Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 16

May 5th, 2015

Day 48 As the Lachesis pulled away from Goatshead, heading north by northwest, the captain was visited by Anggarna. Anggarna stated that since leaving her home of Haven, also known as Bonewrack Isle, she has been away from the sanctum of her lord, Met Agwe. She would like to invite her lord to her new home, the Lachesis, and for that, she would need to make a sacrifice. Anggarna asked Captain Damiano to allow the sacrifice, and also to help obtain an evil person for the rite. While her lord was indifferent to the sacrifice, Anggarna preferred to consign someone evil. Damiano consented and offered to help when the opportunity presented itself.

The Lachesis continued north by northwest past the settlements of Mgange Cove.

Day 49 Before mid-morning, Coto yelled out ‘sail ahoy’ as two ships were spied across the path of the Lachesis. A warship called a drekar and a merchant galleon. The latter was at a full stop with obvious damage to the ship’s sails, hull and rudder. The drekar was coming about when it obviously spied the Lachesis and interposed itself between both ships. Dwag, using the spyglass noted that the drekar was called, the Devil’s Pallor and the galleon was called the Sea Chanty. Captain Damiano ordered Haiyan to reduce speed and adjust course to pull within 200 feet. Both ships were armed and ready. As the two ships closed distance, Dwag noted that there were 80 to 100 sailors aboard the Devil’s Pallor and that the captain was a well armored hobgoblin. Aware of the size of the crew, there was a consensus among the party that this would be a risky assault even if they attempted trickery – in an attempt to circle back once the drekar was locked to the galleon and the spoils were being offloaded. The Lachesis left the Devil’s Pallor to its prize and sailed on.

At dusk, the watch spied a whaler heading away from the Lachesis, heading with speed, directly into the wind. Soon it moved out of sight.

Day 50 Early morning, the Lachesis came across a Rahadoumi schooner, the Sanbalot. Haiyan ordered full sail and set to chase the schooner. Eventually, after mid-day Haiyan was able to close the distance within a few hundred feet. Knowing that escape was impossible both ships fired volleys at each other from their ballista. Upon the Sanbalot, the hold hatch was opened and a trained manticore slave took to the air, heading towards the Lachesis. As it closed the distance, it’s tail thrashed about launching deadly spikes upon the Lachesis’ crew – one fore gunner was killed instantly. Father Pyrlig set about to heal the crew while Nico summoned celestial eagles to defend against the manticore. The eagles could not mount a successful defense and were shredded by the manticore – but it did buy time as the party attacked it with magic and crossbow fire.

As the two ships came to close quarters, ropes and boarding planks were anchored between the two vessals. Damiano leapt across the gulf onto the sterncastle to become immediately outnumbered by the captain, officers and marines waiting there. The party covered Damiano from afar with crossbow fire, magic and several moved in to engage the sterncastle corps and assist their captain.

The manticore dropped to the deck beside Haiyan and savagely mauled him with his claw, just before a fresh brace of eagles and elementals slew the trained beast. After half the Rahadoumi officers were slain or incapacitated, the captain took severe damage from Damiano’s rapier thrust and quickly yielded her sword and her ship – the battle was done.

The crew was quick to move the plunder of copper, cloth and salt to their hold. Mittens scoured the ship and came up with small purse of gold and Dwag oversaw removing the two ballistas from the Sanbalot to the Lachesis. Captain Damiano offered to release the captain, and upon hearing that, the remainder of her crew, a much reduced, eighteen sailors, chose to stay aboard the Sanbalot. Captain Damiano chose not to impress any of the crew despite having lost six of their own in the conflict. The Lachesis pulled away from the Sanbalot and continued on its way.

At dusk, a fog rolled in and the lookout, Virna, noted a mud covered whaling vessel 100 feet of off starboard. As the ship was sighted by the party, a dull clank of the ship’s bell resonated in the dark. Dwag peered through his spyglass and scanned the crew: about 30 dead men and women, moving about their tasks listlessly. Soon after, the ship veered off and out of sight into the fog banks – as it turned away it’s name was noted, the Deathknell. Fergal commented that the ship was known and that it appeared that it was stalking the Lachesis. Two sightings in two days. Legend has it that the Deathknell, captained by the lost soul, Whalebone Pilk, always attacks on the third day. The party agreed that they would want to find a safe refuge by tomorrow night!

Captain Damiano set the night watch, gave orders to reduce speed and prepared the Lachesis to sail through Dagon’s Teeth in the early morning hours.

{Day 48-50}
[end of session 16]



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