Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 19

May 26th, 2015

Mike/Father Pyrlig overslept in his hammock and was late pulling himself from his berth.

Day 56, Noon The party appraised the northwest tunnel descending into the water, while Nico sent Dur ahead to scout. The submerged chamber beyond was 40 feet wide but ran deep; the waters were turbulent from the current flowing through the limestone channels. Dur spied a large column of translucent jellyfish, and bypassed it. Moving on he found a decaying set of stairs carved into the stone and they rose up into a chamber. Moving stealthily, Dur, spied a low, tight chamber, with a rotted wood table and encircled by dead sailors, playing cards.

Dur reported to Nico, who summoned water elementals to propel the party through the sea cave, avoiding the jellyfish and deposited them at the cave mouth, and ruined stairs. In the depths, they spied a great saltwater crocodile thirty feet below them. Nico sent the elementals and his summoned dolphins, which Damiano hitched a ride upon, to engage the croc – which they quickly slew.

The party accompanied by the elementals, moved up the stairway, and as they broke the surface of the water, the party was greeted by the cheerful smiles of draugr zombies and their captain, who drew their cutlasses and attacked. Dwag closed the distance with the draugr but soon found himself surrounded by their rotted bodies and their dank, briny stench. The hall was filled with combat – wall to wall with draugr, the party and summoned elementals. Blows were traded back and forth, many elementals were dispelled, and the party won the moment.

1PM The party gathered what few valuables remained here – some handfuls of gold coins and a deck of cards, whose magical aura fluctuated from moment to moment. Temujin identified the deck as a Harrow Deck of Many things – they all decided to save that for later, continued exploration. Nico’s elementals scouted ahead and found runes in the next tunnel – they were determined to be necromantic. Dwag speculated that they may be meant to keep the undead out of the next chamber. The earth elemental burrowed around the runes and continued into the hall to find many more runes of conjuration and transmutation magic.


At this juncture the elementals were blocked and could go no further. The party continued and came into another small, low-built hall. They found an old old woman with pale skin, white hair and who was not so attractive to look upon. Near her, stood a very attractive, blue-skinned, nearly naked female elf, holding a spear at the ready. Across the room was a burly human male, casually cradling a battle axe. And all about the room, in the nooks and crannies of stone that wound off into the darkness, were grey-green aquatic goblins, called kelp goblins, skittering about.

The crone introduced herself as Mala Kiyan, and that she served Kalfu. She offered to replace the party’s current ‘mambo,’ Anggarna. The party countered that she could have no problem if they gave up the magical item known as the Liecaller. Neither were interested in the other’s offer – and combat ensued. As the party entered the room, all free space was taken by the wriggly kelp goblins that closed in on them. Damiano engaged the ’sea-elf,’ while the majority of the party focused on Mala Kiyan. Temujin shot at the burly human and struck him with an arrow – and with that, he calmly strode over the Temujin, readying his ax, transformed into a large were-shark, and attacked.

As the party attempted to engage Mala Kiyan, she transformed into a ball of flame, and then exploded – while it hurt the party, it spelled the doom for many goblins and the ‘sea elf,’ who was already grievously wounded. After the blast, Mala Kiyan resumed her humanoid form and the party assaulted her in mass – in her death throes, she exploded again, but the party was victorious, and in a few more moments they dropped the stalwart were-shark.

Moving into the next chamber, also low ceilinged and small, it appeared to be an old chapel, long since worn down by passing water. There was an alter on the far side of the room, and upon it was a gold statue of a cherub, covered in the now familiar runes of Kalfu. A Mwangi, black male, stood in a cloak and hat and greeted the party. There were two prone bodies at rest on the floor, a human male and a female halfing. Mittens introduced Captain Damiano who asserted that they were the strongest and proved the better of Mala Kiyan – and with that statement, Kalfu realized he saw a better host before him and left the black man’s body (identified as Otondo) and took control of Damiano – who turned about and attacked Dwag. Mittens and Pyrlig repeatedly attempted to restore Damiano to his senses and expel Kalfu and were finally successful.

2PM The party bound and gagged all three prone bodies. They found a chest of treasure, which the Liecaller was a part. And they had the gold cherub totem of Kalfu, which they planned to discuss with Anggarna.

{Day 56}
[end of session 19]


Our recaps always take my excitement level from already high from another stellar session to “epic” with your awesome depiction of even out smallest deeds!

Session 19

Thanks for the kudos – I appreciate the feedback in any form. Kudos, suggestions or criticisms are all helpful to keep everyone happy and the game rolling on.

I really like this wiki portal – to be able to serialize the weekly sessions and then interlace the maps and associated bookkeeping and story content for you guys to have handy. It seems to be working well.

Plus my ability to update it whenever, and wherever I am, sates my gaming/preparation fix.


Session 19

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