Pathfinder: Skull & Shackles 2018

Session 43

December 22nd, 2015

Day 104 The party decided it was time to take advantage of some leave while in {see URL Link =>} Quent, a very inviting port city. They decided to make it their favored port, a decision that would help spread their reputation when Mittens told tales of their colorful endeavors.

Nico helped to coordinate the handing out of treasure to the party and sharing their largesse with the sub-officers as well. The party brought their ships into Job Anderson’s, The Yards – a well known shipyard in Quent for repairs and upgrades.

Father Pyrlig took the opportunity to continue his training, while Nico fully recovered from being recently dead, and Temujin successfully reincarnated his companion, Mittens – who returned, in the body of a lizard folk.

Nico doled out shares to all the crew after their primary duties were taken care of. Even the two indentured servants, Ophelia Blue and Fribur Ukko Paegongaard were granted leave. Captain Damiano made the call to ransom the troublesome Simon Templeton to the Quent broker, Duncan Du for 150 GPs.

Nico visited multiple vendors to see off their excess swag. After having a difficult time dealing with the ornery and perplexing Ebenezer Balfour, at his shop, The Barrel, Nico had better luck with Salihu, at the Aleph & Taw, both selling equipment and purchasing new armor for Dwag, which would take some time to arrive, which was okay, because Dwag’s purse was a bit low on coin! Nico also helped Captain Damiano purchase some darkleaf armor from crafter, Abdou.

Nine of the eleven remaining Nidalese females requested leave to depart the ship. The party decided that it was they were not that helpful and not wanting to keep an apparent distraction aboard their vessels granted their request. Two of the young woman turned out to be promising sailors and took to their new profession with gusto – which was confirmed by Temujin’s divination of their future with the crew.

Captain Damiano and Temujin visited with Jim Haveless, the Pathfinder Deputy in Quent. He was pleased to meet them both, thankful of their rescue of Sahji and was glad to have her back. As a matter of fact he had a mission for her and requested that Damiano grant her leave. But Jim did offer another colleague to help the party, an elven mage, Eando Klyne, was currently in Ollo, on Shark Island, and if the party could pick her up, she might be a helpful Pathfinder agent to have aboard ship.

Temujin asked Jim Haveless if there were any renown missing persons – Jim offered that folk often disappeared and it was hard to nail down cause of death. But the biggest surprise that he had recently heard about took place right here in Quent. A known Free Captain, Ellipse Farhaven, recently sold her ship to Richard Dance, owner of the Woodworks, a prominent local ship yard. Captain Farhaven has not been heard from or seen again.

Nico purchased more supplies to prep both the Lash and the Shale for sea – proving a streak of getting good quantities for the money. Mittens continued to talk to Yacine, tempting her to stay aboard ship, to improve the crew’s morale. The rest of the party chimed in, negotiating with her, and they all agreed to a term of five months, and for Yacine to be paid for 1,000 GP per month, the first 2,000 GP paid up front. Both parties seemed satisfied.

The quickly stopped by the tavern, Flotsam & Jetsom, and retrieved the {see URL Link =>} Saragavan Exports Company ship manifests from Nessa. While both their ships were laid up in upgrades, the inbound opportunities would pass by, but there were certainly potential good pickings at nearby ports should the party be in the vicinity to take proper advantage.

Captain Damiano came to an agreement with Captain Cain Marko of the Night Ranger, that Captain Marko would act as a free booter captain under the banner of Captain Damiano’s fleet.

The party was greeted by a group of locathah, led by a familiar face: Adali. They were thankful that the party had released one of their matriarchs from her torturous place in the Sahaugin caves. They gifted the party with a magical Helm of Underwater Action. Mittens also requested they the Adali and his companions check out the wrecks in Mancatcher Cove for anything else of interest – which Adali agreed to.

The party spent some time in the tavern, the Lusty Mermaid, joined by Yacine. Mittens started to share the various tales and adventures of Captain Damiano and the party. Mittens was especially successful when telling the tale of the undersea battle with the aboleth, Oobla Du-Ong, and the mind-controlled treachery of Captain Damiano!

Dwag started to learn about cartography and with Captain Damiano, they purchased some detailed sea charts about Eastern Shark Island, Undertow Island and Nalt island. Damiano asked questions about Undertow – It had a single town, Avalon, located at Avalon Bay on the north side of the island. The folk are a simple people, and fishing is the primary occupation for the population. They lady in the High House sends a retinue of footman to Quent on a near-quarterly basis to get the finery that she requires. While they make their purchases in town, Temujin discerned that they were frequenters of a brothel and temple to the goddess Calistria, called the House of Stolen Kisses.

With the Lash and the Shale ship-worthy again, upgraded and filled with provisions, the crew was recalled from their leave. Only Fribur Ukko Paegongaard was missing! Even after a solid conversation with Nico, and the purchase of lab equipment, Fribur appears to have gone on the lam – confirmed with Temujin’s successful scrying, seeing Fribur piloting a small sailboat up the inlet, away from Quent, towards the Paego Peaks.

Day 117 With everything in it’s place, the happy crew manning their stations, the Lash and the Shale parted with the Night Ranger and set course for a three day journey to the north east – destination: {see URL Link =>} Undertow Island.

[end of session 43]
{Day 103-117}



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