Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 176
September 12th, 2018

Jay/Nico was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 349 8PM Free to do his own bidding, Captain Damiano launched himself at the beast, his rapier slicing the worm-flesh repeatedly. Temujin, paralyzed, had fallen down into the seats with a hard lurch. Father Pyrlig edged up behind Temujin and dispelled the paralysis. From the mouth of the great worm came magic phrases and the party was struck with a Mass Suffocation spell – however only Damiano succumbed as the air was extracted from his lungs – the party could see he was struggling for breath! Ray paused for breath, taking a short step backwards, unsure of his next action Mittens, back down the aisle attempted to Dispel Magic upon the Captain but he could overcome the beast’s magic.

The Captain collapsed to the ground as Temujin also tried his own Dispel Magic, but without success. Ray Lan attacked the beast, slicing it up – in turn the worm focused on Ray dealing grievous damage with it’s toothy maw, whipping tentacles and spiked tail. Father Pyrlig was able to heal Ray at a distance but Ray and the worm continued to focus on each other. The beast caught up Ray in it’s tentacles…moments away from swallowing him whole – but Temujin teleported Ray from the beast’s grasp, depositing him just behind the worm.

Temujin finally dispelled the suffocation effects upon the Captain – who was still prone and barely clinging to life until Pyrlig healed his wounds too. The Captain kipped up and attacked the beast again. Mittens attempted to light the beast up with Chain Lightning but he could not get past it’s magical protections. Ray and Damiano pressed their attack until a few moments later they were able to kill the beast – it’s corpse faded away.

Mittens scanned the theatre – he knew the yellow sign marked upon the tapestry was powerful magic and it’s aura would last for some time. He was able to dispel the sigil. Damiano looked about, some of the curtain wavered slightly, as if in a breeze. When the Captain went backstage, a door was ajar. The party gathered Lady Camilla who was a sobbing mess. Nearly hysterical, she was afraid for her life and for that of her dear Damiano. The Captain was a bit disgusted by Lady Camilla by this point.

Temujin forcibly intruded into Lady’s Camilla’s mind, sifting for information. He found that she was legitimately afraid of the beast, and in her mind, a great piece of theatre was taking place, even though no action had taken place on stage, she had merely dictated the story to Captain Damiano. However, Temujin did note that Lady Camilla had seen an old dear friend – a fellow actress (lesser to Lady Camilla, but still a dear friend). Lady Camilla feared for her friend Giaconda during the fight. Good thing it appeared Giaconda had fled the fight upon the stage.

The party had Lady Camilla lead them up to Giaconda’s dressing room – a tiny garret, which was cleared of all belongings or detritus. Where other rooms had evidence of costumes, wigs, combs, etc, Giaconda’s room was clean.

The party felt that they had had enough of opera, shows and this theatre. It had the taint of the king in yellow – but burning it down would risk many high profile buildings in this upscale neighborhood. Perhaps the party couldn’t deal with it now – but they all felt that it’s days were numbered!

The party teleported back to the Black Purrl where they took their rest and healed up.

Day 350 8AM The next morning Temujin attempted to Discern Location on Giaconda, the wayward actress-friend of Lady Camilla. She appeared to have protective magical defenses and was untraceable. However Temujin had more luck finding Hypatia – the serpentine consort of Lord Bonefist – Temujin found her hiding in a jungle cave deep in the Terwa Uplands – inland to the East.

The party paid Lon Ezeel a visit in the hold – he was a sorry sight, pummeled into a state of perpetual weakness. His heyday was over. Lon asked about his ex-wife, Sabella Ezeel, ie Lady Camilla. With the conversation going nowhere, the Captain gave Glaive leave to execute Lon Ezeel, which he did with a single stroke of his great axe.

The party was visited by the young priest of Norgerber, Janson. He greeted the party warmly and politely and offered his and his master’s, Lord Grosvene’s, congratulations to Captain Damiano – the new Hurricane King. Janson offered some learned intrigue: Assassins appeared to be mobilizing out of Sargava, eyeing Damiano and his officers. The speculation was that either the clients were happier with the status quo with Bonefist’s rule and were hiring the assassins to show their displeasure. Or, perhaps the powers in Saragava wanted to assert a little pushback, a little threat to the new Hurricane King, to show what they can do, before any new treaties are renegotiated between Sargava and the Shackles. Janson stated that the information was inconclusive – but leads were being chased and people were being hurt – all to search for the truth!

Captain Damiano gave word to allow Captain Madshanks and his fleet to return to Lord Endymion – this would allow Endymion to keep a closer eye upon the movements of Andronicus the Ass at Arena. There was talk on whether to give Eldred Seabreaker D.C.I., but there was no definitive decision on this topic. Also, it was undecided who should succeed the Master of the Gales in ruling Drenchport – Free Captain Bradesmar Wache had solicited Damiano twice…but the Captain made no ruling. Whylris Rock also needed rulership.

Les Pickens was seeing to the cleansing of Lucrehold, to remove the Bonefist stench from the premises. Mittens thought this would be ideal time for some training – and the librarians at the Mystic Redoubt, having had their treasures returned, would be more then happy to offer such training, comp’d at 100%.

Lastly, Lady Camilla would be going into her favorite haunts in Port Peril to look for her dear friend Giaconda. The party was loathe that she go unattended, but this task of accompanying her was a time sink as Lady Camilla would be wining and dining, buying doilies, pot pourri and other shit for the Captain’s quarters, spending hours talking about this play and that opera with her dear actor friends and of course, looking for her friend, Giaconda. Something needed to be done about the Camilla Situation.

[end of session 176]
{Day 349-350}

Session 175
September 4th, 2018

Kevin/Mittens was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 346 3:30AM The party stood on the deck of the Filthy Lucre – looking at Captain Damiano who held the gold Hurricane Crown in his hands. He shrugged and put it on. Then Temujin piped up, “Captain, maybe I should take a look at it first.” Temujin did indeed decipher the power of the crown. The party proceeded to strip Bonefist down to his small clothes and review the plethora of items in the former king’s possession.

