Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 29

August 11th, 2015

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 86 6AM Sailing north around Tiang’s Bight, and west of Sage Bay, the party’s fleet came up to the goblin caves at just before dawn’s light. The party settled into the jolly boat and rowed toward the caves – with Anduril in the water, ahead of them, scouting. Anduril, Mittens and Dwag spied little heads sticking up out of the water – they were kelp goblins that they had encountered before.

Nico summoned elementals to engage the goblins and to prevent their escape – the party fired upon them with their crossbows as their boat settled to under the boom suspended from the cliff face. Damiano and Mittens leapt up to the boom, they heard the giggle of goblins in the caverns and the low intoning voice, a familiar voice to Dwag who had been in close proximity of the lead goblin, Crastor, the last time they met in these caves.

As Damiano dashed into the upper sea cave, he saw the glint of light reflect off the goblin eyes, making his way across the room, he was accosted by a large goblin, that quivered with rage and strength and who had appeared out of nowhere. As Mittens, Dwag and Pyrlig entered the hall, they were joined in combat by other large goblins that suddenly appeared.

Nico made sure that his elementals chased down the kelp goblins before they could escape – when he climbed up the boom and joined the party the fight was well underway. Nico summoned more elementals to assist. The party defeated the bulk of the oversized goblins, as additional goblins crept out of the crannies and fired their blunderbuss’ at them.

Damiano yelled out to Crastor and invited him to let the party pass to Sage Bay, or perhaps he would impart more information to them about Sage Bay? As Damiano engaged Crastor in conversation, who was up a narrow channel in the rock, Mittens climbed up an opposing cranny and listening carefully closed the distance until he came upon where Crastor was sitting in the narrow tunnel.

Crastor was not taken by surprised and he closed upon Mittens – they struck out at each other, each wounding the other. Damiano took this time to start climbing up the rock channel and come upon Crastor from behind. As they closed in and Mittens withdrew, Castor cast a spell and disappeared.

The party had killed the goblins in this level, and Nico sent his elementals to scope out the next level down, as Dwag investigated the main stair that headed up to the overlook. The elementals were surprised by more goblins that caught them in the crossfire of their blunderbuss’. Nico enhanced his elementals giving them more power and they ultimately slew all the goblins.

Dwag arrived at the top of the overlook and was surprised by Crastor, who appeared out of thin air. They fought viciously but Crastor dropped Dwag to the stone. Moments later the party arrived and Pyrlig was able to revive Dwag. They heard the scrabbling descent of Crastor making his way hastily down the steep mountainside toward the direction of Sage Bay.

Nico sent more elementals down the mountain to chase after Crastor. Mittens and Damiano sped their way down the mountain slope, enhanced by protective magic. They were able to engage Crastor, whom they found had changed his shape into a worg wolf – knowing he was caught he turned about and attacked the party and the elementals, but was finally dealt a killing blow by Damiano.

Day 86 7AM Crastor, now dead, transformed back into the shape of a large goblin – the party surmised that he may be one of those beasts, called a barghest. They dragged his body up the mountain, healed themselves and made use of their high vantage point to survey the scene around them.

The party saw that the Ravage Dawn was not in the bay. There appeared to be about 100 men, some women (no children) in an unrecognizable uniform. The men and women appeared to be relaxed going about their duties in the settlement.

The two towers at the mouth of the bay did have the sea chain in place, but the party noted that the towers did not have a great vantage point of the channel beyond the bay, but were well sheltered from attack until any ship were to enter the bay. The derelict vessel, the Reefclaw was still set off to one side and the Nidalese ship, the Shale was at the dock, it’s starboard side pointed toward the mouth of the bay. The Shale did have an active crew and ballistas were set at both port and starboard sides.

The party did note two additional vessels moving slowly, near the small island that Damiano led the party to find the Harrow treasure. One ship was a caravel with a motley array of sails while the other was a sloop and it’s appearance was quite tidy. Both ships travelled a parallel course and appeared friendly to each other. They came to a stop before pulling into the channel leading to Sage Bay.

Day 86 2PM The party decided after their time spent surveying the region, that a water attack would be better than approaching down the mountainside. They also noted that kelp goblins were in the waters around Sage Bay, possibly as lookouts.

The party decided to leave Sahji and Canale as lookouts. They could hide if necessary. Nico gave Sahji the clockwork parrot and the command word, to use if they needed to send any word to the party.

Trying to make the most of their time, the party decided to descend rapidly to their vessels, sail around the island and attack the sloop and caravel before dusk arrived to gain some quick plunder, before planning their next move on Sage Bay, in the next few hours or possibly the next day.

{Day 86}
[end of session 29]



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