Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Day 76 11AM After consulting with Izar, of the sloop, Sultana, the Barracuda raised full sail, in the attempt to trap the Lash before the three Chelish cutters could close for combat.

Dwag, from the crow’s nest could make out the Sultana ahead of them, but the Lash was out of sight. Two f the three cutters were three miles away and the third, at least five miles away – none of the cutters were making great speed.

6PM The Lash and the Sultana were in sight, less than a mile away. Pulling behind the islands, the wind had slackened allowing the Barracuda to close the distance. As the Barracuda came up fast, a fireball exploded across the Sultana. A few moments later a fireball shot back at the Lash to lesser effect. A spray of magical webs covered the main deck of the Sultana – the crew, trapped in the webbing, was hindered and the Sultana slowed down.

Captain Damiano sent word for all non-essential crew to get below decks. Soon after, a fireball shot from the Lash across the aft deck of the Barracuda killing Haiyan and 10 sailors. Sandara took control of the wheel and closed in upon the Lash. At this time the Sultana had recovered and closed in upon the starboard side.

Sandara cried out – it appeared that she was being buffeted and bruised as if under attack, but nothing was visible. Mittens magically illuminated the area around Sandara to highlight a vague invisible humanoid form standing near to Sandara. Nico summoned elementals to come to her assistance. Nico’s archon assisted in healing Sandara as she fell under repeated attack from the invisible stalker.

Damiano, Pyrlig, Dwag and the brute squad landed upon the deck of the Lash and took the fight to the enemy Chelish Sailors. Mittens covered the deck with webs, but Louisa Scott escaped them, spraying her lieutenants with fire, which freed them from the webs, she summoned them to follow her below decks. Temujin repeatedly attacked the Chelish helmsman with lightning, until he was slain.

At this time both the Barracuda and the Sultana were nestled about the Lash and the fight took place solely on the main deck of the Lash. Dwag led the way into below decks to find this level too, covered in webs. Damiano entered the captain’s quarters, to find it empty and then entered the deck, aft of Dwag. The party moved forward until they found the hatch to the hold. Dwag shattered it. Dwag, Pyrlig and Damiano heard the phrasing of magic and felt cold radiating towards them, followed by the thump of two bodies falling to the deck. Damiano dropped down and saw Louisa 45 feet away clutching a lit lantern. Dwag quaffed a potion and silently dropped down into the hold – he moved forward looking for the ship’s well. The party could smell the heavy scent of oil and the acrid smell of black powder throughout the chamber. Damiano moved forward slowly, talking, Mittens dropped down into the hold.

As the battle quieted down upon the deck, Temujin secured both the Barracuda and set crew to the Lash. He instructed Sandara to pull the Barracuda away from the Lash, and the Sultana wisely followed suit. Looking west, as it was near dusk, Temujin could not make out if the Chelish cutters were holding their distance or merely slowing but he had the crow’s nest keep a vigilant lookout.

In the hold, Captain Damiano spoke to Louisa, “…this doesn’t have to end this way. The Lash doesn’t need to be destroyed, besides, I have something that you want – knowledge of where Captain Lucilla’s body is!” “Well then, that is something that I will need to learn more about the next time that you and I meet,” said Louisa, “but if I can’t have this ship, then no one else can either!” With that, she threw her lantern into a pool of oil, the lantern shattered igniting the oil. Father Pyrlig was at the ready and began to summon Gozreh’s aid in quenching the blaze. Dwag turned about and took shots at Louisa, as did Mittens with his spells. Damiano ran at Louisa, as she began to cast another cone of cold, Mittens’ perfectly timed shot disrupted her concentration and the spell fizzled away. Damiano struck and found Louisa protected by layers of magical defenses – and while his rapier struck true, much of his sword’s sting was defrayed and in return her magical frost shield lashed out and pained him.

Louisa stepped back away from Damiano and attempted to cast again, only to have her spell fail by the concentrated efforts of Mittens, Dwag and Damiano. The captain continued to press the attack and Pyrlig was able to put out the last of the fire.

As the party continued to press upon Louisa, she eked out a spell that whisked her away before they could finish her off – but they could still consider them successful. They had re-taken the Lash and prevented it from being scuttled!

The party returned to the main deck to join Nico and Temujin. Nico sent his elementals out to look nearby for Louisa. They were able to report movement in the water off to the starboard side – only moments later to see a flash of light, perhaps she had just enough respite in the ocean to magically spirit herself away to some refuge.

8PM The party was joined by Captain Axmis, Izar and a newcomer, 2nd Lt. Sinjin Marin of the Destiny. Sinjin was clean cut and dressed quite proper for a pirate. He offered that the Dominator had managed to get away and that the Destiny had suffered a cracked main mast. The group came to the consensus that they would sail together: The Destiny, the Sultana, the Barracuda and the Lash, back to Goatshead for safety, and repairs.

Day 77 8PM The flotilla arrived in Goatshead, to some new surprises. A cog, called the Tusk, was overturned in the harbor and there was recent signs of burning throughout the town. It turns out that three days ago a Free Captain, called Eldred Seabreaker, of the galleon, the Stormcrow, had just sailed up, coming from the sea lanes near Sargava and was looking for some easy supplies and coin. Captain Seabreaker took what he wanted from town, after disposing of the town’s protection, in the form of the Tusk, and also made off with 70-100 townsfolk to sell off as slaves.

Day 78 The party was invited over to the Destiny, with the officers of the Sultana. They met 1st Lt. Christian Marin and the captain himself. The Destiny was in the incarnation of order and discipline. The officers and midshipmen polite and informative and all were impeccably dressed. The captain himself said little but gave leave to his sons Christian and Sinjin to speak on his behalf. They shared as the party had questions. That his once betrothed, Malaysa Amaranth had married Quint Harrow. She resided in some splendor on the island of Undertow, in the High House. Undertown was northwest of Mancatcher Cove and west of Motaku Island, and its capital city of Quent. Word would be sent to Captain Pegsworthy of the damage done to Goatshead and for Pegsworthy to keep an eye out for the Chelish cutters.

Day 79 7AM The party took their leave from the Destiny, and prepared the Lash with a spare crew, under the command of 2nd Lt. Cog. They divvied up the stores they had from the Barracuda and were able to sign up 15 sailors, previously from the Tusk. The Barracuda and the Lash prepared to make sail towards Mancatcher Cove.

{Day 76-79}
[end of session 27]



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