Chelish fashions). The pirates appear to be part of this exotic woman’s entourage.

At the base of the stairs, below the party, a large frog-like fiend, sits on his haunches, disinterested. Its eyes are dead and milky. It’s wide face is split by a fanged maw. About him six large-ish boggards fawn over him.

As the party takes in the details, four more ogre magi move up, with an ape-man, standing upright, yet hunched. The monkey-man introduces him as Abusa, “Welcome to the court of Sahzara. Welcome, be welcome!” He gestures to them to come in. The party descends the stair and Abusa leads them midway through the precarious pathways towards the Master. About a dozen serpent folk busy themselves about the court. Some approach with platters holding crystal goblets of wine.

From this distance, the party can make out Sahzara, languidly leaning, into the tree that is his throne. Sahzara is naked and has no genitalia, but clearly appears to be male. For an imp, he is large, nearly six feet. He takes a glass of wine from a serpent folk servant and raises it towards the party welcoming them to his court.


Mittens and Damiano repeat that they are here to rescue him – they would lead him from this jungle to freedom – Sahzara laughs – he didn’t realize that his imprisonment would end simply by his walking his way out! He has been here, trapped, cursed by a mage known as Black Jenny. The party recalled that Black Jenny was a pirate, and once a powerful mage. She was an apprentice to the famous sorcerer, Gray Whyrlis. Gray Whyrlis died fighting the sorcerer, Raugsmauda, who later became a lich and who still resides in the Shackles. It was Raugsmauda that transformed Kerdak Bonefist’s hand when he was a young man.

But Sahzara was certainly interested in his freedom should the party find a way to compel Black Jenny to free him. But Black Jenny hadn’t been seen on Whyrlis Rock or anywhere else in the Shackles for the last twenty years.

Sahzara clearly welcomed the party’s company, stating he hadn’t had visitors since the last Chelish envoy had left and he was clearly entertained by the presence of some ‘local boys’ as represented by the party. The party was uncertain which tact to take or how to continue this conversation, so they paused with some uncomfortable silence and took a sip from their wine goblets.

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[end of session 133]
{Day 331}

Session 132
October 3rd 2017

Day 331 10AM The party peered over the edge and saw Nico’s summoned avoral sitting upon a limb, devouring a head-fruit from the tree. Nico noted that Mittens was also proceeding towards the tree, he cast protection from evil, bolstering Mitten’s will. Mittens paused, his head now clear. Damiano and Ray proceeded to climb down the ledge to better hack at the tree’s trunk. Ray was invisible, but Damiano was buffeted by the trees limbs as he descended down the cliff face.

Mittens, his head now clear, attempted to cast at the tree, was swacked by a tree limb. Temujin shot arrows at the great tree – some landed, some glanced off it’s bark.

The party noted a large giant, a towering, plant-encrusted woman wields a massive bow, and her dark skin is decorated with numerous intricate tattoos, break out of the tree line.


Mittens and Nico greeted her. Alongside her, swinging through the trees were four large, four-armed white apes – they settled in various trees around her. She looked at the party curiously. Mittens and Nico asked her for an escort and safe passage through the jungle. She would provide it should they put down their weapons. The giantess dispatched a girallon and it began to swing away. Nico and Mittens looked at each other and agreed that they couldn’t agree to her terms, and they attacked the girallons. Mittens charmed the beast that was swinging away, it paused, as neither could understand each other. Mittens shadow-walked over to a tree trunk and offered to be the beasties friend, he offered food and water. The girallon paused, sniffed and took the treats that Mittens offered.

As Nico sat back, about to summon more creatures, he heard a cluck from behind some shrubbery – a scaly looking chicken popped out from the undergrowth – Nico recognized it as a cockatrice and backed away. The cockatrice moved up and attempted to peck at Father Pyrlig’s toe. Father Pyrlig smote it in return.

Nico summoned bralani and sent them to engage the giantess – they stayed at distance and peppered her and another girallon with lightning bolts. In return, the giantess raised her bow and started firing arrows at Temujin, Father Pyrlig and Damiano. The giantess was highly skilled with the bow and her arrows packed a punch.

Nico’s avoral cleared its head, wondering what the hell it had been eating. It flew from the tree and struck it, as Damiano and Ray started attacking the tree as well. The tree struck back with limbs and a toothy maw moved about the surface attempting to lash out at the trio.

Two girallons launched themselves at Father Pyrlig and Temujin. Pyrlig covered the ground with ice impeding their movement as Temujin filled the apes with arrows. Damiano, Ray and the avoral slew the tree, and they proceeded back up over the cliff wall to the party.

The giantess was struck by the avoral’s magic missiles – however she appeared to absorb the magic, her runes glowing blue. She raised her bow and struck Temujin three times, one critically – he runes glowed bright and discharged adding the absorbed magic misses to launch at Temujin. Temujin was critically injured but his ring of regeneration kept him from death. Father Pyrlig and Nico administered healing to him and got him back on his feet.

Damiano who had just climbed the ledge, sauntered over and slew the cockatrice, and then turned to engage the closing pair of girallons. Ray joined Damiano and they finished off the girallons and started to move along the ledge to join the bralani that have surrounded the giantess – who continued to fire arrows skillfully or lash out with her fists should anyone get to close to her. The party closed in and slew the giantess.

Out of food, water, Mittens resorted to prestidigitation to entertain the last girallon, it began to swing away, when Nico’s avoral glided over and spoke to the beast, “Perhaps you will return with us…for belly rubs?” And it did.

The party gathered and knew there were more tiers to descend to get to the valley floor. With the avoral interpreting, they asked the girallon if it could lead them down, and it could. The party magically flew or Nico’s bralanis carried them and they followed the girallon which smoothly brachiated through the trees and vines. The girallon paused at a fallen tree trunk. As the party closed they could see the shimmer of spider webs. The girallon found a spot that it approved of, swung under the trunk and resumed it’s journey safely through the webs and headed directly down to the forest floor (avoiding so many encounters carefully prepared by the GM <sigh>).

