Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 11

Mar 31st, 2015

Day 20 Having successfully brokered a deal with Rikety Hake, the party settled in for some shore leave at the Commons while cutters towed the Man’s Promise into the dry dock.

The party set about getting introduced to their eight new hands joining the ship and assigning personnel to the last few remaining open positions aboard ship.
Ship name: Lachesis
1st Mate: Sandara
2nd Mate: Cog
Bosun: Temujin
Bosuns mate: Barefoot Sams
master-at-arms: Dwag
master-at-arms mate: Rosie

Day 23 While they took their rest, Damiano attempted to spread their infamy, by telling the story of the party’s adventures while shipwrecked on Bonewrack Island and the ensuing battle with the grindylows in Blood Cove. While a riveting tale of daring with a happy ending of successfully saving their comrades, Sandara and Badger, the folks at the Commons were tired from their day of hard work and spent more time staring into their cups then listening to Damiano’s tale.

Day 25 The heat surrounding Rikety’s Squibs was oppressive, even the jungle foliage was wilting and the stream’s level was riding low in the banks – the heat appeared to be taking its toll upon other denizens were worked into a lather. A young water naga came downstream looking for an escape from the heat and being worked up, lashed out at the workers toiling around Rikety’s dry dock. The party scrambled and as they closed the distance, the naga swam out into the river. The party was limited to firing their crossbows and working their spells to attack the naga. Nico summoned pod after pod of celestial dolphins and water elementals – and finally they were able to kill the naga. Hake explained that he had worked out deals with the nagas upstream to leave each other in peace and never had a problem in the past but with this heat, this young, rash naga was beyond being reasonable.

Appreciative of the parties’ help, knowing that the naga could have killed many of his folk, Hake offered the party 500gp in added modifications to their ship. Nico persuaded Hake to add secret storage in the bulkheads and broaden the keel for added stability, for their continued vigilance while their ship was being squibbed.

The party settled back at the Commons, to be visited by Kroops. Kroops, having nothing better to do on a hot day then enjoy his rum, offered two thoughts for their consideration.

  1. What kind of pirates were they planning to be? How do they handle captured folk who aren’t worth a ransom but don’t want to be pirates? Do they turn them lose in a jolly boat with a few days provisions? Sell them to slavery? Do they motivate folks to become pirates like Harrigan did – picking one to toss into the seas, and to the sharks?
  2. Also, Damiano is the captain, but the party has some say. Sometimes Damiano will make judgements that the party may not agree with – the party has to be behind him, at least on deck. Below decks, in privacy they may have something else to say, but it will be important to instill in the crew, to follow the captain and to appear to have solidarity.

After inciting a spirited conversation, Kroops slunk off to refill his cup.

Day 27 Hake informed the party that they only had 1-2 days remaining until their ship would be ready to launch. Later that day a swarm of a dozen giant wasps descended upon the squibworks from out of the jungle. The party ran out to engage the hungry wasps and slew eight of them. The ship’s crew and townsfolk slew the other four. During the combat, Temujin and Damiano were stung and suffered from their venom, their limbs feeling slow and sloppy.

Barely gathering their breath, the party heard the Commons bell ring an alert: a ship had pulled into the inlet – a Chelish galleon! During the battle with the wasps, no blue ensign was raised at Godwin’s watch tower and the galleon sailed into the estuary. A gig was pulled up at the dock and an armored Andoran man stood at the lead of six hardy sailors looking up the shoreline towards Hake and the party.

{Day 20-27}
[end of session 11]



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