Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 37

October 27th, 2015

John/Dwag was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

Day 93 11:00AM After the battle with the dragon turtle, and the party having righted their jolly boat, they continued on, returning to the site of the Lash currently under repairs.

Having nearly sailed back to the ship, the party saw one of their mates, Gill, noted for his bright red shirt, walking towards the party along the beach. Gill’s head was hung low, Temujin sighting the sailor through his eyeglass noted a growth upon his head and shoulders. The party beached their boat and headed over to Gill, who did not respond to his name being called. At closer inspection, a large hermit crab rested upon his shoulders, it’s claws dug into his shoulders and tentacles stuck out from the shell and wrapped about Gill’s head. Temujin and Mittens quickly slew the beast at a distance, and found that this thing, which Temujin recalled, may be an Incutillis, kills its host but can control them in a puppet-like fashion. The party returned to their jolly boat and made their way back to the Lash.

Day 93 1:00PM Checking in with the ship’s carpenter, Mathis Trevain, the party was pleased to hear that repairs were proceeding smoothly. The Captain informed Sandara of Gill’s fate and that all sailors had to double up when heading out to camp to take a dookie. Sandara shared that there was a six man team of sailors out with barrels gathering fresh water at a nearby stream. Canale, Tahpio and Old Sawney were with the team providing protection. Worrying what other risks might lie in the jungle, the party headed up the trail after the away team.

The encountered came across Canale who was briskly returning back to the Lash. It turns out that the away team heard singing and Old Sawney and the sailors decided to stop filling their casks and head to the source. Tahpio and Canale were unaffected – Tahpio ordered Canale to return back to the ship. Damian sent Canale on down the path back to the Lash and the party hiked up the stream bed. As the party marched on, they heard a soft singing – many paused to stuff their ears with wax, cloth, anything that they had handy. Continuing on the party found themselves at a lovely fresh water grotto, that fed into the neighboring Mermaid Lagoon. The grotto, over 100’ across, had a large rock in the center where an exotic, female creature stood. She was covered in black feathers and while she stopped singing, her speaking voice was sweet – Temujin could detect faint traces of compulsion, but at this time they didn’t appear to be at any risk. Temujin guessed that she was a creature called a siren – with her, in the distance were lovely ladies splashing about in the pool and giggling – occasional a fish tail would slap at the water while they played.


The lovely lady introduced herself as Yacine, and that she was pleased to have so many new guests, indicating the Captain’s crew, and the party itself. Wading through the pool was a raggedly dressed sailor, named Mr. Starky. He did not appear mentally compromised and brought treats and drinks to partake of – which they did after it received a blessing for Father Pyrlig.

Yacine and the party traded pleasantries and introductions. It was made clear that the party intended to leave Never Isle once the Lash was repaired. But that they also sought another ship, the Night Ranger. Yacine knew of this ship. Mittens mentioned that maybe Yacine would like to leave the island too – since the ultimate master was The Panne! Yacine concurred and offered that if she and her maidens were given safe passage to a port that she decided upon, then she could actually help the Lash leave Never Isle, unlike so many other vessels that find themselves trapped here. Mr. Starky grimly nodded at this statement, to agree to his own grim fortune. The party was unsure as to their next step: to flee entirely, even before delivering sweet revenge upon Louisa Scott and the Night Ranger, or perhaps Yacine offered a bad deal and they could do better dealing with Piotr Panne. They party held off deciding for now but Yacine kept Old Sawney and the sailors as find boon companions in the meantime until the party made up their mind. They returned with Tahpio back to the Lash and debated further their options in the hours to come.

Day 94 10:00AM Mathis Trevain states that ship is as ship worthy as he is going to get her in these conditions and this short of time. Pump crews will keep the worst of the seas out, but the Lash is ready to sail! Captain Damiano gave word to get the jolly boats ready to pull the ship back to sea, as well as having the anchor drawn out – the cannons and other sundries were transferred back into the hold or upon the main deck – by 5PM the Lash was floating free on the tide. Yacine sent a messenger, an Ibis, that talked to Captain Damiano. The Night Voyager had been sighted passing the northern tip of Never Isle and had been headed south.

With a fair wind from the south east, Sandara eased the ship around the jagged rocks about Mermaid’s Lagoon. Once free of these dangers, the Lash headed due north, running dark and silent on the lookout for the Night Voyager. Seeing a large pit of rock ahead, the captain gave word to clear it to the east, instead of running between the rocks and the coastline.

Day 94 9:15PM Clearing around the large pile of rocks, it looked eerily like a skull – Coto sent a quiet word to the command deck that the Night Voyager had been spotted – the word was given and Fergal’s gun crews fired their cannons at the earliest opportunity. Pyrlig, Mittens and Temujin buffed themselves with protective magics. As the two ships fired cannonades into each other, the Night Voyager followed up with fireballs which engulfed the Lash’s main deck and sails! Temujin and Pyrlig attempted to counter the oncoming fireballs, some successfully, but some overcame them and both sailors and the party succumbed to the conflagration, only to be revived by the healing powers of Father Pyrlig and Ophelia Blue.

Sailors and replacement gun crews ran to take up positions, as their comrades fell to the deck. A magical sensor was spotted behind Sandara, but no one had time to do anything else about it. Nico summoned a pod of water elementals and bid them to engage the Night Voyager and foul it’s rudder. The two ships were closing in about 300’ but the Lash was responding sluggishly with the tattered state of the burning sails, and the cannons kept pounding away at each other as the battle raged on!

[end of session 37]
{Day 93-94}



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