Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 109

April 18th 2017

Day 319 7:03AM The battle raged on in the main hall. As Temujin’s insect swarms rushed the Chelish guards, some fell back and fled down side hallways, a few stalwart solders closed in on Temujin and Dwag. Mittens continued to fight a Chelish officer that had come in from the balcony.

Nico’s eryines were on their way to the great hall, dodging around the t-rex, stomach full of Chelish guards, it rammed and clawed at the doorway, which was far too small, looking to rip away the stone and enlarge the doorway for it’s passage.

Damiano headed out onto the magically veiled balcony, to find another officer being assailed by Temujin’s insect swarm. Damiano also noted that the alarm had reached the harbor, and the ship’s crews were on high alert, and prepping their vessels. Damiano returned to the great hall.

As the party put down the remaining guards, Temujin moved up to one of the southern doors. Opening the door, he saw that it was filled with quite a receiving party: three hell hounds and three filthy barbed devils armed with glaives, an eryines – who had escaped the handmaiden’s quarters earlier, and a tall devilish-looking male, in fine robes. The devil, had reddish skin, long thin horns on his head and held a massive set of scrolls spooled on wooden rods. The door to his right (Temujin’s left) was ajar – his eyes while on Temujin, flicked occasionally to the open door.

The party rapidly moved up to support Temujin and his new playmates. Mittens dropped a lightning ball down the hallway, instantly slagging the hell hounds. The remainder shook off their electrical burns. The devil dropped a fireball at the end of the hall, but Dwag and Damiano dodged it while Temujin and Pyrlig’s defensive magics deflected the brunt of the damage.

Mittens and Nico (floating invisibly nearby), were caught in their own fireball, as an eastern door opened – the escaped mage that had harried Dwag and Damiano had returned! Mittens strode up and threatened the mage – who immediately recoiled and attempted to magically flee – but as he retreated Mittens slew him.

In the southern hallway, Pyrlig, Dwag and Temujin continued to push into the hall, as they killed off the defending bearded devils. Damiano skipped to the back of the hall, and fought the devil and eryines. The door that was ajar, opened and a armor female (invisible, that only Temujin could see), moved alongside Damiano – who felt the her presence and struck her soundly. The devil lashed out with his rolled contracts at Damiano, cutting him, but failing to entwine him within it’s rolls.

The party closed in on the combatants and soon the hall was silent – all Chelish combatants, for the moment, were dead.

Nico gathered the valuables collected from his eryines and from Temujin. Damiano and Temujin sacked the adjoining chambers in the suite, as Mittens did a final sweep of the nearby halls and chambers. The top floor was empty of any opposition. Nico sent his bone devil to the pair of stairways where the party had entered the complex. Invisible, it waited for any guardsmen who might venture up the stairs.

The party quickly refreshed their protective spells, healed a few wounds and considered their next steps. They had found a fat leather satchel upon the corpse of the armored Chelish female warrior. They had packed up her corpse in their bag of holding too. Did they feel they found the intelligence they were looking for? They didn’t have time to review it, but her offices had been hastily cleared out and these papers were on her person when she died. Did the party have enough? Unknown but they felt they had the energy and resources to push on. The party passed through the halls to join the bone devil at the top of the stairs.

Nico sent his devil down the stairs – he received mental word, as the devil got to the bottom of the stair and turned left, there were three barbed devils surrounding it – while smaller, they were doughty brutes. As the party descended the stairs, he was aware of the fight his summoned bone devil put on, before being destroyed.

Day 319 7:06AM They arrived at the bottom of the stair. Dwag turned to the left and snuck a few feet until he reached a great hall. Looking about – far across the room he spied a barbed devil in a far hallway, another behind a column. To Dwag’s left a great tapestry covered the wall – the fabric was swept aside as a massive figure pushed through. This impossibly corpulent being floats several feet off the ground. Trappings cut in mockery of holy vestments do little to cover the thing’s pallid, leaking rolls of blister-pocked girth. Worthless, club-like hands waggle like maggots, directing a cloud of weathered scrolls and blasphemous tomes that orbit its bulk. Barely distinguishable amid its mound of chins squints a pair of glassy black eyes, riding above a disproportionately wide mouth curled into a perpetually lecherous grin. Bloated scholars of despair, this beast, known as a heresy devil, collects, creates, and spreads heresies and apocrypha, sowing disbelief and corruption.


“Greetings friend and welcome! You are not Chelish nor their friends – that is okay, we service all kinds here. Be at ease, come in, come in.”


The party fidgeted in the hall, quickly preparing themselves – it was likely that the conversation was going to end soon!

[end of session 109]
{Day 319}



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