Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 103

March 7th 2017

Day 310 10:00 AM The party having collected their treasure and their honored dead, pulled back to the Captain’s Lady, waiting for them out in the shallow harbor. The party spent the better part of the next day receiving the healing administrations from Father Pyrlig and Temujin – as well as Father Pyrlig raising Mittens from the dead. The party prepared themselves for the remainder of the day to be ready to return to the tunnels below the Black Tower.

Day 312 7AM As the party disembarked and marched across the beach to the rocky trail leading up to the Black Tower, the sand around them erupted and four monstrous crabs attacked.


From a body like a strange crab sprouts the torso of a praying mantis, clad in coral-colored crustacean armor. Swaying hypnotically, it rattles razor-sharp claws and raises its long, rapier-like tail stinger. This beast was known as a tetrolimulous, a sea-mantis, or the beach guillotine. They attacked savagely, Nico and Mittens at the rear of the party, while those in the front barely got through the defenses of Dwag and Damiano. The stings injected a nasty paralytic poison, luckily Temujin and Pyrlig were able to delay the poison’s effects. Temujin fascinated three of the four crabs with a rainbow pattern and the party ganged up on the beasts one at a time until all were slain.

The party proceeded up the rocky trail to the tower. Temujin warded the party from the stinging insects which were full of the pox. The party ventured down to the Shrouded Queen’s chambers. They found the trap door unlocked, and untrapped. The shaft was similar to the one descending down into this chamber – it went straight down for about 100’ and the walls of the shaft were smooth. The party backed up through the towre and retrieved their rope and grapple and dropped it down the shaft. Dwag dropped a magically lit spike and it dropped into a small chamber and bounced around on the stone floor.

The party descended without event to find a small bolthole, like a nest or haven. Rotten bedding, knick knacks and gnawed bones littered the chamber. They found a few minor magics in the bedding and Nico was pleased to find a partial construct, like one he had found in the caves of Kubla Du-Khan [ Session 68]. This had a skull in a crystal face mask, the torso was damaged and all limbs were missing. This construct looked like a more rustic, earlier design then the other retrieved construct. Like the other one, this too had a maker’s mark of “S.”


Day 312 9AM The shaft continued down – Dwag led the party and found that the shaft deposited into a nearly submerged chamber [room #3], 20′ × 20,’ but it had rounded walls, and two exits, sealed with rotting wooden doors.

Dwag checked the door – he heard distant moaning. The swollen door was hard to move but with the party’s handy chime of opening they dislodged the door, which lead down a narrow hall, to another door.

The door beyond was ajar and Dwag noted baleful red eyes beyond. Mittens launched a blast into the chamber [room #4] and Dwag pushed into the chamber attacking the undead beyond. As the party engaged the undead trio, one struck back at Damiano, draining some of his life-force. The wights were slain.

There was nothing of value in this chamber – Dwag pushed onward into the next hall – he heard a different language at the next door – Nico recognized it as aklo – an aquatic language. Nico was able to make out, “Did you hear something out there?” The party burst into the room [room #5] to see three aquatic humanoids, similar, but larger, then the skum they faced at Undertow Island. This lumbering creature’s gray-green hide glistens with moisture, and saliva dribbles from its fishlike maw Battle commenced! While powerful, these deep ones were outmatched and outnumbered and were quickly slain. In the back of the room stood a strange shrine – a silver inlaid femur was intertwined in the sticks, bones and rags.


The shrine likely stood in service to the King in Yellow. As the party investigated the shrine a wave of energy struck them – a minor curse affected Damiano – preventing him from receiving aid from his comrades.


[end of session 103]
{Day 310-312}



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