Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 104

March 15th 2017

Day 312 9:30AM The party pushed on into the next chamber – Dwag took the lead, searching as he went. Pushing into the next room, Dwag spied a sly looking creature. A humanoid, hung behind a chest floating in the fetid water. His eyes glowed softly red, his skin was grey and taut. He seemed unnatural. The party started moving up behind Dwag, as the dwarf made conversation, cautiously. The creature introduced himself as Costain, that he had been a sailor and bit by a savage on the island. Soon, he died, yet still lived. Costain didn’t appear aggressive and admitted that he was trapped here by a great spider in the caves leading from the sea. He also knew of an exit, passing through his hiding spot, that led up to the Shrouded Queen – the very route that the party passed through heading into these tunnels.

The party tired of conversation and assaulted Costain and he died (again). Father Pyrlig detected a current of water, venting through a secret door. Dwag and Pyrlig opened the panel to find a 20’ hallway ramping up to another paneled door. Dwag moved up, and finding no traps, popped the panel open. He found himself at a T intersection, the hallway heading left or right. He heard foot steps to the right and led the party in that direction.

Dwag in the lead, he rounded the corner and a disheveled man, wearing a breastplate and rapier at his side, but his clothes were rotting away. His pale skin pocked by salt exposure. He glanced up at Dwag and he fired off a series of questions, incredulous to see Dwag and the party behind him. He wondered how the party arrived here, had they been summoned by the voices in the darkness too? Had the party arrived by ship? The master, Udolpho sought a ship to go to the island of Ogashima. The party wasn’t interested in deep conversation and closed on the man. He stabbed at Damiano viciously, chanting as he struck, and negative energy rippled down his rapier, stinging much worse than the tip of his weapon. Ensuring that he didn’t have this opportunity again, the party ganged up on him, the best that they could in the narrow hallway, and slew him.

There was a narrow alcove to their left and the hall continued onward. In the alcove, there were two door – Dwag opened up the door to find five undead sailors moaning away. Dwag quickly shut the door, but the dead sailors wanted to come out and play and pulled the door back open. Father Pyrlig channeled positive energy through the room weakening most of the sailors, the party pushed in and destroyed them. There was nothing of else valuable in this chamber.

Checking the alternate door, they found a shoddy bedchamber that had a strong stink about it, of brine and sweat. Dwag found a chest and disabled the magical fire trap that had been cast upon it. They found scrolls and potions and a {link ==>} letter talking about the spread of power of the King in Yellow throughout the Shackles.

The party proceeded up the hallway which curved to the left. While it continued, a ninety degree branch forked off to the left. Dwag looked down the left-hand hallway. He saw a massive shrine against the wall. The chamber was a circular room roughly sixty feet across. Besides the 20’ tall shrine of wood, cloth and bone, there were two massive square columns off to the right, also wrapped in fabric, vines and displaying runes that glowed a brilliant blue. As Dwag scanned the room his eyes passed over the the Yellow Sign and a magical wave of energy passed over the party. The party’s will was hardy, but Nico’s summoned creatures began babbling, one attacked himself – before Nico dispelled them – to be on the safe side. As Dwag and Damiano moved in, they spotted the humanoid that had appeared aboard the Captain’s Lady.


The party moved into the room, some taking cover behind the large columns. As they closed in on the being, they felt the twinge of fear in their hearts. The two great columns of stone animated and turned to attack the party, as they did, they released waves of electricity into the room.

Mittens closed the distance upon the being, but found his defenses powerful. Damiano moved to support Mittens but had to safely get around the animated columns. The being’s cowled cloak leaned in and bit savagely at Mittens – who had had enough of such close contact and transported to a safer location across the chamber.


The two columns, constructs called tiberoliths bashed at Dwag and Temujin, with Pyrlig at the ready with healing. Nico was drawn back in the hall, considering his options on how best to support the team.

And the battle continued…

[end of session 104]
{Day 312}



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