Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 20

June 5th, 2015

Day 56, 2PM The party, having stowed their treasure from the chapel, the gold cherub statuette and the three bound hostages, they made their exit. Leaving the witches chamber, they crossed the magical seals into the draugr pirates chamber. The statuette, being carried over the seal, released its magic that kept the water from entering the caverns from various crannies and seams in the rock. The air rushed past the party, quickly followed by a wall of water, washing everyone, roughly, into the draugr chamber, buffeting them against stoney chamber walls and ceiling. The hostages were knocked unconscious – fearing that they would drown, Father Pyrlig channeled the power of Gozreh and healed everyone and then quickly cut the hostages bonds so that they could fend for themselves, and swim for their lives. The party dove into the great cleft and swam as fast as they could while their breath would last. Nico luckily summoned a pod of dolphins, which helped drag the party to safety. After a brief rest, the party left the Storm Caves the way they entered, through the north tunnel, into the old temple and up through the tower to the brackish swamp. Stepping out of the swamp, they could see that the sky was grey and that a storm was coming. Nico sent word, via the clockwork toucan, to Anggarna that the party was successful and that they were returning to the Lachesis soon. They made their way to the beach and to their jolly boat. Temujin inspected the cherub and felt that it was safer to destroy it then bring it along – he smote the statue which exploded, knocking Temujin and his colleagues onto the sand.

3PM Returning to the ship, Captain Damiano gave orders for Haiyan to move the ship behind the Storm Caves to get cover from the storm.

The party interrogated the three hostages, who had all been unconscious during their capture for the past ten days. The human male was Captain Dan Seavey of the Tamerlane – his ship was dashed against the rocks near Sai Riang’s Refuge. Ten days ago, at nightfall, The Tamerlane’s 1st mate was in command the ship went aground. While the crew struggled to get their ship off the rocks, they were assaulted by goblins, and carried from the ship. The female halfling was Sahji Pallyra, a Pathfinder Explorer from the Quent chapter. She had commissioned the Tamerlane to inspect the islands around the Sai Riang’s Refuge looking for signs of a Nidalese shipwreck - The Merciless. While Captain Seavey appeared quite dejected, possibly from losing his ship, the party had to drag information out of him. Sahji appeared grateful to be rescued, offering a lot of information and she was pleased that the party might help her carry on with her contract. Lastly, the Mwangi sailor, Otondo, being without a ship, was pleased to sign on the Lachesis as a rigger. The three hostages were all separated by the party to be cross examined, satisfied they were allowed free reign on the ship.

Day 57 The Lachesis stayed put behind the Storm Cave islands to weather the storm. The party determined their next steps. The Captain didn’t want Sandara left too long on her own and potentially to get in trouble, while coming to look for the Lachesis. Plans were made to head back to the P.S.C. Knuckles Grype approached Mittens, reminding him that they were only two days away from one of the greatest known treasures – Captain Wolfe’s trove at Mancatcher Cove! Over a cup, or two, of rum, Kroops was more than happy to recount the tale of Mancatcher Cove; but much to Knuckles chagrin, the captain’s mind was made up. The Lachesis was sailing for the P.S.C, but on the way they would approach the Sai Riang’s Refuge and investigate the islands further, much to Sahji’s pleasure.

Day 58 While the day started with grey skies, much of the storm had abated and the Lachesis set sail, south by southeast.

Day 59 10PM Cog was on evening watch, when Juba reported sighting a light in the distance. Cog sent word down to Dwag and Temujin. Temujin’s raven went to investigate and spied a goblin war boat on the move with a light on its bow. When the raven returned and reported to Temujin – he had the ship beat to quarters to prepare for combat. Liara came up on deck from the galley and informed Dwag that there was a strange knocking sound in the stern wall of the galley. Dwag accompanied Liara back to the galley and confirmed the hammering sound upon the stern wall of the ship. Dwag ran up on deck and informed the party. Nico summoned dolphins and water elementals and sent them below the waves where they found a crew of kelp goblins wedging the rudder and cutting the steering hawsers. The dolphins and elementals attacked the goblins and the attendant bodyguard of moray eels.

Finding the steering not responding and the ship taking on a port tack towards the rocks, Captain Damiano gave the orders for a full stop – as the sails were being drawn in, two goblin war boats approached, one from port aft and another from starboard aft. Both fired fire shot from midship bombards, and while the shot caused minor damage to the party and crew, the fire shot stuck to the sails, illuminating the ship and continued to burn slowly through the sailcloth. Captain Damiano repeated his orders to reduce sail and to spray down the burning sails with the ship’s pumps.

The war boats were filled with goblins, and at bow and stern of each ship, were two well-fed, oversized goblins in command. The goblin sailors proceeded to use short bows to assault the party and crew on the Lachesis. Nico summoned eagles began to rake the starboard war boat as Damiano swung to the port-side war boat. As Damiano and the eagles approached their opponents, the large goblin officers unslung their blunderbusses and let loose – they cared little if friendly fire hit their own crew.

The goblins in both aft war boats had time to reload their bombards, this time with blast shot – they fired their siege weapons amidships and stern, catching the party and sailors in a deadly crossfire, resulting in over a dozen deaths.

Fergal gave an alert, that another war boat was closing in, forward, starboard side. Temujin created a noxious cloud that settled on the oncoming ship, the entire crew except the captains were incapacitated and sitting ducks as Fergal’s ballista crew fired on all targets of opportunity. Temujin and Mittens continued to cast spells, picking off various goblin captains, as Dwag and Damiano engaged the goblin captains in the port-side war boat in melee. Father Pyrlig and Nico’s eagles engaged the war boat coming up the starboard aft side, and quickly dispatched the boarding goblins soon after they laid their feet upon the deck of the Lachesis.

Calm settled in as the battle came to a close. Three goblins from the fore war boat were captured, as well as two bombards and four blunderbusses taken intact. Haiyan asked that Nico send his dolphins and water elementals below to guard the crew that slipped over the stern castle rails, dropping down to survey the repairs needed to return steering control to the Lachesis.

{Day 59}
[end of session 20]



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