Some time had past and the party, moving along the peer, kept the remaining sailors and house-servants in line, making sure they didn’t straggle off. Moving back to the Captain’s Redoubt, they caught up to Sadok in the chamber with the two cannon golems. He was sharing the news of Bonefist’s defeat with some fellow sailors. Damiano and Temujin persuaded Sadok to join them, and help fill in some details to ease the transition of power. Les Pickens showed up and was quickly charmed by Nico. He also provided some background to the manor and the Filthy Lucre.

The party, with Les Pickens and Sadok in tow, moved through the manor while Nico recorded the swag to be accounted for. Sadok pointed out a bolthole chamber behind the harem – Nico and Temujin recognized it as a teleportation circle. It was keyed to another circle aboard the Filthy Lucre, so that Bonefist could move between his flagship and his manor, where ever his ship might sail. The party teleported over to the Filthy Lucre.

Aboard they continued recording a list of swag. Nico teleported over to the Black Purrl to fill in the crew with their progress. He returned to the party where they proceeded to meth-it-up and clean themselves up for their public.

Day 346 8AM Captain Damiano, wearing the Hurricane Crown opened the pass wall and the Filthy Lucre proceeded to sail through the stone wall of the cave to the harbor. They sailed alongside the Black Purrl they pulled up near the Merchant Marina. The other great Free Captains and notable Free Booters were present and Endymion and Tessa had a few hours to get a crowd assembled. The Captain spoke a short statement and slit Bonefist’s throat – the Nico summoned rocs to come and pull Bonefist’s body apart. Lastly, Temujin stepped up to cast soul bind upon the bits of corpse remaining on the deck.

And then the party started…

Day 349 8AM The whole city celebrated, although there were hushed conversations – speculation whether the Chelish would send another armada. Papers found in Abrogail’s Fury acknowledged that Druvalia Thrune’s invasion was independent of the Chelaxian Empire – would there be a state sponsored follow-up? There was also talk among the Free Captains of the continued threats of the now renegade captains, Bedu Hanji and Andronicus the Ass. And what was to be done of the Free Captains of Shenchu Bay, which were all no-shows during the Chelish attack. There were certainly things to attend to.

During the revels Captain Damaino was approached by Free Captain Bradesmar Wache of Mediogalti. He now was a Free Captain of longstanding in the Shackles. He had invested large amounts of resources establishing the city of Maidenpool, on Tempest Cay. Often, Lord Wache had chided the Master of the Gales that Maidenpool would be much greater than Drenchport. But over a decade ago, large bands of locathah raided Maidenpool, carrying off the populace, trashing the port and slaying the Captain’s wife. In the years following, Maidenpool suffered a devastating fire which sealed the fate of Maidenpool. But now that Master of the Gales was dead, Drenchport needed a leader (hint, hint). Plus Free Captain Bradesmar Wache was from Mediogalti – the famed home of the Red Mantis Assassins. He could put feelers out to see if anyone might be gunning for King Damiano and his party. Damiano made no promises and dismissed Captain Bradesmar.

King Damiano tried to strengthen his ties to Lady Tessa, as he could sense that she was pleased at the outcome – happy for Damiano to be king – and now Tessa was free to return to a bit of pirating and free from any other personal entanglements as well. Tessa pointed out that besides, King Damiano already had a suitor, one that Tessa just couldn’t compete with. With that, Lady Camilla bounced over and seldom left Damiano’s side.

Aboard the Purrl, Glaive reminded Damiano, that Lon Ezeel was still trussed up in the hold – just this side of consciousness and under heavy guard.

Day 349 8PM Lady Camilla’s appreciation and affection for Damiano was insuppressible. Not only that, she had written a show for him and wouldn’t King Damiano like to see it? She had a carriage for two, pick up herself and Damiano and take them straight away to the World’s Stage Theatre. The rest of the party followed behind in another carriage – having not been invited. Pulling up to the theatre, Damiano noted that it was not lit up, but a few actor-friends of Lady Camilla were there shepherding them with as much pomp and circumstance as could be mustered by such a rag-tag collection of out-of-work actors. Lady Camilla and Damiano were seated in a balcony close to the stage, and treated to champagne and caviar. A small orchestra started playing a tune as the curtain opened.

Lady Camilla proceeded to tell Damiano the story, for while the orchestra played, there was no one and no action upon the stage. Camilla relayed how many times Damiano had rescued her: From the dangers in this very theatre, from the attacks in the streets where of course the party returned her to Bonefist. But then just before the battle at Saravent, when all the ships were about to clash, Damiano took her in, protecting her from Bonefist’s foul mistress, Hyapatia. And Damiano, having won the day, had won Lady Camilla until the end of time! Plus, He saved her great talent as an actress, which could be shared to the good people of Port Peril for many shows to come. But now, it was Lady Camilla’s time to say thank you and to save her dear Damiano! With that, the next layer of muslin curtains pulled back and there displayed in a single large character, was the yellow sign.

The party had quietly moved into the theatre, Father Pyrlig and Nico stayed near the doorways by the snack counters. While Ray and Temujin moved up midway through the aisle threading their way through the seats.

All felt the pulse as the power of the yellow sign passed through them. Temujin noted a twitch in Ray Lan. Captain Damiano pulled his rapier and dropped out of the balcony onto the floor. Lady Camilla screamed.

[Here be a picture of the beasty:]

Upon the stage, there was a blur in the darkness and a massive worm appeared. This hideous monstrosity looks like an enormous curled maggot, varicolored like deeply bruised flesh. Three flailing tentacles adorn each side of the thing’s huge, pulsating mouth, and five more arch from its hindquarters. Nico summoned a construct to engage the great worm. Pyrlig started moving forward through the aisle. Temujin cast a time stop and buffed himself. Lastly he surrounded Ray in a tall cone of stone. Ray climbed up and out, ready to strike at Temujin, but Temujin had readied a Dispel Evil, and <bipped> Ray on the nose – and Ray’s mind was clear. He dropped to the ground and started moving up the aisle towards the great worm.

