Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 2

Jan 28th 2015

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

The crew of the Wormwood celebrated their capture of the Rahadoumi vessel, the Second Son. Six sailors joined the Wormwood crew and the surviving officer was interrogated. Master Scourge learned that a second Rahadoumi ship, the Man’s Promise, was planning to set sail from Eledar, in Saragava, soon after the Second Son had departed. Captain Harrigan plans on haunting the same sea lanes looking for the Man’s Promise.

Officer Peppery Longfarthing gave some small kudos to Nicodemus and Temujin and planned to follow up with them to learn more of their skills in the arcane arts.

Officer Riaris Krine expressed some admiration and interest in Damiano for his derring-do swinging through the rigging between-ships.

Captain Harrigan expressed thanks to Father Pyrlig for his healing arts but that his power to heal may not save him from Master Scourge should he be unable to master his hands and feet in the ships rigging.

Officer Peppery offered 1st pick of the treasure to Temujin – an amulet/short sword. Damiano, Dwag and Nicodemus each received a potion of cure moderate wounds. Each party member received 100GP. The entire crew received double grog rations and had a relaxed afternoon to make repairs to both the Wormwood and the Second Son which would be sailed to Port Peril and sold by a prize crew.

Still suffering from seasickness, Father Pyrlig fell from the top mast and was non-responsive. His shipmates took him to the surgeon’s berth to recover.

At two bells of the first watch (9pm), all hands were alerted as the Second Son was in flames. All hands manned pumps and boarding pikes to move the Wormwood out of the reach of the flames, successfully but the Second Son was lost, with most of it’s cargo lost – as the remainder was to be swung over to the Wormwood on the morrow. A drunken crew member, Jakes Magpie was caught drunk and assumed to be stealing through the hold of the Second Son with an open flame.

Father Pyrlig recovered from the kind hands of the surgeon, Habbly, and furthermore to the power of Gozreh. Pyrlig rejoined the crew, still suffering poorly from seasickness.

The Wormwood having set sail at dawn, arrived at a small island, called the spur. The ship’s cook, Kroop, deep in his cups of rum, set the galley mate, Mittens, to row into the shallow reef to gather crabs that the captain has a hankering for.

The party took a jolly boat to the reef, baited the cages and waited. They spied the captain in other ship’s boat pass by at a distance to land ashore, meeting with another unknown party at beachside. In the distance they spied a sloop but could not make out it’s name and all flags and ensigns were lowered. The party kept track of those sailors that returned with the captain (Badger Medlar, Shivikah, Maheem, Syl Lonegan, Jaundaced Jape and Tam Tate). The party returned to it’s crab cages and were attacked at sea. Diving in, they melee’d with sea beasts called reefclaws and slew three of them. Their shipmate, Sandara advised that these were as tasty as the crabs that they came for, so the party returned to the Wormwood with both crabs and reefclaws. With some careful advise from Sandara, Mittens was able to separate the meat of the reefclaws from the vein of poison successfully, and boil them up for a fine meal for the captain and his party of officers. Mittens, as cook’s mate made initial friendly offerings to Badger by offering slightly better rations.

Happy at a full belly of reefclaw, the captain announced that the “bloody hour” had arrived and that for risking the Wormwood, it’s brothers and sisters, and losing its prize, the Second Son, that Jakes Magpie would face keelhauling. Since Habbly and Patch were the two officers of the watch and failed to spy Jakes, they were punished by having to man the rope for Jakes. Habbly and Patch struggled to pull Jakes with any consistency and Jakes was pulled from the sea, dead. He was saddled with a rock from the bilge and tossed overboard.

Day 7
Pyrlig started his day, still suffering from seasickness.

Shipmate, Jack Scrimshaw reported to Master Scourge that ‘something’ doggish was in the bilges. Master Scourge set Pyrlig and some mates below to deal with the problem.

Pyrlig, Mittens and Nicodemus found six dire rats in rotting sacks of barley and slew them. Searching through the bilges, they encountered ‘Owlbear,’ a very large man who was a bit mentally challenged. After a short conversation and repeated dismissing any opportunities to engage in fisticuffs with Owlbear, the party reported back to the main deck that the rats were killed.

Day 8
Pyrlig started his day, still suffering from seasickness – even more-so since a thick storm was pitching the Wormwood about. The crew worked doubly hard to batten down the hatches and work the mainsails safely to avoid damage to ship and sail.

Fishguts Kroop came up on deck to puke (due to heavy drinking, not due to heavy seas) and went overboard. Dwag tied off a rope to Damiano who jumped into the sea. Both Mittens and Father Pyrlig gave both divine and arcane aid to Damiano to help him in the pitched seas. Damiano was able to quickly spy Kroops body and grab him with his shipmates pulling back aboard ship.

After the stormy days events, Damiano, Dwag and Pyrlig were quite fatigued and ready for rest.

{Day 5-8}
[end of session 2]



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