Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 36

October 13, 2015

Day 92 8:30AM The Lash and the Shale were heading due west, at full sail, chasing the Night Voyager. Hamish Handel was assigned as 2nd mate and sailing master while Sandara was missing, captured by Louisa Scott and her cohorts.

With Nico’s added incentive, the party’s two vessels were making good speed and slowly gaining on the Night Voyager. Strong winds were pushing in from the south. The Night Voyager was making for a strait between a small series of islands. The party noticed the waters getting shallower and started taking soundings. Making for the strait, Captain Damiano worried for the Shale and gave acting captain Cog orders to sail northwest around the islands.

Day 92 11:00AM The sky darkened and the wind screamed as the oncoming storm increased to a hurricane. As the Lash chased the Night Voyager through the strait and come exited through the islands, the oncoming waves buffeted both ships and the wind tore at lines and sail. Hamish yelled out to the Captain that the “9 verses were upon us!” as he attempted to counter the conditions and keep the Lash facing into the crests of the oncoming waves. The Lash was broached by a heavy wind, with members of the party and crew going overboard. Nico quickly summoned elementals to pluck the sorry sailors from the sea and bring them back to the ship.

The sky was ripped by streaks of lightning and a voice spoke out in Sylvan (translated by Temujin), ’So many visitors! Stay a while; stay forever!’ The voice was that of a young man, sounding almost adolescent. The sky was lit with another stroke of lightning and the ship was brought to a sudden stop, with crew thrown about the ship.

The Lash was run aground, luckily on a sand bar. Temujin and the carpenters, Mathis Trevain and Jack Scrimshaw, went below to appraise. Water was leaking into the hold, and word was relayed back to the Captain. Swabs got below to start transferring plunder out of the hold to store on the main deck and to get pump crews working on draining the hold.

Captain and Nico set to preparing the Lash to be beached at the next high tide so the hull can get adequately caulked. Dwag set about setting a perimeter and preparing Fergal and his men to get the cannons laid out upon the sand in a wedge formation to provide coverage for the ship.

Temujin’s Raven scouted locally, but could sense from the neighboring birds that they were very territorial and aggressive. They served a nearby master, called Yacine. Nico sent out his elementals and they observed the nearby environs and also spotted a derelict galleon, seated deep in the mud of a cove to the west.

With the Lash successfully pulled to shore and secured, defenses and watches set, the party planned to take the night upon these foreign shores.

Father Pyrlig’s last moments and memories – that of a brutal death, chomped in the maws of the canopy creeper of Mancatcher Cove. Pyrlig woke up in Gozreh’s court, in her undersea city – He was alive, with all his wounds healed. Pyrlig spent three days in her divine presence, preparing to be an ‘Envoy of Balance’ and he cleaved together with Gozreh in her rapturous embrace.

Pyrlig did know not what had become of his companions, but he knew everything was going to be alright. Pyrlig was willing and ready to start a new life under the sea. Gozreh laughed and replied that his solution to everything is to move under the sea, but its not going to happen – he must rejoin his companions now. After a final embrace, Pyrlig heard the chant of one of Gozreh’s prayers in his mind…

We live by the grace of the sea, and we die by her wrath.
When she gives we celebrate, and when she takes we beg forgiveness. But we never disparage her claims, for when she gives her gift, we gain life. When she takes from us, we know we have mistreated her.
When we sail the open sea, we are in her embrace alone, And we long for her to rock us to sleep, Instead of breaking our bodies against the rocks, Or taking our breath to the cold depths.
Gathered, we ask the sea to take our brother into her bosom As she has taken his life from us.
May he be blessed, and the sea as well.

Day 93 6:00AM Pyrlig awoke naked upon the beach of a fair shore, it is a beautiful sunny day – he sat up upon the sands, the prayer to Gozreh, still upon his lips in quiet recitation.