The worm howled but the construct was immune to it’s mind-powers. The construct found this great beast hard to hit but laid into him with a few punches before the worm grappled the construct in it’s tentacles. Then Damiano moved up to the worm’s aid and destroyed the construct in a few strikes.

The party continued to close in on the worm. Nico summoned a glabrezu to stand in for the fallen construct. Father Pyrlig moved up just enough to cast a Protection spell upon the Captain and the worm’s control was now suppressed. Father Pyrlig and Temujin both attempted direct magical attacks upon the worm but it resisted both their spells.

A few moments passed in combat and then the worm howled again. The glabrezu and Temujin found themselves paralyzed. Captain Damiano would have been paralyzed too but was protected by his magic ring.

And the fight continues…

[end of session 175]
{Day 346-349}

Session 174
August 28th, 2018

Day 346 3AM The caves open up into a vast flooded cavern, lit by flickering flames on the ceiling. To the north, a stone building stands on a rocky shore above the water. Two more buildings sit on the water along a wooden pier extending into the water to the east. A three-masted sailing ship floats at the end of the dock. A second pier runs south from buildings on the dock to a rocky promontory on the far side of the channel. The cavern stretches east into the distance, but no passage to the outside world can be seen.

Captain Damiano led the party’s charge, flying over the sand, past the manor house – he made a beeline towards the Filthy Lucre. As he came to the shore, two large piscodaemon’s magically appeared nearby, flying in the air. Moments later the water erupted around the shore and five hydrodaemons rose from the water and closed in as well.

The party started to follow up. The hydrodaemons spit at Mittens but he shrugged off the compulsion to sleep. One of the piscodaemons attacked Damiano, while the other dispelled his ability to air walk, and the Captain glided down to the sandy beach. Aware of the party’s approach, sniper fire rang out. Crossbow bolts fired from arrow slits in towers to the south and repeated gun shots were fired from the larger building to the east. Damiano and Temujin received glancing blows from the crossbow bolts but Mittens was annoyed at the marksmen targeting him, successfully, over and over.

Father Pyrlig channeled against the daemons, softening them up as the party continued to push through them. Ray Lan leaped to the window savaging the sniper, and Mittens followed up his attack with a fireball killing everyone inside. With one piscodaemon and all the hydrodaemons slain, as the Captain was about to make his move, the last piscodaemon teleported away to save it’s skin.

Temujin picked up the Captain and carried him across the channel where they were still the target of crossbow fire. Temujin then sealed the windows with a wall of stone squashing further attacks from the snipers.

Captain Damiano leaped across to the Filthy Lucre – a cone of cold blasted out – a monstrous creature with the body of a beautiful human woman from the waist up, but the tail of an immense snake below floated just beyond the ship – Damiano noted that she was the spell caster. Ray moved in from the guard tower – the cannon crew in the bow swiveled the gun and fired at him, missing. However Ray noted a warm blast of air, besides the cannon shot, move past him. Nico sent his angel alongside Ray as the pirate guards and bosuns started to crowd them. They female creature’s pets – two aurumvoraxes attacked the angel: clawing and biting at him.

A quick succession of pistol shots rang out striking Ray Lan. Bonefist had targeted him with his pistol – and Ray felt his life force ebb for a moment and then rebound due to the angel’s protective death ward magic. However the fury of Bonefist’s successful attacks left Ray Lan shaken for a few moments.

Temujin cast time stop – he moved in and buffed himself and lastly, drew his bow. As he appeared again, he fired three arrows of slaying – two struck – but Bonefist resisted it’s deadly power. The monstrous female flew over to Temujin striking him – but again, the angel’s death ward help protect Temujin – and he took minor pains from her slay living spell.

Father Pyrlig closed in on the Filthy Lucre and channeled a cone of Gozreh’s fury upon the deck knocking a number of pirate guards and bosuns off the deck. It was quickly noted that Bonefist regularly chummed the water which made the caves home for sharks – that were now feeding on his own men.

Pyrlig and Ray Lan noted that Sadok was approaching from the aft deck. His weapons were sheathed and holstered. He appraised the situation and then turned and started to walk up the pier to the manor house.

Mittens landed upon the deck and swatted away at the pesty aurumvoraxes and then, he noted Bilgerat Jacobi slinking low upon the deck. Mittens laid his fury upon him and then picked up Jacobi’s broken body and tossed him to the sharks.

Ray Lan and Damiano closed in on Bonefist and beat at him – they could see him swaying, blood running from his many wounds. Bonefist attempted to dance around his foes to better flank Damiano for a final volley of shots, but Ray sliced up his last remaining, defending bosun, Damiano turned and knocked Bonefist out. Nico’s angel quickly moved up to stabilize the Hurricane King, to ensure that he didn’t die by accident.

Temujin was still engaged with the monstrous female – at the sight of Bonefist falling, she yelled out, "My Love!” but seeing that the battled had turned sour, she teleported away.

The battle settled down, the party allowed the few remaining pirate guards to surrender – the party was aware of a new person nearby. At the bow, was a pale, drawn female elf, wearing rags. As the party turned to her she stated, “My name is Amonkira and I serve Raugsmauda. Bonefist turned away from the Shackles, in cowardice, from the threat of the Chelish. In Besmara’s eyes and my Lady’s, he is not longer fit to serve. With that, we have something to claim.” She pointed, indicated Bonefist’s skeletal hand. Damiano spoke up, asking if Raugsmauda would support him as the new king, but Amonkira responded curtly, “My mistress has little interest other than knowing that it was clear that the Chelish and their infernal masters would bring no benefit to the Shackles.” Again pointing at the hand, “Do you allow, or deny.” Damiano countered, “Only the hand, not the pistol or his tricorne?” “I have no interest in anything other than what is owed.” Amonkira held a hand axe in hand, knelt and despite her frail frame, lopped his undead hand off with a single blow. She clutched it up and stepped back. Captain Damiano went to speak again – but Amonkira was gone.

