Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 42

December 10th, 2015

Ian/Temujin was ill and resigned to the ship’s head

The underwater combat raged on…

Damiano attacked the kapoacinth engaged with Temujin, while Dwag continued to defend himself against the three scrags. Nico moved out of combat and when his summoned celestial shark was slain by the scrag, he summoned another elemental to take its place. Mittens attacked the scrags and kept an eye on the humanoid down on the sea floor. Father Pyrlig continued to boost the party’s health with Gozreh’s healing power, while being struck by multiple barrages of magic missiles.

As Nico changed position to further aid Dwag, he was unaware of the second ogre mage, invisibly swimming up on his position. Damiano slew the kapoacinth and swam down to Dwag. Mittens prepared to counter attack should the humanoid on the sea floor plan to cast any further spells. With his allies coming close to help, Dwag fought less defensively and killed one of his scrag opponents. Breaking his invisibility spell, the ogre mage lashed out viciously at Nico with his great sword. Nico back pedaled and summoned more elementals to provide a protective barrier from the ogre – but for nought, while the elementals hindered the ogre, his rage would not be checked and he struck once to further bloody Nico and once more, critically, to slay Nico.

Mittens and Damiano, aghast at Nico’s misfortune, attacked the ogre. Dwag and Pyrlig focused on the scrags. While the party and their foes continued to lash out at each other, eventually all the ogres were killed. Pyrlig quickly healed their wounds and the party, without the aid of any elementals swam down towards the ruined hulks upon the sea bed.

The party touched down upon the sand, some distance from the aboleth. Although they could see him clearly, the aboleth’s humanoid companion was out of sight. Damiano led the party towards their foe – the party was spread out. As they closed the distance, the aboleth inched out of the hulk and forced his mind upon Damiano, who gave in to Oobla Du-Ong’s next command: “Defend me!” Dwag and Mittens noted that Damiano turned about with rage in his eye – towards them! Mittens knew the score and what had to be done. Casting his protective magics, he launched himself at his brother. If he could just make contact with Damiano he could apply his magical protections that would repel Oobla’s mind control. As Mittens closed in, his hand about to settle upon his brother, he was thwarted as Damiano deftly parried his touch and riposted in return to spill his brother’s blood!

Mittens, foiled, then received a terrible flurry of blows from Damiano – yet he survived! Dwag moved up to engage Damiano and to attract attention away from the woefully hurt Mittens. Pyrlig cast his own protective magics, just like Mittens, and moved up, this time, he struck true upon Damiano, who after such a long and fretful combat couldn’t parry effectively anymore and with Pyrlig’s touch, Damiano had a second chance to clear his mind – and he was successful!

But victory was short lived as the mysteriously hiding humanoid appeared from behind the hulk and shot a magical ray of acid at Mittens – striking true. Mittens, already gravely wounded by own brother, was slain by the blast of acid which ate away at his flesh.

Dwag and Damiano moved on towards Oobla Du-Ong, which lashed out at them viciously with his tentacles. With every strike they could feel a tenderness in their own flesh, but they shrugged it off and in their desperation they pressed hard in their attacks against the aboleth. As they stood in melee with the great beast, the water was thick – they could feel it sting their flesh, but they both persevered and fought on. The mysterious humanoid, a man-sized troll, moved up behind Damiano and Pyrlig moved up behind him. With a great shining scimitar the troll struck out at both Pyrlig and Damiano.

The remaining party attacked heartily and painfully as they struck out at Oobla Du-Ong. First Damiano, followed up critically by Dwag, who slew the aboleth – and then quickly moved up to aid Pyrlig against the half-troll. The troll was slain and the waters were finally quiet and still.

Day 97 8:00AM They quickly explored the dead and the wreckage for valuables. They gathered their two fallen comrades and swam to the surface. Once the party arrived back at the Lash, Pyrlig was able to neutralize some of the poison in Dwag, deferred by earlier magics. Ophelia Blue was able to apply the same aid to the Captain.

Day 97 10:00AM Captain Damiano gave orders to set sail to the safest closest port. Sandara set a course for Quent. On the way, via the {see URL Link =>} Clockwork Toucan, they sent word to Cog to pack up the Shale at Rapier’s Bay and to meet them at Quent.

Day 98 4:00PM The Lash arrived at Quent shortly before nightfall – their ship was intercepted by the harbor master, Abraham Gray, who tasked them for the docking fees for the Lash, the Shale and the Night Ranger.

Day 99 The party discussed their options, potentially cutting Captain Cain Marko loose and letting be his own man, under the banner of Captain Damiano, for a piece of the action to be returned to the party. Acting captain Cog arrived in port with the Shale, pleased to rejoin the party and the remainder of the crew.

Day 103 While Nico and Mittens were raised, they were still weak from the debilitating side effects of death! Nico was able to successfully sell off their plunder for a good price and the party considered about what they should do with the Shale and the Lash.

Dwag wanted to take Kroops along into town to see what they could learn about Quent. While Quent was not quite a large a city as Port Peril, it still had a large population and likely had much to offer the party. There was much to do – perhaps refitting their ship(s), making some contacts in the city, divvying up the swag from their recent endeavors amongst the party and selling off anything extra for cash.

Mittens was not pleased to hear that Lady Yacine from Never Isle planned on departing the ship at Quent – and he proposed for her to stay on. Yacine was undecided.

Once that was done, the Captain made it clear that after leaving Quent, the party planned on sailing north to the island of Undertow to see about the business of removing the curse of the House of Harrow. But before that, there was much to be done, here in Quent.

[end of session 42]
{Day 97-103}



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