Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 17

May 12th, 2015

Day 51 Haiyan safely sailed the Lachesis through Dagon’s Teeth in the early morning hours. At daybreak, Haiyan reported to Captain Damiano that a junk was spotted behind them had had since fallen behind among the small islands of the Teeth. The party debated whether to sail to Little Oppara to recruit more crew – while they discussed this course of action a sail was spotted to starboard – a sloop presenting a white flag signaling that it wished to parley.

9AM The sloop, the Sultana, was captained by an attractive young woman, Tavion Axmis. Her sloop was packed to the gunwales with sailors, more than what was comfortable for ship and crew. Captain Tavion admitted to the party over several glasses of wine that she had plucked the sailors from the sea after sinking the sloop, the Dawn Tide. Tavion had had a ‘thing’ with the captain, George Lapin, but after breaking up with him, he slandered her – so she tracked down Captain Lapin and his ship, and sunk them. She had nothing against the crew and drew them up out of the sea and was making to offload the excess men at Little Oppara. Damiano was glad for the men and took 15 hands aboard his ship.

Captain Tavion and the party spoke over the various threats in the region: goblins in war canoes, sahaugun to the west and the Chelish fleet to the south, southwest. After the wine was finished, everyone said their good byes and the Sultana ran up full sail while the Lachesis headed to Little Oppara under leisurely sail.

Dusk The weather had turned difficult since the afternoon and with sunset a light rain fell and it grew foggy. In short order the dull, clanking bell of the Deathknell was heard ahead of the Lachesis. The dim red light of its lantern appeared and the decrepit whaler charged out of the fog on a collision course. The Deathknell’s whaling ballista shot wide but the ship slammed into the Lachesis. Both crews, living and dead prepared to board each other, lashing both vessels in a deadly embrace of ropes and lines.

Temujin summoned a ball of fire to roll about the deck of the Deathknell engaging the zombie crew – their slimy, waterlogged nature provided some resistance to contact with the fiery orb. Dwag, Pyrlig engaged the boarding crew, Damiano climbed the rigging and swung over to the Deathknell to engage Whalebone Pilk. Nico summoned eagles and water elementals to join the fray.

As Damiano closed in on Pilk, the undead whaler captain reached out with a ghostly hand and drew out the breath from Damiano’s lungs. Damiano was weakened and Nico sent in his eagles in force to attack Captain Pilk. Under the the eagles’ assault, Pilk’s flesh was shredded from his body and he collapsed and faded away – the wind grew calm and the sound of wood and rope, under stress, was in the air as the sinking Deathknell started to settle into the sea and being firmly lashed to the Lachesis, threatened to take it under too. Orders were yelled to cut the lines and withdraw the boarding planks, the party started to retreat from the Deathknell. Nico sent his water elemental into the hold to look for treasure.

Mittens searched about, seeking a curio from the battle with Captain Pilk other than his loot or the tolling bell. He found Pilk’s harpoon forward, after it had been thrown early in the battle, wounding Pyrlig.

As the Deathknell broke apart and sank into the sea – its bell tolling to the very end, the sailors aboard the Lachesis were able to finish severing all the lines and the Lachesis leveled off – a frantic cry came from the crow’s nest – sail spotted close, a junk coming up fast from portside aft!

As the party reoriented to this new threat, the twang of ballista fire rang out and the crew of the junk, the Thresher, raked the party, the sailors and sails. Nico sent his eagles over to engage the spell casting captain up in the crow’s nest. Captain Damiano swung over to the yardarms to engage the captain, Isabella “Inkskin” Locke. Her first mate Knuckles Grype had a shootout with crossbows, with Temujin. While Isabelle cleared many foes around her, eventually she was overwhelmed and fell to the deck below. First mate Grype yelled out for quarter and it was granted by the party.

As the party settled down and reviewed their situation, they realized that Nico’s elemental was able to secure some treasure from the sinking Deathknell but not all of it. Ten ballista’s from the Thresher were take aboard the Lachesis and the party noted the dead captain’s body covered in tattoos. It was noted that one looked like an island, and then Grypes stated it was supposed to be ‘Mancatcher Cove.’ This got Kroops attention as he proceeded to tell the tale of Captain Wolfe and the legend of Mancatcher Cove.

The party and crew needed to finish repairing the fouled rigging and review the hull damage. While losing eight sailors in the fight, they took on Grype and 19 sailors from the Thresher, the latter they planned on selling at Little Oppara on the morrow.

Once they left Little Oppara, they would be setting course for the Storm Caves.

{Day 51}
[end of session 17]



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