Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 15

Apr 28th, 2015

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 35 On the dawn tide, the party set sail for town of Goatshead on Firegrass island. Nico was able to successfully determine the magical secrets pertaining to the clockwork toucan. Dwag also added that while it was masterful construction, the toucan was quite a delicate piece of work.

Day 37 The Lachesis and the Famished Mane arrived in the harbor of Goatshead to find three other ships at anchor there: The frigate, Red Courage, the barque, Bold Folly and the sloop, Besmara Winks. Captain Damiano and Nico went to shore and successfully negotiated with Kalin’s Dry Goods for a fair price for their load of grain they had claimed from the Vorsfang.

Joined by Mittens and Liara, they purchased rum, livestock and spices to replenish and enhance the ship’s stores. They also purchased large amounts of lumber, pitch, sailcloth, nails and rope – enough to start repairs upon the Barracuda. Nico then returned to the ship to payout gold to their sailors who were all chomping at the bit to blow their newfound coin on lasses and liquor.

After a busy day of dealing with brokers and coin, the party settled in a Walleye’s Rum Room, the unofficial town hall of Goatshead – the sign out front greeted them, “No lawss, nor lords, evry won is hez oon mastr—We ar the lass baschun of freedym.” The party was introduced to the Ouwacho brothers, Benna, Kwasi and Themba – three stout Mwangi lads. The party offered a large sum of gold for additional combat training. The brothers, under Benna’s guidance agreed to meet the party at an old corral where they would be more than happy to thrash them about and toughen them up over the course of the next nine days.

While enjoying beers with the Ouwacho brothers, Benna pointed out a conversation, between three sailors, Cogan, Andy and Burra of the Red Courage, that seemed to be aimed towards the party. The party overheard Cogan, “…did you see that Rahadoumi tub [The Lachesis perhaps?] that sailed in…surely it is filled with lice-ridden desert rats.” Andy added, "maybe not rats, the ship is run by cats!” “Har har,” said Cogan, well it is just a matter of time before Good Sweet Willem [Captain of the Red Courage] shows that there is always another way to skin a cat.” All laughed. The mixed crews of the various ships in port got quiet and looked about. Captain Damiano got up from his chair and stared across the room as Walleye nervously approached with a saucer of milk. After setting it down, Walleye quickly backed away. Cogan, from across the room, added, "Go ahead pussy, drink your milk!” With that comment, Damiano took a sip of his milk and then strode across the bar – with Dwag shadowing him and as Damiano came face to face with Cogan, Dwag sidled up behind Andy. Damiano looked Cogan in the eye and simply said, “This is not a fight that you want to have right now!” With that, Dwag cold-cocked Andy. Taken aback, Cogan stammered about this all being a joke and in good fun and sat down and went back to his cups. The atmosphere in the bar relaxed, perhaps slightly disappointed, except for Walleye who was glad not to have to clean up after a bar brawl.

The party met with Tarys Yorl, a half-elf female captain, of the Drale, which was a member of Captain Pegsworthy’s fleet. After a short conversation she stated that perhaps they would meet again as their fleet intended to head west to start picking off merchant ships on the trade routes north.

Father Pyrlig followed Cogan, Andy and Burra as they left the tavern and headed down the street to their ship. Dwag shadowed Pyrlig. Pyrlig let the men move on without accosting them, when he spied a body in an alley. Casting light, he moved into the alley, as Dwag guarded his back. They found a dead, half-elven man in fine clothes, but his purse cut clean. Pyrlig helped himself to those things that the dead man surely no longer needed but that the cutpurse had left behind. He found a fine chain shirt, a fine elven curved blade and a leather wallet containing a Wayfinder compass and two pieces of paper, one being a letter and the other a drawing of a medallion. Pyrlig and Dwag joined their companions upon the Lachesis and shared their find with them.

Day 38-46 The party trained successfully with the Ouwacho brothers. It was also decided that the repair materials would be loaded on the Famished Mane. Sandara would take the materials and Jack Scrimshaw, and would sail back to the P.S.C. to start repair work to get the Barracuda in a more shipshape fashion. During the evenings, Mittens told fine tales about the captain and crew of the Lachesis – successfully spreading the word of their adventures and spreading their reputation.

The party decided to give the three chelish marines the choice to join or be let loose at Goatshead. Two took the chance to disembark and stay on the island, while one, Gravis, joined the crew of the Lachesis. Five new sailors also joined the crew of the Lachesis.

Day 47 Done with their training, the party was on deck of the Lachesis overseeing the last preparations before getting way the next day. The plan was to sail west by northwest towards the Ushinawa Islands. Rosie, fuming, told Dwag that two heads were missing from their roster – Jaundaced Jape and Tam Tate. Dwag informed the captain who immediately planned to send a party back to shore to scour for the missing pair. Cog suggested that they were probably on the lam and that not much could be done. Ambrose offered that perhaps they slipped away and no one should be worried about the duo. The captain looked to the gaze passing between Ambrose and Cog and felt that something was up! He called Ambrose up to the sterncastle and told him to explain himself. Ambrose again offered that maybe they fell into a bad sorts and were lining a pigsty somewhere. At that point the party, Cog and Ambrose reconvened in the captain’s quarters. Ambrose then offered that Jape and Tate were a risk, so on the first night, he and Cog stuck them both, found a pig farmer with some hungry swine, who didn’t ask questions for a few gold coins and did away with their bodies. Cog was obviously wracked with the fact that they may a decision without command approval. Ambrose seemed satisfied with himself. The party debated on how to proceed with this breech and warned both that they were not to take such forward actions in the future without informing command. Both men agreed. And Captain Damiano allowed Kroops to go ashore, “to look” for the wayward pair. But they must have been ‘successfully hiding or on the lam,’ for they were in none of the taverns that Kroops visited that afternoon before retiring to the Lachesis.

Day 48 The Lachesis set sail sailing west by northwest, heading for the Ushinawa Islands.

{Day 35-48}
[end of session 15]



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