Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 41

December 1st, 2015

Day 97 7:00AM After spending a day to recover, the party entered Mancatcher Cove. Temujin and Father Pyrlig granted the party the ability to breath underwater and protection from the anoxic layer, deep under the water’s surface. And down the party dived. Nico summoned elementals to aid the party, providing a speedy descent.

Shortly after their descent the party was aware of sharks closing in on their position and sahuagun deep below them. They were engaged by four blue and two great white sharks. The great whites had a hankering for a bit of Nico, Pyrlig and Dwag, their bites leaving great bleeding wounds. The party was able to slay the sharks, quickly healed up and continued to descend with their elemental propulsion.

A few rounds later, the elementals bucked, reacting violently to passing through the anoxic later, that the party, buffed by Pyrlig and Temujin, were invulnerable to. A few moments, continuing to descend, the elementals were unconscious, unable to continue. The party saw humanoid shapes swimming up to meet them. These shapes resembled the scrag’s they encountered the day before in Krelloort’s cave.

The party assembled in a rough circle, with Dwag and Pyrlig descending to engage some scrags and Captain Damiano descending separately. Two larger, fiercer scrags, or oni, appeared at the edges of the party, one hitting Dwag and Mittens in a cone of cold, and another hitting Temujin with the same spell. Nico summoned more aid, celestial sharks to defend himself from his oni aggressor, while Damiano ascended to engage the Oni attacking Temujin. Three scrags closed in on Dwag and Pyrlig. Another scrag and a kapoacinth engaged Mittens and Nico. Nico’s celestial sharks interceded to provide some defense against the kapoacinth. Another kapoacinth swam up and engaged Temujin in close combat.

From the darkness below, spells rose to strike the party: magic missiles attacked Dwag, Nico and Damiano, while Nico was also hit with a lightning bolt from below. The pattern of attacks suggested two additional foes below them, among the broken ship’s hulls resting on the sand some 130’ below the party.

Mittens saw a great beast, an aboleth, was beside one of the ships and struck it soundly with a lightning bolt, but he noted that it reacted barely at all. Eyeing it carefully Mittens was confident that what he saw was an illusion. As the attacks continued both Mittens and Temujin noted that the aboleth was some feet away joined by a humanoid, both taking some shelter, while casting spells, from one of the rotting wrecks.


Nico, using the {see URL Link =>} Clockwork Toucan, created a sleet storm to block the visibility of the aboleth, Oobla Du-Ong, and his minion. But that didn’t last long as soon after, the sleet storm was dispelled and the magical attacks continued.


Damiano was able to slay the oni he was fighting with. Nico and Mittens slew the scrag and kapoacinth attacking them, but their oni slew the defending celestial sharks – and instead of pressing the attack, the oni disappeared into the darkness. Temujin continued to fight the kapoacinth that he was engaged with, as did Dwag, who took a defensive stance against the three scrags he fought to a stalemate. Father Pyrlig helped Dwag as he could but continued to provide Gozreh’s healing aid to the party to counter the wounds being delivered to them.

The underwater combat raged on…

[end of session 41]
{Day 96-97}



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