Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 110

April 25th 2017

Day 319 7:08AM As the party got itchy, waiting for the fight to commence, the heresy devil squeezed his bulk between the columns and moved farther away from the party, slowly ascending on his floating throne. Dwag and Damiano moved into the room – from behind the tapestry, came two large bone devils, which closed in on Dwag, and an air elemental that flew over to engage the Captain. Two barbed devils closed in on the Captain firing scorching rays as he fought with the elemental.

The party started pressing into the great hall. Nico summoned a celestial t-rex that snapped at the heresy devil. As the party pushed into the room, two Chelish fire priests of Asmodeus, came up the back hallway, and dropped fireballs amongst the party. The damage was light due to the party’s magical defensive wards.

Temujin kept a sharp eye on the bloated devil but failed to counter the beasts magic – the devil escaped from the maw of the t-rex and appeared across the room, near the ceiling. Mittens dropped a chain lightning ball amongst the foes, which Pyrlig chased with a channel, further weakening the enemies. The summoned t-rex denied his feast of heresy devil, snapped up a barbed devil – despite the devil’s barbed skin, the dinosaur chomped with relish.

The two singed priests of Asmodeus, channeled their own hurt upon the party as Dwag finished off his bone devil opposition, he closed in on the priests. Temujin fired his bow at the heresy devil, but this foe had his eye on others – he dropped an unholy blight upon Mittens and the celestial t-rex. Both were hurt but shrugged off any other effects. The t-rex swallowed down the barbed devil which pummeled and scraped the t-rex from the inside – soon it tore a hole in the side of the beasts stomach and slid out onto the ground. The t-rex focused on the other barbed devil and snatched him up, grievously mauling the devil and ignoring the pain from the devil’s barbed hide. Damiano finished off the air elemental and waited for the party to cover him before planning to engage the heresy devil.

Father Pyrlig continued to channel, healing the party and hurting their foes – one Chelish priest dropped to the ground and the other fell by Dwag’s killing stroke. The t-rex finished off both barbed devils, brutally hurt but strangely satisfied with it’s meal of devilish meat. Mittens eyed the heresy devil – who saw the battle turn from his vantage point. As the devil cast from his floating throne, Mittens prepared to counter, but failed, and the heresy devil teleported away. The battle had ended.

The party healed up, and investigated the level, keeping a warding eye upon the far hall, that had stairs leading down. They found the temple to Asmodeus which Dwag was trying to find unique ideas on how to desecrate an infernal temple. There were chambers, finely appointed, but empty – the occupants were academics, or mages perhaps. The barbed devils had their own chambers – foul, corpse-strewn, bodies of slaves, prisoners were ripped apart and feasted upon here. There was nothing else of note or value here. Dwag did find a secret door, which lead to a torture chamber. Fine torture implements were here, as well as braziers, and a grinding machine, to render bones to powder. A naked man was strapped down to a table. His eyes gouged out, ears cut off. His index fingers and big toes cut off and gone, perhaps burnt away in a brazier. His skin was in process of being incised with infernal runes. Mittens, Temujin and Nico realized that the runes were in progress – most likely selling him, to complete a summoning from the infernal planes. Father Pyrlig healed him – the man came to but was in shock: crying and rambling nonsensically. They removed him from the room and returned to the great hall.

Day 319 7:20AM The party gathered their collected swag. Nico quickly reviewed the intelligence they had gathered, in hopes that they had acquired data that was useful. From one of the two fire priests, they found a letter:

To my infallible master, Gabiano Brutus. You may have more details in the north, but Lady Melant murmurs that there are ongoing complications with the Six. It is noted that they are not flawless, but benefit by their association with holy ties to Lords mighty among the Shackles. They have strong ties to Besmara and Gozreh.

Both servants need to be removed for future plans to have maximized potency.

Agents have been paid and dispatched out of Corpus House. The priest of Besmara is weaker and approachable in a port town – Acquisition against this target should be generally easier.

The stronger, second target is not often alone. At Jezana’s request, I have asked for Sahzara’s aid, at great cost, to summon additional, infernal players, to aid in the elimination of the second target.

Thorin Raxus

  • They reviewed the other documents. They found a map indicating the northern Chelish fort at Bhudrek Atoll, near Tempest Cay. A second map, at the Slithering Coast, indicated the location of Sahzara – a revered, and long-lived imp who watches over Saragava and the Southern Shackles.
  • There were other notes, some indicating the multiple aliases that the party had encountered time and time again. Lon Ezeel, Nisroch, Karunus Impel and Karl Magnus appeared to be the one and the same person. They also garnered the addresses of two safe-houses, one located in Drenchport, the other in Hell Harbor.
  • Other notes detailed long-standing interactions with the imp, Sahzara. Some dates going back over 50 years. This Sahzara appeared to be a counselor regarding Sargava, the Shackles, and more recently, the utilization of Captain Harrigan.
  • There were manifests and invoices with the Rampore Isles, on behalf of it’s leader, Free Captain Bedu Hanji. Histories of purchases of slaves, materials, specialized manpower, such as assassins (the names: Cat Varian and Giles Halmis, are noted). Also additional agents, such as Reicudan and Brona Dhu as hired free-lancers on behalf of the Chelish. The Dhu’s appeared to have safe houses in Little Oppara, Quent and Slipcove.
  • One note, mulled over the gathering of observations pertaining to Lord Bonefist. It appears that Bonefist is of late, increasingly distracted by an actress named Lady Camilla. This actress, mostly likely just a whore, is the female lead from the World’s Stage Theatre in High Eastwind at Port Peril. How best can this information be used?
  • A draft of a letter from Jezana Melant to Admiral Druvalia Throne of Cheliax: Regarding Sahzara, should we make contact again? Do we have questions for him to divine? The cleanup at Coiba is complete and the site is guarded. The former governor, Mormo Saday, is currently at Garnet Gannet Island with Captain Harrigan. Should Saday be eliminated? How soon will the man-o-war, Impervious, arrive? We await for Captain Paracountess Talminari. Lastly, the man-o-war Stormguard is on patrol and should be meeting up with Captain Adelita Doloruso, at Harrigan’s command. She is solidifying plans regarding the engagement at the Island of Empty Eyes.

Taking this in, the party felt that they had enough to return home. Gathering themselves together, they teleported back to the Chelish Fort at D.C.I.

Nico left immediately to retrieve Sandara back to the party’s company. Father Pyrlig continued to heal the invalid that that they recovered and he was now lucid and able to talk. His name was Ebenezer Garvis. He was the 3rd mate of the frigate, the Blood Hawk under Captain Samuel Stens. The Blood Hawk was part of Captain Eldred Seabreaker’s fleet. Garvis had been taking a prize sloop to Bloodcove when he was intercepted near Goatshead by the man-o-war, the Endurance. The party left him in care at the fort while they attended to other tasks.

Father, and Ann Sharpe were not nearby, not at the fort nor at Pyrligburg. But Mittens mentioned that they may need to talk too Father soon.

Day 320 9AM The party decided to rest and prepared to head to Hell Harbor. Glaive teleported Nico and Mittens to Hell Harbor so they could reconnoitre. Then they teleported back to D.C.I. The party prepared to return imminently, to investigate the safe house of Lon Ezeel.

[end of session 110]
{Day 319-320}



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