Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 10

Mar 24th, 2015

DAY 19
The Wee Hours The party approached the Man’s Promise in their jolly boat, joined by Sandara, Anggarna and Badger. They were able to identify that Cog was manning the crow’s nest. Temujin’s raven delivered a message, that the party had no plans to suffer at the hands of Mr. Plugg and Master Scourge and to hold tight. They sidled up the the port-side of the Man’s Promise with Mittens and Damiano climbing up the side of the ship, stealthily, with grapple and ropes in hand to aid the the ascent for their comrades.

Jaundiced Jape was walking the decks, the party stayed low and quiet until he passed. The party, creeping aboard garnered his attention, Jape turning about was laid slow by Temujin’s sleep spell and settled to the deck. Mitten’s grease enchantment slicked the main stair into the hold, which grabbed Tam Tate’s attention but he fell on his ass as he attempted up the stair – as he fell, he cried a warning to his shipmates.

At the point the whole party scrambled aboard ship. Dur smashed through the captain’s quarter window distracting Owlbear who beat about lashing out at Dur. Dwag ran forward in the attempt to secure the officer’s cabin. As he approached Master Scourge and Fipps exited to meet him. Mr Plugg came out of the captain’s cabin and was engaged by Damiano and Sandara and Pyrlig was fighting with Maheem upon the steps going to the middle deck.

Once engaged with the enemy, the battle didn’t last long, with Mr. Plug and Master Scourge falling to the deck just moments apart – as their bodies dropped, Dwag yelled out for all hands to drop their weapons – and the ship was theirs!

Damiano called all hands on deck but the moment’s peace was broken by a woman’s cry below. Dwag and Pyrlig ran to the galley to find Kroops breaking into the galley and helping himself to the rum. While he managed to grab a jug, Liara the cook sliced him good for invading her stores. Dwag arrived and kicked Kroops solidly in the nuts, dropping him to the deck.

With peace restored, for a second time, and all hands rallied to the top deck, Damiano stated the party has claimed the ship and didn’t want anymore loss of life. The plan was the same as Mr. Pluggs, to sail to Rickety Squibs to squib the ship, and make all required repairs to get the ship sound. Rum was broken out and a night watch was set by the party.

Mr Plugg’s and Scourge’s Treasure

At daybreak they gathered their remaining stash of treasure and items from the island and sent a boat to gather the inscribed whale skull from Riptide Cove, and then they set sail.

Damiano reviewed the state of the ship. Haiyan was set as sailing master to guide them on their way. Damiano set Fergal as master gunner. While understaffed to man the weapons, Fergal did plan to review their status and worthiness for battle. While they kibitzed, Fergal shared his own story with Damiano. Damiano was dubious to the accounts truthfulness but shared his sentiment that he was glad Fergal was on board.

DAY 20 The party arrived at Rickety’s Squibs the next day – Hake and his men rowed out to meet the Man’s Promise and discussed terms with Damiano. The deal was spelled out that it would cost 2,000GP for squibbing, 1,000GP for hull repairs and another 1,000GP for enough provisions to get them on their way. As the party counted their coin, Nico stressed that he may have been able to strike a better deal had he been introduced – with that comment, Damiano bade Nico as the ship’s Master of Coin.

The ship was towed into the drydock and the party gathered their belongings and settled in at the commons for the next few days. Meeting some sailors there, they quickly signed up eight more bodies to join their crew.

While the work on the Man’s Promise commenced, the party sat down to appraise their new situation, in keeping the ship, settle ship’s roles and consider their next course of action.
{Day 19-20}
[end of session 10]


What?! That’s all you had time for on your lunch break?! ;)

Session 10

I know! A sad state of affairs when all I can do at work…is work. Working on this, now!

Session 10

Another fine journal entry LordGroan!

Session 10

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