Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2017

Session 123

July 25th 2017

Day 323 1:30AM The party is waiting for an attack to happen. {click link ==>} Ambrose Kroops arrives with word that the Aspis Consortium brig, The Briny Bastard, has finally anchored in the eastern harbor after waiting for the fighting to cease. A fellow by the name of Ray Lan disembarked too. Kroops continues, “He says,” looking at Damiano and Mittens, “that he is your kin!” The party gives Kroops leave to invite Ray Lan in – which he does, but Kroops is scrutinizing the stranger. Mittens gives him a warm welcome, and an explanation that due to a unfortunate death and reincarnation, he is now a lizard folk – but he is still a half brother! Ray Lan explains that he has had some bad luck in the past but is looking to try his luck with his brothers, if they give him the chance. Nico is also reviewing all he is seeing and hearing – and he is surprised that Damiano and Mittens are welcoming this stranger in so whole-heartedly. Kroops offers to take Ray out for a drink, with a few of the boys, “just like we did back at {click link ==>} Goatshead.” But Damiano states that isn’t necessary.

Around 2AM, the party hears ‘popping’ in the distance. Tiny flashes are occurring over at Pyrligburg. Is this but one front of the attack, the party ponders? As the party starts buffing themselves with protective magics, in the distance they hear a roar – a cacophony of many wild voices raised in battle. Standing out from the many voices is a monstrous bellow – the party decides there may be enough of a fight in Pyrligburg to warrant their attention. They finish buffing, with Temujin and Ray jumping in the bag, near the corpse of Sandara and teleport to the ledge above the town.

Looking down upon Pyrligburg, the street lamps are lit along the avenue – the party can make out fleeting silhouettes of derros attacking through the streets. The Loot Squad is pushing the townsfolk to fight defensively and to stay away from the cyclops. The party takes flight (magically) and closes in on the cyclops. As Mittens draws close, he casts glitterdust on the alley way exposing the cyclops bard – it also exposes a young human female standing atop the roof – the Lady Calpurnia that the party met at the Tamarind Market. Damiano closes in and attacks Calpurnia with Aiger’s Kiss, preventing her from teleporting away. Ray engages a cyclops along the eastern edge of the main square. Nico summons a bebilith at the livestock stockade, which engages one of the greater cyclops. Damiano lays into Calpurnia with the broadside of this blade, knocking her unconscious.

As Ray melees with one cyclops, the largest, 30’ tall, strides over to engage Ray and Father Pyrlig. As Mittens and Temujin move into the square to best counter the cyclops’ threat, the massive foe fighting Ray, turns about and from his eye, blasts the duo with a ray of force. He continues to fight, until slain by Father Pyrlig, Ray and Captain Damiano. Mittens and Temujin rain down bolts of chain lightning, weakening the cyclops and destroying their derro forces.

As Mittens is flying across the central plaza, heading west, he notices a gaunt human male that was also at the Tamarind Market (he served the drider major domo for Jhal Krystof). While having no part in the attack, he certainly watched intently from the rooftop of the tavern, The Point of No Return – run by ol’ Quick Tom, formerly of doomed Barter Town. While a battle raged through the bar, Tom’s fevered voice could clearly be made out, “Please don’t burn down my bar!"

Nico’s bebilith continued to fight two cyclops – so Nico summoned a squad of bralani – to help aid the townsfolk from the attacking derro. The western side of the wooden boulevard started to pitch as the cycloptic druid turned the underlying dirt to mud. She then joined some derro and entered a mercantile shop. Mittens flies up behind the druid, stabbing her with a spear, slaying her. In the center of the plaza, Temujin flew high, taking shots with his bow.


The battle rages on…

[end of session 123]
{Day 323}



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