Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 124

August 1st 2017

Day 323 2AM The two surviving cyclops slew Nico’s summoned bebilith and faced off with Damiano. Mittens pushed into the storefront and engaged the duegar within. Flying above, the duergar were hard-pressed to engage Mittens – they threw daggers and hand axes – only striking occasionally – but Mittens realized that their weapons were slathered with poison as he felt his constitution weaken.


Ray Lan headed into the tavern, the Point of No Return, joining the bralani against the duergar. Temujin healed Calpurnia before she bled out, and then backed up Damiano. Pyrlig moved through the plaza providing healing to the party.

Damiano eventually slew the cyclops. He moved on to join Mittens with his foes – they killed the three remaining duergar. Ray Lan and the bralani surrounded and slew the duergar in the tavern.

The party paused and realized that the battle in the main square was done. Some duergar had fled east, but the Loot Squad and the defending sailors chased them down.

The party gathered up, and secured, Calpurnia. They stopped by to talk to the gaunt human male on the rooftop – he introduced himself as Mandeville – and that his role here was strictly as an observer. He added that his master, Jhal Krystof, would likely be pleased at the outcome. He sought to return Calpurnia to the Tamarind Market and offered her items as the party’s prize – which was only fair. But the party didn’t buy it. He also sought to return with the gold ringlet in her hair, which Mandeville stated belonged to Jhal Krystof. He would be grateful for it’s return. The party denied that too, but let Mandeville go – and he teleported away.

The last of the derro were still being chased down, but the party was able to learn from the few captured combatants, the source of the forest entrance into the Darklands.


As the party and the defending sailors regrouped in the main square, Quick Tom rolled out kegs of ale for all to celebrate in the continued survival of the D.C.I.!

Day 323 5AM The party returned to the Chelish Fort for some much needed rest. Father Pyrlig communed with {click link =>} Sandara’s spirit – and she very much wanted to live. They gathered their resources and raised Sandara and then restored her to full health afterwards. As the party rejoiced in a day without fighting, they reviewed their treasure and trained.

Day 323 5PM However, Yacine had work for the party. Many folks wanted to talk to them. First was the Captain of the Andoran Patriot – Captain Ahriman Ao. He offered his congratulations for the successful defense of the island and that he, as a representative of the Aspis Consortium, was happy to play a part towards that success. He did add that his role was to protect guild interests on D.C.I., and one ship can only do so much. Truly the party must work towards a larger fleet. His colleague, the bronze office-holder of the Aspis Consortium, Hollis Wood also expressed his admiration in the party’s defense of the island. He did offer that he knows that the party can offload treasure and rare items across the greater cities of the Shackles but some markets may get saturated. Any items that the party can’t sell, he, can purchase them for a 20% discount but can certainly liquidate them in the far flung markets that they have access to.

Yacine and Glaive hit up the party: between their ships and sailors working ashore – they had 100 dead from the last few days. About 150 wounded. All ships are undermanned. Sailors working ashore have been laboring hard and therefore fed extra rations to keep their energy up. That coupled with some damage from combat, the 10 points of stores purchased over three months ago is down to 3 points remaining. Stores need to be stocked up. D.C.I. needs more sailors and laborers. And the ships need to get to see. The men are growing barnacles. While they had proceeded through their practice paces as proscribed by Temujin – after three months they are bored. There is also damage spread across the town, boardwalk and warehouses that need repair. Lastly the wounded are spread across Pyrligburg – any work to be done will be done slowly as they recuperate. With this information, Captain Damiano gave the word that the Black Purrl is to be made ready to set sail for Port Peril. Other ships will be at anchor in the east harbor so that the Purrl is ready for sea, the remaining sailors will need to be set for various tasks of repairs on the D.C.I. and caring for the wounded, and making general repairs with the supplies that are available.

Captain Damiano sent word to the Wildcard and the Free Wind – both captains were to go a-pirating – to pillage and bring back any able vessels as possible.

In the morning, the party prepared to bring Calpurnia along and pay a visit to Jhal Krystof in the Darklands.

[end of session 124]
{Day 323}



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