Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 21

June 10th, 2015

Day 59, 11PM The noise of combat settled down, the party and crew surveyed the scene aboard the Lachesis, taking stock of the immediate tasks at hand There was much to do: securing the three goblin prisoners, transferring two bombards, four blunderbusses (plus powder and shot) crew members slipped over the stern castle rails to repair steering control to the Lachesis, the sails needed to be mended and the dead cleared and presented to the sea in the name of Gozreh, by Father Pyrlig.

A happy exclamation broke up the frenzy of activity on deck, as Sahji Pallyra came up to survey the damage and saw Fergal tending to the ballistas and care of the bombards – Sahji and Fergal quickly caught up since the time that they had served together (she as bosun, Fergal as carpenter), eight years ago, on the pirate frigate, The Intrepid, under Free Captain Henry Roberts, out of Drenchport.

Mittens, speaking goblin, interrogated the three goblins, Fish-eye, Glug-glug and Pup – who were all members of the Wee-be Puny clan. The other two clans were the Strong-bad clan and the Bloody-stabby shell-knife clan. It was learned that the goblins like to lead ships to the nearby breakers and attack them from a cave complex, that was readied with cannon, bombards and ballistas. The party decided that the promise of cannon was worthy of the risk of a night raid upon the goblin caves.

Day 60 Midnight The party sailed in two goblin war boats and the ship’s jollyboat. In the lead boat, the Captain and Dwag hid under canvas, with goblin bodies ‘manning’ the ship. Also under the canvas was their black powder and shot, setup by Fergal, as an improvised explosive. The jolly boat was second in line, acting as a chase boat and ‘threat’ to draw the goblins attention, and hopefully their fire. Both boats were propelled by water elementals. The last war boat had the reminder of the party, plus Knuckles, Gravis, Davin and three sailors – and was being pushed by three elementals.

The lead boat, passed without suspicion through the kelp goblin picket. Strong-bad goblin captains in the caves started yelling out to the lead boat, but received no response from Damiano or Dwag – occasionally Mittens answered distantly from the rear boat. The goblins dropped an old ship mast, chained to the mountain side, out over the water as a boom – it was covered in ropes, to assist goblins to climb in and out of their war boats. They dropped the boom, but no one climbed up. The captains yelled out again, yet no answer. Dwag, drank his invisibility potion, crept out from under the canvas and shimmied up the rope unseen, while Damiano prepared his tinder to light the explosives in front of the goblin caves. The command was given and the cannons fired direct hits into the first and second boats. Damian tumbled into the sea as the explosives were touched off by the cannon shot and sprayed the area in fire and metal shot – Dwag, hanging from the boom, took the shrapnel in the ass, as he had no means to evade the explosion.

Damiano was buoyed up by the summoned water elemental so he could grab a rope and begin his ascent. The rear boat charged up to the cave as all three water elementals pushed furiously. Once the boat was close to the caves, all the water elementals pulled back to engage the kelp goblins – one elemental saw a strange shape off in the shadows, but was otherwise engaged in combat and could pay it no further mind.

The goblins rained down arrows and nets, the latter entangling Pyrlig and a fellow sailor. Mittens climbed up into the cave where the cannons were mounted and engaged in melee while Temujin provided covering fire with his bow. Soon after Knuckles, Gravis and Davin scrabbled up to assist Mittens in clearing out the goblins.

Dwag and Damiano ran along the boom to engage the bow and ballista-shooting goblins in hand-to-hand combat. Nico provided support by casting spells to thwart incoming arrow fire and grease the ground, causing mayhem among the goblins in melee with Dwag. Both Dwag and Damiano were afflicted by a enchantment of despair, reducing their relentlessness of their attacks. Damiano started to take a beating and withdrew back along the boom to receive healing from Pyrlig, while Dwag, seeing a shadowy figure in the back of the cave, sprinted towards it. The figure looked like a medium sized goblin, leaner yet taller and stooped, and as Dwag closed, the figure sliced at Dwag with two clawed hands – they battled it out until Dwag responded back with a furious blow. Nico summoned an earth elemental to assist Dwag – and the figure side-stepped away and faded into the darkness. Soon afterwards, the combat on the 1st and 2nd levels subsided – sounds could be heard in the tight-knit tunnels in the back of the caves of goblins retreating deeper into their warrens.

Mittens climbed through the narrow channels and found another chamber – in it were four goblins hard at work making munitions. The walls were scorched black with evidence of repeated failures of the goblins hard work – despite that, they worked furiously. Mittens returned with the party where they slew three of the goblins and took the lead alchemist, Tomy Gunn, as a hostage, and gathered up all the supplies they found in the chamber. The party also found a small cache of magical items throughout the caves.

With the assistance of Nico’s water elementals, the two cannons, two bombards, and two ballistas were transferred to the Lachesis. Dwag, continued to explore the caves and found his way to the peak. In the distance, to the northeast, Dwag saw lights of a settlement on the other side of the island. Glug-glug offered that this was Sage Bay, the Nidalese settlement that often trades with the goblins. They are often given things by one known as Crastor, or perhaps Andrahauda – the goblins disagreed that these were two different individuals or the same person with two names. Glug-glug persisted that one needs a name while on land and another name for when one is in the ocean. But the one known as Crastor (and/or as Andrahauda) is everywhere, always in the shadows, always seeing.

Day 60 7AM The crew was just finishing up their duties, getting the ship in order to make sail. The morning proved that today would be a fine day for sailing, with clear, sunny skies. As bosun, Temujin headed down to the captain’s quarters to provide a report. When he entered, Captain Damiano didn’t acknowledge Temujin, as he appeared to be playing solitaire, having a cup of wine and singing to himself a familiar, if melancholy shanty, called The Fireship. Eventually Damiano looked up at Temujin, and gave him a wide, over friendly smile, his eyes unusually bright after such a long, action-filled and sleepless night. Temujin noted that briefly, Damiano’s hand unconsciously moved to the hilt of his sword, and then stopped, his face relaxed and he asked Temujin for his report – which Temujin provided. The Captain, held in his hand two cards from the Harrow deck, the Sterncastle and the Beating. The former showed a luxurious captain’s quarters aboard ship, but empty of any people. The Beating showed a richly dressed man being accosted by three brigands who were cutting his purse away and beating the man with clubs. Damiano knew where there would be a fine cache of gold – he did not know how he knew this, but he knew it to be true and he could smell it out. It was less than a days sail away. He gave orders for Temujin that they would be sailing around this island to look for this trove – Temujin dutifully received the orders and while doing so, gathered the cards upon the table and stowing them in his pocket.

{Day 59-60}
[end of session 21]



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