Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 111

May 2nd 2017

John/Dwag is on shore leave, building Dwag’s Folly (Never give up the high ground!) on D.C.I.

Day 320 9AM The party. joined by Sandara, checked in with Yacine, and then teleported to Hell Harbor. The city of 30,000 was one of few in the Shackles that sported a consistent architecture. Solidly built stone buildings, artistically appointed in the baroque fashion to that of the Chelish Empire, gave Hell Harbor a sophisticated air. Guard patrols moved through the streets as commoners went their way.


Opting not to conduct a clandestine operation against a safehouse in a city controlled by another Free Captain, the party paid their respects to Lord Arronax Endymion. The party was granted access at Lord Endymion’s manor, by his 1st mate, Chambros Egrossa. Soon Arronax joined the party and they presented their case. Arronax confirmed that he was indeed anti-Chelish as his reputation suggested and he would grant the party permission to search the safe house of Lon Ezeel on Octavia Street, in the Upper Ward. Lord Arronax set one lieutenant Octan Greso and his troop to patrol Octavia Street and the adjoining alleys, should anyone try to escape.

Arronax offered that if this safehouse is checked out successfully perhaps the party would move against a local theatre, whose presentations have been slanderous concerning Lord Endymion. It would seem too oppressive if he were to close down the theatre, but if an unconcerned party could take care of it…it would be appreciated. Lord Endymion offered a small fleet of ships for compensation should this problem be eradicated from Hell Harbor. The party stated that they would consider it after the safehouse was investigated.

Day 320 11AM The party took their leave, hired a cab and went uptown. The upscale manor presented some 200’ of frontage set behind a black fence – the building was a two story stone structure with many large windows. Nico summoned Anduril who stealthily investigated the perimeter, to find no magical protections on the outside of the building. The party had the cab driver pulled around to the rear alley behind the manor, paid him and sent him off. The party moved up to a circular portico at the rear of the manor and climbed or flew to the 2nd floor balcony above the portico.

Nico used his chime to pop the door, leading into an empty library. The room was clean but spare any reading materials. It did not look like it had been hastily cleaned out. An open door lead south into a hallway, a closed door was on the east wall, there was a fireplace on the west wall and on the south wall next to the doorway was a large oil painting, which looked relatively new. The scene was of twin suns, setting over a placid lake. Hills lie beyond mid-ground with graceful towers just behind the hills. Multiple members of the party recognized this as Carcosa – the home of the lord in yellow. This seemed to be confounding bit of details for one loyal to the Chelish.

Anduril pushed the eastern door open and there was a soft breeze blew through despite all the windows appeared closed. Anduril was immediately assaulted by a fury of blows. Mittens dropped a glitterdust in the room and they saw the vague form buffeting at Anduril. The party moved in quickly and counter attacked – soon, it dissipated as it was destroyed. The party found themselves in a clean, well laid out master bedroom. There were two doorways here, but instead they pulled back into the library and moved out into the main hall.

They party found the central stair leading downstairs and proceeded downward. As they descended into the main hall they were greeted by a massive brass statue of a warrior standing opposite them. They heard a low infernal growl from around the corner and the statue sprang to life, it’s eyes glowing and the grill at its mouth huffing out smoke. Opening its mouth it breathed out a cloud of burning ash and smoke – but luckily the party’s protections were mostly sufficient against fire. The party closed in, with Nico’s summoned devil taking point against the golem. The party closed in and traded blows against the golem. Seeing the end coming, Damiano ducked around the corner as the golem exploded sending burning shrapnel throughout the front hall.

As Damiano took cover in a stairwell around the corner, there was a cry of surprise – hiding nearby, likely from the apparent battle taking place in the main hall – was a young, attractive mestizo woman wearing maid’s garb.

[end of session 111]
{Day 320}



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