Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 34

September 29th, 2015

Day 92 7AM [D1] The party dropped into the water, and found themselves in a small submerged chamber. The party formed up and moved out, heading into a narrower, 10’ tunnel. [D2] As the tunnel exited into a larger chamber, Dwag noted sahuagin 90’ ahead and himself, Old Sawney and Damiano moved up to form a front line to protect the other party members. Nico summoned elementals to assist the front line. As Damiano moved up, he spied movement down a side passage, seeing more sahuagin in the shadows.

Damiano and Sawney made a new line at the eastern passage while Dwag and the elementals held off the sahuagin at the south passage. The chamber was awash in combat between the party, the sahuagin and their attendant hagfish and tigerfish. The foes in the eastern passage were slain, and while most of the sahuagin to the south were slain, some fled further down the southern tunnel.

The party chased those who fled to the south. [D4] Dwag rashly moved into a larger chamber, only to narrowly avoid a falling porticullis. However the party was stuck on the north side of the porticullis, Dwag was on the other side with the fleeing sahuagin, who started to attack. The party worked in concert to raise the porticullis and quickly moved into the room. Temujin and Dwag looked about for a locking mechanism for the porticullis so it was left to drop back to the ground. The party quickly slew the remaining hagfish, but two sahuagin escaped again.


There was a cave to the west, but the party moved on, pushing south through this large chamber and onward into a long curving tunnel the deposited them into a [D6] guard chamber where the escaping sahuagin had met up with four others, four hammerhead shark and a large shark-mawed sahaugin. The party engaged their foes – Nico summoned a writhing mass of black tentacles in the center of the chamber, which grabbed and grappled the surprised sahuagin and sharks. Some were able to escape the black mass of tentacles but were cut down by the party, while others fled two other halls in the back of the chamber.

When the combat was finished, the party chased the large shark-mawed sahaugin to the south-eastern tunnel.


The party came to a chamber [D9], they could hear the water roiling beyond – the water was a dark rumbling stew, murky with the haze of fresh blood, and gobbets of flesh float in the water. The chamber was alive in a feeding frenzy of sahuagin, young old, warriors and the large shark-mawed sahaugin had joined in the feast as well. The party moved in and engaged, and all the warriors were joined by giant moray eels. As the battle was joined, the feeding ceased with the young and old fleeing down a nearby hall. Temujin cast a spell that allowed him to understand their language and they stated they were going to a safe place. One moray eel chomped down on Old Sawney and gnawed at him. Nico garnered the shark-mawed sahaugin’s attention and he closed to attack Nico but was slain by Mittens, Nico and Damiano working together. Damiano slew the moray clamped onto Old Sawney and the large chamber was now dark and quiet.
Day 92 7:15AM

[end of session 34]
{Day 92}



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