Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 22

June 16th, 2015

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head
Kevin/Mittens was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 60 9AM The crew finished moving the cannon, bombards and all ordinance supplies from the goblin caves to the Lachesis. The four goblin prisoners were locked up in the hold. Captain Damiano gave word to Haiyan to sail around the island, “following his nose” to the hidden cache of gold that Damiano knew to be out there. By mid morning, the ship closed in to a cluster of small, rocky islands – Damiano knew this to be the right place. Nico spoke up – after the long night of combat followed by conveying all the gear back to the Lachesis, the party and crew were tired after having nothing other than catnaps to sustain them. Damiano concurred and the Lachesis took shelter among the islets and the crew was able to get some rest.

Day 61 7AM The party rowed out in their jolly boat, accompanied by Knuckles, Gravis and Davin and approached the rocky cave, that they were being directed to by Damiano. Dwag led the way inside the low, tight cave as it descended gradually below water level. While the hole appeared to be natural, they party soon came to a location where the ceiling was shored up by timbers – reeking of rot and throughly hole by worms. Dwag came to a rotten, wood-paneled chamber which appeared to once have been a fine quarters with a tattered hammock, and old wooden desk, bits of musty, illegible papers and maps strewn about and a large sea chest. They party stayed back as Dwag surveyed the room and found an unusual metal lever about the sea chest. A bronze nameplate upon the chest stated the name: Quint Harrow. Dwag attempted to open the chest and disable any traps within – but he failed and was narrowly missed by a spear that shot out of a recess in the stone wall and shattered upon the stone. With the spear shot, the room appeared to lose its glamor and appeared to be a musty old stone cave. Upon the floor in front of Dwag were a few timber planks – pushing them aside there was a depression in the floor revealing a large sum (10,000GP) of gold doubloons.

The party sacked up the valuables and returned to the ship much to the crews delight. Nico suggested that they investigate the harbor that Dwag had spotted high up on the goblin mount – so they set course for Sage Bay.

Day 61 Noon The Lachesis closed in upon Sage Bay and the party took turns viewing through their eyeglasses and noted a few things. The settlement seemed to be recently rebuilt, upon ruins of another cluster of rundown buildings. An old, derelict cog was set aside in the harbor, called the Reefclaw. However, at ease, anchored was a fine barque, the Shale. There was also a sloop, the Ravage Dawn – which was manned and at ready. After careful inspection, it was thought that the bay was a cauldera, eroded over time to its current bowl shape, with very steep sides. Near the sea entrance, tucked into the steep, natural stone walls, were man-made towers. Each had a cannon in it, and at the base of the tower was a sea-chain, to secure the entrance.

The Lachesis nonchalantly sailed on without pause – Virna, in the watch, quietly let it be know that there was a sail up a head. A sloop. Based on the fact that the Lachesis had bottled up the northwestern end of this channel all the previous night and all this morning, no ships had passed it – it must have sailed out of Sage Bay. The party discussed their options: go back and visit Sage Bay under a white flag or follow the sloop. Badger spoke up – she recognized the lines of this ship, it was the Lash!

It was decided that the Lachesis would engage the Lash – orders were given for full sail for pursuit, and the crew beat to quarters. The gun crew prepared their ballistas as the swabs retrieved boarding pikes, rope and grapple, and the fire pumps. As the Lachesis closed to just under a mile, the watch passed word that the Lash was reducing sail, and then beginning to turn about. Captain Damiano and Dwag noted that the guns ports were open and four cannons were in position.

As the ships closed to one thousand feet, the cannon fired scoring two hits. Damiano gave the command for Haiyan to close and ram the Lash. The Lash’s helmsmen seemed to anticipate this tactic and expertly moved the Lash on a tact, continually compensating and keeping the Lash and the Lachesis moving in parallel. Nico summoned water elementals to engage the Lash and attempt to steer the Lash to port to close the distance between the two ships. When the water elementals arrived, they were met by much greater elementals which defended the Lash and vanquished Nico’s summoned allies. While the two ships continued to close, the Lash pummeled the Lachesis with cannon fire, and the crew of the Lachesis, once the distance was closed, returned fire with their readied banks of ballistas.

