Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2017

Session 107

April 4th 2017

Day 319 7AM The party teleported into the circular chamber and hugged the walls. Each was buffed with their protective spells – the whole party was invisible. Dwag moved up and started deactivating the magical skull sentry…it would take some time. The party was free with it’s constructive comments to ‘cheer’ Dwag along in his efforts! As he was nearly completed with his task – the farthest eryines changed its position, perched on the roof of the square building across from the patio – did it eye a dwarf, squatting down between the trap door and magical sentry? Was the dwarf sweating and fussing with the skull on a stick? It was! The eryines, hovered down to get a better view through the arched doorway, squawking an infernal warning to it’s sisters, who dropped off the circular roof and stepped through two other archways.

As Damiano and Pyrlig engaged their closest eryines in melee, Mittens and Temujn fired at the second distant eryines across the chamber. Dwag took his good sweet time unlocking the trap door.

Nico summoned a large bone devil which engaged the initial eryines. Telepathically it browbeat all three, telling the guardians to back off and none of this was their concern. He then closed in and slapped one of the devils around to further brush it back and send it packing – that act rankled the pack of eryines which kept their distance from the bone devil but peppered it with their bows. The first eryines quailed at his presence and fled, which the other two kept up a spirited attack on the bone devil – the party sat back, holding off further attacks and continued to query Dwag about what could possibly take so long to get a trap door unlocked and opened?

As the bone devil closed on the second eryines, this side conflict looked to get out of hand, Mittens and Temujin assisted the bone devil and slew the eryines. The bone devil now had one sword and one bow as prizes! He turned on the third eryines, who had kept its distance from Damiano and Pyrlig…it teleported away.

Finally! The trap door was unlocked. The party was still buffed, but only Nico and Dwag were still invisible. Dwag dropped into the stairway and wound his way down stealthily. Dwag exited a doorway and came to a long hall that turned sharply to the left. On his left there was a second door. He listened and heard nothing. The door had a fine lock, but was unlocked. Checking, he found it led to another stairway, heading down. He continued down the hall and arrived at an intersection. The hallway widened to ten feet and went off to the left. To the right it went on 60’ feet or more to a T intersection. There were also doors on both the right and left hand side of the halls, at the far end. Concentrating on the wider hall, Dwag heard a familiar, if unknown, infernal gibberish – looking he saw the escaped eryines speaking to a fiendish woman. Twin tentacles stretch from the crown of this feminine fiend’s head, while her lower body blooms in a gown of writhing tendrils. There were two eryines also in attendance to this fiendish ‘handmaiden.’ The handmaiden looked up, spying Dwag, asked him why he was there – he surely didn’t sport any Chelish forces or naval insignias – Dwag stammered a reply and communicated back to the party that he was made.

The party was quickly coming down the stairs and through the corridor as Dwag started fighting the handmaiden and her attendants. Damiano rolled through the room to take the fight to the escaped eryines in the back. There was a single door on the north, south and eastern walls. The handmaiden wrapped her tentacles around Dwag and hugged him close, stuffing him into her rib cage – perhaps to be crushed in the moments to come. However Temujin transported Dwag to ‘safety’ out of the handmaiden’s body, five feet away, to renew his attack. Mittens transported across the room, to Damiano’s side and also attacked the eryines.

Nico’s large bone devil had squeezed down the tunnel and standing at the intersection reached across to strike out at the handmaiden and her defending eryines companions.

Down the far corridor to the right, Pyrlig and Temujin noted a swaggering sailor captain standing at the T intersection, regarding the fray involving the party – they informed the party of this new spectator. Nonchalantly the sailor strode out of sight, heading east. Moments later the party heard a sonorous metal ‘bing’ chime through the hallways. The lovely ‘bing’ was followed by horrible horrible screaming as Nico summoned a tyrannosaurus – it’s massive bulk coalesced in the intersection and the beast snaked it’s head down to snap up the smarmy sea captain in it’s jaws. [Nope. The party would barely know or care about this NPC. Based on the screaming they could only surmise that he didn’t have many hit points remaining and that he would be in terrible terrible pain, but probably for only one more round! It didn’t matter that the GM had carefully prepared this NPC’s stat block. Poor Dalithan Blackhand (yes, he has a name!) had a backstory, with hopes, dreams and several unknown children from many girlfriends across the Shackles – no, that doesn’t matter now, because soon Dalithan will be dead. <sigh>]

The party slew the handmaiden and two of the eryines, but one eryines teleported away. They heard the soft metal ‘bing’ chime despite the noise of their combat. They certainly heard the chomping roar of the tyrannosaurus and it’s victim, Mr. Soon-To-Be-Living-The-Rest-of-His-Short-Ass-Life-In-Agonizing-Pain, aka Dalithan Blackhand. Behind the t-rex, at the right-hand branch of the far T intersection, Dalithan’s death groans were followed up by the high pitched wail of a woman’s scream.

The party had but a moment to take stock of their surroundings and make their next move through the complex.

[end of session 107]
{Day 319}



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