Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Day 87 10AM As Knuckles’ crew rounded up the Nidalese prisoners and get them penned in and under guard, various names are heard, especially of the now dead officers.

  • Captain Tullas Kilee [captured], male Chelish fighter
  • Tremin Kaylos – 1st Mate [DOA], male Chelish fighter
  • Agail Enthess – 2nd Mate [DOA], female Chelish fighter
  • Kineel Orbast – bosun [DOA], male Chelish bard
  • Melisai Hesani – female Nidalese sub priest [DOA], on dock
  • Vladimir Harkeen – male Nidalese priest [DOA], in obelisk

Some of the prisoners have wondered if there have been any sight of Melisai’s pet ‘dogs.’ Some of the prisoners who were on the Shale and some defending on shore, remarked that they clearly saw Andrahauda dive and escape into the sea. Other chatter, is the sheer amazement, or perhaps not, that the Captain survived while his capable officers were slain in combat. ‘…anyone can be outfought but I daresay the brave captain didn’t likely pull his sword from its sheath. It would have been a matter of time before he found himself on Harkeen’s chopping block!’

From underneath the charred obese corpse of Vladimir Harkeen, there were many papers. One of which was a {see URL Link =>} letter addressed to the captured Captain Kilee.

There were also notes that appeared to be the direct property of the priest, Harkeen. Notes that referenced the site of Tazion, a possible guardpost of the once great Azlanti city, Saventh-Yhi. The notes concerning Tazion hint that it has had multiple civilizations built upon its ruins – but despite the noise of time and culture, Harkeen was convinced that Tazion surely points the way to the hiding place of Saventh-Yhi.


Captain Damiano sent Cog in the Barracuda to the far side of the island to retrieve Sahji & Canale. Sandara sent Barefoot Samms to shore, to work under Temujin to determine which ships were to be kept and to start getting the Devil’s Pallor and the Shale, ship shape and all cargo transferred to them. Captain Damiano decided to keep the Shale – and that the Lash would have a fighting crew and the other three ships would have skeleton crews for the time being. Hamish Handel was set as acting captain of the Shale.

Knuckles mentioned to Dwag that the Nidalese kept their own prisoners, besides Kali, the female gnoll that was released to the Menagerie.

  • Brother and sister, Israel (bosun’s mate) and Calandra Hands (rigger) were captured from the Quent Merchantman, the Wonderful Weal. Israel was severely wounded from the Zon-Kuthon priests, Vladimir Harkeen’s torture. Father Pyrlig healed his wounds and the next day removed the disease and infection as well. Both brother and sister offered to sign on with the party.
  • Simon Templeton, a human rahadoumi out of Quent. He works for Starlight Enterprises and was also captured from the Wonderful Weal. He stressed his value and then he should be treated well and ransomed – but his pleas were ignore and he was locked in the hold.
  • Ophelia Blue, a female Aasimar, priestess of Iomedae. She is evangelizing her faith and was captured by Free Captain Hanji of the Sea Plague . She agreed to give one year of service for her release from Sage Bay.
  • Fribur Ukko Paegongaard, a male Svirfneblin alchemist who signed aboard, to give one year of service for his release from Sage Bay.

Captain Damiano agreed to keep on the 40 male and 20 female Nidalese and put them to work, however after cross examining from Temujin, one Nidalese bosun, Bails Lesan, was locked in the Lash’s hold. Bails, the bosun’s mate on the Shale had offered some interesting information before being locked away:

  • Letter was delivered by a sloop, the Night Voyager – manned by an all dwarf crew. Captain Cain Marko. A letter was also delivered to Captain Jol Blassey, who set sail two days later (six days ago).
  • Miss Louisa Scott, served by dwarf priestess of Besmara, Barbossa

Aboard the Lash, the party interrogated Captain Tullas Kilee – who professed his value as a Chelish officer. He too was locked in the hold.

During the sailor’s various duties, Temujin noted that many sailors were in very good spirits and found that some enterprising Chelish sailors were making use of their Nidalese lady companions and prostituting them out. The sailors Shax and Fisto, both offered to make good and provided Temujin with a piece of the action, which they themselves took but a minor cut.

Father Pyrlig noted that some sailors had far too pleasant of a smile and a far away gaze, when they ought to be working to get the booty stored upon the various ships – he found many sailors had helped themselves to the various drug stashes held by the Nidalese. After discussing with Dwag and the rest of the party, there was a search and confiscation of the contraband – but the fear is that there is much more being held by the crew.

Day 88 The party joined Free Captain Angry Agnes and her crew aboard the Hand of Fate. She thanked the party for returning Kali to them and ending this particular excursion. Agnes stated that Captain Quint Harrow indebted himself to his wife, to put her in a place of means. In his wife, he acted like he was under a compulsion to provide, and in his death this geas became a curse and manifested itself in his cards – which may very well turn up, among the party again! Ultimately Lady Amaranth-Harrow is the key to this curse. Agnes also warned that the island of Undertow is very near to Shark Island and the presiding captain, and his fleet were quite rapacious to all comers in those waters – so all must beware. After finishing their gentle conversation the party separated, but not after Pyrlig attempted to pry a small bit of timber from the ship for later divinations – unfortunately he was under direct observation from the veiled woman, Mia Anjul and he had to refrain from peeling off any bits from the sloop.

Day 88 9AM The party set sail for the wreck of the Lachesis. Arriving at the site of the Lachesis, Nico summoned Anduril and an elemental and sent them below to investigate. They were quickly surrounded by hammerhead sharks, sea snakes, and in the distance were kelp goblins – the elemental was slain but Anduril returned to the surface to report back to Nico. The party was unprepared to fight and salvage what they needed – and fearing the impending arrival of the Dominator, they made way to Mancatcher Cove.

Day 90 3PM The parties’ flotilla arrives at Mancatcher Cove.

The Devil’s Pallor and The Shale are left outside the inlet for the draft is too shallow and the two sloops went in for a closer look. The party reviewed their map and their {see URL Link =>} notes:

From blue bight’s embrace
Spy the Grave Lady’s prize tooth
With the Dawnflower’s first kiss
Climb the Captain’s wayward orb
To claim old king’s hoard

They figured that they had arrived at the bight – a ‘blue hole,’ a very deep sinkhole nestled in a circular shaped limestone bay, covered in foliage. In the trees were monkeys, talking and howling incessantly. Father Pyrlig figured that the Grave Lady was Pharasma and that they would be looking for a skull with a golden tooth, perhaps at daybreak when the Dawnflower, or when it would be Sarenrae’s time of day.

Day 90 4PM Before waiting for day break, the party clambered into their jolly boat and decided to take a look before the remainder of their hours of sunlight was passed.

[end of session 32]
{Day 87-90}



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