Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 18

May 19th, 2015

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head
Mike/Father Pyrlig overslept in his hammock and was late pulling himself from his berth.

Day 52 The morning begun with transferring the ballista from the Thresher to the Lachesis. The crew reviewed their ship for damage. A swab, Johnny, was slung over the side on ropes to inspect the damage from being rammed, the night before by the Deathknell. As the crew went about their business, a cry rung out and the crew leaned over the rails to see Johnny pulled off his hawser, into the sea by a fluid, sickly mass of grey and white tissue – the water around this huge mass roiled and steamed with heat. The party shot it at distance with crossbows and prepared to jump to Johnny’s aid. Nico summoned water elementals that moved alongside the slimy mass and pummeled it. Captain Damiano jumped in alongside Johnny and felt the extreme heat from the boiling seas. Poor Johnny was engulfed by the beast. The great ooze responded in kind counter attacking the water elementals and Damiano, the latter being paralyzed by its acidic buffeting. Acting in concert the party was able to kill the beast, which broke apart and sank beneath the waves and recover Damiano’s body.

As the crew settled down, they resumed their work and made sail for Little Oppara.

10AM The Lachesis and the Thresher arrived at Little Oppara. After anchoring in the harbor, the party went to shore to see about selling the Thresher. The party met Churo the dwarves ship-wright. While Little Oppara was a very sophisticated town, it was small and had limited markets – Nico successfully wheeled and dealed with Churo, settling upon 5,000GP for the Thresher, despite its many fine refinements, such as silk sails, rapid-deploy sails and its sleek narrow hull. Churo added that he could only pay 1,000GP in cash, the rest would have to be trade for salt and brick plunder. The party was dismayed at conveying this much material into their hold, but they accepted the deal. Nico did get Churo to throw in minor repairs to the Lachesis which was taken care of in the next forty eight hours.

Moving about town, Mittens spread their most recent tales of battling Captain Pilk and the Deathknell and then fighting the crew of the Thresher, who had been hunting the Lachesis, all in the very same night! It was a tale well told by Mittens and the streets were ringing in the repeating of the stories of the Lachesis, its crew and its captain. Due to such successful spinning of yarns, twelve sailors were eager to sign the register and sail with the Lachesis.

Day 54 It was fine weather for sailing and the Lachesis sailed west from the Dagon Channel and changed course, heading north towards the Storm Caves.

Day 55 Expecting to arrive soon at the Storm Caves, the lookout spotted a beasty ahead of the Lachesis, a great sea snake. The captain ordered Haiyan to reduce speed while the crew lined up alongside with crossbows and ballistas firing at the beast. They were all surprised when the great snake lashed forward, striking Dwag with it’s jaws and launching him yards away into the sea. Dwag felt his strength ebb as powerful venom from the sea snake coursed through his veins. Soon enough, the party, alongside Nico’s summoned beasts were able to overpower the snake and it sank beneath the waves.

Just before dusk the Lachesis arrived at a small island and heard why it was called the Storm Caves. A large cave opening to the south of the island was struck by incoming waves, bellowing great booms across the sea. As dusk approached and the low tide settled in, the booms were replaced with high pitched shrieks and whistles as the waved washed into the cave and funneled through channels carved in the rock.

Day 56 At first light, Anggarna visited the captain, and Dwag who was recuperating in the captain’s hammock from his poisoning the day before – she stated that she felt the presence of another loa. This one, located in the Storm Caves was known as Kalfu, or Maitre Carrefour – the master of the crossroads, and he took pleasure in misfortune and destruction. Kalfu was also able to block foreign spirits, such as Anggarna’s could summon, and Nico as well.

Virna in the watch, mentioned to the party that she could see an old temple spire inland. Haiyan spent the morning sailing about the island. The coast was mostly sheer cliffs topped in jungle. There was a fine beach for landing at the north and southeast sides of the island. The party went aboard at the southeast shore.

10:30AM Arriving at the beach, the party headed inland. Shortly they found themselves in a small field, with a beach and a cave. The water in this sandy pool appeared to be rising with the incoming tide through underground caverns. The party continued inland, heading towards the spire. Arriving at a brackish pond, they saw the spire rising twenty feet from the surface of the pond.


Nico summoned a water elemental to lead the way and the rest of the party started to swim across.

The party saw the dark water beneath them froth as a large turtle-like beast rose to the surface, having just dispatched the summoned water elemental. The party treaded water, holding their ground waiting for the beast to attack – it did, but by spraying the lot of them with boiling water! Then it closed in to engage the party. Its claws and jaws were powerful, but eventually the juvenile dragon turtle was killed. The party soon swam over to the spire and found it filled with water. Nico summoned more elementals to investigate around the temple. It was found to be entirely water logged and empty, but a cave was found, and the elementals pulled the party quickly through the underwater tunnels, quickly passing over a large saltwater crocodile circling beneath them, until they came to a great cave.

As the party pulled themselves from the water they heard a great series of thundering booms from a cave to the south of their position. It surely was the exit of the cave, that they had seen from their ship outside. They saw a cave to the east, which they suspected lead to the strange inland beach. To their right, about forty feet they saw another cave heading down into the water.

In this cave, sat a rotting, derelict caravel, named the Ruinous Ways.


It was long been picked clean of any valuables – but the party checked just to be certain. The booming from the southern caves proved to be loud and distracting, but they did find a human skull in the chamber that was relatively fresh (perhaps less than a year old) and remnants of old casks that had been lashed together, perhaps as flotation devices.

Noon The party considered their next course of action and decided that the northwest caves, heading back into the water was the most viable direction to investigate next.

{Day 52-56}
[end of session 18]



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