Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 28

July 28th, 2015

Day 79 7AM Before departing Goatshead, Captain Damiano gave word to swap ships – The (Sp)lash would now become the flagship, and Cog assumed the role of acting captain aboard the Barracuda.

The prisoners, Gravis, Kauthus were still chained, under guard and committed to their places in the hold and the bilge, respectively. Mittens had a chat with Kroops and asked then he kept the men’s morale high. Kroops relayed that the men were pleased that the captain had looked out for them in the last battle and that he had given orders to send any unnecessary sailors below decks before the fireball struck the Barracuda. Also, Knuckles was excited that soon they would be investigating the treasure of Mancatcher Cove.

Day 80 7AM Soon after departing Goatshead, Haiyan was committed to the sea with honor and the blessings of Gozreh.

Day 80 11AM By mid morning, word from the crow’s nest to the captain detailed that a merchant barque, they Daystar was ahead and likely on a course to bring it to Ongongte Overlook. Captain Damiano gave word to close upon the vessal. As the (Sp)lash closed the distance with the lightly manned and lightly defended ship, they struck a white flag – the captain, a Mr. Marpole Runescar asked for audience with Captain Damiano, which was granted.

Captain Runescar, a captain serving the Sargavan Exports Company, talked to the party while in a private audience, detailed that he had already been overtaken by pirates twice before. One more time and he would be stripped of his command. He negotiated with the party to hand over 450 GP of his own money, if his cargo was left intact. He added that in a few weeks when he arrived at Quent, that he would forward ship manifests and itineraries to his sister, Nessa, bartender at the Flotsam and Jetsam, which they could pick up and potentially use such information to time advantageous attacks on these ripe targets of opportunity. After the successful conclusion the the negotiations, the Daystar and the (Sp)lash parted company, with the party and their two vessels headed northwest.

Day 82 Noon A familiar ship was spied ahead of the parties’ ships, a drekar called the Devil’s Pallor – which the party has passed by their time through these straits. Do they pass by or attack a known Free Captain? The party chose to attack and put up full sail and struck north in pursuit of the drekar. Some time later, the Devil’s Pallor knew it was being chased, but stayed its course.

As the two ships closed, the (Sp)lash’s bow chaser was fired, the cannonball solidly striking the drekar. In return the Devil’s Pallor sent a shot from it’s catapult crashing back in return. Temujin cast a spell coating the drekar in ice and fog – the crew slipped about in confusion and their vision of the (Sp)lash was obscure. The (Sp)lash took the opportunity to sidle up to the starboard side of the drekar, deftly maneuvered by Sandara. Fergal and his gun crews fired repeated salvos of cannon shot into the drekar and across the deck to strike the crew as the ships closed.

As the two ships crashed together, the party and the brute squad rushed the deck of the Devil’s Pallor. Nico summoned elementals to harry the sailors rowing and to seize up the rudder. The party pushed their way to the aft deck. The hobgoblin captain, Gortus Svard, fired poisoned crossbow bolts at Captain Damiano and Father Pyrlig. Father Pyrlig launched lightning strikes at Gortus in return. The party closed in and Damiano and Dwag finished off the rival captain. All in all, the Devil’s Pallor was salvageable, it had (4) light ballistas and a light catapult, as well as valuable stores in its hold. The remaining crew, ragged as they were, offered to sign up with Captain Damiano – 50 men joined the party’s ranks.

Day 83-84 The small fleet of ships under Captain Damiano’s command arrived at Little Oppara, to find that it too had been recently attacked by Captain Eldred Seabreaker and his ship, the galleon, Stormcrow. While less violence had been committed in town, valuables and loot had been pried away from the hands of the town-folk. With the recent pillaging, there was little spare coin in town, much less to satisfactorily pay Nico for selling the Barracuda for a decent price, so they held onto the ship.

Mittens spent the two days in port regaling the tavern goers of the exploits of Captain Damiano and his crew – the tales were well received and 24 sailors joined ranks with the captain.

With Cog in command of the Barracuda, Knuckles and the brute squad took command of the Devil’s Pallor.

Day 85 9AM Smoke was sighted north of the (Sp)lash, near Motaku Island. Captain Damiano gave orders to change course, heading north for a better look. At a few miles out, the galleon, the Stormcrow was seen taking a caravel, the Azure Slider, which was burning. The party discussed their options and then Mittens wisely conversed with some of the crew from Little Oppara and Goatshead, and learned that Captain Seabreaker was a spellcaster, and his crew were a brutal sort of pirate. Mittens shared this information with the party and they decided to not engage at this time, and the Captain Damiano instructed Sandara to correct the course back to due west.

Day 85 4PM Sandara asked for a course clarification. Do they continue to sail west by northwest out of Dagon’s Jaws or head up into the small islets about Tiang’s Bight? The party decided to sail west by northwest and come up about near the goblin’s sea caves for a closer look and potentially a ground assault upon Sage Bay.

Day 86 2AM Virna in the crow’s nest gave word to Temujin that a beautiful elven schooner would be passing by in the night. Temujin awoke Captain Damiano and shared the news – the Captain gave word to beat to quarters and the ship was soon on high alert.

The elven schooner was a fine crafted vessel, called the Vela. As the (Sp)lash closed they fired their cannons at the Vela. Nico summoned elementals to tear at the Vela’s sails – as the elementals closed, elven archers sent a barrage of arrows into the sky killing the elemental.

All of a sudden the (Sp)lash came to a full stop, many of the party and crew were roughly thrown off their feet onto the deck. The ship was caught in a swirling vortex – allowing the Vela to continue to speed away. The Barracuda and Devil’s Pallor were soon to catch up to the (Sp)lash and pass it by. The party made plans to have Nico’s elementals carry them to the Barracuda, to continue the chase after the Vela – Temujin, Pyrlig and Mittens all attempted to dispel the ensorcellment upon their ship, to no success.

The party decided that perhaps the elven crew of the Vela were well prepared to counter attack, but chose to evade – they opted to stay put and collect themselves. Over an hour later, the vortex finally dissipated and the (Sp)lash was released.

Day 86 4AM Captain Damiano’s fleet set sail, heading north towards the goblin caves and Sage Bay!

{Day 79-86}
[end of session 28]



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