Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 114

May 23rd 2017

Day 320 Noon The party pulled themselves together, along with Lon Ezeel’s maid and cook, and withdrew to the city streets where they met up with Lord Endymion’s lieutenant, Ocean Greso. They handed over the domestics, informed the lieutenant of what they found and that they would be returning after a short respite. The party teleported back to D.C.I. – to the Chelish Fort.

Yacine informed the party that Captain Damiano’s new captain had just arrived this morning. Captain Hawke had just sailed in aboard his ship, the brig, The Wildcard, along with a prize caravel in tow, the Rum Runner. Besides 5 points of timber in the hold, Captain Hawke was aware of Damiano’s interest in gaining more ships, so he claimed the ship and crew. The captain, a halfling free-booter named Kit Williams, was currently being held in the fort’s brig with his two midshipmen.

Yacine led the party into the great tower’s basement, and showed them the chamber with the magic teleportation rune – Nico spent a few hours poring over it, with Mittens and Temujin’s assistance and he was able to fix the device – they now had a magic portal that would deliver them directly to the magic portal located in Sumitha.

While the party worked on the rune, Yacine informed them that Lawrence D’Coco had returned. Likely last night – but he had been to the fort this morning, directly after the sighting of the Rum Runner in the harbor. Lawrence had asked if the ship had a captain – he appeared quite covetous of the vessel. After he departed, Yacine had dockhand keep an eye upon him and he was nearby, at the south harbor quay. The party sent word down to the south harbor for Lawrence to come up to the fort. Yacine did note that while the brothel was open, Ann Sharpe didn’t appear to have returned to Pyrligburg.

The party met with the halfling captain in the fort’s cells. Captain Kit frequently sailed between Bag Island, Quent and Port Peril. To regain his ship he would eagerly trade directly for D.C.I. He had no qualms with that bargain.

Day 320 3PM Lawrence arrived at the fort and greeted his two sons warmly, and the party in general. Nico and Temujin held back and were being extra squinty in regarding Lawrence. After firing a battery of questions at him the party learned from Lawrence that he and Ann Sharpe had recently travelled through the stone circle to the no-man’s land that belonged to Papa Legba (or Kalfu, or Carrefour). Ann was still there. And indeed Ann had paid the blood price. She had ‘found’ a man and bled him upon the stones. Why were they there? Why had they gone? Well for Lawrence – to find new purpose. He had been a servant of the hag for almost seven years and dead some time before. But he had always been a slave, his mind in a cloud. After all this time, Lawrence had to realize that he could indeed live again, for himself. Upon leaving Papa Legba, he felt renewed and he was eager to get back to the sea – and he asked his sons and the party about the availability of the Rum Runner. Lawrence was only briefly dismayed that the halfling captain Kit Williams was keeping control of his vessel.

After Lawrence departed, the party took their rest and pored over the treasure that they had gained, studying it and divvying up as was appropriate.

Day 321 9AM The party teleported to Hell Harbor. They headed downtime but saw that the Theatre of Corruption was closed. Some simple folk were sweeping up, rousting the drunks and making deliveries, but the scene was hardly open for business. Deciding to return at a later hour, the party headed back uptown and paid a visit to Chambros Egrossa, the first mate of the Tyrannous.

Chambros informed the party that after questioning the maid, Natessa and the cook, Isadore Cassini, that there stories held up fairly well. They did learn that a few years back, Lon Ezeel had married a local – a young Chelish woman (daughter of those that had arrived with Lord Endymion) named Sabella Stratheen. Lady Sabella had been quite taken with fine literature and history. She had even travelled to the nearby ruins of Castle Sigguros, which were owned by the Free Captain Glenmarec Rene, before he was ousted, and subsequently slain, by Lord Endymion. The party noted that Castle Sigguros was on the eastern shores of the Devil’s Arches island, close to the City of Bleeding Stones, that the party had sailed past when they had sailed north along the Balthus Strait. After returning from Castle Sigguros, Lady Sabella was quite taken with the local history and the occult. She started to entertain more and partake of flamboyant society parties and hanging out with actors. Eventually with Lon Ezeel often away, the two chose to separate – which appeared amicable. The last the cook and maid knew, Lady Sabella sailed for Port Peril.

Day 321 3PM The party took their leave and headed back downtown to the Theatre of Corruption. A large building with a main door facing the stone wharf. Two small docks extended to either side of the building to allow for extra entrances, egress points for the building. The theatre was a large building, over a 100’ wide, but appeared to be poorly maintained. Entering, the scene was bustling before the start of the afternoon’s matinee. The party took a table and had some drinks in hand when the curtain rose.

For this show, the Tragedy at the House of D’Ys, there were many secondary actors playing multiple roles, however there appeared to be four primary actors two men and two women. The “Queen” was quite a capable actress, and was in a state on how the succession of her kingdom would fare with the recent death of her husband. A fetching actress played her daughter, the “Princess” who argued that her bethrothed, a “Courtier” played by a burly and imposing man, was best suited to be King. But the ‘Queen’ was loathe to hand over the kingdom to the the insolent ‘Courtier.’ He stood for everything her husband was not and would bring ruin to their fair city by the water. The Queen’s woeful worries behind closed doors about the Courtier were veiled insults, directed at Lord Endymion. Coming to the Queen’s aid was her tried and true ‘Butler,’ who was a loyal friend to the Queen and her dead husband, the king. Just before the first act ended, the actor, portraying the ‘Butler,’ arrived on stage, wearing a pale yellow mask – hiding, he overheard the Princess and the Courtier gleefully talking among themselves on how they would plunder the city and rule with abandon once they were king and queen. Their ascension was practically assured! The man in the mask just shook his head as the evil duo left the stage and quietly announced that the Truth must be known, and the True King will bring vengeance upon the defilers and unbelievers. That ended Act 1.

There would be a short intermission before the second act began.

[end of session 114]
{Day 320-321}



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