Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 23

June 23rd, 2015

Day 61 1PM The Lash was re-sheeted, made sail and fled Riang’s Bight! Looking aft-wards they saw no sails in pursuit. The crew cleared the decks of the Chelish dead, and the next morning committed their own dead to the sea with the blessings of Gozreh. Father Pyrlig was preparing to draw question out of Captain Lucilla’s corpse when he spied a demonic tattoo upon her left breast. Meditating over the implications he shared with his companions that these runes may summon a demonic avenger to hunt and attack those that would defile her corpse. They anchored her with a stone and dropped her into the sea. Pyrlig did successfully question the Chelish helmsman and found that Captain Lucilla’s role was to keep on top of Captain Harrigan – he didn’t know exactly what was spoken but her job was to keep him in line as he was a Chelish confederate.

The party also perused the scrolls, which Mittens took property of, and a letter written to Captain Lucilla.

Haiyan passed word to the captain that Anggarna seemed to be having difficulty accepting the constant conflict that came with a pirate’s life: the loss of life, the zealous push for victory over other pirates and merchants – that this was all so different than her life in Haven as a healer and a midwife. Anggarna had confided with the ship’s cook, Liara, who in turn discussed it with Haiyan. Damiano discussed this with Anggarna, who confirmed her difficulty with the pirate lifestyle.

Day 62 Fergal passed word to the party that the Lash (repainted by Nico, as the Splash) had several enhancements to the ship, such as a broad rudder, extended keel and magically treated rudder and magically treated hull – which gave the ship better performance and durability. Fergal also started teaching the crew on how to prep the cannons and fire them, but at this time they did not want to waste shot in test firings.

‘The Splash’ turned east into Dagon’s Channel and by nightfall they passed a fisherman’s lugger making way for Little Oppara. By early morning Haiyan navigated the ship through Dagon’s Teeth, setting a course for south by southeast to the P.S.C.

Day 63 ‘The Splash’ passed by an Absolam merchant barque, the Truewind. Captain Damiano had Haiyan reduce sail and put up a white flag to parlay – the other ship chose not to follow suit and hurriedly made its way westward.

Day 64 Dusk ‘The Splash’ arrived at the P.S.C. to find some Chelish sailors fishing – the sailors questioned the captain until they realized it was their captain in a new ship, not the Lachesis. They spread word to lower the sea chains, rig lanterns in the cave and assist in towing the ‘Splash’ into the cave and moor it up. The party and crew were welcomed back by Sandara and all those left behind.

Sandara shared that when the Famished Mane left Goatshead, they came across a wrecked sloop, the Emerald Wake. It had been damaged by a Chelish Man-o’-War, the Dominator. The Emerald Wake was able to sneak away when the Dominator was attacked by the frigate, The Destiny, captained by the Free Captain, Van Marin. As the Emerald Wake exited the combat scene, the Famished Mane was able to take the ship, and gain 15 crewmen and an able carpenter named Mathis Trevain. Mathis stated that the ship was too damaged to keep so it was scuttled. The Wake’s captain, a female half-elf named Sothi was taken as well and was amenable at first – but over time attempted to sow discord while at the P.S.C. – Sandara wasn’t going to brook any trouble, called Sothi out and slew the half-elf captain in a duel. In the meantime, Mathis had been essential to getting the Barracuda ship shape and Sandara was focused on getting the current body of crew working together amiably under the disciplined eye of Barefoot Sams, Glarus Hawkeye and Old Sawney.

The party gathered all the stores socked away at the P.S.C., left the Famished Mane moored up in the cave, sea-chained the entry, sealed the stair-entry, and sailed off with the Barracuda and ‘The Splash,’ to head to Rickety Hakes’ Squib-works. Just before leaving the P.S.C., Temujin went down to the old cell and buried the Harrow Deck in the sandy floor.

Day 65 At Mid-day the party arrived at the Squib-works. They transferred all the valuables and cannons to the Barracuda and sailed in to meet Rickety in the harbor. Nico successfully negotiated with Hake to squib ‘The Splash’ soon to be christened, the Atropos, and add silk sails, rapid-deploy sails and to add a fore gun-deck. Nico also purchased additional cannon balls and powder, which they relayed back to the Barracuda.

While the squibbing occurred over the next ten days, the Barracuda set sail for Bloodcove.

At dusk, a fog set in, nearby, a rusty clanging of an iron bell tolled off the starboard side of the Barracuda. Virna could make out the silhouette of the Deathknell shadowing the Barracuda. Soon afterwards the Deathknell faded from sight – could the crew expect to see it the next evening, and expect an attack upon the third evening?

Day 66 3PM Captain Damiano gave word to Haiyan to not skirt the Slithering Cost, but to make a beeline to Bloodcove. Juba in the watch, gave word that winged creatures were closing on the port-side of the Barracuda. The captain gave the word that sails were reduced, all sailors were sent below deck, while the party and the crew’s able fighters remained up top to engage the three approaching dragon-like creatures.

The three large, purplish dragons had dual-barbed tails and jaws that smoked and spat fire. They engaged the ship, blasting the party in gouts of flame. Mittens was on the fore deck when one younger flew by raking her with his barbed tail. The largest, the mother, engaged Damiano on the mast – all the creatures flew clumsily, encircling the ship, attacking with their jaws, barbed tails, and blasting the deck with fire and blinding smoke. Nico summoned elementals to engaged and chase the dragons. Temujin and Mittens counter attacked with lightning. The mother, wheeling back toward the ship in a broad arc, crossed the deck and bit down on Mittens, carrying him off the deck, passing by Dwag who leaped onto the beasts’ back. Mittens pulled out a wand of web and stuck the dragon fast to the side of the ship – the webbing stuck through to the mast and yard arms. Dwag pulled out his cutlass and proceeded to stab the beast in the back, it drew it’s head back and breathed out flame burning away the webs – all three fell into the sea. While the dragon appeared to be an able swimmer, Nico summoned elementals to approach and finish the job – the mother wyvern sank into the depths.

Aboard ship, Damiano, Temujin, Pyrlig and the able fighters, attacking with their crossbows, slew the juvenile worms – these beasts were known as Aashaq’s Wyverns.

Day 66 4PM The crew was called back on deck, the deck cleared and the Barracuda made way for Bloodcove.

{Day 61-66}
[end of session 23]



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