Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2017

Session 39

November 10th, 2015

Day 94 11:00PM The party secured both vessels and ran new sails up the Lash, the cannons from the Night Ranger were secured aboard the Lash – but the two captain appeared to be in friendly agreement with the current arrangement and Captain Cain Marko was pleased to retain his command. Despite that, the party searched the Night Ranger thoroughly – not finding Louisa’s magical ‘hole’ anywhere. It was noted that while the dwarven priestess, Barbarossa was pushed overboard by Father Pyrlig’s magical watery wave, her body recovered by Nico’s elementals was savagely chewed up.

Mittens, Nico and Temujin reviewed the captured documentation from the Night Ranger’s officers quarters where the Chelish kept their belongings. They found a fine map of the Shackles, with several strange markings in the margins. Temujin theorized that these were coded entries and the trio attempted to discern the nature of the code. Reviewing the other paperwork a fairly innocuous personal letter to one Allardyce Shaw, residing at Hell Harbor, on the island of the Devil’s Arches. The trio break the code and learn a few things from the letter and the map.

While not explicitly pinpointed on the map, four locations were roughly indicated:

  • Fort Anadile – Tempest Cay [north-western Shackles]
  • Senara [south-western Shackles]
  • Coiba [south-western Shackles]
  • Special contact – Sahzara [Slithering Coast/Blood Cove]

From the letter, some details were learned:

  • Chelish Port of Senara, the governor is a hell knight named Jezana Melant.
  • Completed repairs of the Dominator, shipping out of Senara eight days ago.
  • Direct administration of Shackle agents to be handled by hell knight – Petra Highsmith, aboard the Endurance and her husband, interim governor of Coiba, Roth Highsmith, aboard the Stormguard.
  • King Crimson, Chelish Cutter carries a ‘cleaner’ by the name of Cat Varian.
  • Ravage Dawn (sloop) – Captain Jol Blassey traded off a killer, Marcellus Kanos, recently slain aboard the Night Ranger, with another ‘cleaner,’ Giles Halmis.

Day 95 6:00AM The party debated their options and decided for expedience away from Never Isle. They sailed south to Mermaid’s Cove and rowed their jolly boats into the grotto of Yalcine – their companions where enjoying themselves with food, drink and the company of mermaids.

Captain Damiano pressed Yacine for a tight compact where they party would be safely led out of this realm and without over promising too much to Yacine – and that no further compulsions would be in affect. When they both could mutually agree, they settled themselves upon the Lash. Worried that the second vessel would be stranded at Never Isle, Captain Marko had all his men transfer to the Lash and towed the Night Ranger, in case it was lost or left behind.

From beneath Yacine’s robe’s she pulled out a crystal flask that shone brightly with an intermittent light. Yelling to Sandara, to follow the ‘First star to the right and sail straight on!’ The Lash was surrounded in a tunnel of white clouds and when they exited the bank, they found themselves just west of Mancatcher Cove. Now that they were returned to the Shackles, the mermaids jumped overboard and followed the Lash. Yacine, herself was discreet and covered her attractive, yet exotic appearance in a heavy cloak.

Captain Cain Marko was pleased to see that his tethered ship also made it back to the Shackles and his crew transferred back to the Night Ranger.

Temujin magically ‘sent’ word to Christian Marin, to inform him of the recent news regarding the Chelish ship, the Dominator.

Temujin then magically ‘sent’ word to Cog to stay put. He responded that after giving up on the Lash and with low provisions they set sail for the town of Rapier Bay, near Quent. Cog was able to add the the ship, the Stormcrow may have made off with the Devil’s Pallor and the Barracuda. Father Pyrlig divined that both vessels were north of their current position, moored at the town of Ollo, on Shark Island. Shark Island was ruled by a notoriously cruel pirate, Avimar Sorrinash, one of the members of the Pirate Council.

The party sailed toward Mancatcher Cove, to finish what they started! Once they arrived, they decided to get better prepared and waited until next morning before entering the cove.

Day 96 7:00AM In Mancatcher Cove, in the jolly boat, the party waited as Dwag swam below, aided by Nico’s elementals. An enchanted ring protected him from the water’s anoxic layer and he swam deep. Once the poisonous layer was reached, the elementals begged off and Dwag continued. From the cave mouth where the party had previously escaped from, two large aquatic humanoids exited and started ascending towards Dwag. As the three closed distance, Dwag shook off a mysterious compulsion – at this point he retreated back to the surface – the two large scrags did not follow him.

Day 96 8:00AM The party re-entered the caves through the dugout eye of the ‘king.’ Where they had their initial battle, the swam to the right tunnel and came up, in an air-filled chamber. The room was filled with vines with bright pink flowers, while the air was fresh there was a sweet scent. As the party moved in, the vines gave off a sleep-inducing spore and attempted to lash onto their victims, like Dwag who succumbed. The party started hacking away at the overgrowth – Temujin launching a rolling ball of fire that withered away the stems and leaves and Nico summoned elementals to trounce the remaining plants. The party found some few belongings that must have been owned by the human sorcerer, {see URL Link =>} Isabella “Inkskin” Locke.

The party continued down the tunnels, where the reached the porticullis that had trapped Dwag. Their wedge was removed however the chamber was empty. They investigated an off-shoot cave and found a large crab quietly sitting in the darkness. Recognizing a delicious dinner when they saw it, the party attacked! As the party engaged the crab, their ruckas disturbed four reefclaws, which attacked the party.

Day 96 8:15AM Eventually the crab and the reefclaws were slain. While there was no treasure in this desolate chamber, the party and crew would have fine eats for dinner that night!

[end of session 39]
{Day 94-96}



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