Day 331 10:15AM The party landed nearby to a muddy wallow – a slow moving stream pushed through the valley floor. The jungle growth covered the sides of the ravine walls. The party made out crude huts and 20-30 man-sized frog-men approached. Temujin translated this time. The leader of the village of Mug-hu, Bleepeth, would indeed take them to the gates of the court. He led the party on, along the riverside. The ravine walls narrowed, closing in with the jungle growth getting more dense. Ancient stone buildings were strewn through the uneven landscape. Bleepeth the boggard led them up to a stone archway and stopped.


A snake-like humanoid stepped out from the archway – he was a serpent folk, and he introduced himself as Issilar, a herald of the Master’s court.


The party stated that they came in peace, in order to rescue and save the Master. Issilar cocked his head curiously at the remark and stated that the party could enter and if they came in peace, they may place their weapons in his chest. When pressed by the party, he confidently stated that should they leave their weapons, their safety would indeed be assured. The party opted out of relinquishing their weapons. Issilar simply stated then in that case, they would have to take the path, and what was upon it, as it comes. Issilar turned towards Bleepeth and the girallon and hissed – both fled back the way that they had come. Issilar stepped out of the party’s path and the party formed ranks and proceeded into the 10’ wide archway and down the stone steps that descended into the darkness.

[end of session 132]
{Day 331}

Session 131
September 26th 2017

Day 329 10AM The party finished up at Gannet Island. The treasure was packed away and Peppery Longfarthing and Cut-Throat Grok in safe-keeping, Mittens disguised the party as halfing merchants and they teleported off the main square in Quent. They found quiet lodging at Lilibeth’s Tavern and Hostel and secured a large suite.

Nico, Mittens and Ray went out for supplies, while the remainder of the party stayed pat, satisfied with food, drink and quiet.

Day 330 Daybreak Temujin and Father Pyrlig cast regeneration and heal upon Peppery Longfarthing and Cut-Throat Grok, restoring their bodies and their minds. Temujin received a sending from Yacine that Captain Madshanks and his fleet took a spit of rock, called Buzzard’s Bay, with a watchtower from some smugglers. While south of D.C.I. it offered a good view of the eastern seas around the Rampore Islands.


Temujin sent word back to Yacine to have Captain Christopher Hawke make his way to Gannet Isle to secure the plunder from Harrigan’s fort – minding any northeast bound ships that may be coming his way.

The party teleported to the Black Purrl and checked in. They discussed the impending dangers from Harrigan’s and the Chelish fleet. They also left Peppery and Cut-Throat in the care of the officers. The party discussed the upcoming council meeting and prepared for their foray into the unknown – of the Imp’s lair.

Day 331 7AM Temujin divined some answers, when he questioned the fates, “… of what dangers may be waiting for us?” He received an answer, “The Master is an evolved imp. He has surrounded himself with many outcasts: human, bestial and infernal. The terrain serves the Master’s whim.”

While the party chewed on that response, Temujin realized that there was no foliage on the ship for him to teleport through to Sahzara’s lair. Sandara directed the ship to the north-side of Shenchu Bay. Sailors rowed the party to shore in a jolly boat and returned. Temujin found an appropriately large fern, gathered his companions hands and walked through the plant.

Day 331 10AM The party stepped out of the fern into a thick jungle, somewhere along the Slithering Coast – they could not see or hear the ocean.

Temujin’s Raven took to the air and found a ravine very near by – about 100’ away to the east. The jungle had a thick, multi-layered canopy of foliage bathing the jungle floor in shadows. There were many overlapping sounds of birds, primates and insects. The air was heavy and humid and had a sweet scent. Ray and Damiano started for the ravine and within a few steps, Ray noted a crafted snare made of vines. Ray moved up and shanked the trap. Just beyond Ray there was rustling in the brush – Damiano and Ray slowly closed upon the source of the sounds, with the party some distance behind. Nico summoned an avoral who flew up for a better vantage point, and noted that the sound was coming from a large dire boar.

Damiano threw a dagger into the beast – it roared up and turned about eyeing the Captain angrily – it prepared to charge. Damiano followed up with another dagger while the avoral did a fly-by lashing out at it, and continuing on over the ravine. Ray leaped at the boar and gutted it with his claws. The beast roared out, dying, it fell over. Nico’s avoral noted that the ravine was quite narrow, maybe 50’ across in places. Tree stumps and vines hung over the hole. Thick horizontal layers of spider webs hung from the trees across the ravine. The avoral turned back and was about to join the party when Nico sent it down into the ravine for reconnaissance. It picked up a large stick to cut a path through the spider webs and flew on down into the darkness.

The party rejoined at the edge, noting that the rock was water worn and brittle. The ravine stepped down in ledges, each about 50’ in height. Temujin, Father Pyrlig, Nico started flying down, as Damiano, Ray and Mittens started climbing down – but part of the rock face crumbled, spilling Mittens to a hard drop on the ledge below.

Winded, Mittens sat up – he noted that there was a striking difference in the foliage here. plant stalks had fine spiking hairs that certainly would get under skin – but didn’t hurt his leathery skin. Also, while many plants had beautiful blooms, just under them were sharp thorns. Mittens got to his feet and found that the undergrowth was thicker and seemed to cling to his clothes. The party joined Mittens upon the ledge and looked down at the the next tier, when they spotted Nico’s avoral.

The avoral sat in a branch of a large tree, in his hands, and hanging from the branches all around him, where pumpkin-sized fruit, with the morbid appearance of a rotting, caving-in head. The avoral was feasting upon the fruit!


The party smelled a stronger, sweeter aroma on the air, and were compelled to investigate the delicious head-fruit that the avoral appeared to be enjoying so much. The party paused, except for Mittens, who definitely wanted some of that tasty head-fruit!

