Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 112

May 9th 2017

Day 320 11AM The battle was over, Temujin moved to Damiano’s side and quickly enchanted the maid – she fell to sleep. The pair of them heard the clatter of metal in the next room – moving in, they found a cook whisking some ingredients in a bowl. He seemed unfazed by their arrival. The party took up a defensive and watchful perimeter, with Nico summoning many demons to move about the building.

The cook was Taldoran, and had seen many terrible and wonderful things while serving aboard the caravel, the Long Horizon, under Captain Horace Twill. But those days of excitement are past and he prefers being a cook. His only other companion here is the sleeping maid, Natessa. And the imp, Enceladus, is here or there. Nico’s succubi attempted to intimidate him but the cook’s will was resolute – they did dominate him and he answered all questions dutifully.

Lon Ezeel was a good employer, a busy and distant man. He seldom had visitors. However a Chelish man visited yesterday afternoon – and this man was not a local. Soon afterwards Master Ezeel cancelled dinner plans and magicked himself away – his destination was unknown to the cook.

While the house was finely appointed, little of extravagant value was handy. Leaving the cook and the maid in the care of the succubi, the summoned vrock attempted to hunt down the rogue imp, Enceladus.

Mittens and Damiano ventured into the basement where they found a wood store room, dry good storage, a pump and washroom and a bulkhead exit to the back alley. In the pump room, Mittens found a paving stone that was loose – small footsteps led up to the stone. Mittens and Damiano pried the stone up to find a narrow stair descending into the darkness.

Day 320 11:10AM The party formed up, and they proceeded down the stairway. Heading down the stairs, one flagstone gave away – Mittens flew due to his magics, but Damiano fell 30’ down, falling on a firm, cool ground – but not as hard as he expected. As Damiano planned to relay back up the hole that he was okay, a coolness pervaded his clothes and he became paralyzed!


The party attempted to act and maneuver down the tight tunnel. As Pyrlig and Temujin flew down to the Captain’s aid, they were aware of a soft glistening, moving up along the Captain, engulfing him. Mittens lashed out with a stroke of lightning but found the gelatinous cube was immune to that element. Pyrlig healed the Captain as Mittens and Temujin attacked with fire, successfully melting away the beast, freeing the Captain, however he too was wounded from the fiery attack – requiring additional healing from Father Pyrlig.

The party returned up the tunnel and proceeded down the stairs, arriving to a stout wood door. Nico summoned Anduril, but she failed to open the lock. Nico followed up with his magical chime of opening, but that too failed. Nico and Mittens D’Doored the party to the other side of the door. They were in a 5’ wide (and tall) hallway. Behind them the hallway continued into the darkness. Forward they could smell the stink of sewage. The party moved up and found the hallway end at a slippery ledge that ran along a canal. Multiple brick conduits fed waste from the streets of Hell Harbor to these channels which likely emptied into the harbor. Damiano and Mittens searched for evidence of footsteps, tiny ones and found them heading to the left (east) and carefully they started to move along the slick ledge. Nico noted small (not imp tiny) cloaked creatures off to the right, across the channel, peeking carefully from another hallway. Nico sent a succubus up to investigate.

Moving carefully, Mittens was surprised when from a nearby culvert long claws reached out and stuck powerfully. The party reacted, ready to fight, but this long-limbed creature was dangerously fast and struck Mittens again and she fell unconscious. Mittens moved up – the beast attempting to claw at him. As the party moved up, the creature oozed out of the pipe and moved off and as it did so it exuded an acidic yellow and green cloud. Temujin and Damiano were caught up in it – they could feel the burning up on their skin – but Nico was able to use a magic wand to blow the cloud away. Father Pyrlig healed Mittens enough for him to stay low, but t-port to safety farther up the hall. The party wizards fired up the beast from a distance while Damiano fought in melee, keeping his feet upon the slippery ledge. Pyrlig continued to channel healing to his mates and bring pain upon the ooze – and as Mittens regained his feet he blasted away at the beast. Weakened, the beast was not to find an easy meal today, as Damiano plunged his rapier into the beast and slayed it.


Nico’s succubus attempted to dominate the far small cloaked creature, but failed and it retreated. As she followed she entered a large chamber, with many of these like creatures – they were ratfolk. The succubus held off, relaying this information to Nico. Nico followed up and provided coin for information. The ratfolk were indeed aware of the imp – he was a frequent visitor to a nearby set of tunnels. The party was headed in the right direction. Further on down the tunnels was the begger lord, Crosu. And something to be more feared of, is an undead lord and his minions – but they are farther on in the tunnels, past were the imp is going – to the underground retreat of Lon Ezeel.

Nico and his succubus returned to the party and after a bit of healing they moved onward, carefully.

They found a side tunnel branching off and moved on. Anduril and Damiano were in the lead. As they turned a corner in this branch, they were greeted by Karl Magnus – the northerner contact that they had meet some weeks ago in Port Peril. Mittens moved up as Anduril retreated down the line. Mittens could tell that this was not the real man in the flesh, but just an illusion.

Karl (or Lon Ezeel) greeted them and wished them the best, as a matter of fact he wished to present an offer. That the party was much more effective then Captain Harrigan – that they would due best working with him, and the Chelish to control the Shackles under Chelish control. That Damiano and the party were get very rich, replacing the council of Free Captains and they could select the Free Captains who would help them govern the Shackles, to make it peaceable so the Chelish Empire could once more establish control over it’s former colony of Sargava. Karl was disappointed that the party didn’t bite at the offer. The party attempted to put Lon Ezeel on the defensive stating that they would shrug off this new attempt of the Chelish to regain control of the Shackles, and Sargava. But Lon stated he could simply retreat or retire back to Nidal or other destinations north should he tire of his own business arrangement with the Chelish. Mittens followed up that maybe his own direction may be muddied, now that he dabbled with the mysteries of the King in Yellow. Pish posh, that artwork is but a trifle, responded Lon Ezeel, but Mittens did not feel convinced. Perhaps Lon Ezeel was more invested in the dark mysteries then he tried to let on. With the conversation at an impasse, Lon Ezeel said his goodbyes and the apparition vanished.

Day 320 11:15AM The party stood at the stout door – they planned on proceeding onward, just to have a little look-see.

[end of session 112]
{Day 320}



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