Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 113

May 16th 2017

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 320 11:15AM Nico summoned Anduril, but she was unable to open the door. Mittens enlarged himself, and shouldered the door in. After a short hallway turning to the left, another stout door stood at the hall’s end, Anduril heard a female voice on the other side of the door. The party readied as Anduril unlocked the door. As Anduril moved away from the fray, back down the hallway, Damiano attempted to slide past Mittens but he mis-stepped and was unable to get into position behind the eryines.

Mittens teleported inside the doorway, to find another figure, a burly female half-orc appearing as if she were once invisible. The half-orc laid into Mittens with her double-axe. Damiano moved up to engage the eryines that blocked the passage. and the party reshuffled in the hallway to get a better vantage point in which to help their companions.

Mittens was surprised to hear the voice of Lon Ezeel ring out – both Mittens and the half-orc warrior’s minds were addled and they both became confused. Nico summoned a brace of babau and dropped them behind the eryines – which made yet another invisible combatant noticed in the fray. A sturdy dwarven monk appeared and laid into the babau – but their strong natural resistances and acidic skin made a tough pairing for the monk.

Mittens felt another magical tickle, but shrugged it off. Searching his mind for clues towards this new incantation aimed at him, he realized it was a flesh to stone spell. Round after round, both Mittens and his half-orc opponent staggered through waves of confusion, until Father Pyrlig freed Mittens of the spell’s effect and offered some much needed healing.

The babau, along with Damaino slew the eryines and then started working over the half-orc. Mittens was on the lookout, ready for any spell that Lon Ezeel might cast next – but the invisible mage, sidled out a side hallway – a babau attempted to strike him as he passed by, but missed. Around the corner, Lon Ezeel cast teleport and spirited himself away to safety.

When the half-orc was dead, the babau filed around the corner to the next room – but found no mage. They smashed down a door that they did find and found a well furnished mage’s lab.

The party regrouped and started packing the lab into their bags of holding. While doing so, they remembered that they had the corpse of Jezana Melant, from Senara, still in the bag. Her body would not hold up well for much longer without a gentle repose cast upon it. Nico had the babau sever her head and he wrapped it up, returning it to the bag. The babau feasted on what remained of her body. As the party packed up the lab, they found a secret door. The lock was aged and corroded from disuse. They managed to open it – it led to a long hall that descended gradually – the level going below that of the sewer channels.

Nico sent the babau back upstairs to retrieve the cook and the maid from the succubi, whose summons was near to an end. They returned to the party some minutes later. The party assembled and headed down the hallway.

The hall was damp, with lichen growing on the walls. The stench of sewage hung in the air. From time to time, a member of the party would emit a irritating cough. After fifty feet, the hall ended. Another stout door, this one a bit sodden compared to the others – the babau pushed it in and found a hallway extending to both the left and the right. Nico sent a pair of babau to the right – they entered a long chamber, filled with stone rubble and wood debris. There were two doors here – They saw no forms of life so they stayed pat – alert and guarding.

The babau led the party to the left hallway which started straight and then began to curve to the left. The babau passed a door to the right and left, continuing on they came to a small chamber, this was also filled with debris. As the babau entered in, lithe bodies crawled from behind the wreckage and silently launched themselves at the babau!


The party started moving up in the tight quarters to join the fray along with the babau. The party soon realized while these undead monk moved quickly, they could barely scratch and hurt the babau – but when they did, they drained their wits. One babau, mildly damaged succumbed to the wisdom loss and flopped onto the ground. The party and babau slew these undead, and turned the corner up a long stair.

Up into the next room, the floor was slick with pools of rank water. Cracking columns supported the corners of the chamber, there was a small alcove leading to a door on the far south wall. As the babau entered, yet again, more undead monks slid from behind the debris. Nico summoned a shadow demon to bolster the ranks of the babau, as it arrived, a shadow looked up from one of the pools of water and a bloody skeleton rose from the thin pool of water. The demon and one of the babau were briefly staggered – as it lashed out, the new foe barely scratched through the shadow demon’s defenses. The party moved up into the chamber and finished the beasts off.


Day 320 11:25AM And there they were, the party gathering their breath. Still a bit of fight left in them, but if there were creatures here, then where was the treasure? Sandara pulled up at the rear of the party – keeping an eye on the cook and the maid – but keeping them out of harm’s way. The party was in the bowels of the city – how much more undead might there be? When would they encroach on the territory of the beggar lord, Crosu?

[end of session 113]
{Day 320}



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