[end of session 131]
{Day 329-331}

Session 130
September 19th 2017

Day 329 7AM As Damiano and Ray cleared the last cultist from the entry hall, they moved deeper into the room. Ray moved up towards the cultists around the shrine of Norgerber as Damiano closed in on Luccaria. As he closed the distance, two barbed devils appeared and struck at Damiano – he struck back, slicing himself on their barbed hides.

Mittens cast a wall of force, barring Mr. Clack from attacking and preventing Luccaria from escaping.

Temujin moved upstairs, following the noise that he had heard. Heading out onto the parapets and turning left – Temujin carefully opened a door. The Chelish smugglers were racing up a far stair. The room was a large warehouse filled with goods, and among them was a large chitinous infernal beast. As it rose, Temujin backed out of the room and headed back downstairs.

Father Pyrlig continued to counter channel as the multiple cultists continued to wash the party in negative energy. Mittens blasted the end of the hall with lightning, to find that only the cultist take some of the pain. The barbed devils resisted it and Luccaria appeared to have protections to absorb the lightning.

Ray waded through the cultists and moved up alongside Damiano – the Captain deftly parried Luccaria’s hand – her fingers reaching out, and glowing with an unholy light. The Captain reposted striking the priestess brutally and he followed up moments later with a lethal blow.

Nico heard word from his babau, which were fighting escaping Chelish smugglers up on the parapets. Nico and Temujin moved out to investigate.

As Ray, Damiano, Mittens and Pyrlig finished off the barbed devils, Mittens went back upstairs to the barracks, to see this large devil proceeding towards him. It lashed out with it’s claws and the scraping of it’s chitinous plates made such a rhythmic sound, Mittens nearly felt mesmerized by it, but gathered himself and fought back – and called for his companions! Ray, Damiano and Pyrlig moved upstairs. They too steeled themselves against the mind-numbing sound of the devils rasping plates and fought on. The derghodaemon lashed out with it’s many claws, but soon it was slain.

Outside, three eryines were firing their bows at the babau which were taking down the Chelish smugglers. One eryines had carried Barnabas Harrigan to the east tower and they were about to take flight again, likely down beachside where the sloop, the Vicious Vandal waited. Nico summoned a roc which descended on Harrigan and snatched him up – it crushed him in his claws and he sliced back with his short sword. All the eryines chased the roc about – eventually it landed on the third story tower and sliced at Harrigan with claws and beak. While Harrigan continued to fight for his life and the eryines attacked the roc – the roc had it’s day and pulped Barnabas Harrigan to death.


Temujin noted that the sloop appeared to get under way – he joined the party who had returned to the Shrine of Norgerber, after slaying the derghodaemon. Mittens released the wall of force and the party, along with Nico’s belker flew down the pit and killed Mr. Clack, the spiny eurypterid.

The party convened and decided not to chase the Vicious Vandal down. Janson added that the five other ships set sail this morning, just after dawn, after he had reported in to the party. Janson didn’t know why they left or where they were going. However he did know that the captain of the Vicious Vandal was a Free Captain named Little Shaggard, out of the town of Lilywhite, on Motaku Isle.

Day 329 10AM The party gathered the valuables from the dead and from the various rooms throughout the fortress. They sent a message to Christopher Hawke, that if he could swing by Gannet Island, there was twelve points of plunder to be had. The party warned up of the various Harrigan vessels that may be en route between Gannet Isle and D.C.I.

The party entered the private chamber of Luccaria. Along one wall of this elegantly appointed room, shelves hold a collection of ominous looking tomes. Near the shelf rests a bed with black silk sheets. A huge red-and-black banner depicting a spiked cross in a circle hangs above the bed. Along the far wall stands a steel masked-shaped font, filled with a dark liquid.

As Nico attempted to discern the nature of the font, a woman’s image appeared upon the water, and she spoke to the party.

“So you must be one of Harrigan’s pests. Submit to Thrune, and perhaps we may bargain—wouldn’t you enjoy a magistrate’s position within our new colony? I suppose by the time you’ve finished with Harrigan, he won’t be needing it. If your pride prevents you from bending the knee to me, no matter. There are plenty among the Free Captains who will gladly serve us once Bonefist falls and the Shackles break beneath my armada. In any event, I’ll see you soon."


The party refused Admiral Druvalia Thrune’s offer. Druvalia blew the party a kiss and as her image winked out, the font exploded.

The party discussed their options – they needed to rest up. They wanted to help Peppery Longfarthing and Cut-Throat Grok. And Nico and Mittens pushed that the Imp was still a valuable target. While there was enough evidence to damn Harrigan and support the threat of the Chelish invasion – there was still value in denying the Chelish a resource such as the Imp.

From Captain Harrigan’s pulped corpse, the party retrieved valuable intelligence. Harrigan himself had four squadrons under the command of his fleet captain, Adelita Doloruso. However Admiral Druvalia Thrune had eight squadrons prepping at Bhudrek Atoll. Not all of the Chelish squadrons had reported in, as they were separated passing through the Eye of Abendago – but they were staging at Fort Anadile, in the Atoll. Lastly, Harrigan planned on leading the Chelish command into Port Peril, and showing them an unknown underground entrance into Bonefist’s castle, Fort Hazard.

After the party returned to Quent, and rested, they planned to head to the Imp’s lair.

[end of session 130]
{Day 329}

Session 129
September 13th 2017

Day 329 7AM Father Pyrlig relayed to Mittens that there was a tengu upstairs in the barracks – they proceeded to move up the stair and at the rise, Mittens saw the tengu at the far side of the room and charged him.


As Mittens engaged his foe, an adjacent door opened – four chelish guards were surprised at an enlarged lizard folk in the barracks. They attacked Mittens but their heart wasn’t in it, and they missed. Father Pyrlig joined Mittens upstairs. The tengu drew his sword and swung repeatedly, missing, he was counter attacked savagely by Mittens. The tengu closed, in desperation, swinging at Father Pyrlig. Pyrlig struck at the tengu with his trident, killing him. The Chelish guards proceeded to close the door and beat feat through the small office and up the stairs into the third story tower. Mittens and Pyrlig followed the Chelish guards up the stairs.