Again, Nico’s angel sought to stabilize Bonefist after this fresh wound. Captain Damiano quickly picked up Bonefist’s tricorne hat and pistol that had fallen to the deck. However, the moment he laid his hand upon Bonefist’s pistol, he felt his life force wane – the angel’s protective death ward did nothing to prevent this – he immediately turned the pistol over to Nico to be stowed.

Bonefist was secured, yet alive. A handful of crew milled about the party, their weapons thrown down, they shuffled about uncomfortably with their hands in their pockets – their future uncertain – although many were quietly dancing in their hearts having not been knocked into the water where their comrades were brutally devoured by sharks. Behind the party, back toward the guard towers and manor house, the call to alarm seemed to abate.

The party stood upon the deck of the Filthy Lucre – they eyed Captain Damiano who held Bonefist’s tricorne in his hands, which then transformed into a crown: A band of golden skulls encircles this golden crown, and smaller skulls top its points. There, in their Captain’s hands, was the Hurricane Crown!

[Huuricane Crown Pic:]

[end of session 174]
{Day 346}

Session 173
August 21st, 2018

Day 346 3AM The party was in the gauntlet – a series of trapped chambers where crossbow snipers fired at them – initially firing at Ray Lan while he disengaged the traps. Damiano moved up and squeezed through the arrow slit to engage the archers. The captain of the watch fired at him with her pistol – which Damiano disarmed. She pulled her rapier and attacked and he slew her. The crossbowmen continued to fire on the party in the gauntlet – some stepped back to fire on the Captain. After slaying a few – the crossbowmen surrendered.

In the gauntlet, the party moved in. Pyrlig moved up to Ray who was unlocking the next series of doors. Both Ray and Pyrlig were hit by whirring saw blade traps – but sidestepped them to avoid further damage. Temujin cast a chain lightning upon the archers to dissuade further attacks – but they kept firing. Nico’s summoned allies moved up to the left-side arrow slits and reached in, attacking the archers. After a few more casualties, the archers opted to surrender.

Mittens, at the rear of the party, kept his eyes and ears open. The door behind him cracked a wee bit. The pirate lickspittle, Les Pickens, peered through the door – in an instant, Mittens whirled about, surprising Les Pickens and charmed him. Les, now Mitten’s very good friend told him that Bonefist was through the gauntlet – pointing the way where the rest of the party were slogging through the traps and crossbow snipers. He also added they if they proceed, they ought to take the arm bands the snipers were wearing – to ward off the golems in the room beyond.

Mittens relayed that news and caught up to the party as Ray was unlocking the next series of doors and Captain Damiano turned off the gas relay to the fire traps in the next chamber of the gauntlet. The party moved in.

The next chamber past the fire trap room was resident to two large cannon golems. Not made in the same style as the construct crafter, Sidonis, but formidable enough. Initially the two golems rose to attention, and to arms – but recognizing the arm bands, they settled back down. The party moved through the next series of doors, which proceeded down a 300’ hall that descended mildly. They came to a beach in an underground cavern.

The long, dank tunnel opens into a wider cave, with echoes of dripping water and far-off surf low in the distance. The tunnel ends at a benighted beach bordering a wide expanse of dark water. A wooden pier extends into the water, the tide lapping at its barnacle-encrusted pilings.

Mittens and one of Nico’s angels started flying across the grotto, heading north, while Ray Lan flew south. Ray and Temujin, who was still on the shore, saw a shining glimmer rise from the water – a rotted undead bronze dragon came to the surface and breathed lightning upon Mittens and the angel – however both, with their protections, took barely any damage. Pyrlig struck it soundly with fire and Damiano closed in for the killing blow – as it’s body fell into the water, it exploded with a blast of lightning, but both Damiano and Ray Lan avoided any damage.

However, the lightning-fast attack of the dragon, and it’s equally fast demise, alerted were-shark pirates in a tower 70’ feet away. The party closed in. Mittens, seeing the tower too small to enter landed on the roof as a were-shark exited a trap door, with the intentions to man the cannon. Mittens killed the were-shark. Damiano and Temujin moved up to the north beach and boardwalk as another were-shark and Captain Horris Riptooth emerged. Both were slain quickly. Ray and Nico’s summoned demodand moved directly to the guard house and fought the were-shark through the open window. In the rear of the guard house, one were-shark rang a bell which sounded through the cavern beyond. A few moments later, the were-sharks were slain. Nico’s summoned allies searched the chamber and found them to be bed chambers. Through the windows of these chambers and from the rooftop, the party could see a large manor house some 40+’ to the north. Beyond the stretch of beach stood watch towers and docks that led farther out to the waters of the underground grotto…to where the Filthy Lucre was moored.

From the top of the guard house stands Mittens, in his large form. Staring off into the darkness, he yells, “Jacobi! I’m coming for you!!”

From the alert raised by the were-sharks a few moments ago, the underground grotto was a flurry of activity – the party could see flashes of movement behind windows in the manor house, flickers of lights moving in the watch towers – but the Filthy Lucre – it was too far away behind the towers to see what might be transpiring there…

[Sign-into the OP to see pic of the grotto/Filthy Lucre]

[end of session 173]
{Day 346}

Session 172
August 14th, 2018

Day 346 3AM The party paused after Ray Lan shared the layout of the room beyond – including the details about the draugr and ghostly puppies skulking about. He had noted two draugr camped out at a far door, scraping and banging away at it with their skeletal claws. The party debated if this route was the direct route to Bonefist. In truth, no one really knew. They did know that they were in the basement of the largest tower of Lucre Hold.

