Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 117

June 13th 2017

Day 322 3:30AM The barbed devil was down, incapacitated upon the floor – smoldering arrows shot through the window by the eryines, smoked in his hide. The elderly couple were up, awake in their bed howling in fear, until Temujin put them into a magical sleep. The party picked up the devil and pulled back to the actor’s apartment and mended the hole in the wall.

The party deposited the prone devil into Nico’s bag of holding, next to Nico’s body! They also grabbed the sleep-drunk actor, Stephen Fantome, and dropped him in the bag – perhaps he would be useful for further questioning.

Nico summoned wave upon wave of eryines and shadow demons and sent them spiraling out from the apartment on the search for the three rogue actors. Temujin went roof-side and sent his Raven out to scout as well. The evening was quiet and at this point in time, there was no visible sign of the actors.

The party teleported back to the Corruption Theatre. Arriving in the changing room, Nico jumped into the body of a sleeping cook. He ventured downstairs, made himself known to the party and started looking around the theatre – it was quiet, and empty except for the few staff sleeping in the third floor loft above the kitchen. Temujin sent his Raven out to keep an eye for any flares sent up by Nico’s eryines and shadow demons. Nico ventured to the front of the building – all was quiet.

Nico sensed a powerful life force above the theatre – perhaps upon the roof. He sent word to the party. As Nico continued to check the front of the theatre, the party floated up to the roof to see another barbed devil sitting on the peak. As they closed in, it shot scorching rays at Damiano. Damiano, wielding Aiger’s Kiss, prevented the beast from transporting away to escape. Outnumbered, the party quickly closed in and finished the beast off. Raven gave word to Temujin that it spotted a fireball a quarter mile to the north – the party was on the move, and teleported to a building vaguely silhouetted in the moonlight – and they arrived safely. Nico summoned an air elemental, saddled up and raced north to join the party.

The party, on a rooftop, were close to the nicer part of town. Before them was a small, square townhouse, all the windows had drapes pulled, but each room was clearly lit up with candles and oil lamps. Damiano leapt to the rear balcony, as Mittens shadow walked over to his side and punched in the french door. Damiano moved into the small library, crossed the room and found the hallway door, unlocked – he opened the door and peered down the hallway. Thirty feet to his left a butler turned about in surprise, holding a lit taper. Mittens entered the library, followed by Temujin, Father Pyrlig and Sandara.

Nico converged on the manor house, mentally summoning any stray eryines to his side as they closed in on their destination.

Captain Damiano brushed past the butler and headed down the grand stair to the first floor. Lady Isawyin was at the front door and Lady Nightshade (the “Princess”) was at the rear of the foyer. Damiano stated that they should not flee – but Lady Isawyn retorted that the Captain was in no official capacity and she didn’t need to stand down on his account. Lady Nightshade ‘yabble-dabbled’ and disappeared from view. Captain Damiano drew Aiger’s Kiss and closed in upon Lady Isawyn.

Upstairs, a door opened down the hall from Pylig, who stood outside the library – it was the “Courtier,” Gorebeard Trench! He raced at Pyrlig and smote him with his fist. He continued to rain blows up Pyrlig, until Temujin appeared in the library doorway and with a grin, Gorebeard turned his effort to punching in Temujin’s beak. Sandara moved up to Temujin’s side and attacked Gorebeard. Nico arrived on the scene and joined the party in the library – he summoned an elemental, which started smashing a hole in the wall, to get around the bottleneck combat taking place between Gorebeard, Pyrlig and Temujin.

In the first floor foyer, Lady Isawyn ‘yabble-dabbled’ at Damiano – he felt magic clamping down on his mind, but he shrugged it off, and struck her with Aiger’s Kiss – she was prevented from teleporting away to safety. In quick succession he was struck with magical attacks – a thin green ray came out of nowhere and hit him – the energy ripping at his flesh – he rolled away from it but the ray still burned. A great cyclops, in a flash, appeared before his eyes stabbing at Damiano with a great spear – the captain flinched and was struck critically in the chest. The cyclops disappeared and as the Captain faltered, knowing that he might fall, he used the last stone in his ring of delayed doom to buy himself some time. He struck Isawyn grievously with his sword and she attempted to make her escape, smashing the window and throwing herself outside to the turf.

Hearing the combat downstairs, Mittens shadow walked to the foyer, to help Damiano. He heard, but could not see, a male and female voice somewhere in the echoing foyer – the female voice was that of the “Princess.” The male voice was unknown. As he arrived, Mittens heard the incantation for a Power Word, Stun – and saw Captain Damiano stiffen up. Mittens moved down into the chamber trying to focus on the location of his hidden foes and glitter-dusted the hallway, illuminating Lady Nightshade.

Upstairs, Gorebeard took mighty swings at Temujin – as he did so, Pyrlig squared up on Gorebeard’s flank and counter attacked. Temujin pulled back deeper into the library and the elemental stopped his teardown of the wall and swung at Gorebeard as well. Beset on all sides, Gorebeard fought on, but was starting to slow down.

Mittens moved up and pinned Lady Nightshade against the wall and attacked! Then there was a great whoosh, as the floor of the foyer exploded up in a ball of flame – debris and fire ripped through the building. Lady Nightshade and Gorebeard both collapsed; and Pyrlig moved downstairs to Damiano and Mittens. Mittens failed to dispel the Captain’s condition but Pyrlig was able to successfully cancel it out. Pyrlig then collapsed from damage due to the fiery burst. Temujin stepped out onto the balcony and flew up and over the roof toward the front of the building.

Outside, Lady Isawyn, still unable to magic herself to safety, was assaulted by the eryines who were on overhead, and alert. The eryines pounced upon Lady Isawyn and trussed her up in the street.

Damiano, now able to move, poured a potion of healing down Pyrlig’s throat – while conscious, Father Pyrlig was still grievously wounded. Father Pyrlig healed himself, Mittens and Damiano and they braced themselves at the front door – the entire foyer engulfed in flames. Mittens picked up the body of Lady Nightshade as they prepared to exit the building.


As Temujin flew over the building she spied two great spiders hanging onto the edge of the building just over the front door – they were massive, infernal beasts looking down at the street below – Temujin sent warning to his companions.

Nico’s body – the cook, was engulfed in flames – he jumped into the gem, and then briefly into Pyrlig’s body. He was aware of three things. His eryines informed him telepathically of the huge spiders that were outside hanging upon the building. The eryines spied a small creature, perhaps a halfling, creeping out of the alley, about to head up the street and away from the fiery inferno. Lastly, of all the life forms that Nico could sense, the spiders were weaker then himself. However, somewhere, across the street there was a single life force greater then himself.

Off in the distance, the warning bell of the fire brigade rang through the city streets.

[end of session 117]
{Day 322}



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