Damiano succeeded in smashing one lock, but let Ray work the second. Ray Lan popped the lock and Ray, Damiano and Temujin peered inside. This dark, filthy chamber has been split into five cells—four small cramped ones to the north and south with a larger cell to the west. Manacles hang from the walls, and the floor is strewn with filthy, moldering straw. The party could see the sad state that {Click link ==>} Peppery was in – the former shipmate of Barnabus Harrigan and Free Captain in her own right was chained to the wall in a cell, with her hands cut off, her eyes put out and her tongue had been cut out. Helpless and scared she babbled at the party in a panic. Temujin released her from the chains and Nico’s deva carried her from the cell. Temujin noted a torso, of a male in another cell – possibly that of the former governor of Coiba, Mormo Saday. The body looked liked it had been torn up snacked upon by the scrags. Nico’s belkers were on watch duty, while Temujin and the deva extracted Peppery from the cells, Captain Damiano and Ray moved on to the torture pit behind the fortress. Briefly taking to the air, Temujin looked about and scanning the harbor noted only a single ship there, not six as Janson had initially reported. Temujin noted that there was activity on the main deck of the ship – a sloop, called the Viscious Vandal.

Ray successfully opened the lock of the torture pit – the lock was inset into a solid steel door. Both Damiano and Ray noted that there were lines of prayers scratched in, like graffiti, all over the stonework around the door. They proceeded inside. Beyond the door, a narrow walkway encircles a wide stone-lined pit just deep enough to trap a human. Mounted to the pit walls hang half a dozen pairs of iron manacles, all spattered with dried blood. Around the ledge, metal racks hold a bizarre array of vicious-looking torture implements, including barbed whips, bone chisels, metal piercing spurs, flasks with strange colored liquids, and coal-filled braziers. Down in the pit, Damiano noticed another former ship-mate – {Click link ==>} Cut-Throat Grok. While she still lived, Cut-Throat had been expertly dismembered with the array of tools that sat nearby on the benches and hung from hooks. She was without her arms, legs, ears and nose. While she had her tongue, she babbled insensibly, her mind driven into a catatonic state. Like Peppery, she was administered with some healing and the duo carried her out of the pit and rejoined their companions at the entrance hall of the fortress where Mittens had smashed the door down.

Turning the tight corner stair, Mittens found the stair chock-a-block full of Chelish guards – Mittens plowed up the stairs shouldering the guards aside. He heard a sibilant lisp of an old man around the corner, trying to calm the near-panic of the guards. As Mittens turned the corner, he saw a withered old man, who appeared calm enough, gazed directly at Mittens.


Mittens fended off the magical compulsion and lashed out, clawing at the old man. The fellow, feeling Mittens’ claws and bite, also started to panic – he flung himself backwards, confidently flying away from the tower, only to get struck one last time by Mittens. The old man fell to the tiled second floor roof of the fortress. Mittens commanded the troops to throw down their weapons – which they did. He told them to stay put, and Mittens and Pyrlig proceeded down to the first floor to join their companions.

Out in the courtyard, sensing battle high up in the tower, Temujin flew up only to see an old man launching himself out of the third story window, about to fly away to safety before being struck by a fatal blow from Mittens. Temujin flew down to the roof of the fortress and confirmed that the old man was dead. Ray also flew up to the window, but saw that Mittens had things in hand, joined Damiano in the entrance hall.

Down in the foyer, Damiano shouldered in the stout door and looked into the long hall that was the Shrine of Norgerber. The walls of this long hall are lined with complex tapestries depicting crowds of faceless people going about their daily tasks in an unrecognizable but sprawling city. Hammocks suspended from hooks driven into the ceiling hang near the north walls to the east and west, while in the center, the long hall opens to the north into an upraised pulpit featuring a circular black altar stone. Directly opposite this pulpit, a railing replaces the southern wall, which looks out over a large sinkhole in the floor to the south. As Damiano moved into the room, three cultists of Norgerber appeared from thin air and channeled negative energy at Damiano and the remainder of the party out in the foyer. Nico promptly sent his belker squad after the trio of cultists. Father Pyrlig shared some healing among the party holed up in the foyer, as Mittens came bouncing down the stairs and charged into the shrine, squeezing alongside Damiano and the cultists.

However, as he came to a stop near the railing by the southern wall, a long spiky tail lurched from out of the sinkhole stabbing and flooding Mittens’ system with a virulent poison. As the poison kicked in, Mittens was reeling, Father Pyrlig raced into the room and touched him with the benign healing of Gozreh (All praise Gozreh!). Ray also moved up into the hallway alongside Damiano. Ray, Damiano and the swirling belker slew two of the cultists. Temujin, near the stair in the foyer, heard the creak of a door open upstairs in the bunk room.


However, further in the room, near the pulpit, three more cultists appeared. Two attempted to coerce Captain Damiano’s mind – but he stayed strong. One moved up to Mittens and stabbed with a short sword, missing. However, the huge spiny eurypterid, named Mr. Clack, struck again at Mittens. Mittens was hit only once with a claw, and was spared the poisoned tail.


At the far side of the room, appeared a pale woman, in a formal black gown and she cast flame strike upon Mittens, Damiano, Ray and the belkers at the far end of the hall.

The fighting continued…


[end of session 129]
{Day 329}

Session 128
September 6th 2017

Day 328 10AM The party took their time, making preparations into the evening. Mittens scryed Janson in the small courtyard of the castle – he made notes of the surroundings.

Day 329 7AM The next morning, the party, invisible, en masse, teleported to the courtyard – everything was calm and quiet.

Hard-packed earth covers the ground of this courtyard. To the southeast, a wooden platform sits on the ground, nestled in the corner of the surrounding wall. A winch and crane nearby
provides the mechanism to raise and lower the lift to the walkway twenty feet above.