As he looked about, he heard his name yelled – it was Sandara, worn and beaten, wearing breeches and a blouse but bereft of all other belongings. Sandara relayed to Pyrlig the details after his death, the venture into the sahuagin caves and the attack by the Night Voyager. Pyrlig provided some healing respite to Sandara’s wounds. Sandara added that when the storm hit the Night Voyager, Otondo and herself were being tortured on the main deck by a male mage, named Rene. Sandara was swept off the ship with the storm’s waves and found herself a mile or two on the beach and had been slowly plodding east. Sandara shared her breeches with Pyrlig who wrapped them around his waist – the pair decided to keep moving east until they eventually spied the mast of the Lash beyond the dunes and rejoined their comrades.

After the party welcomed back their friends, and provided more healing, clothes and gear – the party prompted the Captain to mete punishment to the two Chelish sailors, Shax and Fisto, who were chiefly responsible for plying drugs and prostituting the Nidalese ladies to their fellow sailors – the distraction of these crimes leading to higher casualties when they were attacked by the Night Voyager. Dwag administered ten lashes a piece. Shax took his lumps quietly but Fisto cried out – both men were dragged to their berths to recuperate.

Day 93 8:00AM While the crew initiated repairs upon the hull, sails and rigging of the Lash, the party geared up in a jolly boat and sailed west. After hugging the coast for a few miles they came to a cove and spied the galleon, observed by Nico’s elementals. The ship hugged the shore and had a permanentl planking gangway to the murky shoreline. As the jolly boat closed the distance, they were spotted and heard conversation. Tatty crewmembers came to the railing to look upon the party – they party saw the sailors, ragged men, their flesh barely hanging from their bones – but their greetings were nearly friendly and without menace. The captain was dressed in a dirty, long red coat and smiled at the party – as the flesh hung loosely off his skull and chin, introduced himself as James Hooke, captain of the Jolly Roger. The party was invited to come aboard – a rope was tossed and the party assembled on the gangway before greeting Captain Hooke on the main deck.

To welcome another captain aboard the Jolly Roger, the bosun attempted to blow his whistle, but he had no lips – the captain’s attendant, Mr Smee, a bloated rot of a man waddled up banging away on a bell to welcome the party. A fine claret was served in small crystal service, after receiving a cleansing benediction from Father Pyrlig.

The party asked several questions of Captain Hooke, the first, to have access to his maps, but he skirted the question. He did offer that the cannibals, called the kuru were to the north, up the coastline. And near to the party’s ship, the Lash, was a winged creature, called Yacine, who controlled east of Crocodile Creek. Hooke had spied a ship crossing Cannibal Cove and his crew fired a few volleys at it for good sport, but it passed by. When asked who controlled Never Isle, Hooke growled and raised his fists, Piotr Panne, “Damn him! He has been the death of me and the life! He and his pixies, led by Tynkabell, live in the center of Never Isle." The party countered that if they could defeat Piotr, then what would Hooke give them – he bargained, that if they defeat Panne and return his rapier to him, he would show him his maps and enough gold to fill their jolly boat. While the party were social with the crew, Hooke and Mr. Smee rushed to his captain’s quarters and his quickly dashed off a quick drawing of Never Isle for the party.


The party returned to their boat and headed back to the Lash. As they sailed out of Cannibal Cove and passed along the southern coastline, their jolly boat was hammered from below – a forceful blow capsized the boat and the party was dumped into the sea. As the party got their bearings, Mittens quickly magically enhanced the party to aid them in the water. They were beset by a mature dragon turtle, that back-pedaled through the party, heading deeper underwater, turning about, it sprayed them with boiling water and steam. Temujin took to the air via magic and continued to heal the parties’ wounds. Damiano and Dwag engaged the beast who beat them back with it’s powerful maw and claws. Nico and Mittens cast spells at a distance to wound the beast and Pyrlig continued to spread his healing power among the party. Nico summoned elementals to assist the combat and after suffering many vicious blows from the party, they managed to slay it, and it sank. Nico’s elementals dragged the dragon turtle’s corpse to the beach and assisted the party in righting their jolly boat.

Day 93 11:00AM The party continued on their way back to the Lash, with its repairs underway.

[end of session 36]
{Day 92-93}



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