Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 38

November 3rd, 2015

Day 94 9:15PM The cannons of both vessels continued to pound away at each other – Nico summoned more elementals, some to be ready to put out fires on the deck, and a few carried Damiano, Dwag and Pyrlig, underwater to the port side of the Night Ranger, to bring the fight to their deck!

Noting that the Night Ranger was attempting to keep distance and not allow the Lash to close for boarding, Temujin created a vortex in the waves underneath the Night Ranger, bringing it to a dead stop – below the trapped vessel, Nico’s elementals were in combat with Louisa’s defending elementals.

Nico summoned another pod of elementals and Nico and Mittens were carried towards the starboard side of the Night Ranger. Sandra and Hamish were hard pressed to control the Lash, but managed it steer it alongside the Night Ranger close enough for rough contact, both ships held close together by the swirling vortex.

Temujin provided some cover to the crew of the Lash, shrouding the Night Ranger a frosty cloud wall.

Damiano, Dwag and Pyrlig arrived portside of the Night Ranger: The Captain climbing towards the aft deck, while Dwag and Father Pyrlig leaped into the fray of the busy main deck. The party recognized, by familiarity or by description, the figure of Zenobia closing on them for close combat. Both spell casters, Louisa and Rene were flying above the stern castle out of melee reach. Mittens and Nico climbed up on the starboard side, Nico’s summoned, fiendish lion engaging a Chelish brawler. Father Pyrlig blasted Barbarossa with a wave of water, washing her overboard (her body was later found and recovered by Nico’s elementals).

Dwag and Pyrlig were engaged by the defending sailors, and by Zenobia as well. Nico summoned a mass of black tentacles that grabbed most of the defending poor souls on the stern castle and held them fast in its grip. However Louisa was just above the tentacles’ reach – or so she thought! Temujin dispelled her Louisa’s fly spell and she fell back into the grasp of the tentacles.

Dwag dished out brutal damage to Zenobia, some of which was absorbed by protections cast previously by Louisa. Zenobia, in turn, lashed out with her long sword multiple times wounding Dwag – which was followed up by Kauthus Wok, stealing out from behind some barrels and sliced Dwag from behind. Dwag fell to the ground bleeding. Kauthus focused his attention then on Pyrlig.

Splashing up out of the sea, a blue-green skinned giant appeared port-side, and threw a rock at Father Pyrlig. It rushed through the waves and closed into Pyrlig to continue to smite at him with his massive fist. Off in the distance, the eyes of Piotr Panne glowed in the dark – Mittens heard him laughing gaily, “To die will be an awfully big adventure.”

Father Pyrlig’s healing power restored Dwag to consciousness, who stayed prone on the ground and swung at Zenobia, killing her. He got up and faced off against Kauthus, who was summarily slain. The Chelish brawler and the fiendish lion continued to trade blows, until Nico summoned more elementals, which surrounded the brawler and finally killed him.

Louisa desperately tried to escape – in a frantic gasp, she attempted to transport herself from the tentacles’ grasp, narrowly failing, only to be pulled back into his crushing embrace. Rene fought to the very end, but was ultimately slain. Damiano threw a dagger at the sea giant, a critical shot and the dagger landed at the giant’s forehead and disappeared. Damiano surmised that the giant was an illusion and shared the information with his comrades – The Panne laughed at this revelation and the giant disappeared.

With the combat quieting down, the party victorious and the dwarven captain gave his word, of himself and his crew, to surrender, the fight was over. The party reviewed the slain, and gathered all the swag that they could muster. Temujin and Sandara pushed the crew of the Lash to set new sails, and the dwarven crew cleared the deck of the Night Ranger. The Night Ranger’s fourteen cannon were transferred to the Lash. With no apparent way home and his employers dead, Captain Cain Marko was willing to work with Captain Damiano. The two ships anchored at Skull Rock for the evening.

Day 94 11:00PM While the party spread out their booty among themselves, they found a sheaf of papers belonging to Louisa Scott that demanded more attention.

[end of session 38]
{Day 94}



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