Janson waited in the corner of the building near the stout, ornate wood door leading into the foyer of the Harrigan’s castle. There was a double door leading to the scrag pens. Two narrow corridors lead away. To the north, one passage curled around the castle and lead off to the torture cells. To the east, the passage way led to a slightly larger courtyard and to the main eastern gate tower overlooking the harbor.

As Ray Lan moved up to the double doors, he noted that they were unlocked – he opened the doors to find six large scrags milling around the compound.

This large room has a floor of hard-packed earth. Numerous open windows along the walls give the place a drafty feel, while the ceiling above is supported by a network of rafters and
wooden beams, all thick with cobwebs.

The three closest scrags paused, their nostrils flared and they turned quizzically towards the open door – there was nothing to see, but they smelled man-flesh. The closest scrags gripped their axes and scanned the courtyard. Temujin magically summoned swarms of insects upon the scrags as Mittens took to the air and lit up the scrags with lightning. Nico summoned two braces of babau upon the eastern tower to engage Harrigan’s Chelish smugglers who were keeping watch. The smugglers fired their crossbows – the babau barely noticed, and then they drew their shortswords and engaged the demons. One smuggler rang a bell to alert the complex.

Ray Lan pawed at the closest scrag – feeling movement the scrags made some feeble counter attacks, occasionally striking back. Damiano moved up to join Ray, but neither was too excited to move into the scrag pen! From on high through a third story window, a fireball dropped into the courtyard among the party. Brona Dhu looked down at the party – but Ray Lan quickly responded and leapt up, savaging here with his claws. As Brona attempted to recoil, Nico summoned shadowy beasts, belker, which flew up to the third story, passed through the walls incorporeally and harried her – two passing into her body to scrape at her flesh. Her brother, Reicudan, was near. Seeing his sister ravaged he moved up and healed her from most of her wounds.

Temujin dropped a chain lightning upon the smugglers who were doing their best to hold their position. Mittens enlarged himself and began shouldering in the ornate door – after a few hits, he knew it was about to give way. Damiano continued to toy with the scrags – who were suffering from the insects and Mitten’s chain lightning.

Refreshed, Brona took a step back from the window and shot Ray Lan with bolt of enervation – but he countered: his arms elongated and he raked her again for massive damage. Followed up, but the belker’s shadowy strikes, Brona wailed, and died. Distraught, her brother, Reicudan, fled down the stairs – Father Pyrlig flew up and joined Ray – the pair of them entered through the window. The room was a barracks, 40’ x 20’ with two other exits, but they both turned to the right and headed down the stairs after Reicudan.

Mittens sundered the door as Reicudan turned the corner at the bottom of the stairway.

Over a dozen battle-scared flags decorate the walls of this room. A flight of stairs to the east leads up to an upper floor, while a strange sigil of a faceless black mask marks a door at the
north end of the room.

Reicudan was at the far side of the room, of this entry foyer, but he found the door barred. As he turned about, he was struck repeatedly by Mittens’ spear. Reicudan turned and raced back across the foyer, his hand glowing a purplish black. As Reicudan attempted to touch Mittens, Mittens counter attacked, killing Reicudan with his spear. As the scrags were dying off, Temujin and Damaino moved across the courtyard to find a stout iron door secured with two fine locks – Damiano started hammering away at the locks. Temujin directed his swarm to the foyer.

Father Pyrlig headed back upstairs to find a tengu at the far side of the barracks – he was holding a crossbow and took a shot at Father Pyrlig. The bolt flew throwing off sparks like fireworks and struck Pyrlig who was dazzled by the display. Father Pyrlig stopped in his tracks and backed back down the stairway out of sight.

First Floor

  • Blue dots: Babau!
  • Big Aqua dot: Temujin’s Creeping Doom
  • Green dot: Father Pyrlig on stair
  • Big Pink dot: Mittens (You’re not Mr. Purple. Some guy on some other job is Mr. Purple. Your Mr. PINK)
  • Brown dot: Janson
  • Gray dot: Nico’s belker cloud
  • Yellow dot: Nico
  • Black dot: Ray Lan
  • Orange dot: Temujin
  • Purple dot: Damiano
    Second Floor
  • Red dot: Tengu w/crossbow
  • Green dot: Father Pyrlig on stair

Nico’s babau slew the smugglers, and Nico gave them free reign to travel as a pack and slay any that they find. Nico joined up with Damiano, Temujin and Ray at the courtyard. As Damiano was laying into the sturdy locks trying to smash them open, Ray Lan broke out his picks, preparing to see if he could pop them open.


[end of session 128]
{Day 328-329}

Session 127
August 29th 2017

Day 326 7AM The Black Purrl was heading southwest towards Quent, with a planned stop at Slipcove, on Bag Island. With the sun at their backs, getting more distance from the Mark of Yunnarius, the party breathed a sigh of relief and spent time out among the crew on the main deck.

Sandara visited with Father Pyrlig – she expressed her gratitude for a priest of Gozreh, raising her. As much as she was devoted to Besmara – Sandara wasn’t ready to spend her forever after with her mistress in the deep dark sea quite yet!

Kroops called out to the Captain, “Sir, we don’t have a posting for Ray Lan yet. Should I introduce him to the merits of a holystone?” Damiano hemmed and hawed for a moment and added that Ray was a member of the ship as a combatant. Kroops countered, “Well we are all combatants here sir. All here to live and die for the Purrl! But that doesn’t let one off on shirking any duties.” Kroops added a bit pointedly, “I hope its not for him being a brother or a catfolk or nuttin’ cause if that is the case, I thinks I got a bit o’ catfolk in me. Listen…’meow!’ And I likes me milk…with a bit of rum.” Mittens and Temujin could see as well as the Captain that Kroops comments were a bit acidic. But Nico pointed out along with Kroops comment, that they had only known Ray Lan for three days – how well do they really know him? As bosun, Temujin assigned Ray to the hightop, where Ray deftly climbed the rigging and joined Virna for the day.

