Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 31

September 1st, 2015

Day 87 8:15AM The party pressed the attack, wading through the ranks of defending sailors. Nico summoned waves of elementals to aid the assault, as the party pushed onwards toward the officers on the aft deck. Dwag pushed through the crowds of sailors to the starboard side of the ship, seeing the leather-clad woman on the deck, he opted to stay aboard ship. Casually, the woman slowly approached the Shale.

The defenders ranks were shored up by marines, slowing the party’s progress. One of the officer’s voice rang out as he cast a spell, only to be blind-sided by Temujin’s preparedness, who successfully dispelled the oncoming enchantment. The male and female war captains closed in on Dwag and Damiano. The spell-casting officer, dismayed at having his magic countered, picked up his bow and rained arrows down upon the party.

The female officer was slain swiftly by Dwag – but the remainder of the battle flowed back and forth as the party, their summoned elementals and the defenders formed a tight-knit mass of bodies in combat.

From the dock, the leather-clad female used her own divine power to draw the life from the party, and she closed the distance, coming aboard the Shale. Crossbow shots sprang from the water, into Dwag, as kelp goblins surfaced in the water. Pyrlig countered with his own healing magics.

After repeated attacks from the party, the male officer died from his wounds. The party turned on the priestess, but as they closed, a soaked barghest appeared from its veil of invisibility and attacked! As the battle started to turn, the spell casting archer made his way to the male officer and plucked a shiny pearl from his pocket and made his way toward the ship’s rail. The party would not have any enemy making off with their due treasure. All eyes focused on the archer and repeated ranged attacks from the party slew the archer before he could escape.

From the entry of the bay, the party heard the water churning and the bosun’s call and the sailor’s response as the Devil’s Pallor turned the corner and set it’s course at the Shale. Some sailors on the Shale took this time to make their escape and leapt into the waters to join their comrades in the defense on solid ground.

While the priestess fought with wild abandon, she was eventually slain – at that time the barghest made it’s way to the rail, the party and the elementals assaulting him as he clawed his way past. Bashed and bloodied, the barghest dove into the water and swam out of sight.

As the battle was coming to a close on the Shale, Damiano climbed onto a yard arm and yelled to get Knuckles’ attention. Successfully doing so, Knuckles gave the order to not ram the Shale and for all hands to bring the drekar to a full stop. The two ships kissed roughly, and the sailors jumped from the benches to cross the deck of the Shale, join the party, who was in a full run down the dock to the remaining Nidalese defenders.

Temujin heard a whisper nearby but saw no one. A fellow introduced himself as Jimmy Pinch and stated that he was a member of the crew of the two ships nearby – the caravel and the sloop. He informed Temujin that he had friends nearby, wearing white armbands, and that they wanted no treasure from the Shale or the town, but sought only a captured comrade, a female gnoll.

Nico summoned more elementals to dig under ground and come up behind the Nidalese ranks, to soften their resistance.

The party and it’s swollen ranks of sailors smashed into the defending lines of the Nidalese. Temujin noticed a decorated Nidalese captain winding his way through the town towards the stout stone obelisk. Many of the party noted the presence of the mixed-raced party making their way through town, adorned with white armbands.

As Knuckles and the sailors swept up against the Nidalese defenders, the party headed towards the obelisk – Nico’s elementals tore the stone door off and the Dwag led the party down the stairway.

Turning down the stairs, they entered a dark hall, to be attacked by devilish beings – chain-shrouded Kytons. In the distance they could make out the Nidalese captain, cowered up against a locked door, talking desperately to whomever was on the other side. A low laughter seeped through the door, as did wisps of smoke – indication of a fire brewing in the chamber beyond.

The party slew the kytons and incapacitated the captain, and as the door was dismantled, beyond was a larger, stone-worked chamber where digging had been discontinued. In the center was a bonfire of wood and papers, and an obese, leather clad man willingly stood amongst the flames, immolated, he died as the party entered the chamber. Pyrlig was able to wash the chamber and extinguish the flames, and the party gathered up what papers survived that might have been of some use.

Day 87 9:30AM The party met the crew of the caravel and the sloop.
The Menagerie (caravel)

  • male gnoll – Free Booter Captain Karg Malen
  • female gnoll 1st mate Kali
  • male half-orc – Chang Gull
  • male dwarf – cleric of Besmara – Dolf de Mer
  • veiled woman – Mia Anjul
  • male halfing – Mr. Jimmy Pinch
    The sloop – The Hand of Fate
  • Free Captain Angry Agnes – blind captain, once an initiate of Carrefour, the loa. A member of your crew, an old salt named Jonesy, had sailed with Angry Agnes some years ago.
  • male elven1st mate: Christans Elevar

Captain Damiano had the female gnoll, Kali, found among the prisoners and returned to Captain Karg Malen. It turns out that the Menagerie and the Hand of Fate had picked off a sloop, the Grey Cloud from a fellow Free Booter Captain, William Phrees, of the frigate, the Nightwind. Kali had sailed the Grey Cloud to Cho-Tzu, of Shenchu Bay to sell as a prize. When Karg arrived later and found no sign of the Grey Cloud or Kali, he started to investigate. He learned that the sloop had in turned been picked off by Free Captain Hanji of the Sea Plague (Hanji is a fleet captain for the island of Rampore) and Kali had been sold off to Captain Jol Blassey of the Ravage Dawn.

With the happy return of Kali, Jimmy Pinch stated that Angry Agnes would like to entertain the party on the morrow aboard the Hand of Fate and perhaps converse on the House of Harrow.

On this new day, with their victory at Sage Bay, the party had much to do:

  1. Retrieve Sahji & Canale
  2. Secure Sage Bay
  3. Review the gathered papers from the obelisk and determine what to do with the Nidalese Captain Tullas Kilee
  4. Meet with Angry Agnes
  5. Determine the future of the Nidalese prisoners – 40 male/20 female survivors
  6. Determine what ships to keep
  7. Load up cannon shot/powder
  8. Recover items from the Lachesis
  9. Mancatcher Cove
    {Day 87}
    [end of session 31]



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