Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 115

May 30th 2017

Day 321 4PM Act 1 having just ended, the party stretched and mingled among the crowd who were cutting loose and getting their drink on. Nico discretely cast invisibility upon Mittens who started moving about the busy tavern. As the four primary actors entered the main room from backstage, from separate doors, they were approached by fans and groupies. Temujin moved up to the “Princess.” Temujin appeared to be astonished by the treasonous nature of the content, in it’s attacks upon Lord Endymion. The “Princess” asked who Temujin was and what his interest in the politics of the play? Since Temujin didn’t serve Endymion, the “Princess” didn’t know why Temujin cared at all – as far as she was concerned, she was just reading lines.

Mittens crept into the backstage room, where the “Courtier” was deep in his cups. The “Courtier” took his empty flask and left the backstage chambers and made his way to the bar for a refill, as he went he mumbled about finding a target for punch-sport after the show.

Nico slouched down in his chair – to better play the drunk. Sandara would watch over his prone form. Nico magic jar’d into his gem and bounced from rube to rube, surveilling the primary actors.

Temujin wouldn’t let the topic drop – when the “Princess” attempted to turn away, he was tenacious and stuck to the same line of inquiry – feeling trapped, the “Princess” looked across at the bar at the “Courtier,” Who had already looking for a target for a beat-down, started marching the “Princess,” and Temujin. Damiano noted the burly actor ready to get his fight on and moved over to Temujin’s side to intercede as necessary. Father Pyrlig hopped up on the stage moving closer. As the “Courtier” closed in upon Temujin, the “Princess” trying to coax and calm him down, Temujin flashed him a nice “f*** you” face as Damiano sidled up alongside in an intimidating fashion. Unsettled, but on task, the “Courtier” cocked his arm back to punch in Temujin’s beak when Father Pyrlig atop the stage, was eloquent in stating that there was no need to ruin the show with a bit of fisticuffs. Pyrlig successfully diffused the scene, with the “Princess” pushing the “Courtier” back through the crowd into the backstage chambers. The party continued to surveil the occupants before the actors receded to the backstage to prepare for act 2.

The second act opened with the “Queen” continuing to bemoan her beleaguered status under the pressure from her daughter the “Princess” and her betrothed, the “Courtier.” Far from prying eyes in subsequent scenes, the “Princess” and “Courtier” continued to plot and gather faithful sycophants to their cause. The “Queen” assailed in her own court by her daughter and the “Courtier” continued to blame them for all that was wrong and the fall of her court, alluding that the “Princess” and “Courtier” and all their cronies shared the same failings as Lord Endymion. In order to stay true, she would use the ultimate solution, to call upon greater, more universal powers to destroy her enemies, and she pulled out a tablet displaying the Yellow Sign – which the party recognized. The “Butler” stood up, warning the “Queen” that the greater powers had no love of man or mankind – they would kill her enemies as surely as they would kill her friends and loved ones. Seeing no other choice as the “Princess” and “Courtier” closed in, she ignore the “Butler’s” words and invoked the power of the Yellow Sign – the party’s spell casters, noted that the “Princess” was at the back of the stage and had cast an illusion spell – as in the center of the stage a great tentacled beast appeared and proceeded to slay the “Princess,” the “Courtier,” their allies and the “Queen’s” loyal followers as well. In the end, the “Queen” wailed that despite the evil of her daughter’s (and Lord Endymion) politics, we were all little things, simple people – that would be enslaved, or killed by the unknown and fickle lords of deep space. Thus ended the Tragedy of D’Ys.

The show was well received – especially with the appearance of the illusory beast and the subsequent blood bath on stage. The actors took their bows and retreated back to their changing rooms. The “Queen” and “Butler” soon came out to tavern to receive more accolades by their groupies.

As Nico continued to bounce around with his magic jar, he also ventured upstairs to find that the second floor was not the actor’s living space. It was in a poor state, while only a small portion of the second floor was habitable – most likely for the cooking staff.

The party separately approached the “Queen,” who was known as Lady Isawyn, and the “Butler” who was known as Stephen Fantome. In fact, Lady Isawyn was Chelish – a rarity in this town for she was not part of Lord Endymion’s initial fleet. Lady Isawyn was quite politic and confident, attractive and not necessarily swayed by the party’s words. Neither Isawyn nor Stephen would state who their patron was, who had contracted for these attacks upon Lord Endymion. However Mittens and Nico had heard, stealthing about, that Stephen (who would also admit he was the esteemed author of this work) was the author and that some of the actor’s may or may not be the actual patrons.

Instead of stating who their benefactors were, Stephen simply offered that Temujin, Mittens or Damiano, could simply provide compensation and provide some ideas for a show of their very own, that Stephen would write.

When pressed, Stephen stated that he added the details concerning the Yellow Sign, and the monster – for a bit of flair and action, that would certainly be a hit with the crowd – and it was! He had learned such occult lore from a fellow actress, Lady Sabella Ezeel, who had since left their company for greener pastures in Port Peril. She had even gone out to Castle Sigguros, near the City of Bleeding Stones – she was quite the geek for all this crazy lore. But it made for a little spice in his play. Temujin did pay 350 gps to Stephen to borrow his notebook on occult lore; that had bits and details Stephen had copped from Lady Sabella’s research into the arcane.

Day 322 Midnight Soon afterwards, the actors took their leave, around midnight. Leaving by carriage they headed to a lower middle class garret – followed by Temujin’s Raven. Raven reported back to the theatre, to lead the party back to the apartment. As they left the theatre, Nico noted that of the six potent life forces that had been here (besides the party’s own), only one remained at the tavern as they left.

As the party walked through the town, they discussed next steps – would they teleport to Goatshead and request a ship from Captain Pegsworthy to deliver them to the Slithering Coast – to investigate this imp? From their notes, there was a marked inlet where a ship could anchor in. The party may have to take a jolly boat in or perhaps fly their way as the inlet narrowed before disappearing deep into the jungle. A trail or at least trail markings seem to lead the way into the jungle to Sahzara’s lair.


As the party neared their destination, they pondered whether the actors should be scared out of town or assaulted, to prevent them from maligning Lord Arronax in the future. They were leaning towards a more diplomatic route, at least in scaring the actors to change their tune as they arrived at the apartment.

Day 322 1AM Raven led the party back to the street, indicating to Temujin the lit second floor window, where the actors retired. From the noise, it appeared that the actors were having a bit of an after-party, and from the noise coming out of the open window, there were at least a dozen folk there: whooping it up, singing, playing instruments and generally, carousing into the wee hours.

[end of session 115]
{Day 321-322}



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