Day 326 Noon From the crow’s nest, Ray Lan cried out, “sail ho! Port side, two miles.” A caravel, called the Lost Time was making its way toward Slipcove as well. The Purrl pulled alongside – and as the two ships closed, the Lost Time raised and ensign for the Aspis Consortium. Captain Damiano hailed the opposing captain, one Captain Franco Franks. Franks was sailing out of Arena to Silipcove to pick up bushels of grain. But he did have a wide array of salted, smoked and fermented fish. The party wasn’t so interested in his wares. They did vaguely discuss that maybe he would like to take shipments for them, to D.C.I., but after a little bit, the party lost interest in that too – they bid Captain Franks goodbye and continued one to Slipcove.

Day 326 4PM The party arrived and Nico arranged for the purchase of additional food and stores to be delivered to the Purrl. Then while the goods were being loaded, they headed uptown to the Hightower, where the lord of Bag Island, Free Captain Jolis Raffles, resided.

The party was shown in – and greetings were exchanged. Various members of the party had met Jolis when he visited D.C.I. during their trials and evaluation. Captain Damiano asked for Jolis’ support at the council as they discussed the issues that they already knew about. Jolis stated that he knew about one issue, Issue #3: Declaration of Rights of Salvage – this stirred his ire as Jolis had been voted down a year ago on this very issue himself. However, now Free Captain Avimar Sorrinash wanted salvage rights over the Island of the Black Tower, as the most prominent Free Captain and council member in that vicinity. If he gets the votes, he would retain 20% salvage rights for the past year and future year – this would effect the booty the party gained during their expedition to retrieve Aiger’s Kiss. Jolis would certainly help put the screws to Avimar, to aid the party in this vote. At this point, the party made a gift of the captured Calpurnia. Jolis Raffles was beside himself, speechless. To have in his possession a prominent member of house Hanji of Rampore. He gathered his wise men and instructed them to safely spirit her away. Jolis was profuse with his thanks to Captain Damiano and the party. While he had been friendly and willing to help before, with the receipt of this gift of the captured Calpurnia, Jolis appeared exceptionally grateful and willing to help the party any way that he could. Pleased with the meeting, the party took their leave and headed back to the Purrl. With the ship loaded with fresh supplies, and 50 new recruits, they made sail.

Day 327 11AM Ray Lan, in the crow’s nest with Otondo, spied a sloop a few miles ahead, tracking towards Quent. He yelled the sighting down to the deck below. With more sail, the Purrl would easily overtake the sloop in just over an hour. As they closed, the ship was a merchant vessel, the Armed & Ready. It sported an ensign of a yellow 3-eyed octopus with six arms. The Armed & Ready released the sails and slowed as the Purrl pulled and grappled the smaller ship. The captain came over – he was a gruff, poorly dressed dwarf – as a matter of fact, the whole lot looked they had been to sea for some time. On the main deck besides the minimal deck hands were close to 75 civilians, families and the like. The dwarf, Captain Grogarry stated that he was transporting family folk out of the Sodden Lands, north of the Shackles. He was coming from Jula directly, as he was hired by the Starlight Enterprises (a smaller guild run out of Rahadoum). Jula was on the coast of the Western Mwangi Expanse – a rich area of mining, wood and other resources. However, of late, there had been more pirating, abductions and a strange wasting sickness spreading through Jula and Kokutang. Nico asked about the health of the captain and crew. They had been to sea for many weeks – no one sick. No one looked perky from eating hard tack for weeks now, but other than a bit of scurvy and poor hygiene, all seemed ok. The party dickered with captain – he seemed game for anything and if they were to offer the other half of his payment from Starlight Enterprises and a bit of fresh food, he would take these 20 families anywhere. Nico had a point of provisions swung over to the Armed & Ready and paid Captain Grogarry 1,500 GPs, and the captain was happy at the idea of more steady work, despite being almost to Quent – at least with fresh food on board he would take these families off to D.C.I., only a few days longer at sea.

By dusk, the Black Purrl arrived at the harbor at Quent. The party met up with Tessa and Harlan Vance at the tavern, the High Ground. Similar news that the party had heard from Jolis Raffles, was echoed by Tessa, that Captain Harrigan appeared to be having great success repelling Chelish naval incursions, capturing both ships and men! Captain Harrigan is quite the go-getter! Tessa admitted that she was worried that over the past few months the party wasn’t pressing on the need to grow their fleet. Sure they could always strike back – they proved capable in that regard. But it would hard to repopulate D.C.I. if it was burnt to the ground and the townsfolk killed or abducted. With the officers spreading through town to gather more sailors to the cause, the party also arranged to meet Lord Grosvene early the next day.

Day 328 7AM A carriage delivered the party to a quiet side door of the temple of Norgerber. They were shown to a private room where the elderly Grosvene waited for them. He greeted them and offered tasty delights, and they got to talking – he shared some details that he thought the party would be interested to know:

  1. Chelish:
    • The man-o-war, The Impervious has arrived in the north-east Shackles
    • Cat Varian and Giles Halmis, two known assassins, have been seen in Port Peril
  2. Harrigan:
    • Captain Adelita Doloruso appears to be in command of Harrigan’s existing fleet while Harrigan appears to be growing his fleet
    • Prisoners at Gannet Island
      • Former Chelish governor of Coiba, Mormo Saday
      • Cut-throat Grok
      • Peppery Longfarthing
    • The new captain of the xebec, The Sea Snake; a Free Booter captain named Alice Gree
  3. Eldred Seabreaker, of the galleon, the Stormcrow appears to have had issues with Avimar Sorrinash, and is no longer welcome at Shark Island.

With this information, the party planned on trying to bust out some prisoners at Harrigan’s fortress at Gannet Island. Grosvene reminded the party that for this information he was trusting that they would adequately protect his young priest, Janson, who had gone through the danger of providing this intelligence, with his continued presence in the fort. As far as Grosvene’s former student, Lucceria, he was not concerned – one must pay the price for making bad decisions.

