Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 13

Apr 14th, 2015

Day 31 The party’s ships, the Lachesis and the Famished Mane were moored at the Trident Isle determining how best to investigate and retrieve any treasure that had drifted free of the ship, The Deprived. Dur dragged a ship’s chain underwater to attempt to lash it around a large clam and have the crew pull it up on deck. While at the site of the clam, a hammerhead shark came up from deeper waters and bit Dur fiercely enough to dispel him. While the party reviewed their resources and next actions, Coto, in the crow’s nest spied a damaged sloop four miles northeast of their position, sailing past them, heading east.

Captain Damiano gave the word, and with his officer’s assent, both ships mobilized and set sail to chase after the sloop. The crew of the sloop must have spied their tail and altered course to flee from the Lachesis. The distance between the two ships closed to one mile as night fell. Temujin sent Raven off to alight on the sloop, to keep better tabs of it’s position.

Day 32 In the early morning as the ships came close to shore, the sloop stopped and it’s crew began making use of hooks and chains to pull the ship into a hidden cleft in the cliff-face – Raven flew back to Temujin to report.

At pre-dawn the Lachesis navigated the shallow waters of the salt-water channels to where Raven guided them, and the party prepared a jolly boat to investigate further. The party was joined by Owlbear, Anggarna, the orcs, Glarus Hawkeye, Old Sawney and two new recruits, a chelish sailor and a pirate recently rescued from the Vorsfang. As they rowed toward the cave mouth they spied a beach and changed course. As the jolly boat came to the beach a narrow stone stair rose from the beach up to doorway 20’ up in the rock face. They exited the boat and made for the stone stair.

As the party ascended they were attacked by an elven archer shooting arrows upon their position and a burly half-orc warrior. The two defenders successfully plugged up the narrow entrance to the cave for some time before being overwhelmed by the furious onslaught from Damiano, Dwag, Glarus, Old Sawney and Owlbear.

The fight moved into the guard chamber beyond where more pirates waited for them. With more available space to move the shore party dropped their foes in quick succession and took one prisoner.

Dwag opened the double doors to find a large hall, with multiple doors leading out and beyond, the damaged sloop, the Barracuda, sat moored to anchor chains. The remaining pirates has set barricades with the great table and benches and fired upon the party with crossbows from cover. The party entered the hall and engaged the first rank of defenders at the benches while a tengu archer rained arrows on the party from the safety of the Barracuda’s rigging. As the pirate defenders ranks thinned, a female, human sorcerer from high up in the crow’s nest launched a fireball at the party. Anggarna and Pyrlig summoned healing powers from their divine patrons to heal their comrades, as a second fireball struck them. Owlbear succumbed to a fiery death but the remainder of the party split up and moved further into the hall to engage the second, more numerous rank of pirate defenders. Damiano, Dwag, Glarus and Old Sawney kept the mid-rank defense busy as Nico began summoning his elementals. Mittens and Temujin harried the sorcerer from afar and attacked any targets of opportunity.

The party called for support and one of the chelish pirates guarding the prisoner sprinted up to join the offensive line. Dwag, Mittens, Damiano and the chelish pirate clawed their way aboard the Barracuda engaging a Besmaran priest, her two ship’s mates, at her side, the tengu archer and the sorcerer. Nico’s eagles closed upon the sorcerer and tore her apart – at her demise, the priestess cried out in anguish at the loss of her companion and co-captain, but her misery was short lived as she was slain moments later by the party. The tengu and two mates surrendered and all was quiet in the hall.

{Day 31-32}
[end of session 13]



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