Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 3

Feb 3rd, 2015

John/Dwag was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Nicodemus stopped by the galley to pick up some spare food, slipped to him by Mittens, for Owlbear. Descending to the bilges, Nico encountered Temujin brandishing his two-handed sword and the two of them engaged three bilge spiders. Owlbear came out of the shadows and offered his club, a fine device for squashing spiders but the other two declined it. Nico offered the extra biscuits to Owlbear – who was appreciative of the extra food and kindness.

Riaris Krine led the new recruits into the jolly boats for boarding school. Both catfolk, Mittens and Damiano sped along the line with ease. Cog Cogward also boarded with proficiency. Nico, Temujin, Pyrlig, Rosie, Sandara and Conch failed spectacularly and were beaten by Master Scourge for their inadequacies.

Day 10
Pyrlig was ordered into the crow’s nest and failed to ascend into the rigging despite all motivations from Master Scourge. Damiano attempted to assist Pyrlig until repeatedly ordered by Master Scourge, to return to his station in the foremast rigging. When Pyrlig did successfully ascend, he fell from a 30’ height and his prone form was carried to the surgeon’s berth.

Damiano and Temujin both simultaneously called out ‘sail ahoy’ when the Man’s promise was spotted. All hands put up full sail and the Wormwood altered course for interception.

Day 11
Temujin was struck was a strong case of seasickness.

Based on the previous day’s performance, Damiano was put in charge of the the boarding party to take and hold the sterncastle of the Man’s Promise. Peppery cast fog cloud to confound the opposing ballista attacks. Damiano swung aboard the Man’s Promise and promptly engaged the captain and first mate. Nico summoned eagles to fly Conch and Rosie to the sterncastle to assist Damiano. The remainder of the party waited until boarding planks were dropped and then rushed aboard.

In short order the sterncastle was captured and the officers cut down. Ten Rahadoumi sailors were persuaded by Captain Harrigan to sign on as pirate of the Wormwood.

Peppery awarded Temujin with a +1 composite longbow and Damiano with a ring of protection +1 for spotting the ship first. Each crew member received 300GPs and Temujin was awarded a potion of cure moderate wounds and invisibility for spying a Rahadoumi sailor coming up behind Captain Harrigan and providing warning to the captain – who promptly cut the sailor down.

However, Temujin was punished by Master Scourge for not engaging the enemy, due to suffering from a bout of seasickness. Temujin was beaten into unconsciousness and carried to the surgeon’s berth by Nico.

The ship celebrated their success with double grog rations. There was a beefed up officer’s watch to insure no fire would arise on the Man’s Promise. Damiano fraternized with Riaris, who was further enamored with him after the ease in which he excelled at her boarding exercise and also with his success commanding the boarding party onto the Man’s Promise.

Mittens plied Badger Medlar with rum and had subtle conversation. Badger shared that the ship the captain met at Spur Island was a sloop, called The Lash. It’s captain was a well dressed, well spoken Chelaxian woman. Badger wouldn’t share any other details with Mittens until rewarded with a solid haunch of meat.

Day 12
The next day, both ships sailed to Soggy Island and dropped anchor. The crew spent their time making minor repairs to both ships. Temujin’s Raven spotted a light in a saltmarsh at the island and spotted a ship trapped in the saltmarsh and a small raised fort. Nico’s eidolon, Dur, also investigated and saw the same details.

The party was gathered into the Captain’s cabin and told that they were also aware of the light and that they thought the party was capable of investigating the island while the rest of the crew made repairs. Cog and Sandara joined the away party.

Arriving at the saltmarsh in a jolly boat – it was determined that walking through the marsh would be slow going in, and out, should a retreat be necessary. They rowed about the island until a more solid coastline was found. After solidly tying off their boat, they ventured inland, led by Damiano and Cog. They eventually came to the ship – the Kajitsu Star (a Tian ship) which had a wooden bridge attached to it, winding back to a raised wooden fort. They heard the gibbering of goblin speech and spied one male and one female goblin making their way up the bridge to the goblin crannog (raised fort). The party sent their Eidolon around to the far side of the Kajitsu Star in order to raise a distraction.

{Day 9-12}
[end of session 3]



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