Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 4

Feb 10th, 2015

John/Dwag was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

DAY 12
Nico’s eidolon, Dur, created a ruckus to the West of the Kaijitsu Star. The goblin witch, Vorka, sent her war dog Cuddles to investigate – after a short scuffle Cuddles was slain. Vorka then sent her acolyte, Poog to investigate.

The party approached up the bridge to the crannog and were closing in before being noticed. Reeta led the goblin pack down the bridge to engage with Father Pyrlig and Mittens – they were further assisted by Temujin who twice, successfully cast sleep on the goblins to thin their ranks.

Damiano swung across the bridge to the crannog and quickly scaled the side of the building. As he reached the roof, he spied a goblin popping out of a rooftop trap door. This goblin, Mogmurch repeatedly tried and failed to toss bombs towards Damiano. Mogmurch chose to drop off the roof to the balcony, and then again to the forest floor, as he was chased by Nico’s summoned eagles, who finished him off.

Damiano dropped through the rooftop trap door into the crannog, and found himself faced with many goblins, and their chief, Rendwattle Gutwad. All combatants were at a stalemate.

Vorka threatened all opponents by tossing balls of flame at them, while they stood exposed on the bridge. Goblins, Chuffy and Poog, done with the distraction from the eidolon, rejoined the fight on the far side of the swamp, engaging with Sandara, Cog and Temujin.

Goblins down by the beachside, heard the clamor and returned to their camp but were dispatched by Nico’s summoned beasts, along with Sandara, Cog and Temujin.

The party closed in on the crannog and defeated the remainder the goblins and Mittens trapped the chief in a mass of webs. Vorka summoned a dog and fled out to the perimeter of the island.

The party looted Gutwad and Vorka’s treasure and cache of fireworks. The tied up Gutwad and went on the chase for Vorka, to tie up all loose ends. Temujin’s Raven spied Vorka circling back to the goblin crannog, and she was found chopping away the chief’s toes and eating them as a snack before they set upon her and finished her off.

The party gave the chief the option of returning them to the Wormwood, or remaining on the island. He chose to take his chances alone on the island.

The party chose to secret away a potion each, but otherwise returned all gained treasure to Captain Harrigan.

Goblin Crannog Treasure

Upon their return, Mr. Plug informed them that the Man’s Promise would be setting sail back to Port Peril as a prize to be sold – the party would be part of the crew of the Man’s Promise. Ambrose Kroop was also assigned to the Man’s Promise but not as a cook, but as a swab. Recently gained Rahadoumi sailors have been assigned as ship’s cooks to both the Wormwood and Man’s Promise.

Crew of the Man’s Promise

{Day 12}
[end of session 4]



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