The deck of the Lachesis erupted in fire, as a mage upon the Lash’s stern castle, cast fireball, many hands were lost in the conflagration. Replacement hands manned the ballistas as others handled the ships pumps and Father Pyrlig used his divine powers to douse the higher parts of the sails, unreachable by the pumps. Nico followed up by summoning lightning elementals to engage the cannon crew and air elementals to shred the Lash’s sails. The opposing mage used her own magic to slay the air elementals while the crew and marines furiously engaged the lightning elementals – the latter combat reduced the cannons ability to be reloaded and fired in a timely fashion.

Dwag fired upon the mage with his crossbow as the two ships continued to close the distance – his bolts seemed to be repulsed by the mage’s defensive magic. Haiyan continued to close the distance between the two ships, now, nearly at 100’ apart – with the lightning elementals killed off, finally allowed for multiple salvos of cannon fire against the starboard side of the Lachesis. Nico noted a froth in the water as the Lash’s summoned greater water elemental moved in close to the Lachesis and it started to pound away at the hull where it was already weakened. Seamus and Anggarna went below to survey the hull damage.

Dwag and Damiano repeatedly fired crossbows at the opposing helmsman, who was healed by a female dwarven cleric. While the helmsman valiantly stayed at his post, Haiyan finally won the upper hand and successfully brought the Lachesis close in atop the Lash – the crew scrambled to grapple both ships together. Nico summoned earth elementals to the stern castle of the deck as Damiano swung over and engaged Captain Lucilla. Also in defense were Chelish marines – there was barely any room to move upon the stern castle! Father Pyrlig and the crew swarmed across to the Lash and engaged sailors and marines. The Lash’s mage, Louisa Scott, took to the air to escape the enclosing melee on the stern castle and continued to counter attack. Damiano was laid low by repeated strikes from Captain Lucilla – only to be revived by Father Pyrlig. Dwag ran across to engage both the marines and Captain Lucilla, to allow time for Damiano to get back into the fray.

Seamus and Anggarna rushed back onto the deck yelling that the Lachesis’ hull had been breached and that there was nothing that they could do. Dwag swung heavily and lethally clove the Chelish captain, her body dropping to the deck. The mage, Louisa Scott, flew away from the deck of the ship, and shot up Dwag and Damiano with a lightning bolt. The captain fell back to the deck, to be again revived by the powers of Pyrlig and Anggarna. Nico summoned eagles, but Louisa Scott, moving away, cast a spell, and disappeared from sight. The dwarven priest knowing that the battle was over, dove over the rail of the ship into the sea – she was not seen again.

The party and crew went into a frenzy and slew all Chelish defenders to a man! Haiyan screamed out that the Lachesis needed to be abandoned, it was sinking and it was going to sink the Lash as well – the crew scrambled to sever the grapple and lines as the Lachesis’ main deck was already level with the sea. As the two ships were freed from each other, the Lash pitched away from the sinking Lachesis. Father Pyrlig realized that the Lash likely sailed from Sage Bay and that Louisa Scott would likely return there, where the Ravage Dawn had appeared ready to sail and he warned Captain Damiano of these facts. The captain gave quick orders to prepare the Lash – the crew scoured the ship for replacement sails, as its current sails were in tatters due to the air elemental attacks. Nico summoned fresh water elementals to recover all the valuables possible from the Lachesis, in the time that remained. As the Lash was hurriedly made ready, the elementals returned with the gold from the locked hold, all the blunderbusses and the valuables from the captain’s quarters.

Day 61 1PM Once the Lash was re-sheeted, the sloop made sail and fled Riang’s Bight!

{Day 60-61}
[end of session 22]


As Sir Arthur Wellesley said of Waterloo; “The nearest run thing you ever saw in your life.”

Session 22

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