Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 40

November 17th, 2015

Day 96 8:15AM The party proceeded through the tunnels to the feeding chamber – so far all tunnels and chambers were empty. Moving into the common chamber they found the population reduced by two-thirds. When asked where their fellow men, woman children were, they cried out that their master, Krelloort sold them to the great maws – the party speculated the scrags took the weakest of the sahuagun away.

The party moved back into the feeding chamber where Nico cast an alarm to keep them aware of any enemy movements. The party proceeded up the tunnel toward Krelloort’s chambers.

Dwag moved into the seaweed-choked chamber and spied a blue shark. It did not attack and moved away into the next chamber. Dwag alerted his companions and followed the shark. The party followed Dwag but kept a distance. In the throne room, a great scrag with glowing red eyes was upon the dais. A pair of sharks and a pair of sahuagun were in the chamber, waiting. Dwag offered that there wouldn’t be violence if they gave up their treasure. The great troll’s body spasmed and it spoke with a lisp, “I have sold protection to this one, Krelloort. I would rescind that offer and my guardians would step aside would you just give me ten of your folk. I would even offer treasure, fine things too.” The party asked his name, knowing that whatever spoke to them used this great troll’s body as a proxy. The great troll, introduced itself a Oobla Du-Ong. An aboleth that resided nearby, in the deep blue hole. The party prepped themselves for battle, and the great troll – the oni, spasmed again as the possession subsided, and the fight was on.

The Oni was quick to move and blasted the center hallway with a cone of cold. Dwag and Damiano started moving into the chamber, trying to prevent themselves from being flanked by the sahuagun and the sharks. Nico summoned more elementals to beef up the party’s offense in the throne room and Nico was alerted that his alarm spell was tripped, two beings were coming up the tunnel. Temujin threw two balls of lightning that harried the Oni, followed by Mitten’s lightning spear attacks, picking at the Oni and other targets of opportunity.

As the battle progressed, two malenti – attractive, blue-skinned female sahuagun, Kreloort’s concubines entered the chamber and engaged Dwag, Damiano and the elementals. Dwag found out quickly that as he closed in with the oni, it’s great sword hurt immensely when it connected – luckily Father Pyrlig was near to render Gozreh’s healing aid upon Dwag and the rest of the party.

Another blue shark and an oni came up the back tunnel near Nico, who summoned more elementals to create a defensive line. Temujin moved back down the tunnel to Nico’s position, as the two of them, plus the elementals covered the party’s flank.

As the oni engaged with Dwag and Damiano was slain, scrags moved up the rear tunnel to engage them, but were slow to enter the room due to their size and Dwag and Damiano’s position bottlenecking the entrance.

As the scrags were thinned out, Krelloort closed in on Dwag and Damiano – attacking over and over with his coral trident, bite and claws. In the end, Krelloort fell and Temujin and Nico were successful in protecting the party’s rear – Nico’s elementals assisted both teams to great effect.

The party found many magical items off Krelloort and in his chamber. Dwag failed to bypass a trap but shook off the poisonous cloud that was emitted from a stone chest. The party found another chest, festooned with skulls and chain motives and was magical. The party was able to figure out that it was a magical, Captain’s Locker, and after Dwag found the key, found more magical items, treasure and plenty of plunder.

Day 96 9:00AM The party made plans to return to the Lash with their booty, rest and recuperate, and then intended to dive deep into the blue hole and pay their respects to Oobla Du-Ong!

[end of session 40]
{Day 96}



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