Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 14

Apr 22nd, 2015

Day 32 The battle subsided in the pirate sea cave and the party secured the prisoners, their weapons and their booty. Upon Captain Lee Firehand’s person they found a key. It opened a locked storeroom revealing casks of sugar, stacks of exotic wood and also a sizable amount of gold. One of the captured prisoners revealed that they had left a prisoner in a locked room named Liat Murks, before the Barracuda last set out. The Barracuda had been beset by the junks, The Malice and the Thresher. The crew of the Barracuda sank the Malice and limped away, just recently returning – however they returned late and had not provided Liat with enough provisions. The party examined the locked room to find his corpse kneeled down upon the floor, clutching the gate of his cell. One of the exits in the hall led up to a lookout on top of the cliff top, here the party built a cairn for Liat.

Day 33 The party got the sea cave in order. Their four prisoners, officers included, signed up as sailors aboard ship. The two orcs, Glarus and Old Sawney transferred to the Famished Mane to keep order as the Chelish and the Vorsfang pirate crews were fighting among themselves. Sandara cracked a few skulls to keep them in line but the assistance of the two orc fighters would be helpful in keeping the remaining sailors behaved.

Day 34 The party returned to the site of the Deprived. Dur went below to do reconnaissance and found a single hammerhead shark meandering about. The party descended and as the they closed in on the large clam shell, more sharks swam out of the shadowy depths. The party found that the hammerhead sharks had ferocious bites and were soon joined by two more sharks and a sahagun, who swam in to engage them with his trident. The party was victorious, although bloodied – their hurts soon to be remedied by Anggarna and Father Pyrlig. One shark retreated into the darkness. The party roped up the clam and slung it up to the deck of the Lachesis.

As the party did additional reconnaissance they came upon Adali and his fellow Locathah. They warned of many sahaugin and sharks in the area of late. They led the party to the sunken sloop, the Tantalus. The party descended seeing the bulkhead doors open and the hull of the ship breached, they dropped to the sea floor and began to enter by way of the hull breach.

As Dwag entered the ship’s hold he saw a half dozen sahaugin in the hold along with four jigsaw sharks – as the party engaged the sahaugin, the sharks swam up through the bulkhead and savagely attacked Mittens, Nico and Dur. The sahaugin and jigsaw sharks began the combat attacking fiercely but as time passed the party winnowed down their numbers and slew them all.

Besides taking away the sahagun’s weapons from their corpses, they found a cache of copper ingots and rough cut gems. They also found three footlong carved sticks in a box – Temujin was able to identify them as void sticks. Upon one of the sahaugin they found a valuable necklace of coral and strange platinum – the latter infused with whorls of colors and patterns. Father Pyrlig was able to identify this as Deep Platinum, which was both valuable and prized by some aquatic species as having religious significance.

They swam to a third sunken ship, the caravel called the Sound and the Fury, to find it deserted and it’s stores of cloth and wood rotted away by exposure to the sea.

The party rowed back to the Lachesis to find the crew partaking of a bounty of clam chowder cooked up by Liara in the galley. As their boat approached the Lachesis, Cog called out that they did not find any pearls in the clam, but the did find a key – a key to match the socket in the Clockwork Toucan!

With all tasks at Trident Island settled, the party set sail for town of Goatshead on Firegrass island.
{Day 32-34}
[end of session 14]



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