Ray Lan moved back and reaching through the bars of the porticullis, was able to successfully unlock the stout door beyond. Temujin attempted to shadow walk Ray beyond the bars, but the spell failed. Nico attempted to summon a monster – it too failed. They party realized they were in the aura of a forbiddance spell. The party continued to hem and haw about their options. Nico moved up and handed off a potion of gaseous form, which Ray Lan quaffed and he floated through the bars.

About 15’ down a hallway Ray found himself in a small storage room, but to his left was a raised landing. Upon the landing were three bombers looking down nervously through peephole to the room beyond – the room filled with undead. A fourth bomber stood on the ground beyond the crates. To Ray’s right, on the far wall was the portcullis mechanism – to raise the bars. Ray floated over and became solid – the bombers did not notice his presence.

As Ray started cranking the portcullis up – the bombers were initially horrified, thinking that the undead would find their way in – but they were soon equally dismayed as Damiano, Temujin and Pyrlig moved in from the hallway – the bombers threw their grenades down, Ray getting hit by a powerful acid grenade. The walls and crates smoked with chemical burns. The battle lasted moments as Temujin made two bombers fall asleep and Damiano, Ray, Pyrlig and Mittens beat the other two unconscious.

The party tied the bombers up and prepared to question them. There was a door in the far side of this chamber and now that the sounds of battle were raised and the sounds of grenades exploding had sounded – the draugr were outside this door, scratching and clawing at it.

The party questioned the prisoners, who indicated the door too Bonefist’s underground lair. They had stated that some five minutes before, they had seen Les Pickens, one of Bonefist’s underlings pass through – shortly afterwards the undead showed up!

Nico moved back down the hall towards the stairwell heading to the surface, testing for the edges of the forbiddance. At the top of the T intersection he found the edge and summoned some angelic and devilish bodyguards. Nico rejoined the party.

Temujin and Damaino moved back down to the hall, Damiano opened the door as Temujin cast a searing light into the chamber – slaying five of the seven puppies. The draugr survived but were hurt – they all clamored and roared. Damiano closed the door. As Nico arrived one of his angels cured Temujin of his blindness – from his own spell. They opened the door and moved into the room.

Mittens, Pyrlig and Ray cast open the secret panel from the bomber’s chamber and dropped into the room. In a few moments, the room was cleared of the undead.

Ray moved up to the double doors indicated by the bombers – it was locked. He unlocked it without issue, opening the doors was a small chamber, the walls had arrow slits and the far wall was the only exit – double doors. Ray paused – there were traps here – he could see the floor panel vibrating as if suspended. He wedged the panel and moved forward – the next panel was trapped. Successfully foiling it he moved up and saw the next panel was trapped and then, from the four arrow slits, crossbow bolts fired out – Ray was struck once.

Until next time, when Captain Damiano asks: “Where the hell is Bonefist?"

[end of session 172]
{Day 346}

Session 171
August 7th, 2018

Day 346 3AM The party flew towards Lucre Hold, in the wee hours of the morning. It was still dark but the full moon was up. While the party moved invisibly, Mittens flew in all his dragonish splendor. Perhaps the beating of his wing was heard in the still darkness – perhaps his scales reflected the moonlight – however the vigilant night watch questioned what they were seeing and then sent up the alarm. As the party closed upon the gatehouse, Mittens flew up and over, landing in the courtyard, drawing the defender’s attention – crossbow bolts peppered the central court, only a few digging deep into Mittens’ dragon hide.

Moving in, Captain Damiano squeezed into the southeastern guard tower while Temujin shadow walked into the gate house. Father Pyrlig and Ray Lan moved up to the roof of the gatehouse. Nico slowly moved up to the southwestern guard tower and peered into the arrow slits. He summoned a brace of bone devils in the middle of the chamber and let them wreak havoc upon the defending pirate guards and snipers.

Temujin cast cloak of dreams and sidled up alongside defending pirate guards and snipers. Damiano gave word to the party that he was in the southeast tower and barred the door heading into the north-bound hallway. Ray Lan moved up to the first floor of the southeast guard tower and stealthily unlocked the door – eyeing inside he saw a group of defending pirate indoors.

Mittens moved up to the eastern double doors and bashed into them – they creaked but did not yield. He changed his tactics and started shredding the door with tooth and claws. In moments the door was rent apart. Father Pyrlig and Ray moved up to support Mittens as together they cleared the main hall. Damiano found himself clearing the second floor guard tower as Temujin moved in, leaving sleeping pirate soldiers in his wake. Nico moved down to the first floor of the southeastern guard tower and summoned another troop of bone devils to start clearing the first floor of pirate defenders.

It took some few minutes for the separated party to fight their way through the pirate defenders and join back up in the Free Captain’s council chamber. Mittens, Pyrlig and Ray arrived first. The meeting chamber was in disarray and quiet. They moved towards the door on the eastern wall. Twenty feet in, the narrow hall came to a T. The trio moved in, with Mittens squeezing his dragon form through the wood-paneled halls. At the far end of the T, both hallways ended at doors. On the right-hand side, Mittens came to a well-decorated office. There were no windows and Mittens peeled back the wood panelling to review solid stone walls beneath the surface. Ray found a similar sized room, but there were only chairs. Three chairs for observers and a solid built chair with hand, feet and neck straps – likely to keep someone fixed while put to the question, or torture – Ray noted the chair was stained with dried blood.

The trio noted a ghoulish screaming from the T. It was quieter as they investigated the rooms to the left and right. Converging back at the intersection of the T, the howling and barking of dogs seemed loudest at this point. The trio found the secret panel and pushed it aside – a stairwell descended twisting clockwise. Father Pyrlig and Ray Lan proceeded down. Mittens stayed at the intersection as the rest of the party caught up.

