Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 25

July 7th, 2015

John/Dwag was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 69 9AM …the men and women of the bar cried out, ‘tell us another tale Alto Broadly, spin us another one!’ And with that, Alto settled into another tale about the gallant Captain Harrigan of the Wormwood, his courageous crew and how they sank the Chelish ship, the Merciless off of Tiang’s Bight. As Alto told his tale, Mittens attempted to sour the crowd with an enchantment, but Alto was a master storyteller and not to be fouled up – the crowd nearly lost interest but he upped the action at the climax as he told how Harrigan slew the Chelish fop of a captain, who was crying for mercy in his silly white wig, before he lost his life, much to the delight of the drunken morning audience. Many in the party noted some discrepancies – that the ship was Nidalese and not Chelish – and that it was said to have been wrecked in a storm, not while under attack. But whatever happened, happened very close to the where the party lost the Lachesis, and near the activities taking place at Sage Bay.

As Alto’s story came to a close, Mittens jumped up onto another table and finding the crowd sufficiently warm and lubricated, spun his own tale of Captain Damiano, defeating the dread Captain Pilk of the Deathknell, not once, but twice! The crowd loved the tale, many sailors having known men taken to the depths of the sea by the dark Captain Pilk.

As Mittens wrapped up his story, Father Pyrlig, rather insistently, took the party outside, to share a vision that he had, during the day, while walking up the road to the Broken Bones. Temujin summoned his Raven and had him tail an unknown human male in Caulky’s company. When the fellow left the bar, he headed down to the docks and rowed a boat to the Sea Snake.

Father Pyrlig and the party went over the to the Temple of the Sea and asked about for Father Palin. The bartender, “Father” Jones pointed the way, towards the shrine of Gozreh, off at one side of the bar. Pyrlig bought a large stein of beer and attemped to break Father Palin from his rest. After a brief conversation with the grumpy Father Palin, Pyrlig planned to return later in the day when Palin would be more likely to talk.

Nico and Mittens spent the better part of the afternoon selling off the party’s remaining plunder, Nico getting the best price that was possible from the various merchants. Nico purchased additional cannonballs but additional powder was not to be found. Temujin arranged with the teamsters to have their plunder transferred off the Barracuda and delivered to their respective merchant owners. Temujin inquired of the manager, Lars, who his primary contact was, and he was told that his boss was Ponda Baba – a merchant that can be found, by day, in the merchant square and by the afternoon or night, he can be found at Chalmun’s Cantina, overlooking the wharves of the Vanji River.

3PM They party returned to the ship to dole out the gold to their crew and started rotations at port for the men and women to entertain themselves and support the needs of the Barracuda while in port.

Nico gathered various resources across town to prepare in the crafting of magical items for himself and the party.

Temujin, Mittens, and Sahji found the Pathfinder outpost, run by a Mwangi named Ossa Honcho. Ossa just recently took over as his employer, Christophe Meline (a taldan male), was found slain two weeks ago. Ossa knew that Christophe’s body had been found and interred by Sylene Durmis, the barber. Mittens and Temujin stressed to Ossa that the Pathfinder office could find some financial resources to assist Sahji on her mission. Ossa hemmed and hawed and requested Sahji to return tomorrow morning to see what he could do for her. Temujin also loaned Sahji 200 GP so that she could provide some amenities for herself. The party met up with Pyrlig and Damiano at the bar, The Temple of the Sea.

8PM Father Pyrlig and Damiano arrive at the Temple of the Sea, which matched identically with the appearance from Pyrlig’s vision earlier that morning. A much restored Father Palin, talked freely, his thirst quenched by another large beer provided by Pyrlig – the pair of them fondly recalled to each other how Gozreh pulled each man to her, the embrace so profound that both men turned to religion soon after. While the two men talked, Mittens shared the tale with the folk in the bar of Captain Damiano, and the party’s adventures in the Storm Caves – the telling was successfully received throughout the bar by the patrons – except for Father Palin – who exclaimed that the description that he heard could only be that of his brother, Quint Harrow – lost at sea these many years.

Father Palin stated that Quint was the captain of the caravel, the Ruinous Ways, and before that, the barque, the Brine Bastard. Quint was a driven sea captain, very much like that dreaded Whalebone Pilk. But Quint was driven to provide for his wife, the Taldan lady of means, Malaysa Amaranth, who Quint stole away from Captain Van Marin, of the frigate, the Destiny. After that, Palin settled in with his cups, and Father Pyrlig and Mittens joined some the the locals for cards. Temujin noted some familiar face cards to those that belonged to the Harrow Deck. The men kept playing their hands, with Mittens winning the pot – Father Pyrlig was left holding two cards: The False Prince, which had the scene of a man in bedraggled clothes, standing with one foot upon a throne, and the Uprising, the card’s image was of a band of ten men running willy nilly down a road, not seeing the pit they were about to fall into.

10 PM The party was greeted by acting Captain Peppery Longfarthing – was appeared genuinely pleased to the everyone, especially Temujin and Nico. Peppery was pointed in her conversation that Captain Harrigan would hold a grudge whether Plugg or Damiano had his property – he expected compensation. The party offered the recently claimed sloop, The Storm Dodger. Peppery enjoyed the party’s company into the evening and was hopeful that the Storm Dodger was equal compensation to sate Captain Harrigan.

Day 70 With Mitten’s successful performances, 25 men signed aboard the Barracuda – a band of 15 sailors from various paths of life, and 10 old salts who had seen many days at sea under many merchant and pirate captains.

Mittens stopped off at the home of Alora, one of the mages in residence in Bloodcove and was able to strike a deal to purchase some spells. As Alora removed herself from the business dealings, her slave, Ann Sharpe, offered a much lower price if Mittens would help her get away from Alora. While Alora was kind enough, she was often drug addled. Ann wanted to experience the world instead of playing nurse-maid to Alora’s needs. Mittens was diplomatic in paying the full price that Alora expected and clarifying that he didn’t want to burn any bridges with Alora for any future dealings.

Sahji was able to secure additional funds from Ossa Honcho, the Pathfinder deputy in Bloodcove. The party visited with Ponda Baba at Chalmun’s Cantina in the northeastern part of town, where Temujin brokered the discussion to have Ponda record ships comings and goings through Bloodcove – for this sale of information, Temujin forwarded Ponda 300 GP.

Word was given for the crew to rally back to the ship in the next 48 hours. Per Barefoot Samms, the bosun’s mate, only one crew member went missing without leave.

Day 72 The Barracuda set sail heading to where the Storm Dodger was stowed, with Peppery Longfarthing’s ship, the Sea Snake, trailing behind. By late afternoon, the Storm Dodger was in good standing and taken as prize by Peppery, who wished the party well as they broke company.

The Barracuda was fat with able bodies manning all positions. Fergal had all swabs and riggers swapping in for gun training with the new cannons on the main deck. With the ship at near maximum capacity, the ship’s sub-officers strove to keep the crew working and tired out at days end, and insured that each man and woman knew their roles aboard ship. With the next four days to sail towards Rikety’s Squibs, the crew had their jobs down and the Barracuda was running tight, and after a nice payout and leave at Bloodcove, the crew’s morale was high.

Day 76 Virna in the crow’s nest gave word of smoke rising out from the Squibworks. Captain Damiano gave word to sail closer into the inlet for a look and found that Rikety’s settlement burnt to the ground. Signs of dead men and women littered the shore and the dry dock where the Lash was being refitted, was empty!

{Day 69-76}
[end of session 25]



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