Day 328 10AM The party departed and started making preparations to leave early the next morning. The Purrl would sail onward to Port Peril (risk-free…Ha!) They started magically sending with Janson to get more details to where the prisoners were being held and other pertinent details to the fortress, as they would be teleporting in shortly after dawn.

[end of session 127]
{Day 326-328}

Session 126
August 23rd 2017

The Mark of Yunnarius…from a distance, it’s a sight to behold: all sweeping lines and elegant details, just as its elven creators intended, but with a hint of something rotten and sinister.


As it gets closer, its nature becomes clear. The hull is blackened and scarred. The masts are splintered like lightning-wrought trees, and the tattered sails flutter like torn skin.

Day 325 6:30PM As the Mark of Yunnarius turned about and headed straight for the Black Purrl, Captain Damiano gave orders for the gun crew to load the cannons, ready battle stations and the party started girding themselves with magical defenses.

As the two ships closed, Mittens saw undead elven sailors upon the deck and launched a lightning ball on them – singed, they remained standing. Nico summoned a deva to bolster the party. Temujin followed up by dropping a flame strike upon the deck.

The two ships closed perilously close – Sandara expertly manning the wheel of the Purrl trying to keep some distance from the Yunnarius. Members of the party spied the wheel up on the poop deck of the ghost ship, moving of its own volition and attempting to course correct in order to ram the Purrl. 100’ feet apart, screaming erupted from the various holes in the hull of the elven schooner – three skeletal humanoids flew up into the air. Each had elongated bony legs and each was armed with a large composite bow. As they took to the air, one shot at Mittens and the other two shot at Damiano. They shot arrows made of bone and Mittens and Damiano could feel the life leaching from their body as they were struck.


From the hold rose a female elf, translucent – screaming with rage as she rose above the main deck of the Yunnarius she through a fireball down upon the party clustered at fore deck.


Flying, Damiano and Ray Lan closed with one of the undead archers. Damiano was struck with a bone arrow, and his limbs weren’t leaden – he flew to safety, heading back to Sandara who was able to cure his paralysis. As the two ships passed each other, the gun crew of the Purl launched a broadside attack from its cannon shattering many of the undead sailors that the party recognized as draugr. Nico summoned a great Roc to harry Emandaly, but it failed to make contact with her.

As Ray Lan continued to lay into his foe, the female elf made herself known, not simply as a ghost, but a banshee – she sustained a mournful, anguished howl as the party had never heard before – Ray Lan felt his life give out – dying – he fell into the sea. Temujin seeing his comrade fall, flew across the two vessels – he too heard the fell power of her scream but resisted its deadly effect. Temujin was able to grab Ray Lan before he sank, but was able to pull the water logged body from the sea.

As the Roc continued to attempt to grab at Emandaly, once her keening was over, she dropped back into the hold and out of sight. Nico had the roc rip the rotten compartment door off the deck.

The other two archers rained arrows down upon the party. They spied Father Pyrlig and pulled special arrows out and fired. One struck true and Pyrlig felt a powerful wave of deadly energy, but he resisted – however he was struck with more bone arrows and his body stiffened up from paralysis. Mittens and Nico moved to the rear of the ship.

Damiano moved back to the archer who slew Ray Lan and continued to press the fight until the undead archer was destroyed – his rotten corpse falling into the sea. Mittens fired rays back at the second archer, but he took the punishment and continued firing arrows back in return. The third archer flew about and eyed Nico, pulling out a special arrow – but Nico also resisted the deadly magic. Nico was struck lightly from subsequent bone arrows.

As Damiano helped Temujin pull Ray Lan out of the ocean, Mittens and Nico slew the second archer. Mittens checked on Pyrlig’s paralyzed form but didn’t know what he could do – as he investigated Mittens noted that Pyrlig’s extremities started to wiggle and soon afterwards the paralysis wore off.

The third archer flew back to the Yunnarius and into a hole in the side of the hull and the two ships were passed each other, but the elven schooner was making to turn about and give chase.

The party joined back up on the Purrl and Father Pyrlig, with the sacrifice of thousands of GPs of diamond dust, raised Ray Lan back to life (All thank Gozreh!). Weakened but alive, Ray Lan was healed up by Pyrlig and Temujin as much as they could do quickly.

As the Mark of Yunnarius gave chase, the party decided to teleport to their foes. They arrived on the poop deck, Mittens enlarged himself and as the party got their bearings, just below their feet, under the rotting wood of the main deck they hear a familiar howl. While they all felt death grip their bodies, the party resisted. However Nico’s roc failed, it died and fell into the sea. The wail of the banshee ceased. There were no draugr on deck to harry the party – the ship was quiet as it moved across the waves, continuing to chase the Black Purrl. The party recovered and quickly made their way down the ladders, to the captain’s quarters up on the main deck – they separated into two teams and lined up on the two doors into the quarters, one door port side, the other starboard. Captain Damiano opened the door on the port side of the cabin as Ray Lan opened the starboard door. As the duo moved into the room, they noted the once fine furnishings, rotted, smashed throughout the small chamber. Aft side was a closed double door. As the two took stock of the room, upon the rotten bunk a translucent shape took form, it was Emandaly – but not angry, not regarding them. She sat upon the bunk and cried, entirely unaware of the party, but she apparently sunk into a despair and howled again, out on the main deck there was a heavy thunk, as Mittens dropped dead upon the deck. The party immediately pulled back. They agreed the deadly power of this ship, it’s captain and its crew was formidable – two party member died this day. They grabbed Mittens body and teleported back to the Purrl – but still the Yunnarius gave chase and Sandara was unable to shake the ghost ship.

Day 326 3:30AM Nico rallied the sailors to push hard as their very lives depended on getting distance from the Mark of Yunnarius. With the officers and crew unified with a single purpose, they continued to gain distance from the elven schooner. At dawn, the Mark of Yunnarius was miles behind and faded in the distance as the sun rose at the party’s back, continuing to head south-west towards Quent.