The party pushed onward down the stair. Pyrlig and Ray found a door to their right – a stout door of wood and steel bands – in front of the door was a steel portcullis. The hallway opened to the left in a small 10’ square chamber. There was a door in the far wall of this chamber. The party juggled their positions with Ray moving up to the door. The howling of men and dogs seemed very close now. Ray Lan unlocked the door and cracked it open to see four draugr – skeletal sailors skulked about the 45’x55’ semicircular chamber. With the draugr, were a half-dozen incorporeal forms of ghost-like sailors. One of these, called a duppy, had been encountered in the Chelish Fort at D.C.I.

{Click Link ==>} Fighting the Duppy @ D.C.I.

Around the duppies, were wisps of movement, as they were served by ghostly guard dogs – Ray Lan could see the occasional flash of light indicating their deathly eyes and flashing teeth.

Ray quietly closed the door and relayed what he saw to the party. Besides the undead, Ray had noted a hallway to his left and two other doors. The party questioned whether they were on the right path. They didn’t really know where Bonefist was? And whether this was the best route to him. The party questioned their next actions while being serenaded by the deathly howls of man and beast on the other side of the door.

[end of session 171]
{Day 346}

Session 170
July 30th, 2018

Day 344 5AM As the fighting continued, Mittens and Ray Lan realized the corrosive consumption continued to eat at them moment after moment. Father Pyrlig healed Mittens, while Ray took precious moments to scrape the acidic residue off in order to reduce the damage and pain.

As Ray backed away from the rakshasa, Cambyses Hanji continued to stay close, taking small slices out of Ray with his falchion. Lon Ezeel attempted to cast a spell upon the Captain, Unwilling Target, but the Captain’s will was strong. Temujin cast cloak of dreams upon himself and moved up alongside to Lon Ezeel.

Sevine Dillux prepared to cast a spell but was slain by Mittens, who moved up to the bow with Temujin and Lon Ezeel. Father Pyrlig was hard pressed as Mr. Flap, the tengu magus kept hitting him with his rapier, passing a magical force punch through the blade. In return, Father Pyrlig channeled healing to his nearby comrades and mildly hurt Mr. Flap – who remained standing.

Nico summoned a glabrezu, which also swiped at Mr. Flap – but moments later the devil was banished by Cambyses.

Lon Ezeel, standing near to Temujin and his cloak of dreams, fell asleep, settling down upon the deck. Mittens moved aftwards, passing by and slicing up Mr. Flap. Ending near the rakshasa, Mittens raged, slaying Cambyses Hanji, the 7th son of Bedu Hanji.

Day 344 6:30AM Gathering up the bodies (alive and dead), the party noted flickering lights off in the darkness near the knot of battling ships. Temujin took the Master’s Eye’s ensign, and the party moved onward in the Abrogail’s Fury. As they approached they could see that the battle was nearing the end. The last two Chelish man o’ wars, the Endurance and the Stormguard, were claimed by Lord Endymion and Van Marin. Their captains and officers slain.

The flickering lights, the party realized were constructs in the service of Sidonis. Five vessels were with the Shackles’ allies – two at the surface allowed fliers to approach Chelish vessels, firing rockets into them. As well as allowing cannon golems to fire away standing upon the decks. Three other vessels were nearly submerged, crashing into the Chelish frigates and slicing through their hulls.

By dawn’s early light, the remainder of the Chelish fleet was in pieces and the Battle of the Saravent was over.

The party closed in and joined the victory celebrations aboard Lord Endymion’s ship, the Tyrannous. The surviving Shackles’ captains agreed to sail back in force, and in victory, back to Port Peril.

As the captains and their officers returned to their ships, Endymion gave Damiano a gesture to stay put with him and Tessa. They all understood that Bonefist was criminal in his cowardice. Damiano stated that he would challenge the Hurricane King to a duel – but Endymion countered – if he was coward enough to run from the fleet, he may well be coward enough to hunker down in Lucre Hold – which was well fortified and Bonefist still had the Hurricane Crown. They all agreed that it required more thought. But first things first, they must all return to Port Peril and enjoy the celebrations.

Day 344 11AM The party rejoined the Black Purrl and the fleet sailed into Port Peril to be welcomed by the crowd of citizens crowding the docks.

Day 345 Noon. A great banquet was pitched near the docks, upon the beach overlooking LucreHold. Nico released the coin purse in a show of extreme extravagance and had many taverners setup shop upon the bluff to provide food and drink for all-comers in celebration!

Day 346 3AM Into the night of drinking and carousing, talk returned to Bonefist – the party, well-plied with drink, and liquid courage, felt that now – this moment – was the time to strike Bonefist. They gathered their belongings and decided to drop into the large courtyard rather than the smaller courtyard or through the hidden tunnels that started off at the shoreline warehouse.

The party dimension door’d to a warehouse they were vaguely familiar with, on the road approaching Lucre Hold. From there, they buffed themselves with magical protections, quaffed their remaining drinks and took to the air, flying up and over the protective outer wall – in the wee hours they could see covered lanterns in the cracks of arrow slits.

In their drunken bravado, they had a simple plan – to drop into the courtyard and aggro the whole fort – what could be simpler?

[end of session 170]
{Day 344-346}

Session 169
July 24th, 2018

Day 343 11AM The party, aboard the man o’ war, the Abrogail’s Fury set course for the Saravent where the battle between the Shackles Defense Fleet and Chelish Armada continues.

Day 343 2PM The Black Purrl and the Luck of the Draw join the battle at Saravent.

The party rests, recuperate and research while en route to Saravent.

Day 344 5AM Pre-dawn, the party is assembled on the main deck. Temujin and Mittens take time looking ahead with their spyglasses – they can hear the sounds of battle in the distance. The waters around the Saravent are strewn with wrecked ships, bits of sail, wood detritus and bodies. They drop ropes trailers behind their ship to allow survivors that are able to grab on and come aboard.

Ahead, in the half-light of early morning they are able to see a knot of 20 ships. Two Chelish man o’ war, the Stormguard and Endurance, a small number of frigates are in a pitched battle with the remaining stalwart Shackles’ defenders: Free Captain Lord Endymion’s Tyrannous, Free Captain Natty Dread of the Brooding Six, Free Booter Van Marin of the Destiny, Free Captain Pegsworthy of the Bonaventure and Free Booter Fergal Tweens of the Hand of Fate. Captain Damiano gives word for the Fury to set course for that body of ships set in a furious final combat.

