Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 121

July 11th 2017

Day 322 12:15. The party, aboard the Splash, closed in on the Dominator – Glaive set a course to stay to the Dominator’s stern as the other, larger members of the D.C.I. fleet shot their broadsides into the Chelish man-o-war. As they closed, the Dominator, which had come to a full stop due to Nico’s control water spell, slowly moved forward as the spell had been negated by some unknown caster.

The party buffed themselves, and repeatedly covered themselves in fog clouds as they closed in. Breaking through a magical fog bank, the captain of the Dominator jerked up, eyeing Father Pyrlig and gave the word to his two bodyguards – they repeatedly took aim with their long bows and crossbows – only occasionally grazing him.

Aboard the Dominator, the crew slid open the hatches – as they did so, smoke oozed out of the hold and a huge nightmare stretched it wings and took to the air. Upon it’s back was a female knight in heavy black plate mail. She was shadowed by an eryines. The trio flew towards the Splash. Captain Damiano, also flying, headed directly to these new foes – upon his arrival, he critically smote the knight. She stayed in her saddle, but was swaying a bit. Mittens, Father Pyrlig and Temujin helped finish off the trio and one by one they fell into the sea, dead.

As the Splash closed within one hundred feet of the Dominator, Mittens flew across and engaged the dwarven captain and his two bodyguards. As Mittens took advantage of his size and kept the soldiers at bay, the captain dropped his crossbow and closed with Mittens, wielding a war axe. Captain Damiano joined Mittens at the stern and Mittens and Pyrlig kept washing the main deck with spells to kill the crew, or at the very least, off balance. Mittens and Damiano, together, injured and then knocked the captain unconscious – his two bodyguards surrendered.

The Dominator was starting to sink beneath the waves. Father Pyrlig cast water breathing and the party quickly swam through lower decks as water poured in through the holes in the hull. They grabbed maps, charts and other notes they could get their hands on before the water damaged them and escaped from the ship as it submerged and rested upon the ocean floor. Word was given that minimal survivors were to be pulled from the sea.

Day 322 1PM The party reviewed their status with the other captains – they sent the ships to patrol around the island looking for any other vessels, then they returned to the Chelish Fort. Yacine had gotten the fort guards regrouped and had the Loot and Brute Squads cleaning out the final pockets of resistance. Nico summoned a dog capable of smelling out incorporeal creatures, like ghosts. They found a trail that lead throughout the fort, until it led outside – heading north to Sumitha. The party took some well needed rest, collapsing into some spare bunks in the fort.

Day 322 7PM The party went to Pyrligburg to survey the damage. While they were there, Captain Damiano stood up in the main square and spoke, reassuring the people and bolstering their spirits.

When Damiano was done, the party saw Ann Sharpe in the crowd, she was accompanied with a clean cut black gentlemen, wearing a top hat and sporting a walking cane. The party greeted the duo. The party quickly guessed that the gentlemen was Carrefour, with a fresh new appearance.


The party asked why he was here in town, and if any of this chaos was his doing. The insinuation he flatly denied – but he stated that he sensed tremors in the ground of things to come – ‘Mind the ground,’ he persisted. Carrefour was asked about Damiano and Mittens’ father – which he clearly stated that Lawrence D’Coco was a free man, a free spirit and perhaps had a mind to live up to his sons – who were now Free Captains. Ann Sharpe added that she and her fellow priestess, Lila Kurundi, had heard that the word on the street is that there is a mark out for Father Pyrlig – if word had reached free roaming sailors here at far flung D.C.I. then surely word has reached other major ports. Word was, to kill Pyrlig and bring his corpse to any temple of Norgerber, Asmodeus or Rovagug for a rich payoff. For such a rich bounty of 5,000 GPs, many eyes would be upon Father Pyrlig!

Day 322 8PM The party took their leave, and returned to Sumitha via the portal at the Chelish Fort. The party was wary. They immediately found giantish, cyclop tracks in the compound. They followed the path to the tunnels that led to the Darklands – the earth and stone that Nico’s elementals had filled the tunnel had been magically excavated. The party pondered what to do. They felt that they needed to follow them down into the Tamarind Market.

[end of session 121]
{Day 322}



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