Day 326 7AM Father Pyrlig, sacrificing yet more diamond dust, raised Mittens – also weakened similar to Ray Lan – but alive! The party and crew of the Black Purrl lived to tell of the night they crossed the doomed ghost captain Emandaly and her ship the Mark of Yunnarius.

[end of session 126]
{Day 325-326}

Session 125
August 15th 2017

Kevin R./Ray Lan was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 323 5PM Before the party settled in for their 2nd undisturbed evening in a row, Yacine paid the party a visit in the barracks. She warned that the Chelish attack has certainly been stopped and the party was successful in raising and restoring Sandara – there is still a risk of attacks aimed at Sandara and Father Pyrlig from any cut-throat in any port. Yacine added that a young woman, a ship mage is here on behalf of Captain Cordain of Hell Harbor. The party had the mage showed in – she introduced herself as Leilana Olee and serves aboard Captain Brok Cordain’s, or Madshanks, frigate, the Howl of Winter.


Madshanks Fleet:

  1. Captain Brok “Madshanks” Cordain, Frigate – Howl of Winter
  2. Captain Belina Vontierez, Sloop – Shark Queen
  3. Captain Orsilir, Carrack – Fearsome Tide
  4. Captain Varossa Lanteri, Brig – Magpie Princess
  5. Captain Satekai, Brig – Red Fortune

Captain Madshanks’ fleet of five ships were bound for D.C.I. minus some time lost for a bit of pirating along the way. Captain Damiano advised that Madshanks and his fleet should arrive and get familiar with the surroundings to provide for a bit of defense and bolster the protection offered by the Aspis Consortium’s frigate. Leilana concurred and took her leave.

The party decided to question the dwarven captain, Kyan Kain. They found him zealous in his willingness to die for the Chelish cause. His resolve bolstered by the thought of devils, associated with the House of Thrune and priests of Asmodeus, would find his damned soul, should he be executed, and raise him up as one of their servants. Kyan did corroborate that the Chelish fleet was at Bhudrek Atoll, but offered nothing else about its defenses. The party decided to let him sit and stew.

Day 324 1AM Captain Damiano awoke in his bunk to a snarling man hovering over him. As the grayish-white apparition faded away, growling his hated toward Damiano, the Captain felt his mind assaulted, and coerced towards violence. Captain Damiano slipped from his bunk, his hand finding his rapier and he crossed the room to his brother, Mittens, with hatred in his eyes.


Mittens and Temujin heard the faintest bit of a conversation as they were startled from their sleep – somewhere, nearby, they heard the barking of dogs. Mittens saw his brother close on him and leapt out of bed as he was struck by Damiano’s rapier. Temujin cast protective magics about the room but it didn’t not cause the possession upon Damiano to cease. The barking grew louder and many invisible dogs bit and nipped at Temujin. As Damiano drew blood against his brother for a second time, Temujin was able to displace the evil that was inside him. The floating form appeared again behind Damiano, threw his head back and howled. The party stood firm, mostly – Mittens had had enough and made for the door, filled with panic! Father Pyrlig, now awake, blasted energy at the ghost. Temujin realized that this rare form of ghost was called a duppy – a ghost of a bitter sailor – likely made even more bitter in that it was being controlled and forced upon the party.

Nico, finally awake, summoned a deva to counter attack the duppy. The angry ghost concentrated his attacks upon the Captain, striking with a punching dagger. The Captain parried furiously, but some of the ghost’s attacks sank home viciously. Father Pyrlig dispelled the fear that gripped Mittens before he left the room. Mittens attacked the ghost with tried-and-true magic missles. The party, now fully awake, ganged up upon the duppy – and dispelled the apparition. It appeared to be gone, as well as his pack of dogs, for now. The party healed up, and resumed their rest.

Day 324 7AM As the party prepared for their day, Nico enabled the teleport portal between the Chelish Fort and Sumitha.

Day 324 11:30AM The party checked the captured form of Calpurnia in the bag of holding and proceeded to the Tamarind Market. They arrived at the Master’s tent without issue. The gaunt human they spied during the attack on Pyrligburg, Mandeville, greeted them and showed them into the tent. Jhal Krystof greeted the party with a smile. They party stated that they wanted to deal with returning the circlet and after some back and forth, Jhal agreed to pay their asking price of 25,000 GPs. He stated repeatedly that he truly wished to do business, when they have something to trade. The party promised the most stability that this island had seen for many decades. However Jhal certainly didn’t go out of his way to make the party feel part of a protected or valued relationship. He did offer however to give the party the right of first refusal, should he be asked to broker another attack upon the party, which Jhan thought was rather sporting and generous. The party took the soft promise of a warning, and the 25,000 GPs and returned to the Chelish Fort.

Day 324 1PM After reviewing final details with Yacine, the party stepped upon the Black Purrl for the first time in many months. The ship, manned with 140 sailors pulled anchor and set sail, heading south. The wind was at their backs, sea spray in their faces – the sailors, and officers, hummed about the deck happily back at sea.

Day 325 6:30PM The Black Purrl sailed clear of the Rampore Isles, heading southwest towards Bag Island. As the frigate sailed round small islets and shoals, Coto yelled out, “Sail ho!” Off to the port side, the Captain spied a sleek elvin schooner also sailing south on a parallel tack. This vessel was still a few miles out but looked like the Vela that escaped them so many months ago when the party was on a tear bagging ships left and right. The Captain gave word to close, casually, and prepare to raise their white flag in order to talk – perhaps.

The Purrl closed to a half mile as the sun was setting. Just as the sun sank below the horizon, the sky still lit a soft blue, the Captain took another look to see the graceful elvin schooner transformed with the coming night to a rotting hulk that shouldn’t be afloat with obvious holes in the side of its hull. The tattered sails strained at moldering ropes and the ship creaked and groaned as it started to come about and changed course, heading directly at the Black Purrl.

[end of session 125]
{Day 323-325}


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