As the Abrogail’s Fury closes, a galleon breaks out of the ranks of the Chelish Armada, it flies the ensign of the House of Bedu Hanji. The galleon, the Master’s Eye aims for the Abrogail’s Fury with sail and magical propulsion pushing it quickly toward the party’s vessel. Knowing that the galleon will close before they can hit the knot of ships, they party quickly buff and brace for impact at the two ships collide – Father Pyrlig falling prone from the collision.

The opposing sailors start tying to the two ships together. The party spies a gold-skinned male, with a human face, and many bestial faces – he is impeccably dressed and bedecked in exotic jewelry, this fiend holds an ornate saber in its backward-facing hands. His feet barely appear to touch the ground.


The party also sees Lon Ezeel, in one of his human guises – Mittens makes a beeline towards him. Mittens also spots the Chelish nobleman, Sevine Dillux (who is invisible), whose manor in Hell Harbor the party had a pitched battle in.

Damiano and Ray Lan start leaping and swinging through the yard arms making for the aft of the Master’s Eye – the remainder of the party swoon as illusory images of enemies past appear before them and attack – they resist the weird phantasmal killer and push on. As Mittens closes on Lon Ezeel in his pumped-up dragon form, he feels his mind reel, nearly dominated, the magic is dispelled by Temujin. Seeing the party close in, Lon Ezeel attempts to mass hold the party – the Captain is affected but has alternate magical protections that resist the hold and the Captain continues to close.

Mittens fires up all major foes with an acidic chain lightning. One of the foes, a figure with a shape-shifting form under a cloak is destroyed by the acid. His body discorporated into a pile of worms, rolling about in the remains of the cloak as the acid eats away at the alien corpse.

Nico summons an angelic form to keep the rakshasa captain engaged, as Mittens , Damiano and Pyrlig cross onto the Master’s Eye, and close in on Lon Ezeel. Ray Lan leaps in and slashes the rakshasa – it’s many heads eye him and make him wary of Ray’s sneaky attacks.

Besides the invisible Sevine Dillux who is flying about spell-casting, Pyrlig and Mittens is aware of a tengu magus, who is flying about invisible – he stabs at Mittens, who passes by, and at Ray Lan, who passed by to engage the rakshasa, Cambyses Hanji. Both times the tengu struck Mittens and Ray with his rapier, a magical corrosive consumption spell passed through the weapon to take effect upon them.

And the fight continues…

[end of session 169]
{Day 343-344}

Session 168
June 10th 2018

[Some good pictures here!]

Day 343 10:30AM Captain Damiano nimbly moved through the combatants and attacked the female gnoll – Ray Lan followed up and slew her quickly. The magaavs flew above the party striking them with their bardiches. Having been stuck in teleportation stasis, Nico recast Haste upon the party. Ray Lan then moved up to the female pirate, Cyclops Jane and savaged her with his claws, killing her. The Rahadoumi, Farzam, attacked Pyrlig but he was unable to counter-attack the pirate with his trident. Temujin, cautious among all the magaavs, stayed put and readied a dispel magic. The male priest of Asmodeus moved away from the party and completed his summons – a blood lion appeared: Similar to a lion, this creature possesses vampiric fangs, glowing red eyes, and bone spikes on its back. It flew up to the party and roared, deafening Nico and Pyrlig.


The blind mage was able to stumble down the stairs in the lower deck. Damiano heard a jolly, rumbling laugh, obviously taking delight in the plight of the stricken, blind mage. Some religious words were spoken – Damiano guessed it might have been a remove blindness. A small hatch in the front bulkhead doors opened and four marines and a leopard came out on deck and took up defensive positions. A female in armor stepped up also.


The Captain moved towards midship attacking the priest of Asmodeus, Retrovio. Druvalia stepped up out of the hatch and stood near the foremast. She eyed the Captain and said, “It is too bad things didn’t work out. This could have gone easier!” Damiano replied, “Things are working out right now!” Druvalia attempted to cast Unwilling Shield upon Damiano but he resisted it’s effects. Mittens Chain Lightning’d the opponents forming up on the bow slaying the marines and leopard. However Retrovio was entirely unhurt and Druvalia and her two body guards were lightly damaged. Mittens them moved up to the bow to bolster the Captain’s position.

Pyrlig channeled against the magaavs flying about and harassing them. Temujin lashed out with a Stormbolts spell weakening the magaavs and the blood lion. Nico summoned three movanic devas to assist against the magaavs. The devas found themselves repelled by the magaavs protective magics and smote them from range.

Seeing Mittens move up to the bow, One of Druvalia’s bodyguards, the Paracountess, fired an Umbral Strike, a could-not-fail attack upon Mittens; she slipped and fired the black bolt into the decking.

Damiano, getting his game on, slices up Retrovio. Druvalia Thrune slides up close to Mittens and hits him with her mace, backed with a Forceful Punch spell. Mittens is starting to feel the pain of this short combat. Valeria, one of Druvalia’s bodyguards steps out of the hatch to get hit by Mittens’ claw. Ray Lan moves up to the bow, behind Valeria – as he moves the magaavs swing their bardiche’s at him – one hit sinking deep. Ray starts in upon Valeria as she is flanked between Ray and Mittens.

The corpulent, yet jolly, priest of Zon-Kuthon steps out of the mid-ship hatch and successfully hits Father Pyrlig with a black ray of Energy Drain. The no-longer blind mage flying above the deck at mid-ship is struck by Nico’s Dimensional Anchor. He shoots a Polar Ray at Mittens, but misses.


Mittens brutally butchers the Paracountess and then starts in upon Druvalia Thrune. Druvalia is severely bloodied, but Mittens holds back…Ray continues attacking Valeria and kills her. Father Pyrlig moves alongside Mittens and gives the good healing!

