Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 106

March 28th 2017

Day 312 11:00AM The party returned to the Captain’s Lady and spent the next two days recuperating.

Day 314 8:00AM Captain Damiano sent Captain Hawke and the Wildcard back to the D.C.I with the remainder of their crew. Varren Skipjack and four sailors stayed on with the Captain’s Lady.

Nico and Temujin teleported to Port Peril – they stopped off at Marge’s Emporium and traded swag and diamonds. They inquired and found the Pathfinder office and met with Crast Moreland. They asked about Sahji’s status with the Pathfinders and traded some unique items from the Shrouded Queen. Walking across town, Temujin was bumped hard in the chest. The cloaked man was profusely apologetic and offered them a drink – he led them to the dive bar, The Blind Octopus. When they were alone with their drinks, he revealed himself as {click link ==>} Alto Broadly. He stated that things were unsafe with Captain Harrigan. Their mutual friend, Peppery Longfarthing has disappeared and the Sea Snake now has a new captain. He knew it was time to leave. Nico and Temujin were cagey – was this a trick or trap? They told Alto to head to Quent and wait for them, which he said he would do, and the duo teleported back to the Captain’s Lady.

Day 314 Noon With Nico and Temujin returned, the Captain gave orders to set sail to Senara.

Day 317 4:00PM The Captain’s Lady sailed out of the deep waters west of the Shackles and anchored in a sheltered cove of Ushinawa Island. Temujin awakened a sea gull – and sent “Flappy” off to do reconnaissance of Senara. Flappy dropped off a magicked insects to monitor the various levels of the fortress. Temujin and Mittens took turns scrying Flappy to have their own view of the fort and it’s defenses.

Three ships were at anchor. The Chelish cutter, King Crimson, an Andoran brig, the Good Charles and the Chelish man-of-war, the Endurance. While the cutter and the brig were were provisionally prepared for action, the Endurance showed tight readiness aboard ship.

Flappy returned with his insect payload and relayed the details to Temujin of what had been seen. No traps were detected, but there were multiple suites occupied by humans. On two occasions the insects encountered devilish beings. There were three floors containing infernal temples, multiple barracks, guard dog kennels, warehouses and the third floor exited out a cave to the beach were the ships were moored.

Day 318 The party considered that they may not return to the Captain’s Lady. Mittens teleported the pirate crew back to D.C.I. While there, Mittens checked in with Yacine. Yacine relayed that while the fort was being repaired, a wall of debris was torn down in the tower basement to reveal a hidden teleportation circle. Yacine also noted that Damiano and Mitten’s father, Lawrence has been spending time at the brothel, the House of Yellow Sails.

Mittens returned to the Captain’s Lady and the party discussed their plan to infiltrate (or assault) the fort at Senara.

Day 319 7AM The party scryed the buildings on top of the cliff, seeing the eryines perched on the roof and considered their best teleportation location to get into the roof trap doors, leading into the fort complex.

[end of session 106]
{Day 312-319}



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