Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 108

April 11th 2017

Day 319 7AM The party had mere moments to catch their breath. Damiano and Temujin entered the eastern door to find a nicely appointed bed chamber – they began tossing the room for valuables and intelligence. Dwag opened the western door to find a long empty hall. There were doors staggered down the hall to the left and the right. About 50’ away the hall ended at a door. Suddenly, a well armored orc female appeared, swinging her flail, hitting Dwag. Her massive shield, ornamented with a lion’s head, came to life and bit Dwag.

Mittens “bamf’d” to the far hall, behind the t-rex. He saw a young woman, looking in horror upon her comrade, being gnashed to bits in the t-rex’s jaws. Mitten saw her, and another female companion behind her, as the door quickly closed. Nico’s t-rex finished it’s meal and turned about, toward the door that Mittens and Nico indicated, and began bashing its way in.

Dwag yelled out that he had company, as he heard the tell-tale singing of a bard, farther down the hallway. The orc bard was taking pot shots at Dwag with it’s crossbow. Damiano left Temujin to the looting and joined Dwag in the hallway – only to be shot, by a third attacker, who was still invisible. Damiano got struck multiple times by powerful scorching rays.

Father Pyrlig supported Dwag, and then Damiano with healing – his channelling helping the duo and hurting their multiple opponents. As Temujin finished cleaning up the chamber and rejoined Pyrlig, he heard conversation behind the southern door. Temujin alerted the party that more troops may soon arrive, Nico sent his bone devil in to investigate. It turned out to be a guardroom, manned by Chelish troops – soon there was screaming as the bone devil laid into the watchmen. None would escape.

The t-rex pushed its way into the sitting chamber and searched about for its prey, it pushed it’s body into the room and being unable to move further into the adjoining room, tore up the room in frustration. Mittens was alerted to a door opening behind him in the hallway, to see the second female eyeing him – he attacked, but missed, as she was protected by many mirror images. She dropped a freezing fireball upon Mittens, Nico and the t-rex. As she retreated, she continued to attack Mittens who started following her up. Nico dropped in a brace of eryines, around her as Mittens lit up the chamber with a chain lightning. The two woman were dropped. Stealthing in the back of the room was a furtive male, the eryines pounced upon him. Then at Nico’s command, they gathered items of note.

Dwag slew the orc warrior as Damiano slew the orc bard – however the elusive, invisible, caster continued to rain down magical attacks upon them. Dwag was swinging wildly in the air, looking for contact as Damiano threw daggers everywhere. Temujin moved up and dispelled the magic in the chamber – the caster, now visible and now longer flying, fell prone at Dwag’s feet. But knowing he had few chances, the human spell-caster was able to cast a spell, and dimension door’d away from his most certain death.

Damiano moved down the hallway as Dwag checked out the doors to the left and right (small bed cells and sitting rooms). Dwag also grabbed the orc warrior’s flail and shield. Nico had the t-rex back out of the sitting room and open another door across the hall – inside were terrified Chelish guards who were trapped. The t-rex had a nice snack.

Damiano and Temujin moved into the door and found a large hall. An archway on the west wall lead to a balcony, and there were other doors also on the north, south and eastern walls. A half dozen guards closed in on Temujin. A female in full plate, cast a spell, becoming invisible and closed in on Temujin also. Undaunted, although surrounded, Temujin cast creeping doom – and all the possible assailants around him were covered in a nasty, biting, insect swarm.

Mittens teleported into the great hall…but somehow, magically, got lost in transit. He didn’t arrive immediately.

As Damiano moved up to bolster Temujin, many of the attacking guards fell back or dispersed due to the stinging insects. The female warrior, moved across the room to escape out one of the southern doors, but not before Damiano sensed her brushing past him invisibly and struck her soundly. She did move on to make her escape.

Moments later, Mittens arrived in the room, albeit a bit later than anticipated, to find a guard captain swinging right at him, but who failed to connect with his sword.


The party continued to push through the interior of the top floor of the Chelish fortress of Senara, but their attack, and it’s defense, was far from over!

[end of session 108]
{Day 319}



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