Belor, the priest of Zon-Kuthon revels in the death and blood about him, but knows this fight is nearly lost. He prepares to withdraw to his sanctum. Ray moves up and gives Belor a slice…he can’t help himself, giggling at the pain unleashed at Ray, he has to give a little back. Belor gives a hearty, fell cry casting Wail of the Banshee – but the party has been bit by this spell before – everyone survives! Ray Lan and Mittens roll into Belor, savagely slaying him. Perhaps he should have used Word of Recall instead!

Druvalia Thrune, wounded yet still standing, defiant to the end as Captain Damiano closes in upon her. He swaps out his rapier for Aiger’s Kiss and drives it through her chest – as Druvalia’s legs give way, she falls backward and Damiano’s blade pins her to the deck. As Druvalia gasps her last breath, her eyes look about wildly – Damiano sees something. A ghostly apparition appears over her shoulders – a floating torso of a man, with a horn jutting from the right side of his skull. He embraces Druvalia, gives her a kiss on the cheek and she lets out her last breath. As her eyes close a soft light glows in his hand – as an aspect of the devil Geryon, he has claimed her soul as she lost the deal between herself and her grandfather, Lord Ezaliah Thrune. The aspect smiles at Damiano and fades away.

The party has taken the Chelish Man o’ War, the Abrogail’s Fury. The party put the Chelish sailors to death (with the aid of Nico’s devas) – but Temujin is a bit chagrined at the extreme cost of victory to the Chelish crew. They found much of the treasure looted from the Mystic Redoubt below in the hold. The question is, do they go directly after the coward Bonefist or head back to the battle transpiring at Saravent? Damiano gives the word that while he would like to finish off Bonefist, they owe the Free-Captains and Free Booters of the Shackles their aid first.

Day 343 Noon Mittens summons spectral sailors to man the ship and clear the decks of the valued dead, their treasures they would review soon The ensign of Captain Damiano is raised upon the main mast. The Abrogail’s Fury raises anchor and prepares to sail out of the sheltered cove, past Lucrehold and onward to Saravent.

[end of session 168]
{Day 343}

Session 167
July 2nd, 2018

Day 343 Midnight Jonny Tom returned to Endymion and the fleet to share the fate of Andronicus’ fleet and the news of Jol Blassey at the Blood Fountain. The party and Tessa get their ships in order in the next few hours and set sail to join the fleet near Saravent. Before they leave the area, Temujin uses Vision and finds Sandara, swimming behind the Purl having been polymorphed into a turtle. Mittens failed to counter the polymorph, however Pyrlig is successful in returning Sandara to her given form. Healing is doled out and the fleet makes way the party settles in for some rest. As Sandara is back in command of the Purrl, Christopher Hawke takes command of the frigate, the Lord of the Pit.

Day 343 10AM The party is rested and Temujin casts more divinations to discover the location of the missing Ray Lan. He finds that Ray is on the plane of elemental earth. Temujin scryes Ray and plane shifts the party to the plane of elemental earth – they find themselves in an underground cavern. No sign of Ray – he could still be miles away. Mittens reads Temujin’s thoughts and gleans some details of Ray and his location and teleports the party – they land some 50’ in front of Ray – who is overjoyed at seeing them. Since he woke up that morning he had been stumbling and climbing his way through rocky underground caverns with no idea of where he was going. As Ray moved up to greet the party, two huge obsidian elementals slid out of the stone and attack the party. Damaino dashed up to one of them and sliced it up with his rapier – with each slice into it’s stony skin, liquid glass sprayed from the wound but the Captain deftly avoided the spray. Ray attacked the second elemental and Nico summoned an invisible stalker to harry Ray’s opponent. The rest of the party started ganging up on the Captain’s foe – as it was beaten up and hit with a fatal stroke by the Captain’s rapier, it’s death throes caused the beast to explode with sharp obsidian fragments spraying the party. The party pulled back from the second elemental as the invisible stalker continued to fight on. Father Pyrlig plane shifted the party back to Golarion. They were deep in a jungle…not quite sure where, but definitely in the correct hemisphere. Nico teleported the party to the wharf in Port Peril.

Day 343 10:30AM The city was quiet. There were folks out but they were pensive…would the defense fleet be victorious or would the Chelish raiding parties be sailing into port? The party spent some time talking to drunks and children; They spread coin to spread rumor of Bonefist’s cowardice. A small troop of boys told the party that the Filthy Lucre sailed into port last night, around dusk. It paused in the harbor and then sailed northeast around Lucrehold – out of the boy’s sight. With their eyeglass they could see no sign of the Filthy Lucre moored near the island fort at all.

The party debated their target, the Chelish or Bonefist. Temujin prepared an augury: Where is the Chelish flagship? The Abrogail’s Fury has secreted itself in a cove under the Mystic Redoubt. As much as they wanted to go after Bonefist – the Chelish were the priority. Before Nico teleports the party to a beach near the cove, they reinforce their magical wards.

After teleporting to the beach they scamper up the grassy ridge and note the masts of the ship…they also note smoke seeping out of the shutters of the Mystic Redoubt. They spotted winged devils, called magaavs roosting across the cove. They marched on up over the ridge where they can now make out the ship anchored in a sheltered cove. Temujin hit the deck with a sunburst spell. Only 800’ away, Mittens d’ doors the party to the ship. The party, in magical transition, feel a pause – they know this: They are subject to a greater anticipate teleport! The Chelish would be aware of their coming and have moments to prepare.

The party arrive between midship and aft of the man of war – They are surrounded by magaavs and various officers of the ship: A Rahadoumi male, a female Shackles’ pirate and a female gnoll. At midship a robed figure was crying out about being blinded. A sailor was attempting to aid him and lead him down below decks. Nearby a Chelish male stood eyeing the party.

[end of session 167]
{Day 343}


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