Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 12

Apr 7th, 2015

John/Dwag was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 27 The party, having just gathered their breath from fighting a swarm of giant wasps, heard the Commons bell ring an alert: a ship had pulled into the inlet – a Chelish galleon! During the battle with the wasps, no blue ensign was raised at Godwin’s watch tower and the galleon sailed into the estuary. A gig was pulled up at the dock and an armored Andoran man stood at the lead of six hardy sailors looking up the shoreline towards Hake and the party.

Rickety Hake was at the dock talking vehemently with the Andoran man when the party arrived. Captain Damiano introduced himself and was introduced in turn to Captain Merrill Pegsworthy. Captain Pegsworthy apologized at the inconvenience of having pulled so far into the inlet. Captain Damiano was gracious and the impropriety was smoothed over. Captain Pegsworthy would withdraw his ship while the Lachesis finished its "repairs.” Captain Pegsworthy had heard that Captain Harrigan had a prize crew sailing to Port Peril with a similar ship to that of the party. But he had no love for Captain Harrigan and offered to christen the ship with some fine Chelish wine that he had in stock – the offer was accepted by Captain Damiano.

The party offered Hake to go see what happened to Lyle Godwin, the lookout. While on the trail, they were accosted by a pair of wild boars which they quickly dispatched. They arrived at the watchtower to find that Lyle had been killed by a giant wasp. They gathered his body and personal effects and returned to the commons with his body and those of the boars (fine pork to fill the larder). Hake appreciated the party’s efforts and didn’t mind that they kept Lyle’s enchanted mace.

Day 29 The Lachesis was ready to sail and Captain Pegsworthy shared a glass of fine Saragavan wine with the officers and smashed a bottle of Chelish wine upon the prow of the Lachesis just before it settled into the sea, announcing, “good fortune and sure sail await those that can crack the Tidewater Rock.” The captain stated that the party was free to visit him on the Firegrass Island to the west where his fort, the Aerie stood. There were some resources there, such as the town of Goatshead that the party may want to partake of in the future. Tidewater Rock was held by the Smythee family, being their sole redoubt after having lost their other holdings to Captain Harrigan’s predations. Captain Pegsworthy also informed the party of his various ships (the Bonaventure, the Drale, the Hound, and Strix, the latter soon to be christened the Augustana Star) should he ever meet up with them upon the Fever Sea.

The party set sail on a fine day with a heading towards Trident Island – they anchored close to shore for the evening and set watch. Rosie sidled up to Temujin, reporting that she had overheard Tam Tate speaking to shipmate, Juba, about this captain is wanting compared to previous captains he had served under, specifically Captain Harrigan. Captain Damiano took the information into his confidence.

Day 30 The Lachesis resumed their heading the next morning with a fair wind at their back. By midafternoon, watch called out smoke on the horizon, in the distance, two ships were lashed together. One was a beaten pirate brig (The Vorsfang) and the other a Chelish Cutter (The Famished Mane). The officers discussed next steps – to flee or fight, and it was felt that there was no love to the Chelish and the ship beat to quarters and prepared to engage. With Haiyan’s suggestion, they come about out of the west with the setting sun behind them, they may gain some surprise upon the Chelish vessel.

While the Chelish crew set upon the pirates, locking them in their hold and preparing the burn the Vorsfang to the water line, the Lachesis came up alongside, the crew tossing grapples and dropping boarding planks onto the Famished Mane. Damiano leapt to the poop deck of the Chelish Cutter engaging the captain and his brace of armored marines. Fergal Tweens provided covering fire wreaking damage upon the marines with the Lachesis’ light ballista. In short order the fight was won and Nico’s summoned elementals moved onto the Vorsfang to reduce the risk of fire and free the pirates from the hold. Two marines were captured and 25 chelish sailors and 14 pirate sailors signed onto the Lachesis.

The crew spent the evening gathering plunder from both ships and moving the four light ballistas from the Famished Mane to the Lachesis. There was only a single casualty from the Lachesis, Syl Lonegan, one of Harrigan’s cronies died in the engagement. Reviewing the ship’s logs, it was noted that the Famished Mane set out from the Chelish port of Westcrown in the company of three other cutters (King Crimson, The Hades Boatman, The Dancer), bent on hunting pirates in the southern Shackles.

Day 31 The Lachesis and the Famished Mane (manned by a mix skeleton crew of pirate and Chelish sailors and led by Sandara as acting captain and Barefoot Sams as acting bosun) and set sail for the Trident Isles. They arrived by mid morning and anchored near the Deprived, where the party had found the clockwork toucan. Father Pyrlig relayed a dream he had, of his divine mistress leading him away from the Deprived, underwater and among the flotsam were gold coins, and as the sea floor lead away into the darkness of deeper waters, lying on the sand was a large clam.

Nico sent Dur to investigate. Swimming near the wrecked ship, Dur found a trail of gold and other jetsam from the Deprived and down where the sea floor faded into darkness was a large clam, and a school of hammerhead sharks.
{Day 27-31}
[end of session 12]



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